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07 April 2012 @ 12:19 am
Hello Everybody, 

I just finished adding all of my plush into my sales post

Here's the Link:

Eventually, I will add in my Pokemon TCG collection for sale. I'm still planning the layout for that particular sales post.

Thank You For reading

07 April 2012 @ 02:04 am
Hey guys come check out my sale post. i have re-organize it, i also have add more other animes stuff for sell ^_^
feel free for asking more questions~~

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Dana [AKA Juuchan]
07 April 2012 @ 04:55 am
I swear, eventually I'll stop asking questions and seeking out other things and just post my collection update already [especially since I've gotten some more charms within the past two days!]... but this has been on my mind for a while and I forgot to ask about this last time I posted.

TCG Sleeves - I know there's a bunch of them out there [both the official Pokemon League ones, the exclusive Japanese ones and the usual basic ones] and I'm really interested in finding some sleeves to buy for my playing deck, but I'm not really sure which ones I should get. Does anyone have any that I might be interested in? I'm seeking some that are inexpensive [like 10$ or less for 60, if possible], nice-looking and tournament legal [Banned ones would be cool, but I plan on using sleeves when I play...], but any sleeves would be welcome and any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks so much in advance!

[Also, I'm heading to sleep, so expect late replies~]

- Juuchan [bandanna_boy_17]
07 April 2012 @ 08:04 am
Just a reminder that my PVC figures and banpresto plushes are ending in less than 6 hours!


-Granted sales permission on April 02 2012 by [info]entirelycliched

-My feedback 

Okay so here are some of the items I have listed on ebay right now. there are some not shown but are listed below. I have four pvc figure mip and with tags! also I have four plush listed as well. The Banpresto Gallade and Azelf have tags the piplup and prinplup don't have any but are in great condition! Just click on the links below to go to the auction ^^ 

Zapdos PVC

Moltres PVC

Bellossom PVC

Slowking PVC

Azelf Banpresto w/tags

Gallade Banpresto w/tags

Piplup Banpresto

Prinplup Banpresto

   Thanks For looking!

07 April 2012 @ 10:38 am
I'll keep this short and simple. Just a few days ago, I contacted Jakks Pacific to ask when they are planning to release any new waves of their action figure line. We may have to wait a little longer.
For anyone who is interested:
Read more...Collapse )
so I have these random stickers I would like to send off to happier homes!

trubbish pan sticker for SIZE REFERENCE
sparkly ivysaur sticker - .50 cents
adorable pikachu w/ candy sticker - 2.50

the ivysaur is a leftover sticker from a GA last year. pikachu is adorable and came with an epic flat I recently won but I don't need the sticker as I don't collection Pikachu. Shipping is $1.50 to the US, and $2.10 international. please give these cute stickers a home! :P

meowth lanyard - $3

I had bought this brand new from a community member to use at my job at a call centre. I ended up quitting that horrid place, so have no use for this lanyard anymore :p want to give him a good home? he is still in tip top shape! shipping is from Canada but will be cheap like a flat!

and for this GA:

we won! and I'm waiting to hear from bluehyaku for the invoice total. I'll make a spreadsheet and promptly contact you all with payment info when I do. Look forward to it! ^o^
07 April 2012 @ 01:06 pm
Can anyone share their experiences with how the US customs process goes when they do international purchases? 

I have an absolute adoration for Japanese plushies; their quality is always so exquisite! I'm looking to purchase some plushies from a Japanese seller on eBay and I guess in most of my eBay experiences, the seller would mark the package as "Gift" - probably to bypass taxes/fees. So I don't have a lot of experience with how customs works when the seller ships the package "the legitimate way". If anyone can share their experience (particularly those from California), it would be greatly appreciated!

