April 29th, 2012


WANT to BUY/ADOPT: 1 Smaller Mewtwo Plush Backpack!

Hey there fellow Pokemon collectors!

It's been a little while since I've really been active in the community as I've been busy taking care of non-Pokemon-related things, but I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out here.

Long story short:

I am looking to buy/adopt a Mewtwo plush backpack of the 16-18 inches big/long variety (smaller size) who is in good clean and functional condition and still in possession of both straps and zipper + pouch.

Those of you who saw my intro post to the community might remember a picture of these two boys here:

Hello there!

The one I am looking to hopefully buy/adopt from someone in the community would be like the smaller guy on the right and he - like the others - would receive much love in my care and collection.

Please feel free to comment in this post or send me PMs and please do send pictures if you are offering me a LittleTwo to buy/adopt! :)

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Thanks for reading and here's an older picture of my current fuzzy family of 3 Mewtwos (soon to be 4 and hopefully, 5!) that I never got around to posting (I don't think!):

Fuzzy Family of 3 Says Hello!
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Group Buy for MPC #14

Hello Everybody,

I want to do a quick group buy for the new my collection plush that were recently released.

All Items have been Claimed...Sorry

Here is the items displayed on Y!J/Noppin

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Lastly, Good News to everybody who participated in the Various Plush GA w/ me and zugagirl. We won the auction, and I want to thank all of you who participated. I will post up the prices as soon as I get the quote from noppin.

~sell me your fire chickens~

Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone has any Combusken items to sell? I'm mostly interested in figures and plush, but I'll also consider flats. I recently missed out on the DX plush, so I'd be super interested in one of those (looking to pay maximum $60-70 shipped to Australia). I've been looking in recent sales posts and buying what I see, but there's always more out there, right? :)

I'm also still searching for a Ledyba bound ball and the pink-based Ledyba stamp. There's probably other items I'm missing, so if you have any Ledyba, Heracross, Corphish or Sunkern items to sell, let me know. :)

(I really need to make a proper wants list.. XD)


Footprint Figures


So, awhile back in a GA I got some little footprint figs and I love them! They're so cute and I love the bases. So I was wondering if anyone is selling them. The ones I already have are Bonsly, Weavile, Mime Jr, and Lucario. Please show me what you have ^.^


pokedolls are BACK IN STYLE BABY part. 2!

WELL!! yesterday i came home with 60 mini dolls and 60 regular dolls and i could not be MORE delighted with these guys. i think you will all love them too.

witness the colorful delight of Mini "Mascot Pokedolls" and the THREE MUSKEDEERS!!

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i leave you with size comparisons. thank you dears!

EDIT: these are still available for pickup until supplies run out at the pokemon center!


thanks! :D

Mirinda Pokemon Cans WHAT!! + Shipping update


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ALSO QUESTION! (you know i love 'em)
Anyone know of any other food/drink packaging that Zubat line or Spinarak line was printed on? <3

AND AS FOR SHIPPING UPDATES! I've mailed out almost everyone's packages from my sales and auctions. I have about 14 left to post on Tuesday since i ran out of time to get them all out in one go :c I still have a few payments to accept on Paypal and some messages to reply to so i'll do that now!
I have proof of postage for everyone's package (my gosh that took me a long time) and ill be leaving everyone feedback right away :>


**EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIITTT!!!**: Is there ANY member on here whos got sales permission, from Argentina, and knows how to use mercadolibre ? /FFOOAAMMSS

Open season at our local theme park. "Big" Pokemon gets!

So, Dark_tyranitar and I decided to go to our local theme park on opening day. We immediately went to the games where we won some of the giant Pokemon last year and I was shocked to see that they had changed the games and the only Pokemon in that area were the smaller ones. It was also one of those games where you need 12 or more players to go for the biggest prize. We decided to walk to the other games section to see if we would have better luck elsewhere. We were almost there when I spotted them...Giant Pokemon!! They had Oshawott, Snivy, Pikachu, and Meowth. The only downside was it was one of those games where you have to shoot a plastic ball from a gun and knock three plastic cups from a stand in one shot. We figured the odds were against us, but I brought money to play, so I figured might as well give it a shot (no pun intended :P)
Much to my surprise I won on my third try. I was jumping up and down and immediately asked for the giant Oshawott. I then saw a sign that said "Two prize daily limit", so I figured I would try again. After two tries I gave up, and Dark_tyranitar decided he would give it a try. He ended up winning on his 2nd try, so we then asked for Snivy. Needless to say it was a pretty amazing day, since I really didn't think we stood a chance at winning one. Pics of our adventure under the cut.

Here is a good pic of the type of game we had to play
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June/July MPC claims!

Hello there guys!

