April 2nd, 2012

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Ive added a few things to my wants list so feel free to take a look :
The things I am after more are in the bold.
Bigger items like the sleepy snivy I am hoping to be able to do a payment plans on, so if you can do that let me know :D

Also my question is, how long does it take to get sales permission?
I applied for it on the 7th of March and I haven't heard anything yet. Im not desperate to get it or anything im just curious as to how long it usually takes :)

I have a big collection update coming soon, probably in about 2 weeks time so keep an eye out for that!
Seriously have only been a member of the comm since the end of january and you should see how my collection has grown ... and I love it!! <3
Anyway have a lovely day/night
Wishcash Love


Hey guys me again, BACK FROM SPAIN and settled back in. *which is why ive been sort of MIA on and off for the last 3 weeks ^^; so ill be going to ACEN this year for the first time, is anyone else going? As for packages from my last sales post, there was an issue with my mother sending out the packages while i was in Spain *yay soon an update on my Pokemon gets! :P*, in other words she forgot about them DX so they have all been sent out *along with some freebies* for the ones that didn't get sent before i left which was this last Wednesday, besides the few of you that i talked to that did get yours sent out earlier! if anyone does not receive any of their items by April 15 please let me know and we will take of any issues from there! *have any questions? pm me! thanks everyone <3*

ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSS enough rambling ive added some new items to my sales post includiing a very rare squirtle plush backpack, mewtwo gold card, etc. etc. have at it! c:
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Hi Comm, I'm cleaning up my pokemon collection. I have plush, TCG primes, full art, league promos, Japanese cards, common, uncommon, rare, and maybe ultra rares.

Warning: long and image heavy, but worth every pic :3

This cute hugging lugia is here to add a picture to my post that is not under a cut =3
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Happy Klyde

First sales post coming soon..

Just giving everyone a heads up that I'll be posting my first sales post soon. Some items I would include is an auction on a poochyena banpresto plush, MAYBE some pokedolls,also some OLD Japanese TCGs as well, so please keep a close watch.

Also some photos of my newest stuff...I got

McDonalds Snivy toy from wutastic, Type-Focus Plush strap from Hardrock-pokemon (aka Pokevault), and
a birthday gift from my friend for the banpresto snivy keychain.

Thank you for reading (ending with a cuddle snapshot of some of my snakeys) X33
Charizards cuddling

Legend exchange

Hey guys! Are there any other TCG collectors I can help out? I think something is wrong with this picture...

If anyone has the other halves of these and needs these ones, please trade with me! I know you don't need sales permission to trade, but I was granted sales permission on 26 JAN 2012 by entirelycliched anyway.
rill pd

Pan-tastic Sales Extravaganza!

It's that time of the month again . . . SALES TIME!! Today I bring you hundreds and hundreds of pan stickers, amada stickers, plush, cards . . . what more could a collector ask for? 

Before we get to the sales, let's talk a bit about pan stickers!

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As a final note, I would be interested in trading my Fire/Electric spa bag for/towards another Type Focus Travel Pouch or Multicase! If anyone would like to trade their Fire/Electric (preferably) or Water/Ice item for this spa bag (its a bit smaller with less complicated pockets) I would be happy to pay for the price difference.

Thanks for checking out my sales! ^_^ <3
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Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself as a guy who likes pokedolls, trading game figures, and just about anything in the merch department that doesn't have to do with the cards (I have too many of those in boxes in my closet :P).
Anyway, no need to comment on this I just wanted this I just wanted to get a first post out of the way and say: 
If anyone knows where to find this adorable thing for less than an arm and a leg, please do share ;)

Galvantula and Joltik

One of my grailiest grail get!!! + Two important reminders!!!

First of all, tamago226, dinictis, crimson_angel02, chaos_21, roxiired and kurai_tsuki7, you still have not paid me for the shipping of your stamps from the Multiple stamps GB, don't make me want to give you negative feedback after you won't pay 24 hours after this was mentioned :(
Information is here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/11810111.html

I have gotten a beautiful package today! With one of my most wanted grails since I have started collecting!!! From some special one!!! You know who you are! YOU'RE THE BEST DEAR, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! <333333

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And now, a REMINDER!!!!

This lot will end in a little less than 24 hours, so get those bids in!!! We are doing WONDERFULLY so far!!! <3333

Thank you so much reading guys! <3
karkat and eridan

First ever sales post!

Hi all! I was recently granted sales permission, and in light of that, have created my own sales post/shop. It's currently only filled with TCG and TCG related items as those are easy to ship and I'd like to start out with handling only small amounts of money.

Click the fake cut or banner to be transported, and make sure to read the rules!

( Go forth )

EDIT: Also taking this opportunity to share my new blog: http://iheartpokemerch.tumblr.com/
If any of you guys have a tumblr and would like to fill your blog up with photos of sweet, sweet Pokemerch, check it out! I also accept submissions, so feel free to send in your own photos.