My questions:
  1. At what item value do they begin charging customs fees/taxes?
  2. (This may be a stupid question) If there are fees/taxes I need to pay, do they hold my items until I pay them?
  3. If they hold my items do I need to go to wherever they're holding it to pick it up?
  4. How do you pay the fees? (online, in person, etc.)
  5. What are the "normal" fees that I should expect when doing an international purchase? (i.e., $5 customs handling fee? state sales tax? etc.

I'm sorry for the boring post; I've tried navigating through the official customs website, but those government websites are always designed to make it impossible to find information. Any advice would be so helpful, thank you! :D

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07 April 2012 @ 01:43 pm
Hey Kids. I have a Kids Auction for you. I'm working on compiling a reintroduction post. As many may not know, I used to be known as buttribbons (which is a witty name for Suicune); and now known as feathercrotch (same for Reshiram) although; ironically I don't actively collect Reshiram. My main collection is Luxray. But enough of that. You'll be able to see the big manly lion in another post.

Without further ado; hit the image (or cut) for auction details.

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well a while ago when I did pick ups for these I bought a extra one for my self thinking I would use two pieces to make a double sided blanket so there would be no reverse side like in the picture and I decided not to do that and since I am in the need of some money I will be auctioning it off my Latios and Latias Blanket/ fabric(unfinished edges)

yes I know it is backwards I accidental took a picture of the back side so the words are reversed
The bidding will start at 35$ and will end in 4 days

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07 April 2012 @ 02:41 pm
Alright, I have a few new gets to share with everyone.

First are these ADORABLE bows! I am a big bow person and like to change it up everyday, so I have a vast bow collection and these are my newest cuties to add to it. =]

Next are these two little items. One is a very tiny Lugia figure, and the other is a cute little Pachirisu and Great Ball keychain. <3

Also! A quick reminder on my Snivy head pillow auction which ends tomorrow at midnight.

Auction info under the cut. Collapse )
07 April 2012 @ 03:46 pm
I know jakks has been even more crap at distribution lately so just a super quick post to see if anyone wanted these for $10 before shipping: 

07 April 2012 @ 03:48 pm
Hey everyone out there at various places over the Easter period, It's busy busy atm due to the easter break but i managed to get my collection update pictures done so i'm going to post an update =D 

I've acquired some Grails and i completed a set goal! So check under the cut to see the full detail! 
Heres a teaser image ;)

Full Update under the Cut *WARNING IMAGE HEAVY*Collapse )

It's been a crazy few months for me, everything has seemed to go wrong! But i'm trying to sort everything out =D I hope my update wasn't too boring ;)

Also i was wondering a question to ask you all to close off 
Do you class Pokemon as a 'Childs Franchise'

The answer for me is No, the only reason i think people see it as a childs franchise is the way it's marketed. Especially over seas, where Cartoons are apparently only for Children and what not, But i'm one of these people who doesn't believe that it's just for children, i know alot of Kids who don't know how to do certain things in parts of the franchise, Alot of Children i know don't have a clue about how to play the TCG while adults or older Kids tend to like understand due to the deep strategy involved for making a Deck, the same for the Video Games my 7 year old nephew constantly gets stuck and asks me for help! What are you're thoughts?

07 April 2012 @ 03:53 pm
Click the dragon to go to my sales page! :D

I also have a DS copy of Pokemon White which have never been used, just opened from the wrapping for $25 shipped :3

Benny Woolley
07 April 2012 @ 03:58 pm
I have chosen to have the parcel sent by EMS as previously I have had items go missing from mailed auctions. This covers us properly. Invoice screencap: Click
I added a 240 yen Arcanine attack kid to the package, so I will pay 500 yen of the postage and also my portion of the postage. Hopefully we should not incur customs.

Spreadsheet is here: Click please
Payments to elwoolley@blueyonder.co.uk

Got a 3DS? Love chatting?  The swapnote spreadsheet is here!
You must add everyone on the list, not just leave your code! Otherwise nobody can contact you and it's pointless!

