March 31st, 2012

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Selling most of my TCG collection

Hi community

Today I bring you a sale that must happen.I'm parting with 3/4 of my TCG collection,as I need some money for an upcoming convention. I have Full Arts, Japanese cards, lots of different sets, promos, and a couple of deals, with some of the cards starting at 20 cents

The amount of cards is so large that I will be spreading it into 3 sales

Please click on the WIP banner to go to TCG sales

I also have my everyday sales too

Thanks for looking!! :D

Metal Arcanine! (& EuroBronies?!)

Still kind of holding out hope on finding one of the little metal Arcanine figures somewhere within the community. Probably kind of a longshot but I see new members joining all the time so if anyone happens to have an Arcanine or Growlithe metal figure, I will die of happiness but not before buying it from you. 8D I'd post a picture of what I'm talking about but my google image search hasn't been working for the past couple weeks so if you have it you know what it looks like I guess. ; o ;

On an unrelated sidenote, I'm aware that there are plenty of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans amongst the community and I just thought I'd mention... I'm collecting the grab bag ponies, but some of them are only available in Europe. Ones that I want. :c Sparkly Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity, or Big Macintosh, specifically. If anyone has these ponies I'd be interested in hearing a quote on getting them to the US. Sparkle ones I'll only buy in a set, though - I'm looking for two sets, one for myself and one as a wedding gift for a friend at work. XD If this kind of message is not allowed in the community let me know and I'll delete this portion. Otay, thanks.

Obligatory New Member Intro Post..! + a V-trainer figure Question.

I was hoping to do this the day I got accepted into the community (so I could add some photos) but.. now is better than never. XD

So, hiya all~ -My name is Stephanie but if it's easier at all, call me by my username; Platina. That's what I usually go by on the internet. c: I'm 18 and live in Ontario, Canada and I have been a huuuuge Pokemon fan since it started, back when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My first game was Pokemon Red and my first starter was Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard because I thought I needed to pick him because he was on the cover! XD;
Ever since I first learned about it, I've loved Pokemon and everyone who's ever met me knows "Stephanie is the Pokemon Tard/Fan/Authority". I've always, always bought Pokemon merchandise, throughout all it's generations so i have a very large collection with some items being so old they're totally from my childhood and when Pokemon has it's big hype over here.
I've been kind of creepin' this community since back in 2009 and would visit and look at everyone's collection. It made me want to get a little more serious about collecting Pokemon so I tried to pick a certain one to start collecting, bit it's too tough for me to choose. XD So I kind of decided to collect mostly my favorites and ones I've used in teams in my more recent Pokemon games; SoulSilver and Black versions. My Pokemon I used in those teams(and also ones I've been working to collect) were ones like: Typhlosion, Crobat, Umbreon, Persian, Dewgong, Raikou, Wartortle, Leafeon and Exploud in SoulSilver, and Samurott, Scolipede, Lilligant, Mienshao, Hydreigon, Heatmor, Reshiram and Emolga in Black. My main focus recently has been Samurott though, because I simply adore mine.~ She's named Fuu~ So if I ever talk about the Samurott line or my collection of them, I usually refer to them as Fuu.
Ah, I've 'yammered' a lot, haha. Anyway! -I was eager to become a part of this community and talk and share collections with people as well as the buying/selling/trading parts of it.

So, I do have some collection photos to share, though currently my family is in the middle of a very complicated moving situation, so I do not have all my stuff here. But I managed to get pictures of all my Pokemon plush and about 1/3rd of my figures. the other 3rd, my manga,movies,tins,and weirder things are all uhh.. MIA at the moment. haha.
After my collection pictures I also have a question regarding two V-trainer figures and a trainer chip-thing. One of the figures in question is a V-trainer Umbreon figure WITH a chip in it. I have noticed that this is a supposedly rare item, so I just want to know more about it.
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Wants and Help!

Happy April First day, Collectors!

Would anyone happen to have one of these for sale?

It's a very rare type 37 class train that is a model of that used in the 80s British rail ads.
It's been a grail of mine for some time and I would LOVE to have it as a part of my collection!

No, seriously, I have a question!
I was able to get my hands on a rare 151 shirt and I was wondering, for those of you who have clothing in your collection, how do you go about displaying it? I'm afraid to pin it to my wall because of the pinholes and I think those shirt displays are going to be way too big. I also have a kids Gastly line sweater that I need to figure out how to show. I was thinking if getting a mannequin but they can only wear so much, haha! I kinda feel discouraged with buying clothing of the PKMN I collect because I have no idea what to do with them and I was hoping for some input! Some of you are really cleaver when it comes to this~
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Howdy community!

THE MAGGYO PASS CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's so much bigger than I thought it would be, it's like the size of a canvas plush! ONLY IT HAS A HOOK! SO YOU CAN ATTACH IT TO THINGS AND TAKE IT AROUND WITH YOU ALSDHFALSDHFALKSDHFLAKSDHFLKASHDF
I'm so excited.

Thank you guys, you all are the best <3

First ever collection showcase!

