April 20th, 2012

Mystery figures

So, I don't have a lot of info to go on with here, but I'm thinking of a couple of figures I had a long time ago that I have very little info on.
The two figures in question came on a cake for my birthday! There was a Pikachu [the one in this photo, waving] and a Charmander. Both about 2-3" tall, or thereabouts. They were very thick and solidly built plastic figures. The Charmander looked almost exactly like this, but a bit better painted and afaik, with no hole through the top.
Any idea what these could be? They seemed a bit too high quality to be bootlegs... Any series/collection/etc info, especially on the Charmander?
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major wants!

Hi all, I have some wants, but who doesn't? 8D
If you have any of these, throw a price my way and we'll work something out! <3 I need these bbys in my life ;v;
Now, to the list~!

-Entei 2000 UFO, Paki Paki, "Shimmery" UFO, fingerpuppet, and Ichiban Kuji plushes

-Swampert, Blaziken, and Sceptile Pokedolls!

-Caterpie Friends, Applause, and Taffeta plushes

-ANY bell plush!
- I'm collecting them all, but the one I'm after the most is Butterfree. In-box is preferred.

Thanks all ♥ I'll be posting a huge collection post too... eventually... *lazy* 8D;

Still looking for a home: MWT jolteon canvas

So I havent heard back from either people who seemed interesting in purchasing my little guy, so I wanted to make another post that I'm still looking to sell my MWT Jolteon Canvas! Since I now owe my mom money, its really important that I get him sold and shipped off to his new home asap x_x

The original post with pictures can be found here

BIN is $150, but I'm open to all offers over $100
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Plush storage

Hi guys! (This is jedi_amara with a name change, btw!) Does anyone have any experience storing plush in space bags (vacuum-sealed bags)? I have a lot of plush and they usually have a bedroom to themselves but due to an illness in the family I have to vacate that room, so I need to put most of them in storage. Space bags were suggested as a good way to save room and keep them from bugs/dirt/dust but I'm a bit worried that the plush will be deformed when I unpack them after being vacuum-packed for a while. I'd love to know if anyone has tried it and how it worked? Or any alternative suggestions?
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Customs & Shipping update!

Hello again, everyone!

I am also looking for a repainter!
I am looking to have some repainted kids and a repainted TFG figure. If you're skilled at this and need some extra $$$, I would love some of your work. I will be willing to supply you with the original kids/figures.
If you're interested and have the time, please post with a sample and your price range!

Shipping status!
Everyone who paid me on my sales between the 17th to the 20th (tonight), your packages will be shipped out first thing tomorrow morning! 8D
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Weird Problem

Hi Guys! Well I just found a bundle of Pokedolls on a site called kijiji and wanted to ask a few questions?Does anyone know is this site is safe?Also it seems this is like Craigslist,and the problem is the bundle is in Canada.Nepean Ontario to be exact.I was just wondering if someone can help me obtain this bundle who's in this area?I'm not sure if that would be breaking rules,so sorry in advanced.
Happy Taokaka

Small Eeveelution sales from Japan! ^^

Sup everybody! So I'm back in Tokyo for a few more months and have an extra lovely little Eeveelution charm set (minus Eevee) to get off my hands ^^

There's one of each and each will be $10 plus shipping. They are all MIP but will be separated when shipped. (The set on the left is mine for comparison.)

-Vaporeon: AVAILABLE
-Jolteon: SOLD
-Umbreon: SOLD
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Cottonee wants!

Hey you guys :)
My collection keeps steadily growing, but whenever I want to take pictures I realize that there's a new item going to be in the mail soon, so I haven't posted about it yet O_o

Anyways, what is still missing are all TCG cards with Cottonee on them :3  
Oh,also a sticker that is called..pan sticker? (at least i think so)
I really don't care about the card language, having different ones is more interesting <3
So, anbody out there got spare Cottonees to share? (hihi that rhymes) X3

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Collection update + Wants

Not been around in AGES! And I promised a re introduction blah blah.. so.. 

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And last but not least - WANTS -
im expanding my eevees to my favourite eeveelution, leafeon, so i am looking activly for her canvas plush, pokedoll, chupa and so forth! I have her tomy, large plush and one kids figure. Need the attack one <3
I'm looking for the small eevee walky plush, and the eevee pokedoll ( minky )
And im looking for any cheap canvas plush. I've got such a love for some x'D

Oh oh and mienshaos new kid figure
and always looking for eevee merch even if I have it <<;

NOTE - i've NOT been getting PM's or notifications for it, so please if youve messaged me, please lemme know ; u ; i feel so bad..

I'm so gonna mess this post up <<; if its messed up let me know!
sup bye
Breloom. ^-^

Pokedoll Stamp Promo

Hey guys. :D I was browsing around looking at pictures of the Meloetta merch and ran across something else new as well. There's some clearer pictures and additional info from the "PokeDoll Stamp" promo.

So many cute things. ;o; I like the idea of having a notebook + pen set, and it looks like we're getting randomized pins again.

(Let me know if this has been posted before and I'll remove it!)
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Sup its just me a poke plush GA is in and Sales/Auctions :3.

I will be taking everyone's stuff to the post office tomorrow to get weighed :3,mailers are being used unless you specify you want a box ( Some people have boxes already ).
Tracking will be free since I'm shipping with paypal :),let me know if you want insurance though.
Let me know if you want extras :3.

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Anything not pictured here I have either claimed for myself,or in the case of wobbuffet has been claimed by my mom <3.

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First Sales Post ~Round 1 Figure Commissions~

Hello Community~ This is my first sales post for custom figure commissions! I am somewhat new to figure making but I love it and hope to share my creations with all of you. For now I am opening up 3 commission slots. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for me to complete a figure, it all depends on what is being made. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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1st Round Slots:




Some Gets + Mystery figures/plush

Hello again comm~
I took a break from visiting a little, while I waited for things to arrive for me in the mail, so I could make a get post when they arrived. c:

-Telling myself "you should remember to make a get post!" I remembered I had some figures and plush which I was curious about and wanted to ask the community's opinion as to what some of them were.
In.. my introductory post I think it was, I mentioned I had an Umbreon V-trainer figure with a chip in it, an Ash v-trainer trainer chip thing, as well as a Rayquaza V-trainer figure. Umbreon i knew enough about but I had no ideas about the Ash chip or the Rayquaza that came with it. A couple members were interested in seeing him, and I finally got Rayquaza here for a picture..!
-sorry for blurry images, had to use my 3DS for pictures. :c

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Onto my gets! ooooh they're so cutie~

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Thanks for looking at my post/stuff!~ ^U^
happy pachirisu

collection update + name change O: !!!

Hi everyone! I'm here with a long overdue collection update.

For anyone who may remember me, I was originally known as pachisan. To all new members, hello!!!! Hope you're having as great a time here as I had when I first joined!

It's been quite a while since I've been active on the community. For anyone who doesn't know me, I am a Pachirisu collector and began officially collecting this cute little squirrel in 2009 after a life-changing trip to Tokyo! I joined pkmncollectors in late 2010 and haven't been very active in the past year.

My other favorite Pokemon include Zekrom, Snivy, and Shellder. I also have a fondness for Giratina, Roselia, Spinda, and Glaceon. I try to collect a decent amount of merchandise of all of them.

I wanted to show you all one of my latest and most prized Snivy items...

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Unexpected Gets!

Hey guys! I've been meaning to post this little story but haven't had time!  Lots of big ol' Snorlax sized pics under the cut, I used my dSLR because I wanted them to look nice >_> sorry to anyone with a slow computer! Hope you enjoy the story of how I found some awesome stuff by chance! :3


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