April 11th, 2012


TCG questions(answered), EVEN MORE TCG wants~

I was wondering if there were any japanese TCGs thet were made as reverse holos, because I have a holo card baground Donphan and tyrogue from L1 (Lost link I think) I got in a lot and was... very much skeptical about if some of these are not bootlegs, and if so, then how to see if japanese cards are for sure bootlegs.
edit: seems they are legit indeed, which now makes me ponder about trying to complete these sets too.ahah..

Also english TCG wants
-Legendary Collection (have the one with Mewto/Machamp/Alakazam trio)
-Gym Challenge (need Giovanni, somehow had no idea it existed)

Japanese TCG wants:

Link me to your japanese TCG sales posts please! I may be intereested in a few, list to come soon.
-japanese boosters wrappers (Neo 3 until DP5)

Black Collection 51/53 Max Potion (I realized I did not have that one)
Looking for Terrakion Cobalion Virizon decks singles to browse, although I may decide to simply get the full half-deck, still on the fence!

Also: my  sales    updated with a few plushes, a Jakks DX Zekrom and Pokemon Adventures english manga. Also Cynthia and SubwayMasters card sleeves were added today! If you ahve an open order (since last friday) That I have not shipped yet, you may add them to it!

updated sales and a quick get!

Hey guys! Hows it all going B:

So it was me and my boyfriend's (r_used, but he very rarely posts if ever lol) 3 year anniversary last week :D we both love pokemon so we kind of had a pokemon themed anniversary because we are sad nerds <3 But then he decided to go over board because LOOK AT HIS PRESENT TO ME ;A;


that there is 160 BOOSTER PACKS. Just let that settle in for a second.
This lot also came with over 200 promos and foil single cards, as well as toys, a hat, patches and more ;A; I was close to tears when I opened it. Of course, I was wondering how on earth he could afford such an amazing present, and then he showed me how much he paid...it was under $200. I dont know how he found it but man I am the luckiest girl in the world ;A;

I have opened all the packs now apart from the booster box and I will show off the singular cards I kept in a future update, but for now I have listed the extras in my sales, includes non tcg and tcg updates!! This lot also came with a bunch of GERMAN TCG cards, including eevees, raichu, and more! Come check it out! If youre after any specific pokemon in german not shown just let me know!

click here or the banner to be transported to NON tcg sales!

Click here or the banner to be transported to TCG sales!


Plush mountain and update! Also Wants!

I've paid for the Ash is a Giant GA's shipping, but don't yet have a customs code.

I am looking for Poke bandanas or handkerchiefs that are big enough to wear around my neck. I am willing to pay, or I have this rather cool Tokyo B&W bandana... I might be convinced to trade it or part exchange.

I am looking for phone charms! See my collection update pics for ones I already have.
I am also looking for the other half of this mini folder set. I won it in a GA quite some time ago, I have no idea what it is.

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Plush heap update! Alright it's not 100% Pokemon, but I only have so much bed to store things on. It's hard to judge scale on these photos, but there's a Pokedoll or two and.. a cat.. for scale. Otherwise the buried Meowth is 18" tall.
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Hello pkmncollectors!

My name is Grace, I am new to the community. I Have been collecting Pokemon for about a year now. I love plushies. Especially Pokedolls. I also collect cards, but I always have bad luck buying packs. So yeah heres a picture of my current collection. My highest wants are the Natu pokedoll and theCharizard pokedoll. I have spend well over $300 all and all for my collection. I get many of my stuff from flea markets and yard sales. I am also addicted to ebay. I also have a youtube channel so check it out:
Other than that I enjoy playing drums, hanging with friends, music, art, and shopping. Hope to meet new people that share my interest! <3

Attached VS. Detached Hang Tags for Plushies

So there are a lot of sales and auctions of plushies going on, and I've noticed that the hang tags can come either as attached or detached. I am guessing that this probably boils down to personal preference. Just exploring my avenues to see if there may be a better way for me to keep my plushies and their hang tags (I LOVE MWT!)

What are the pros and cons of having the hang tags attached or detached? If anyone can share their experiences, that would be much appreciated!

Poll #1832968 Plush hang tags: Attached VS. Detached

So, how do you prefer your hang tags to be?

Bah, who needs hang tags? Plushies are for lovin'! Let 'em go nakid!

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blink mew luvs mewtwo, mew

Hi everyone! UPDATES ON ME!

It has been years since I've been on, and here I am back, after so long and getting back in the buying of lots and lots of Pokemon things!  Some things that happened to me last year:  I had a little boy April 15, 2011 and got married to my Mewtwo on May 4, 2011!  So life has been more about those things than Pokemon! :'(  But now I'm back, because my son, loves POKEMON!  He watches the movies and the anime he just adores it so here we are again trying to find good deals on Great items for his age! and maybe some for when he's older.

Lets see In the next month i will have a lot of new things for my son! and me! :DI finally found the Pokemon collector tackle box!  And not only did I find one but TWO!  I have yet to receive them but this is what they look like!  Can't wait for them to come!


just got finished with the purchasing of the boxes, and i got all this with it too! she ships monday!