I finally organized my figures! Hooray! It was very time consuming because I am a weirdo...OCD.... like things neat!
This is NOT my whole collection. This is not showcasing my games, plush, random figures, stamps, bowls, cards, customs, stickers, etc. I have SO MUCH more :D I hope to show off everything someday since collecting Pokemon makes me really happy <3

But for now this will do! I am only missing 2 packages from the community so figured mine as well do an update now before I buy 100 new things! Love you guys. Thanks for opening my eyes to new items and Pokemon!

1 pic and a video. The video shows a lot more than the image. Please watch it if you can :) Hope you like it!

Special thanks to dripbat and pantherotter for all their help!!! <3

I also tag pantherotter to do a collection update next :D

Click for bigger image!

The empty spaces are for what is in my wants list. That way I know what I am missing and don't have to move everything XD

VIDEO: :D¤t=100_2593.mp4


Grailiest Grail Gets EVER Plus Want

I got these two in the mail today and I'm too excited to not share with you guys!!!
Here they are:

Rayquaza train play set

Life size Pichu train set

There's only two problems with these: the Rayquaza destroys all other trains that share tracks with it and the people on the Pichu train keep eating all my food and hogging the train.

But I think I'm going to move on to bigger and better things starting with this want:

Also you guys it's totally only the 31st over here.
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What merch exists of Diesel? + Small sale

Hey gang, remember how I said I was selling a plush commission slot to help with my doctor's bills? Well, I think I need more money, so I'm selling this Growlithe mirage plush I have:

See? She's all packed up to go home with you! Make offers. :)

I'm just not into Growlithes or Arcanines anymore... they're getting pretty old. Nah, I'm more into Thomas the Tank Engine fandom right now.
Actually that brings me to my next point! What merch exists for Diesel? He's my favorite. :3

Grumpy fellow on the right!
Customs are cool too, I'd love a Diesel plush to carry around with me! ^^ And if you have links to any good TtTE Tumblrs, that would be great! Anyone want to do a train meetup at the next con?

Here's a list of what I have already:
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Sales Update+Store Run

Hi everyone! I've updated my sales thread with some jpn pokedolls and I will still be doing some more store runs at Nintendo World for those that might be interested in something. As always I have world championship promotional tcg cards amongst other goodies. As always you are free to negotiate prices if you feel something is to high! Click here for sales

new customs commissions and plush and figure sales

well I came up with a new custom they are glass tubes with pokemon picture in them that you spin to the the whole picture I made them using old cards, bootleg cards, and pictures from wrappers, card lists from packs and such

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also I added some descriptions to my pokedolls added some TCG and other stuff 
link to site

and to leave you off I am sharing proof of my life long love of Pokemon a Official Pokemon picture of me with Ash and Pikachu when I was 2 or 3 years old


Looking for a host?

Hello all!

  I have been ghosting in the background and buying items here and there for, oh, about the past two months...  I happen to have an extreme want for the Vapor/Jolt/Flar-eon Zukan.  I just recently joined SMJ and have had successful auctions there.  I have found the Zukan set that those particular Eeveelutions belong to and I really want them.   However if in some way shape or form, I can get a Group Auction going, I would love to get experience from this community and part the rest of the auction to other willing members.  

  Since I am a newbie here, I apologize for any rules this may break?  I have been on eBay since 2000 and have prior selling, but mostly buying, experience.  I will ask for selling/Group auction permission prior to updating this, but I would like to know if there is anyone interested in this lot?

即決ポケモン ぜんこくばん立体ポケモン図鑑 第1集 全26種セット_画像1

Also, sorry, but is there anyone out there willing to help me host this Group Auction? 

I greatly appreciate any and all feedback!  Thank you for reading!

If this goes against any rules, I apologize, and I will revise or take this down.
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Shopping Services and Blacklisting?

So I was just wondering, for those who buy through shopping services, how often do you come across a seller who has blacklisted the service? Are there any services that are less likely to be blacklisted? Maybe have multiple usernames for that kind of thing? Also, just curious, but does anybody know why users choose to blacklist deputy services?


Really, I LOVE Pikachu sooo much. And I especially LOVE the I<3Pikachu series.

My newest item in this line is the laying Pika. I thought it was going to be bigger than this, around the size of the big head pillows, but I still love it soooo much no matter what. It is around 1:1 which I love. I got this from donny9. I am now officially collecting this line. Slowly, but I am collecting it. Can anyone offer me any merch from the I<3Pikachu line? What I already have: HUGE Pika head winking, 1:1 pika plush standing, and this:

I also got 2 new magnets! Jolteon and Emonga. I love them both so much! They are from the talented k1yuu and this is the second order I have placed.

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Hi all! I bring you more auctions featuring items from my personal collection, including rare birdies, Pokemon Emerald for GBA, and lots and lots of flats that I'm unsure how to price so I figured I'd let the community decide. :D

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In addition to the above, I've added a massive amount of pan stickers to my sales post, most of them only $1 each! Check it out- I'll certainly combine shipping with auctions! :D

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks for looking~

Please do not comment until I have posted all the bidding threads. Comment away!