Swapnote FAQCollapse )
Tits McGee
07 April 2012 @ 04:49 pm
I have up for auction some rare, 3-D tazo flip cars from when Pokemon Stadium came out. They were exclusive to Australia and came in chip bags! They are in near mint condition! (I'd say mint but they have the typical wear on them that you'd expect. Nothing major or bad, just the way they came and were made!)

I have Flareon-Vaporeon and Jolteon! Eevee is in there too :D

All start at $5
Auction ends at April 12th and 6PM :)
I ship from the US
Shipping in the US will be $2 and international will be $4
Any questions please ask!
No sniping you sneaky snakes!

They all start off with this pic of eevee:

Vaporeon has 2 pose pictures:

Jolteon has 3 pose pictures: (took 2 in one pic to save time)

Flareon has 3 pose pictures: (took 2 in one pic to save time)

And a want! I just want one sleeve from this set of deck sleeves: Can anyone help?
Today I have some tiny stuff for auction because I am not good at pricing random stuff |D

Auction end at Wednesday, 11 April at 11:00 pm (GMT+8)! It's about Tuesday afternoon if you lives in the US~
No sniping and backing out bids please |D
Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011! My feedback thread is here.
Also I ship from Hong Kong, so shipping+fee starts at about $2 for these lightweight stuff~

Click here or the photos above for more details!Collapse )

Next, a sales update 8)

Added some new items on my sales post! Including some kids and plushies~
Click here or the preview pic above to be transported!
*I'm currently offline though, so you may have to wait a bit for the quotes =v=;

Trades are always welcome! I'm mainly looking for the Rotom Throw plush and Wartortle Play by Play plush at the time ;v;

Last but not least, please be reminded that I changed the written ending time for the current Thinkchip auction to 11pm GMT+8, so that it actually matches the timer I put there=v=;

07 April 2012 @ 06:52 pm

Banner made by rhys107
I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on the 2nd April 2012

Its my brother and sisters 18th birthday in May so trying to raise as much money as possible!

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07 April 2012 @ 07:11 pm

I'm back! :D It's been a really long time, but I recently just got inspired by all the Eeveelutions! I've always wanted to do an Eeveelutions series and now I've done it. :D So of course I had to auction them off to you guys. Look under the cut for more details and some info on custom slots! ♥

Auctions, Custom slots, and more below!Collapse )
07 April 2012 @ 07:40 pm

Well apparently wishuponjirachi came to the community today wearing the same dress I did to the customs party. >8C

In all seriousness we've always wanted to do Eevee sets together and since she's gonna be staying with me for a bit we decided to finally get to it!

New blankets, old blankets, and rules below! <3Collapse )

07 April 2012 @ 08:11 pm
Have I told you about my EPIC GRAIL OF EPICNESS?

Well, let me tell you now then!

Insert an unoriginal Cut joke hereCollapse )

Thank you very much for reading! I hope you appreciated it. =)

And to make this a bit more interesting, tell me a story about a grail of yours! Whether you've already obtained it or not, I'd love to know!

That's all for now, see you guys!
Denali Lobita
07 April 2012 @ 08:28 pm
I was wondering if anyone wanted pickups for Toys R' Us goods?
They don't have anything extremely new, but they're going on clearance, so thought it would be worth a shot! And then maybe when all their old stock sells they'll get new stuff! I hope I hope.

I was grandfathered into sales permission by denkimouse when the comm started.
My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/growly/
I don't like to leave feedback until I know your item arrived safely, please wait til then to ask me to trade feedbacks. :)

-Paypal only
-If you claim it, you MUST pay within 24 hours of me confirming I've picked it up for you, otherwise I will hurl you into the sun leave a negative feedback.
-Shipping is from the USA. Insurance is optional, let me know if you want it.
-Shipping prices are higher if you want it in the packaging. Let me know if you want me to open your toy for you.
-Willing to consider trade offers for Growlithe, Arcanine, Vullaby, Mandibuzz, Mienshao, Stunky, Skuntank, and Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar stuff. Also looking for the 2.B.A. Master CD! MY WISHLIST: http://s19.photobucket.com/albums/b181/thegreenmooseofdoom/2011%20Wishlist/

