April 22nd, 2012

All items must go! (Sales, Auction and Wants)

Hello fellow pokemon collectors, hope you are all having a lovely day/night wherever you are! :)
I am currently stuck in my bed at the moment as I seem to have got Tonsillitis - AGAIN! :'(
But seeing as I am stuck in bed thought it would be the perfect time to update my sales and have a quick auction.
As most of you guys know by now the UK postage prices go up on the 30th of this month so this really is an EVERYTHING MUST GO SALE!
All my prices are negotionable so please please feel free to offer lower prices!

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Paging... everyone xD

Hey everyone! Got several people to find today, and I was hoping that all of you guys could help me! :D
I hope that this post'll be seen by at least one of these people, or someone who can get in touch with them! 

1ST PERSON! : tamago226
tamago was going to message me about a GB, but she forgot, so I messages her again, but she forgot again, so I messaged her again... and heard nothing xD

Hopefully you'll remember this time... ;)

2ND PERSON! : elisha1288
I messaged and commented to Elisha twice asking if she could leave feedback for a transaction we had, but haven't heard anything back yet... :S

3RD PERSON! : starletchu
starletchu commented on a post of mine 4 days ago, and I have been waiting for a reply since :/

Aaand, I think that's it!

Also, don't forget that I still have the Dewott, Samurott, Pignite and Servine charms available! They need homes D:
I will trade any of the charms for a Pikachu charm for my friend <3

A bit of a boring post I'm afraid, sorry people xD

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Hi everyone! Just a little notice about my commissions for this month.~

Originally I was only going to have 5 slots for wallets, but I've decided to make it 7 total slots instead. So, I have 3 slots left for custom wallets!

Click the link here if you want a beauty like the one above that I finished yesterday: 

Also, I still have lots of TCG for sale! Click here to go to my TCG Sales (and I accept trades for TCG too!): http://areica96.livejournal.com/1734.html

Last chance sales and TCG wants.

Hey everyone, I wanted to say that you may not see me around, buying, selling or posting for a while. In 2 weeks, I will be going into major surgery. I am not going to get into details, just that I am having surgery. This being said, I will be closing all my sales down until I am strong enough to do normal things again like go to the post office. Recovery time is about a month. I also don't think I will be buying much as I won't be working = no money, and I don't think I'm going to be in the mood to walk around arranging my collection for pictures. So just expect my absence for a while, though I will still be lurking from my hospital bed.

That being said, I am giving everyone a last chance to buy what they want from my sales before I shut it down for a good while. Sales will only be open for the next week and shipped out before my surgery. I have numerous tests the week before and will not have time to do sales stuff, which is why I am shutting it down a week before the surgery.

You can find my sales and all info here.

Thank you for understanding. =]

Also, I wanted to get some TCG wants that I have been thinking of getting for a while.

I am looking for Pikachu cards and Emonga cards, any language, any card, bring 'em and I will look and possibly buy.

Thanks again everyone!

Wants and gets!

I was browsing the "other" place to buy Pokemon (hopefully yall know what I mean, lol) when I saw THIS!

I don't collect Teddiursa, but I see one of Pikachu on the tag, and I would LOVE to have one (or better, four!) of these for my Pikabug. I tried google, but couldn't find anything. Does anyone have one of the Pikachu, or know where I could get one?  

A few recent gets under the cut!

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Well, the time has come for me to part with most of my beloved collections. Not /everything/ is going, but a lot of it is. Not going into reasons, this isn't what this post is about. It's your opportunity to re home some amazing items, that some of which haven't ever been spotted again.


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PLEASE DO NOT BID UNTIL I PUT THREADS UP!! THANKS, everything should be up now!

a very long overdue collection update

Gosh it's been sooo long since i did one of these D: real life is a pain for getting in the way :/
isince it's been a while i reckon it might be nice to re-introduce myself :D

My name is kirsty :)
i'm 20 (21 in 3 weeks, yay! :D) and from scoltand :D
My favourite pokemon is Ninetales <3 closley followed by sawsbuck :)
my favourite type of pokemon is fire closely followed by dark :)

I've gathered so much since the last time i made an update that i figured it might make it less time consuming/tedious by showing the customs i got and everything else in a full collection pic :) this way anyone who'd like to know me and my collection can see everything :D

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I have a load of stuff from my last sales post that still need a home, Rare Zukan, TFG and Kids etc :) i've lowered the price on a few things and you're more than welcome to make offers (just be reasonable ;) ) all info can be found on the page :D Click to be transported

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i took some out from the box to take a picture, it come with a huge box there are more in the box XD
so please give me more days to organize the payment post will come out after few days so be pay attention with it.

Also my game is come with it too XD yeah~~

                                                                                                                OMG is a shiny Rayquaza card!!!!!!


plush sales!

In a few weeks I'll be posting a GIGANTIC COLLECTION POST/NEW ITEM GETS/OH MY GOLLY GOSH GRAILNESS, so don't worry. It will be happening. But as for now, since I need to save up some money for horseback riding expenses, I'm weeding out my collection again. Painfully and slowly.

What I have today are some plush sales! The majority of all the plush are minty mint, or MWT, so yay for me having OCD about my plush. All the sales, rules and junk and under the cut!

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Galvantula and Joltik

Reminder and rareness question!

Hello there again! :)

First order of business, afrokid001, captainangel, chaosoftwilight, dezchu, milomilotic11, pacificpikachu, pokepalace, raichu_saana, risha_moon, and sugar0coated, you still have not paid me for shipping from the Big Nasija Lot I have run! 

ALSO, the extras from this GA are up for grabs for everybody! :)

Please go here to have a look!

And now to my question!

What is your rarest item/s in your entire Pokemon collection?

From rareness I mean items that are TRULY hard to come accross, or items that you think nobody owns on the community except you. It does not mean it must be an item that was super expensive either. Not things that appear often in the community and get super expensive.

Of course, if you have more of them, that would be lovely to show off! You do not have to post pictures, but they would be nice to look at for other people! :)

From my part:

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Post up your stories, I would love to see yours! =D

Thank you for reading!