April 17th, 2012


So I'm currently in search of pokemon TCGs. I have a deck but I'm missing a few cards. And I'm hoping I can buy cards from the community  for a good price since I think troll n toad is a bit too pricey for me.

Thundurus 2x 1x (FA but if not I am willing to buy the normal ones too)
Catchers 2x (maybe 3)
Mewtwo ex 2x (lol a girl can dream right?) 
Pokemon Collectors 2x

and thats about it. I'm hoping to buy most from a single seller or two just to save on shipping and fees. 

Amigurumi Auction!

I've been making amigurumi to sell at ACen like crazy lately, but I took a break to try out a few things. I've always wanted to make a Woobat, but I don't have the right shade of blue for it... so I made it anyways in a darker blue! Then I wanted to try Meowth, but I'm not sure if I like how he turned out. Then I wanted to try and make a newer Pokemon, something I wouldn't normally make. So I did Keldeo! TL;DR: I'm auctioning these guys off since these are one-of-a-kind, and I'm not sure if I'll ever make them again!

Woobat:STARTS @ $15 - Meowth:STARTS @ $12 - Keldeo:STARTS @ $15

Sales permission granted by [info]entirelycliched on 10/29/11


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Also, check out my permanent sales post for stampers, stickers, erasers, and tons of TCG cards!

PLUSH RESTORATION GUIDE! + It's Official: He's Official

Welcome to Gin's Plush Restoration Guide!
When you want to fluff up loved fur, remove stains, fix tears and replace missing parts.

I've wanted to make this for a very long time! I will link to the post later if I find it, but I haven't written about plush restoration in quite a while, since my most famous project, restoring Dr. Raikou. He is gigantic and took many, many repetitive sessions over the course of a year to fully restore. This guide will focus on normal-sized plush.

So I present my three subjects, from left to right: Potatochu, Specialchu and Yellowchu! I realized I should do this tutorial after I had already begun a bit, so the "before" pics are already a bit wet but... let's continue anyway.

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As Specialchu promised, I redid my photos of these fellows. They are what the community voted to call "Mirage Plush", rare, usually-European novelty dolls from crane machines and festivals.

When I began my Germanchu collection (most of them have come from Germany), I suspected these dolls were made by Play-by-Play in 2000-ish. This original suspicion was left on my site to speculate, but after lack of evidence and all tush tags being chopped off, I gave up. German PKMNcollectors had told me they saw these Germanchus sold at festivals celebrating Pokemon Yellow's release. Good enough for me to have that much info.

Yellowchu arrived yesterday. I had him for 2 hours before I REALLY looked. And stared. And gaped. And then pumped my fist into the air with VICTORY.


And he is an official Play by Play plush made in 2000.

Come see what this tag says (it's quite interesting), how I know it's not a cheapo tag tossed on by bootleggers, and for more pics of all the Raichus together.

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THANK YOU for checking out my tutorial and reading into the mysteries of these Raichus. Hope you enjoyed, my comrades! My Germanchus thank you as well! :D

a interesting find and question

Today I was doing some spring cleaning and I rediscovered something from my childhood a pokemon play-doh set and it still works and is not clogged up with play-doh like I thought it would be 

yes the box is really beat up

now here is my question it came with the molds to make jigglypuff, pikachu, squirtle, clefairy, and psyduck and I would like to make a lasting clay figure that you don't have to put in a kiln but just leave it out to harden with the molds do you know what type of clay I should use I heard Crayola make a clay that might work but I don't know if it would harden well so can you tell me what you recommend also how much does it cost and finally do you think I should do commissions on these and would it be called commissions because these would be half official figures? 

anyone going to the dark explorers pre-release?

So I just found out on PokeBeach that the pre-release for Dark Explorers will be happening next weekend (and the weekend after that). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'd be able to make it to an event, even with motivation to go to one:

That's right, the pre-release card for it will be a REAL, starred promo! I assue that it's original art that won't be in the set either. Anyways, would there be anyone going to the pre-release event that would be able to pick one up for me? I'm hoping not to spend too much on it either, assuming they give these out for free just for being there? I'm not too sure^^

Questions and Wants about some TFG

So I was reading about the Pokemon Trading Figure Game series, which got cancelled very shortly after its release. While it's understandable that most of the figures would be rare-ish due to this, eBay has a bunch of Lugia, Salamence, Treeko, and other such figures, there seems to be a complete lack of others - for me, the lack of the Latios and Latias from Groundbreakers anywhere at all. Even though Groundbreakers was a discontinued set, there have been lots of the test run figures floating around here among other sites. Because of this, I have to ask why the Latios and Latias from Groundbreakers, which were publicly released in a starter kit, aren't anywhere to be found?