Hey guys! I recently just got three items in the mail that I have been waiting for for about a week, and I am super excited to show them off! (; Also I'll be showing off my completed Vee Canvas and Vee Pokedoll Collection as well as all my charms! Check it out!


First off my new gets~
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Eeveelution Update:

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Thanks so much for watching this extremely crazy epic collection update! <3 you all! :,D

Eeveelutions merch question~

Hiya community..~
Pardon my newbie-ness, haha..
Anyway I was curious about Eeveelutions merchandise, specifically the Canvas Plush. I bought a Jolteon canvas plush around the time they came out (thankfully it was cheap..! o3o; ) because I had planned to get one on my SoulSilver team (coming out later that year I think) but you know.. in the end, I had Umbreon and Leafeon on my team! I'm working to collect the members of my team, but.. Eeveelutions are very popular, and sometimes pricey.. ;x;
So I was just curious..does anyone know how popular these two canvas plush are specifically?

pics yoinked off Google.
Perhaps a better question would be.. like.. is there kind of a 'hierarchy' or 'ranking' to how popular some Eeveelutions are in comparison to eachother?
I'm also searching for a kid figure of each of them.. (Leafeon and Umbreon) but I'm having no luck, they seem to be gone before I can say anything..! XD;
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My orignal Blue Team in Tomy figure form! + a short story

Hello everyone! It's been somewhat of a while since I posted, hehe. I just was waiting until a few items arrived so I could make this sentimental post of mine. =P

You see, I finally managed to get my original first Gen Blue team in Tomy form! I tell ya, getting some of them at reasonable prices was not really easy.

I also have a little story to tell about this thing here! =D

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item identification?

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Not gonna really post a wants list, but as always, I'm looking for Audino and Mantyke things! I've got a lot already, but feel free to show me. Just don't be surprised if I turn it down ^^;

Sales plug and Card sales plug. I need to do a major update to the card sales because I've gotten a lot more cards lately. Here are updated photos of my cards and new cards. If you want one that isn't in my card sales thread, just ask!
me gusta

Grail gets || steg liarG

Hi comm:

I am a very happy camper this afternoon. I went to my po box in order to get my grail plushy, but I was Blessed with more than I bargained for

BUT BEFORE: All domestic (US only) packages from my sales from yesterday and last week have been shipped!!

Here is a pic of what I'm talking about

Wait, you gotta click it xD

Thanks for reading :D
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Today I have a bunch of flats available for trade :)

-As per comm rules, traders must have sales permission or 10 feedbacks on the comm ^^
-We can send our halves of the trade at roughly the same time- within a couple days of each other. Obviously if there will be delays, let me know in advance. :)
-International trades are okay, I'm in the USA
-Most your cards will be mailed in toploaders in plain envelopes to cut down on costs. If there's too many cards, a bubble mailer will be used.

MY CARDS WISHLIST: http://s19.photobucket.com/albums/b181/thegreenmooseofdoom/2011%20Wishlist/Cards/?start=all


Note on my wishlists: I'm not really interested in paying money for most of those cards listed, just interested in trades. I'm more likely to want to buy outright stuff on the non-card wishlist, but even then there are a few things I'm deliberately waiting on. :3
Oh! Also, language, edition, etc don't matter to me. I just want the art!
Aaaand there are a surprising number of Growlithe/Arcanine cards I need too, but I haven't figured those out just yet. Show me what you have?

Aaaaand here are the cards I have to trade!

One more thing to note: I don't know the card set names from nuthin'. When referencing a card, please be specific, like "the 3rd Pikachu from the left in this image: [link]". THANKS! Hope to trade. ^^
Eevee &amp; Vulpix

Sales update

Hi fellow collectors~

I haven't been around here for a long time, mostly due to school work (high school is a busy place)
But now that I don't have so much to do at the moment, I thought about coming here and bringing you some fresh sales~

Click fro sales

I've been in the comm for almost two years now and I still haven't done any kind of one year as a pkmn collectors member -entry. I've seen many people doing those and re-intros and such and I feel that I should too.. so maybe somewhere in the nearby future I will  =)

Itsy-Bitsy wants and sales~

Really a long, long shot, but does anyone have old empty wrappers from TCGs, specifically these:

-Legendary Collection (have the one with Mewto/Machamp/Alakazam trio)
-Neo Genesis
-Gym Challenge (need Giovanni, somehow had no idea it existed)

-japanese boosters (Neo 3 until DP5)

My very much text-based sales post is here~
In there you will find BW2 onwards cards along with a few structure deck cards and TCG sleeves purchasable as singles!

Anyone selling these plushies? plus phone charm?

I'm trying to cut back on buying on this site and these are the only plushies left I want but at the same time my shelf is getting full. xD So i wanted to know if anyone had any of these for sale? thanks! Also would prefer a fair price.
Btw i have never seen anyone selling a pelipper plush like this? I believe these are all 6" plushies?

Also anyone have a suicune phone charm for sale? thanks!^^