*just a list*
*red card box/tackle box x2 = $45.00
+ two FREE Topps card packs!

*Brock collection (includes original Brock figurine with stand, Onix and Sudowoodo two inch action figures WITH FREE POKEBALLS, a collection of Brock themed trading cards SOME RARE, some holographic "evolving" small cards, and a pack of Topps cards featuring characters and episodes from the anime) = $15.00

* Mew light up Burger King toy - $5.00

* Two inch Tomy figures, listed below (82 figures, with only pikachu double) = $125 (that's almost 25% off!)

venonat, numel, clefairy, squirtle, blastoise, krabby
kingler, hitmonlee, spinarak, psyduck, golduck, slowpoke
sentret, stantler, primeape, treeko, venomoth, metapod
caterpie, butterfree, pikachu, pikachu, mareep, mr. mime
alakazam, pidgey, pidgeotto, pidgeot, snubbull, loudred
whimsur, shiftry, nuzleaf, meowth, togepi, croconaw,
cloyster, ralts, staryu, dratini, magikarp, gyarados,
dugtrio, seel, slakoth, slaking, vigoroth, skitty
delcatty, weedle, bayleef, meganium, chikorita, jigglypuff
igglybuff, heracross, wigglytuff, goldeen, seaking, hitmonchan
marill, raticate, nidoran female, nidorina, sunflora, bellossom
clefable, electrike, porygon, illumise, doduo, torchic,
blaziken, spinda, snorlax, kabuto, omastar, hypno,
drowzee, blissey, chansey
and salamence (FREE!)

Total price so far: $190.00 <--- I think that's an awesome deal!

I also bought a few things from eledora
who has a lovely store here! <3  She ships my items out this Saturday I believe!

Some other items I'm waiting on are Tomy figures about 85 of them! and I'm bidding on a mew bouncy ball from Hasbro!

I just think that when my son is older he will love playing with the figures and keeping this and that in the boxes... if i let him! :D

I think for our card collection we have over 5,000 cards, they are currently packed away somewhere because sadly we have no room right now :(

My Mewtwo got a new job which is wonderful! but we are trying to pay off debt and my student loans so we live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment at least until next MARCH! :D  So there is no room for any extras so all of our Pokemon stuff except a few exclusively big stuffed animals and dvd's are at my parents house till we find a house of our own.  We will be debt free next March! which is exciting and scary at the same time. 

Now what would you put in a bedroom *this is for future reference and so I can start collecting items* for a water Pokemon themed room?  Also is there an Iris figure?  I plan on cosplaying her at the next convention and I always love to have a figure for what ever it is I cosplay!  My son... I'm not sure what Pokemon I should make him, Pikachu is so over done.. i want something cute, something a toddler can walk around it and not be too bulky and original! Any Ideas?

I'm also happy you were featured, brought me back from my long hibernation. :D  Well I'm back ya'll and i'll be sure to take some more pics of my items when I receive them!

Oh another question my Mewtwo reminded me off, does anyone have any of these for sale? 

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I got a couple things. The first thing is this:

It was like 7 dollars at Fred Meyer, so I couldn't pass it up. They had others, like Munna and Snivy and Oshawott, but Tepig is one of my favorites. <3 And it's SOOOOO soft! I'm gonna get a giant Tepig soon, and this one can be it's baby! xD

The next thing... is the most awesome thing... that I will probably ever have in my WHOLE LIFE. I cannot even describe how happy it makes me! I've been wanting one for years. All of the ones I would find online were WAY expensive, like 100 bucks. Before I discovered this community, I had a really hard time finding Pokemon stuff online for good prices. But now... AHHHHH!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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Eeveelution postcards auction reminder + sales

Hey guys. This is my first and only reminder that my auction for the Eeveelution postcards will end at 9:00pm PST today. Click on the image below to be redirected to the auction.

By the way, I've added a couple more Pokedolls and items to my sales:

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Cubchoo x 2
Axew x 2
Mincinno x 2
Munna x 2

Shipping for Pokedoll stickers is $1 within Canada, $1.50 within the US and $2 elsewhere.

*Prices in US Dollars.
*Prices do not include shipping.
*I will hold items for 24 hrs, but please don't put things on hold unless you intend to buy them.
*I reserve the right to not sell to you for any reasons such as rudeness to me or other members, bad feedbacks, etc.
*PP fees will be added upon checkout.

Below are the starting shipping prices (typically for one Pokedoll)
USA EuropeAustralia  World
Shipping Fee $3.50 $4.50 $5.00Leave a comment with your Country for shipping estimate

pbody wave

(no subject)

Hi guys! My auctions will be ending tomorrow night, April 12 at 8 PM EST! Several things including the large Darkrai and Shaymin UFO plush + many stamps and Johto swing keychains are either at the starting bid or have no bids at all! Go check 'em out here!