In line with the current 'let's pool resources and get MPCs together at great prices' movement, I am sharing some of my private benefits with the comm! I am currently dealing with a supplier that is able to get me great deals for Banpresto products, and to start off our collaboration, they have secured me and my friends orders for some popular MPC plush! Mienshao, Kyurem, Cobalion, Hydreigon and Excadrill are up for grabs. I still have a few leftover that I am now opening up to the comm. =D

Any claims? They would be $23.50 shipped each. These are the ones you can still claim:

If you are keen on Mienshao and Hydreigon - they have been claimed but I can try asking my supplier if they can help!

Thanks guys, and have a lovely week ahead!
Elesa - Default

Wanted: Vanilluxe

Since everyone and their mom posted yesterday with GB, while I was out having a fun time of Hunger Games and shopping, I keep missing it. SO if you anyone does another one, while I actually enjoy my first weekend of not working, I will love you forever if someone could hold one for me that's not $10-$15 w/out shipping. ;w;
EDIT: You can clearly see how tired I am lol...Talking about the My Pokemon Collection Plush (MPC)


If anyone went to Animematsuri and shopped, or Texas Regionals and shopped, then you saw me. @_@;  THIS WEEKEND IS MINE. GO AWAY WORK.  I'm pretty sure I have left everyone feedback.  If I missed you, yell at me.  It's been a loooong month..and May will be too... x__x;;

Btw I met someone with a canvas growlithe plush a regionals.  Just wanted to say congrats at the VGA tournament for doing pretty well! :D It was so last minute for me, lol using a singles team for doubles.  Won 4 out of 8.  Not bad for being entirely unprepared. xD;;

what is up with jakks and tcpi tcg??

 Another topic to discuss the distribution of not only jakks, but now The Pokemon Company International's distribution of cards...

We all know how it is with them, but I'm kind of worried... There is NO new plush even announced, nor is there any new figures. I use ToyWiz for my source of course, since they always seem ahead with the Jakks news. I know this was discussed on another topic, but here's why I'm worried: ToyWiz has a listing for the new DX figures of the starters' second evos. Gin even had a pic of them from the ToyFair, so they've at least been made into prototypes. ToyWiz had them up for preorder for many months, and now? They've been taken down. They always used official art (and fanart...) as stock photos, so they never did get any real stock in for actual photos.

I don't if it's just my area, but have anyone else noticed a very delayed/poor distribution for cards? I remember it took me OVER a month to ever find the Mewtwo boxset, but others already found it upon release. Booster packs and tins seem to be on time, but not any of the other stuff. My area used to get cards, like the special boxsets, in BEFORE the release date sometimes, and now I look around, waiting. The distribution seems to be getting a little bad too. I haven't even seen all the main stores get in the Noble Victories blister packs, and I knew I was lucky to even FIND them.
Currently, I've been looking for the Forces of Nature boxset, with no luck yet, and that thing came out two weeks ago, I believe? It seems like Europe is getting better distribution too. North America never even got the Next Destinies blister packs, for undisclosed reasons, but even though the promo cards (and hopefully the Munna coin) are supposed to come out at a later time, there hasn't been any word of it yet... I'll almost tempted just to get them off Troll and Toad, who have both the promos up for $2 each.

So maybe it's just my area, I don't know... How about your guys' areas? And are any of you worried with the current trends of distribution? It's hard to say 'poor sales' when I always see sold out plush and whatnot, and the cards in many places seem to do well too.

Just a reminder that I still have custom slots open for this month. c: So if you're interested in that give the banner below a click. If you're already expecting a custom figure from me, then they are now 50% done! Yay!





Also, I lowered the prices of some things in my sales. >w<

Curious Litwick

Searching for Pokemon Emerald

Hello, community of wonderful people~! I've been REALLY caught up doing college work recently. I can't believe i've been away for about three months!
Anywho, my brother's birthday is coming up within the next week, so I was wanting to ask: does anybody have a legit (NO BOOTIES PLEASE) copy of Pokemon Emerald? It doesn't have to be in perfect condition, I only ask that it works fine (no glitches, bad battery, corrupt saving, ect), doesn't have the label ripped off (but you could offer anyways: I might accept), and is a legitimate game, ie no Chinese knockoffs, just the real game. :D I'm looking for around $10-$15 (before shipping), but wing any offer you want~!
If you have two of this game, then let me know~! I'd like a nostalgia trip and will gladly buy two copies of the game~!
Thanks~! I'll also be putting up periodical sales posts soon (as setting up shop may take some time~!), so keep an eye out~! I'm going to be selling some super-rare cards and perhaps some games, so keep an eye out~!
Also, I need them/it here by May 4th, so just to let you know~! I'll be paying via PayPal. :D

Updates, Quick auction & Ebay lot!

Hey guys! It's been awhile! I've had alot of trouble with IRL things recently and haven't had a whole lot of time for the internet! But that's boring so enough of that! I've decided a few things! 

