April 16th, 2012

Anyone Heard from Koujakai?

I just sent another reminder three days ago about if she had shipped her 3 dog cube pillow yet as I paid $190 and I'm now getting worried because I can no longer even dispute all my payments if it doesn't get shipped. Plus, I much rather have the pillow. So has anyone heard from her. Last I heard was from two weeks ago about shipping it 2 weeks ago and PMing tracking but that hasn't happened and now I'm starting to get worried. If it doesn't end up getting shipped I'm out a lot of money as I have now only 5 days to make a claim on payment 2. I don't want a dispute as I much rather have a cube pillow. I understand her posts say she's a slow shipper...but taking about a month to ship something that expensive is a lot out of my comfort zone. What do you think I should do?

EDIT: I found out I could still dispute my first payment (yay!) and have done so. I have decided if she does not respond by April 25th I'm escalating it to a claim and disputing payments 2 and 3. Thanks guys. I didn't know she was notorious for this sort of thing. Also if you see this Koujakai, please mail it ASAP so I can drop the claims and disputes. I MUCH rather have the cube than the money!
Clear desu

Best $2 get + My first boosterbox!

Like every day I was browsing a Dutch site called 'Marktplaats'. (literally translated: 'Marketplace') You can place ads for every kind of stuff on there and of course I always look for Pokemon.
And last week I finally got my amazing get for about $2!

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Last week I also got my very first TCG boosterbox! I deceided to buy the latest Japanese 'Dragon Blast' set. :)

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Finally I got a question:
Is anyone selling or trading a Dragon Blast Giratina Ex? (I have 10+ feedback I can show to you)
The Fullart Giratina Ex, Fullart Mew Ex and Shinys are also welcome if you have them. Please let me know. :)

rentorah is beautiful

100 years with Keldeo

this weekend i brought home many keldeo plushies for all those who love him. many wanted a photo of them, and as this weekend was also the one hundredth year anniversary of the titanic sinking, and i am an amateur titanic historian :) being a water pony, i could think of no cooler place to display these cute fellows than my authentic official replica of a third class blanket used by the passengers of titanic.

(click to enlarge)

this week in pokemon collecting, we can expect news from takara tomy, and a new pokemon fan is also coming out on sunday, meaning maybe... pics of the next kids set at the very least, yes? no? with tons of BW2 info (including promises of a new pokemon/forme) coming in mid-may, along with another banpresto prize fair, we should have no end of fun and cool merch news for summer. yay!

what are you hoping for? here is my personal list.

-black kyurem pokedoll (he's half zekrom -- even his cry is half zekrom half kyurem -- i gotta collect this guy... hardcore?!)
-black kyurem MPC pics!
-info on may and june's pokemon center promotions (currently: none are known whatsoever!)
-7/11 ichiban kuji prize info... yeah? who will get the big figures... kyurem and keldeo perhaps? gaaah, tell me!!!
-and finally, for pics of the next two trainers in banpresto's new "partners" figure line. we know the first two are ash+pikachu and cilan+pansage. the next trainers will be ingo and emmet, the subway bosses, but...who are their partners? as this series is anime-based and each boss only used one pokemon each in the anime (chandelure and eelektross, respectively) i have high hopes for a majorly cool big sucky figure. don't let me down banpresto?!?!

post your list!?!

PS: there is also still lots of magnets for sale here! and check again for your april pokecen preorders :D

PPS: big collection update coming soon from me... if i can get it all organized and photographed... m(_ _)m;;

Questionning Collecting Habits.

Greetings, Community.

We all are passionate collectors here, loving pokemon and all the items it brings us. All of us find joy in getting and cherishing items. Some are happy with small collections, while others are intense completionists.

Since BW was announced, I fell hard into the Pokemon franchise, while I was only a so-so fan before. I decided, after much splurging, to make TCG my main collection, since the BW releases were coinciding.
This is where things go downhill. I love, adore japanese TCGs, and since getting a small lot of them from someone, all from the DP and DPt eras, I went into a mad raving completionist mode. I see this as being a bad thing, since I know my wallet will have a hard time with it.
For now, I was hoping to have a mix of english and japanese TCGs, but when I see all of those I am missing (because at first I tossed the ugly cards into a box and gave em away because they were not pretty enough to be a part of my TCG pokedex) I am quite flabbergasted.