Still have a lot of new stuff in my sales post, too! If you feel that a price is too high you're always welcome to haggle :D Any owed packages will be going out by this weekend or Monday - apologies for the delays, but I finally won the glaring competition with my printer so I can get back to printing shipping labels asap!

Aaand I have a couple small gets to show off under the cut :D
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Anyone interested in customs?

Like I said in my post yesterday, I am going to open up customs. I am going to start off slowly though, I do not want to overwhelm myself. As of right now, it is important that you know that the customs offered in this post are the only customs open right now, I will open others at a later date, don't worry.

Today I bring you mini Wailord plush customs. I will be starting off with only 5 slots, and may add more upon demand.

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Pikachu cars!

Ok, I know I should really stop talking about my car already. There isn't a single person in my life that isn't sick of hearing about my Pikabug, really. HERE is the original story if you didn't see it. It's such an amazing car with such an amazing story. Anyway, onto what the point of this post was about!

Recently, I found a person that owns one of the other original 10 Pikachu cars. Click the cut for the full story and pictures!

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Pokemon Centre Tokyo


I am on my way to Japan in a couple of days, and was DEFINITELY planning on making a stop into the Pokemon Centre in Tokyo. I am a collector of Pokedolls, and was wondering if anyone could tell me what they typically have in stock of late.


Offers, Auctions, and Sales Reminders!

This will be the last week for a while to order anything from my sales! I won't be going to a PO for another few weeks if at all!

My Rules: http://noxxbunny.livejournal.com/5882.html
Sales: http://noxxbunny.livejournal.com/6380.html

And my offers on a Lugia hat and my auctions for Holo First Edition Blastoise and Clefairy cards end Friday at 6PM PST! I also have some cards up for straight sale and a binder full of cards!
All of that is here:

I'll hopefully be doing another update soon!

Looking for a grail and Lillipup, Herdier, and Stoutland merch!

Hey, everyone! I was very bummed out to find out that I missed out on one of my grails while I was working at a convention! So, if anyone has the metal James figure, let me know!! :D

And, aside from that, I'm looking to 'complete' my 'pup line collection! :D
List and pics beneath the cut!

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I'm also interested in customs!!! :D

Wants Post Houndour Pokedoll

Hi pkmncollectors! Long time no post :) as you figured this is another wants post.This time I'm looking for a Houndour Pokedoll.It does'nt have to have any of the tags,but would like it to be clean.If anyone has one they would like to sell,I'm paying about $60 for no tags,and $85 with tags.Also thanks for everyone that helped me by directing me on were to purchase certain plush,becuase of your generous help I managed to get a Sceptile Pokedoll,and Mcdonald's Larvitar Plush in the short time I was here.

fire types
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Next Zukan Set?

I'm just curious, has the new set of zukan been announced yet? I'm mainly hoping for the Sandile, Joltik, and Swoobat lines, as well as Sawk and Emonga (with them i'd complete my Black team in zukan form.

and i was wondering if anyone was willing to sell the following charms: (hopefully not expensive)

- new pose Jolteon
- Vulpix/Ninetales (but mainly looking for Ninetales)
- Houndour/Houndoom (mainly Houndoom)
- Cynda line
- Infernape

i'm also collecting fire type pokemon in zukan form now, so does anyone have any?
currently i have these. if it's not listed here then it's a fire type i need ^_^:
- Cynda line
- Chimchar line
- Reshiram (1st zukan release)
- Tepig line
- Darumaka line

and are there any new canvas plush (or news of any on the way)?
blink mew luvs mewtwo, mew

New stuff from target I found and questions.... its nearly midnight!

We went to Target to do some last minute birthday shopping for my son and we found pokemon stuff >.>  Yes its for my son >.> no i wont horde it for myself.  *pics*

what do you think?

Also someone on craigslist near me is selling some pokemon items books *I have pictures*  Can you tell me what they are and what you would pay just so i can get an idea in my head about what to do with it???  There is a never been opened plush gengar 7 dollars, not pictured that i'm already buying. But the rest I have no clue about, i want the books but i'm not quite sure what they are Help me?

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Wants: Pokemon Center Vaporeon Canvas Plush

Heya all,
I'm looking to find the ever-so-hard-to-find 2009 Vaporeon Canvas Plush from the Pokemon Center, which looks like:

[I don't own this picture, I'm just using it for reference.]
It's the last one in the eeveelution canvas series that I need to get my hands on, so I'm quite keen to find one [however doubtful that may be knowing how gosh darn rare they are!!] :)
So if anyone could help me out with finding one, that would be just super!
Thanks! :D


bootleg kaiyodo figures, and a lil update

Just spotted the first set of bootleg kaiyodo pokemon figures in the wild:
Oh chinese knockoff manufacturers, what will you think of next :P
http://i.imgur.com/igIKr.jpg   lugia kinda looks like a messed up Mienshao
http://i.imgur.com/d9Drt.jpg   just look at that Groudon lol

oh and if you have/spotted any of the figures on this list, then tell me :)