April 12th, 2012



So I'm closing my shop next week, and everything will be packed up for the summer. Still lots of neat plush, figures, charms and other such things!

And everything paid for was shipped on monday!

Also does anyone know how to contact xxxandra? I know they're pretty much in a permanent hiatus, but we traded and I haven't gotten my half. I just wanted to know if it was lost in the post...

Question About Washing Plush

So I won an auction on ebay for some used Pokemon plushes that I am really excited about, but there is one concern. In the item description, the lister said that they would wash all of plushes before sending them, and I guess I assumed that they knew how to wash them properly. After I won the auction, I got a message from the lister in which she said, "they are all i the dryer now," which I assume she meant to say out of the dryer. Eeeeeee! I didn't think that you were supposed to put them in the dryer! The main reason I bought the lot was for the rare Bayleef plush, so I am concerned about him now. So my question is, does putting plushes in the dryer ruin them, or do you think they'll be okay? If anyone has experience from this, please let me know. Thanks.

My First Collection Post :3c

Hey all! I've been a member of this community for a while now, and I've loved Pokemon ever since I was a kid, but only recently in the past couple of years have I started actively collecting. And then I just never got around to taking pictures of my collection. It's a small one, only two photos long, but I like it so far! Mudkips are my favourite, and take up most of the figures I own. But I also like several other Pokemon!... Though you may never know it from looking at what I have right now :P

>Fake cut to my collection pics!<

Tom Hiddleston | 1883 | Legs

I Shall Call Him "Kipple," And He Shall Be Mine

He's here! My little precious is here! I've been staring at him since I got home a few hours ago, and I'm so happy. He's so darn cute, and I'm putting him through a sort of photo shoot with my new phone that came in the mail yesterday. Two excellent days in a row. Now, you get photos.

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I am freaking out here. This makes me certain that, were Pokemon real, and we could each have one, I'd have a Mudkip. I bet they're rubbery and warm. ♥
Pokemon - Buds

Collection update! Yay!

Well, it's minor, but neat.

Ever looked at your collection and thought, "wow, I must be really weird to have bought that for my collection!"

Maybe it's an uneaten cookie with a Pokemon on it, maybe it's a pair of kid's boxers, and maybe it's... socks?

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I still have stuff for sale: Here is a "hub" of sorts, with links to stickers, TCG, and misc sales

HOWEVER I have also accumulated 69 TCGO code cards that I want to sell (along with three promo tin thing codes I will throw in for free)
If I can take a photo of the codes/QR codes for you, it will be $20 total. Otherwise I can ship them to you for whatever shipping will be on that. This makes it about 30 cents per code.

Bunch of Grails!

Haha I got a BUNCH of metal figures in the last few weeks and I thought I'd share them!
(because no more packages are on their way now lol)
I BET I have at least one metal figure you haven't seen before! 
(This was the first time I'd seen a handful of them!
If you have any metal figures for sale please let me know! ^_^

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[Dropdown list of figures left]

1. Bulbasaur

3. Venusaur

16. Pidgey

19. Rattata

21. Spearow

26. Raichu

30. Nidorina

31. Nidoqueen

32. Nidoran (Male)

33. Nidorino

34. Nidoking

37. Vulpix

38. Ninetails

41. Zubat

44. Gloom

45. Vileplume

46. Paras

50. Diglett

55. Golduck

57. Primeape

58. Growlithe

59. Arcanine

62. Poliwrath

64. Kadabra

65. Alakazam

69. Bellsprout

72. Tentacool

73. Tentacruel

77. Ponyta

78. Rapidash

80. Slowbro

84. Doduo

85. Dodrio

87. Dewgong

104. Cubone

122. Mr. Mime

123. Scyther

126. Magmar

128. Tauros

130. Gyarados

131. Lapras

134. Vaporeon

135. Flareon

136. Jolteon

138. Omanyte

139. Omastar

141. Kabutops

144. Articuno

145. Zapdos

148. Dragonair

More Movie Banpresto Merch!!

Hey guys I just came back from my local shop and wow I saw the magazine for July. The amount of merchandise banpresto is releasing is mindblowing XD And I've got pictures of all of them for you! You can click on each of the pictures to get a bigger photo of it. And YES ALL OF IT apart from the Museum figures ARE RELEASED IN JULY, the movie month!
First up is of course the posters of the main movie as well as the meloetta movie special (Is that what its called?). You'll be surprised, but that meloetta movie will be getting merchandise especially of all of the OLD GEN POKEMON! Read on to find out!

First up are new keychain plushies of the following pokemon. I would think the black circle is Meloetta's alternate form. OMG CHIKORITA AND TOGEPI MERCH!! I can't wait! My local shop will bringing these in so don't worry you'll get your eggs and plants XD (lol egg plant)

More banpresto plushies. They're the normal 14cm Plushies. Unfortunately my local shop isn't bringing these in :( I would have liked them too as I know a lot of people would want the Stunfisk at least haha. Any ideas on all the black circles? They're all confusing me. 2 alternate forms for meloetta? I don't know! Or maybe White and Black Kyurem

Banpresto keychains of all the awesome movie legendary Pokemon. I would say White Kyurem looks BADASS.
Also, the next set of battle museum figures will be out in August! The picture is a little bit blur I know, but it consists of Axew, Bisharp, Deerling and Krookodile. I can't wait to get my awesome bisharp figure. I will post a better picture when I find one so don't worry.
Last of ALL for all those Keldo LOVERS:

BAM! 18CM KELDO FIGURE! I bet it's going to be crazy for this one. I will post up orders for this closer to the date.

And specifically to korth, I think I owe you this for the long wait due to the shop's logistic problems:

The Lovely Zweillous in basking in its glory.