Pokemon, Trains and Dragons.

Hey guys. I have a confession. I have decided to stop collecting dragon pokemon. I will be selling all my dragon pokemon items ( YES ALL ) over the next few weeks to pay for student stuff, train fare, skydiving lessons, getting tickets to see Matt Ishida live in concert..... Check the cut for more details!

Hey I collect trains too!! Check out my collection! I have vintage hornby-triang stuff all from the 1960s+ Most are in boxes. I even have a layout!! Nice huh

look Matt likes trains!!!!

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How rare is this guy?

Hi comm

I have this guy whom I'm still deciding whether auctioning or not. I'm not trying to pick up interest, as that's illegal on this site, but trying to figure out how rare this guy is, as that may be grounds for me to decide whether to auction  him or not (if I ever want another one or not for example)

Here are the pics I took of him


Yesh I was on ebayz xDD

Please let me know how rare is him (says Banpresto 2007)

Thanks :)

Also, I still have loads of cards for sale. Please check them out if you want :)

My collection for sale

Standard Sales

possible customs?

Hello there lovely community!

As I'm flat broke, because I'm abroad for school and cannot have a job for the moment (not properly speaking the language issues) I thought, maybe I can use school to make some customs! I work with porcelain and last week I was messing about and this happened:

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this is strange since i hardly ever have wanted posts and stuff, but i'm coming into some money soon and i'm really wanting to find a poster i keep missing

stole this pic from google

anyway i'm looking for the poster from this set that features nidoking and giovanni. i've had a spot on my wall for it forever, but unfortunately costs for it in auctions tend to go higher than i would like.

i'm not committed to buying right this second, but if anyone has one that they'd like to sell then i'm sure we could talk. (or work out trades, if you want a lot of pokemon cards)

thanks for reading my bruthas
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Japanese TCG Sales

Hey guys, I finally found the time to update my japanese TCG sales after a backlog of over 3 months. So here's what I've got, basically its lots of singles from Hail Blizzard, Dark Rush, Dragon Selection, Dragon Blast/Blade so yup! If you're looking to buy them in bulk, I do give discounts too :) Just ask me for it.

Click the banner or this link to get there:

Also this is a link to my regular sales

Lastly, I am still looking for a cheap Pokemon Black or White!
Alola Vulpix

Contest Announcement

 Banner Contest!! 

Even though our current banner made by Gin is absolutely lovelyyyy, we still need a permanent new properly themed one.  The banner contest was scheduled to end tomorrow, but since we only have two participants so far I am extending it an EXTRA 10 DAYS - April 10th is now the new deadline!!

Also, I'm bribing you to enter - the winner will now also receive a Pokedoll of their choice (or item of equal value) currently in stock at the Pokecen :D


And totally unrelated - I bring you a MASSIVE CHARMS SALE!!  (Okay... it's not *that* massive, but, I have a lot of charms for sale!)  When I was in Japan a few months back, and even once returning home, I went nuts with charms - buying doubles of my favorites, snagging anything I got my greedy little hands on.  I.. went a bit overboard, to say the least.  Since it looks like pickups for charms have all but ended, I figured it was a good time to offer my extras for sale :)

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Looking for anything Jigglypuff! (also last try at sale<.<)(UPDATED PRICE)

Hey everyone, I've been thinking of getting another side-collection once my finances are a little more stable again, and have been meaning to ask: Is there any Pokemon Center merchandise of Jigglypuff and her evolutionary stages besides the Pokedolls and charms? If you know of anything, please let me know! :)

Alsoooo, I'm still looking for a new home(and some money) for a mint Houndour Pokedoll with both its tags.

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I'm looking for 125$ shipped for it.(Yeah yeah I know i go lower with the price everytime I post it, but this is the last time, I can't do it any cheaper D:). Yeah well guess 85$ shipped will have to do for it, thanks to a tip I know now that this price was a little high(guess someone gave me false hopes by saying the last untagged one went for 200$ on ebay<.< Still a little unfair seeing how expensive Eevee items are, and they aren't nearly as old or rare D:) If you're interested and/or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

As for the meme this time around:
Have you ever done a pokemon related prank, or did someone else prank you with something pokemon related? For me, well I've been pranked once, when Gold/Silver still were pretty new and I still only had the Blue version. A friend told me it would be possible to trade new Pokemon onto the old games(I was really into Hoppip and Mareep back then x.x Well and still am I guess) And told me multiple things to do before it would work. I did all that, but of course it didn't work>-< Oh how mad I was at my friend for that, but at least I got to fool him the next day as well :O

Wanted Latios banpresto plush!

Hello community :). Another wants post.. 
I'm looking for the Latios Banpresto plushie :s.

I almost got one off of eBay, but that was about 2 months ago.. :/.
So I'm looking here on the community for any luck. DX.

I have the Latias Banpresto.. she's very lonely. 

So if anyone has one that they are willing to sell, I would be more than happy to buy it off of you :). Thanks!

(I'll also be posting my first plushie collection soon, so look out for that ^-^.)

Bye for now!