1. I've decided to stick to only buying things for a few Collections mainly my Cyndaquil Line, Terrakion (As merch is released) and Sawk & Throh (for the same reason as Terrakion) This is because it's getting too expensive for me to carry on getting new things for ALL my collections, so for now my Hitmon, Electabuzz Line & Magmar Line Collections are officially 'on Hold' so to speak. It doesn't mean i don't want them anymore, it means i'm happy with what i have for the time being.. ALSO i've decided not to collect Fighting types collectively, so they have officially been disbanded. Also my mini side collections of Jolteon & Turtwig will still be going as i rarely buy things for them anyway XDD

2. NASIJAGA - All items that were paid for have been shipped out as of Thursday, so they should be with you in around 3-4 weeks if international (Might be sooner depending on postal service) Most extras that were requested have been included, however some were missing and couldn't be included as i honestly can't find them, but thats only about 3 things.

3. I still have my Vaporeon Canvas plush that didn't go in my auctions. Would anyone be interested in him, and how much? shoot me a reasonable offer.. Im thinking no lower than $150 if possible for him? He's in Mint Condition and very lovely.

4. I've put everything from my Sales box in one huge lot on eBay. As i need space in my collection room for new furniture and stuff, I'm hoping to get some glass display cabinets in the near future. It's got a mixture of everything Plush, Figures whatnot. If anyone wants to GA it feel free to, as i can get extra pictures before i box it up for shipping, I've listed most things on the actual listing (some are missing) But most are there. (If anyone want's the link just ask) Here's the lot:

I'll still be on the comm and active but i won't be doing any GAs for awhile or selling, i'll just be taking it easy, posting collection updates and looking at all of your lovely gets! I love this community too much i can't resist it all XD

OP_Riolu [best combo]

Pokecen SALES + pickup news!

Everything from my last sales post (minus two delayed payments) has been shipped! :) Let me know if I haven't left feedback for you yet, and please leave me some when you receive your items ♥ I also got all the pickup items, and I'm in the process of sorting through them and replying to everyone. :)

Now... Sales! Some extras I bought while doing pickups today :D

I'm also taking offers on a Sugimori Clearfile set in the same post! :D

(I also lowered some prices on older items, this way!)

Edit: totally forgot to add them when I first posted, but I'm also selling two Muskedeer pokedolls over there :'D

Giant Sales Update + Awesome Get

Hey guys, 3 boxes from Noppin just arrived and Im selling some of the leftovers in the lots. It can be summarized in the following pictures:

There is a LOT of stuff, so to help me when you ask for an item it would be better if you posted the link to the picture, especially for flats.

Click on this link or any of the pictures to get there: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html

Status Update: Going back to military, Will be back tomorrow night to answer your comments :)

One of my most treasured gets is this, anyone has any info on this, its simply beautiful:

Its actually a wooden box with fancy decorations all over and its from the Pokemon Center so Im wondering where this came from.
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Only one more thing to sell and my one and only want at the moment :3

Ohhh this is sooo great :3 I've only got one thing left for sale!

 I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11

I'm asking for 10$ for this lil cutie(shipping is included in the price), he was never attached to anything, but the package was opened to check what bookmark is in there(Sneasel one :D).

As for my want, the only thing I'm looking for at the moment would be:

Celebi Johto Dex Charm, oh sooo much X_x Sooo cute! I'd be willing to pay pretty good for one, although I want it in its original package(I don't care if it was opened once or something though). Just name me a price and I'll see if I can work it out :O

Hope you had a great weekend my fellow collectors! Did you do anything related to Pokemon this weekend? For my part I just chitchatted a little with my sister about it, so nothing special really^^"
run keldeo

Hi there!

I'm Nora, and I'm new to this community (The community that will eat my wallet), and  I decided I'm gonna stop lurking and finally post here! Nice to meet you all!!!! I'm kinda newish to pokemon collecting, but I've always had an eye for rare things, and I've always found them to be so fascinating, which makes collecting so much fun for me!!!!!

Well here's my collection if you're interested:

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I also have a wants list if you're curious: 

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The next wants I'm planning on getting are the Keldeo PokeCenter plush and then the Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion Plushies~! <3
I rreealllyyyy want the Keldeo plush slkjdhf;skdjf 
I just love Keldeo <3

anyway.... I'm hoping to make some new friends here~! <3 
and I'm gonna try and keep my wallet alive... though I doubt that.... ahahahaha xD;


(no subject)

Time for some quick sales and auctions. The last 6 weeks weeks for me have been pretty dire, having now spent roughly $400 in vet bills Im needing to do some emergency sales and auctions and part with some items I really dont want to let go. 

I know I owe a couple of payments here and there which I will get to after Ive made this post. Also anyone waiting on anything to be shipped from me it was done so Yesterday :)

All these and more including what little of a Rufflet/Braviary collection I have + others!
ALSO! Im selling my entire Entei and Suicune collections *cries* so please please check! :D

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