As you might have guessed, I am also looking to collect these pair of figures, however rare they are. Thanks for reading!
blink mew luvs mewtwo, mew

Wants! WINS! COLLECTION UPDATE! *pic heavy*

HEY EVERYONE! :D  This last week was EPIC. And the next few weeks i'm sure will be even more epic!


Currently My collection is very random, with Mew being my favorite, Along with anything CUTE. haha. I also have a soft spot for the first 150 pokemon. all of them!  So i'm trying to get a good amount of certain items for a true collection.  Such as Mew.  I also want Brock items.  I love Brock, and if he were real, my hubby wouldn't have a chance :P haha. So on to wants.

Now for wants I want more Brock things. I want the Pearl Brock TFG figure.  As well as the regular one.  I really want the American version.  But other area's are also wanted.  I'm not sure what's out there with brock so if you have something let me know.  I do have all of the TCG brock cards, except for Holo Brock.  So i'm not really looking for cards unless they are TOPPS.
<--- these guys are my grails!

I AM GETTING THE REGULAR BROCK THIS SATURDAY! :O plus a bunch of others *a whole game set* AMERICAN! YAY anyway from someone from craigslist! :D  I'm going to trade off any other TFG pieces i have, Posted new pic below cut!
As well as this rare pin set!

Mew I really want one of the DX mew.  And Kid Mew's.

Something else I want is the whole collection of TOPPS CARDS.  I have no list so I have no idea What I would be looking for, does anyone have a list?

Things I've recently obtained or Will obtain in a matter of weeks! :D

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ID Help?

It's been ages since I've posted around here, so I feel kind of guilty about this, but,

Finally getting around to redoing my Mime Jr. collection site, I've realized I forgot what a few things were called.

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Any help would be appreciated~

Quick Question

I have found a Pokémon Skateboard for sale on a local sellers page and I am picking it up tomorrow. I am in the UK and wondering if anyone knows if it is official, or anything. The bottom is a little scratched from being ridden, but not so bad. 

I found this link on google for what it appears to be:


It's the only pic I could find and it doesn't have much info!

This is the actual pic from the seller.

Any help would be appreciated :)

Hawaii pics

Hello all! That was fantastic news that we were featured!  Welcome all new members and please come out of the shadows if you are lurking (;

Anyways, just got back from my homeland, Maui, and I have a few pics to share of my travel buds~

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Thanks so much guys! Have an awesome day!

(no subject)

Hello c:
Since I just joined the community, I thought I'd make a little introduction, with my collection, and some wants/grails!
Feel free to call me Barujiina, which is also Mandibuzz, and my second favorite Pokemon (my first being Weavile). I started collecting/playing Pokemon when I got FireRed for my 7th birthday, and have loved it ever since. I've lurked here for some time now, and finally decided to make an account and to hopefully interact with the members and help expand my collection~

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Noragami - Punk Yato
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Auction reminder and Updates

First off, I would like to thank everyone who bought from my sales! My kitchen is now full of food and my mom isn't so worry about be going hungry anymore ^^; poured too much money into bills that I forgot to budget for food money this month!

Either way, my auctions are ending in just little over a day and few hours! Some are waiting for staring bids and some are still at starting price!

Don't miss the awesome items of a 1:1 Mijumaru, Sleeping Mijumaru pillow, Talking Mijumaru and Emolga (Never opened!), Sewaddle kid and plushes, Swampert Pokedoll, Espeon, Umbreon and Vaporeon see through pogs, Absol pogs, card lots and rare pop-ups including Vulpix, Eevee, Growlithe and more!

Also, everything paid for was shipped either this morning or this afternoon! So your item(s) are on their way to their new homes!

Unfortunately, I will be leaving feedback a little later than expected. I actually came down with a random fever a few hours ago so I'm headed to bed! All auction questions will be answered to the best of my ability tomorrow at work so I do apologize ahead of time.

♥ Toda

Introduction Post!

Heya everyone :3

So, the truth is... I've been stalking here for awhile now.. And thought that it was about time that I do a introduction post :) Without farther ado--HELLO PEOPLE! I'm xlittle_sanx but you can call me Little. It's lovely to meet you all. And as for the more poke-part. I honestly haven't been collecting all that long. But I AM slowly getting the hang of it! (Like, knowing what *blank* is called telling booties, etc.) But I know I still have some work...

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Wants Post

Usually don't make these often, but I have extra money to spare since I lost a grail. ;-; xD
So hopefully I can find some of these things.

-Slakoth Terry Cloth Plush
-Slakoth Zukan
-Plusle Pokedoll (Tag or MWT, whichever)
-Minun Pokedoll (Tag or MWT, whichever)
-Plusle and Minun Non-flats
-Spinda Pokedoll
-Spinda Zukan

That's it I think, thanks for looking. >0