HERE IS THE LIST OF WHAT IS IN STOCK, as of 30 minutes ago today:

Pidove x 5
Munna x 3

Croagunk x 3

Great Ball
Repeat Ball
Level Ball
Friend Ball

(will NOT separate due to the giant case)
Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig

Will only separate if the other figures get claimed.
Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig, Woobat, Pansage, Munna, Pikachu, Axew
MY PRICE: $38/ $4.75 per figure

FIGURES (four packs):
I will only separate figures in the tubes if at least two other Pokémon in the tube get claimed! Please don't stick me with unsold stock ;_;
Spring Deerling, Axew, Pidove, Snivy
Servine, Drillbur, Axew, Zoroark
Tepig, Woobat, Pansage, Sandile
Oshawott, Zorua, Drillbur, Patrat
Zekrom, Pignite (I'll claim this one if anyone wants the other figures! :D), Woobat, Munna
MY PRICE: $15 per tube/ $3.75 per figure

FIGURES (three packs):
Again, will only separate figures if the others get claimed!
Snivy, Axew, Minccino
Tepig, Drillbur, Munna
Snivy, Pidove, Zorua
Oshawott, Pansage, Darminitan
Zoroark, Sandile, Oshawott
MY PRICE: $15 per pack (yes they actually are the same price as the four packs! Don't ask me why!)/ $3.75 per figure

FIGURES (singles):

ATTACK FIGURES (basically single figures with projectile discs and fancy sculpted bases):

Munna x 2

Pansage x 4

POKEMON CATCHER SETS (teeny tiny figures with a Pokeball that opens):
Again, won't separate unless the others get claimed!
Darminitan, Zoroark, Scraggy
Axew, Drillbur, Snivy
Zorua, Munna, Axew


POP N' BATTLE (omg why did I almost type poop):


I can also pickup blind bag ponies, but that's off topic for the comm, so PM me that. :)
07 April 2012 @ 09:29 pm

Hi Pkmncollectors ^^

Just wanted to do a little friendly reminder that my first auctions IS ending tomorrow at 5 PST so if you're still interested on some banpresto merchandise please come check it out. Also I have lowered most of the sales item prices so please come see in your spare time. ^^

Any items sold tomorrow and all payments has been made will be shipped this week by Tuesday. 

Please click the LINK to the sales/auctions

Thank you for reading and "Happy Easter" to you all tomorrow

07 April 2012 @ 10:07 pm
Hi community.
I just got back from a nap from Paintballing from, 8am-3pm.
Anywho, down to business.

First off:

Is anyone looking for this Japanese Flaaffy Card?
I'm willing to take offers. (Sorry for the bad picture)
Sales Permission granted by entirelycliche on 4/2/12

Last, does anyone have and dirt cheap kid figures? I'm looking almost any kid I don't have.
Also, the Kids don't need to be Mint, I'll snag me any if they interest me.
Before we start, I got my sales permission granted by Dakajojo on 09/25/11 :D

Prices and more items can be found following this cut :DCollapse )

As for todays meme, it's going to be something SLIGHTLY negative this time around. I'd like to know if there's actually a Pokemon you kind of dislike, or maybe even hate? Please don't get too negative, as someone else might really like a Pokemon you don't like! D: I for my part, am not a big fan of Hydreigon and it's two other stages, because I'm not much of a fan of its brutality :/ Other than that, I'm not too big on most steel and poison types, but don't have any real problem with most of the Pokemon. :D 
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07 April 2012 @ 11:55 pm
I'm in need of money so I'm auctioning off my Jolteon Jakks figure:

Also, sales temporarily open here: http://illumeee.livejournal.com/
More pictures, rules etc under the cut!Collapse )
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