Should I focus on buying what I am missing, expansion by expansion, seek out lots? Those on ebay containing japanese cards are few and far. The best would be to get a deputy service, but then which? And this raises the issue of my computer being unable to download the japanese language extension pack...

But today I was wondering... when is it time to let go? I want to pace myself, take it slowly because my bank account will never last through. Part of me wants to be happy with just the BW era, but another part of me just... well.. wants to catch em all. I see cards like Gold Stars, level Xs, those shinys I am missing, and... it is somewhat daunting. They -are- pretty card and I want them, but when should one just put a brake on?

Things certainly changed from my 'prettiest TCG pokedex' times...

Reminder and GA shipping update

My Paki Paki Mewtwo ends in under 5 hours with no bids </3.

The sup its a plush GA has been shipped,if anyone wants the tracking let me know <3.
The Eeveelution charms have not been shipped though.
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Odd request

I have read about people using Yahoo Japan Auctions quite a bit but i had no idea what it was. About an hour ago i looked it up.. read the thing on it on the side of pkmncollectors, searched "ポケモン" and i found a few things i liked on it, and in my price range.

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P.S im still after Pokedexes, Zukans, Pokeballs that are cheap (and cheapish to post to Australia).
Also would be a plus if there is more then one (to save money and postage).

My collection so you know what i have/ dont need: www.photobucket.com/afrokidscollection
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Pokemon plush collection!

Hey guys here's a close up of my current plushies :3 I am currently looking for a Natu pokedoll. If anyone has one that theyre willing to trade or sell, I'd be interested. I can't offer much because I currently don't have a job. It doens't have to have tags either. I'm not too pickey about that sort of stuff.

And here's the latest addition from Epcot in Disney world :3 friend picked it up for me. I love how chubby he is ^.^

Check out my Youtube page aswell. I will be adding some collection updates as soon as I get my camera back from my boyfriend. Thanks guys!


Hello fellow collectors! Today i come with some wants! Id like, that  anyone that has a bugtype zukan for sale/that they would sell could tell me :3

Also, im after clear kids of any bugype, so same with them, please tell me if you have some!

Aaaand lastly, does anyone have any escavalier/accelgor dot sprite pins/battrios for sale?(any types)

Thanx everyone!
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Pokemon+Nobunaga (Pokemon Conquest) Freezer + Mitsuhide Figure Review

Warning: Extensive photobomb review of Freezer + Mitsuhide figure review + ;w; the exclusive it actually surpringly came with! 
Hopefully this will be of some help to those who are on the fence of ordering (considering how expensive it is) or if it is for sure out of your price range hopefully - all my picture spam will help supplement it. xD

My figure literally just came today and I was so excited! (Since I went with cheapest shipping xD) 

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Alola Vulpix



We have some rather talented graphic artists here in the community - I hope you guys had as much fun making them as I did watching them come in :D


Voting will end at the end of the week :)

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(They're only in groups because LJ won't let me create a poll with 22 options.)

Poll #1834152 Banner Contest Voting

Choose ONE banner to vote for:







megablok dx land group buy

This is my second attempt at this. Its cheaper than the last time as I have a 10% off coupon! So hopefully we can win this ;~;
Ive worked out the totals as evenly as possible, I hope we can get this ordered before the end of April as thats when my coupon expires....

Check the cut for all details!

This includes these pokemon:Pikachu, Spiritomb, Gallade, Turtwig, Gible, Rotom, Chimchar, Riolu, Piplup, Leafeon, Glaceon, Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Girantina, Dialga, Heatran, Palkia and Darkrai!

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rill pd

Collection Update and Sticker Sales ^_^

I've gotten quite a few packages over the past month... so its time for some photos! <3

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And I've got the second half of stickers from my last sales post all reorganized. :) Half the stickers = half the images = half the price! Check them out & please read the special rules! 
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Thanks for reading! :D

Notebooks wanted

Hey guys, sorry for the super boring post. But does anyone have any cute Pokemon notebooks they are selling currently at the moment( would especially love if it had Aipom, but does not need to)

Thanks and I promise the next post will be less boring.

Peace out:)