Preorder Post: http://donny9.livejournal.com/1520.html
Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy the new merch info!
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Tyranitar pokedoll

Tyranitar items wanted, Sales update, and Collection update!

First: I am seeking the below Luxio TCG, and Tyranitar flat items I do not have :O The ones I have are posted in the cut at the bottom of this post!

Second: I've discounted plush prices at my shop, and added more NWT Pokedolls + Banpresto UFO plush, and Tomy figures.

Thirdly, and most interestingly: My Pokemon Center Giant Tyranitar's eye switch and restoration has been complete for awhile now, and I finally got some half-decent photos :) Custom tag a gift generously given to him (not me XD) by blackdog333~!

Click me to see some much nicer outdoor photos!

Different link: See progress of his restoration!

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Nobunaga package

Hey guys I received my Nobunaga package today after a much anticipated wait and unfortunately I can't describe this package with any words other than disappointment. :( more under the cut along with a Nobunaga+Zekrom figure review for those who have been on the fence about it.

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Bandanna Mew + GA helper?

Hello community! I just wanted to show you an accessory I added to Talky, my 1:1 Mew plush! 8D

A bandanna! Isn't he cute? <3
Fun fact: It's a Coca-Cola bandanna. XD

I also want to add an accessory to Pink'r, my DX Mew Plush.

What do you think will suit her best? A ribbon bow? A spiked choker (lol)?
I want it to be blue/sky blue and around her neck. =P

And just for fun, here's their "home".

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Ah yes, I'm also planning on hosting a small five-plush GA (and it will be my first one), since I only will be claiming one plush from the lot. I would do the bidding and shipping, but I just need someone to do the calculations, spreadsheet, and such. I've also read the GA guidelines and rules, but I'd like someone to help me, as I think it's recommended for me since I've never done it before. =)

Would anybody be interested in helping me if I show it to them?

Oh yes, I also have sales permission granted to me by entirelycliched on April 2, 2012.
Feedback here.

Thanks for viewing! <3
aura the mewtwo by dracalitten

spotlight: side collections

So I'm sure you all know me as a Mewtwo collector, but I'll bet you don't know about all my other collections! x3 

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Lastly, I just wanted to make a little celebration addendum because I finally compiled my "Dream Team" in Kid form. :D By dream team I mean the Pokemon team that I would raise IRL if Pokemon were real. c: I wish I could have them all in Tomy form, but poor Linoone has no Tomy

Linoone would be my pal, like the Pikachu to my Ash. x3 We would ride on Salamence, and the others would be like...I don't know, my drinking buddies or something. XD Except Lucario. He's very moral and only drinks water and energy drinks.

White mini-posterboards make AWESOME photo backgrounds by the way :D It was so worth the two bucks I spent on it.

Well, the post took me forever to put together so, hopefully you enjoy it! *wipes sweat from brow* X3

And now to end this extremely lengthy post, an auction reminder: My Zukan and Gacha auctions end in a little over 4 hours :) So get in here and bid! ;D


Basically Noppin is not my best friend right now!
But it doesn't matter anymore
Thank you for everyone who were truely kind to me <3
I am fixing it with theevilpotato<3

Totally forgot to show off my Plusle and Eevee!

So happy with Plusle 'cause Minun is all alone and I have to admit I like Plusle a bit more (that's probably why I have more things from Plusle instead of Minun)
Eevee started hiding in my mom's mini coffee basket!
I know I also wonder why :p
Thank you for giving her to me shirohikarikaze

I will end with free ice-cream and Mewoodles for everyone!

Have a lovely day ~
PKMN: Sailingtoed

tadpole time

I've been MIA for like, two weeks now? ;A; I got siiick. It wouldn't go away! That'll teach me for leaving the sanctuary that is my home. That's also why I didn't post that photostory I mentioned in my last post. >_>; I got a new computer as well so I'm still in the process of reloading everything like my fonts and whatnot, but that WILL come soon, promise. And I'll resume catching up to comments and PMs soon! ♥

So, my purpose here today is... I gots mail! And I also bring you a service annoucement from your friendly neighbourhood Revolver Oshawott (see: end of the post).

I didn't expect to get this grumpybutt until next week so he was a lovely pick-me-up! But who's creeping behind him...?

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"Prince Revolver Sherwat Miju here with my new friends to bring you a friendly reminder to
As well as your other battery-operated friends!"

I know it's basic caution when it comes to batteries, but I thought it would be worth a little reminder to everyone. I thought my Miju here would be alright so long as I turned his voice box on to have a little chat now and then, but two nights ago when I turned him on he just feebly stuttered "Mi- Mi- Mi-" and I panicked. After opening his voice box in a hurry I discovered his batteries were corroding pretty badly! Thankfully I checked him soon enough and his voice box was completely clean and safe, but it could have easily happened otherwise. Mind you, I used cheap batteries, but I know I'm not the only one to use those... so yeah! Just remember to give your talkies and other electronic Pokemon some love to avoid any heartache. :D

(no subject)

Hey I'm new and I wanted to show off my collection so far. My collection is very small and I'm looking to expand so if you could help I would be very thankful. Here we go :
My first plush in a Tomy sentret he/she is sooo cute
.pokemon sentret tomy plushmixpikachu
next is my mix of canvas plush which i adore and would love to expand.Jirachi,Lapras (they both have tags),Aipom,Cherrim. I also now have Buneary which arrived in the post today but has no tags :0( oh well
I also have a large fluffy banpresto Pikachu, chatot pokedoll, TY Snivy and Pansage, a hole draw full of figures and loads of cards from when i was little

Luxray charm?

My friend's birthday is coming up so I'm looking for a reasonably priced Luxray charm, full set or just the one, either way. :D I'm in the USA so if you could include how much you speculate shipping to be in your asking price that would be super. Let me know, thanks!