April 30th, 2012

Zukan update + wants+ Trades

Trying to get Most the ghost zukan but knowing that Gastly,Haunter,Gengar came form the 1st set making them very rare and since none of the gen5 ghosts have been made i dont i will be able to get all the ghosts.Torterra my fav starter i got him on ebay for cheap noone bid lucky me.Roserade i have 3 Roserade sets i found a seller on ebay selling sealed balls (lol) i keep hopeing for a Dialga but it always Roserade aaarrrrrr.I also have the movie Zekrom ver full set coming this next week i am hopeing to trade my 2nd golurk for a Hydreigon.

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Zukans:all the ghosts,Heatran.
YOTD folder
KIDS:Heatran and Sableye
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MPC set 12 & 14 GB reminder

Hi there! Do you still remember the GB that I posted yesterday?


We still NEED CLAIMS for DucklettSimisear and Frillish!

Ducklett and Simisear will be $5 * each before shipping and fees.
Frillish will be $6 * before shipping and fees.

* Estimated price only. It may change due to fluctuations in exchange rate.

Some important announcements about the GB:

1. For MPC set 14 (set including Swadloon, Palpitoad, etc...), I found a cheaper lot with BIN price 2800yen. If our GB ends with only 5 claims, each person will need to pay 560yen before shipping and fees, which is still a bit cheaper than the original lot (584 yen each). Therefore, poliwhirl has already bought the lot. If we can find claim for Frillish, it will be lowered to 467 yen each before shipping and fees :D Let's hope Frillish can find a good home!
Frillish is claimed! Yay!

2. For MPC set 12 (set including Ducklett etc...), we will only buy this lot if we have all plush claimed.

Please click the following link to the original GB post c:

August Banpresto Prizes!

I apologise for being back so soon, but I just saw pictures of the August Banpresto prizes and I absolutely needed to share it with the community.

I am gobsmacked by these Waza Museum figures! Axew is all sorts of amazing despite its derpy expression, but my favourite has got to be Krookodile. It just looks so....snazzy and jaunty. XD I wonder how fragile they would be, I'm considering a GB of sorts if there is enough demand (if i can rally up 29 orders, I could get them at $20 apiece before shipping) but breakables aren't my favourite to handle given the horror stories about post offices I've heard lately. (There's also a sneak peek at the next set in the series, I wonder what Pansage is doing...)

August MPCs and Round Headed plush! I'm personally not a fan of Kyurem but somehow they managed to chibi-fy it rather well! And I wonder if the case was Terrakion eating too much or Virizion plain being anorexic. XD

That's all I have for today! Have a good week ahead!
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Holo sales

Greetings all  well I need some money so I decided to some holos for sale so check them all

1.paypal only
2.I can ship outside the US
3.I can hold up to 2 days
4.Haggling is alright but don't get upset if 
I turn down your offer please
sales permission granted by Gin in 2009

Reshiram EX full art $15
Kyurem EX $10
Cobalion $5
Kyurem $5
Articuno $5
Cinccino $3
Gardevoir $3
Leavanny $3

Questions about Cyndaquil Pokedoll + Wants

I've been in a Pokedoll crazicollecting phase lately and one of the ones I've been looking for is the Japanese 10th Anniversary Cyndaquil pokedoll MWT.

I'm just wondering if anyone here can share their experience on finding him - how hard is it to find this little guy? I've been stalking the community here, eBay, and Y!J with no luck of even catching a glimpse of him (except in collection posts). I'd really like one of my own T^T

How often would he make an appearance here on PKMNcollectors (so I know how fast I should pounce when/if he does) and how much should I expect to spend on him?

(edited picture from minhimalism)

If anyone is looking to sell theirs or know of where I can buy one, please let me know! I just can't resist him and his lil nubby nose x]

To see my current plush wants list, click here.

Blue <3

Messed up last time. I meant "Pokebox"!

I can't find much information about it. I've tried looking around for pics/information, but I'm quite struggling. I know that there's the cute Eevee food charms, themed folders (RPG, Music, etc), and other things.
So, is there a list or something of all the Pokebox items?
Also, is anyone doing pickups for them any time soon?
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Mini Weeding Sales + Wants/Trade?

For all you students ;w; good lucky on finals that are up and coming! Can't believe it's already almost May. Anyways though I come with a little collection weeding. 

Also I do have some a want (I do know there are places that sell these but want to ask the community) 
- Pokemon Dot Figures (At least with the box/in good condition) 

Sales preview (really these and a eevee zukan under the cut) 

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run keldeo


So there's some major things I want that I didn't get a chance to add to my post yesterday..... 
They're all pretty much for the same thing....

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also.... I forgot to add some of my collection to the photos yesterday xD; here they are if you would like to see them:

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so yeah...here's my spam for the day.... herp derp xD;  you guys are gonna end up hating me

I'd also say that I'm thankful for the warm welcome I had from you all~! <3 and all your attempts to help me with my collection!!!! I really wish I had more money at the moment to buy everything I want off you guys ;;

Have a nice day everyone~! <3

New here

Hi, I joined few days ago and I haven't introduce myself. My name is Maria and I'm from Peru. I like Pokemon since 1998 and I own a lot of figures and plushies but I wasn't really a collector till I found this site last week. Now I wanna start collecting seriously and have awesome stuff like you, guys. I'll start collecting Scraggy and Oshawott stuff, it was a hard choice. Pic of what I currently have coming soo *lazy*.

Get! And Pokedoll tags question!

I finally got a Drifloon canvas! I got it off eBay for a great price and the seller was AMAZING with packaging it! It is so much cuter in person XD I was surprised too cause I used to own a Jakks Drifloon plush and the quality is not too far from the canvas.

I also have a question for you hard core MWT enthusiasts! Where can you find top loaders to protect the tags? The normal ones I have aren't quite wide enough to fit a Pokedoll tag through (the spikey blue and red versions) what do you do about the ridiculously long Pikachu Pokedoll tags? I also collect MPC and Canvas plush but those are much sturdier so I don't think protection is needed. It has been bothering for a while that my tags are just in protected hanging from my plush, someone please help me out T-T

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Plushie Sales Reminder!

SALES REMINDER: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/11883997.html
I still have most of my plushie sales post up for grabs! I'm really surprised at how little sold, these are great items. A little bit of haggling is okay, and trades always considered! In addition to the stuff on my wishlist, I am looking for DS games like Pokémon Trozei, Mystery Dungeon games, and Ranger games.

Help me get rid of this stuff so I don't have to list it in a big lot on eBay :) Thanks for lookin!

EDIT: Oh yeah! Who was looking for those bootleg DX Snorlax and/or Gengar Pokedoll things? My local anime store has both, they look great! Willing to do pickups if you can't find them on eBay. ^^

Thank you and please help

I wanted to thank pheonixxfoxx for helping with one of my wants XD thank you
I also wanted to ask again if anyone has a recall kyogre tomy plush which is quite large. I'm sorry to post so soon after previous post just had some birthday money $80 and realy want kyogre plush. Oh and I also wanted to thank blue_drag0nfly-LJ who has a kyogre plush but it's just not what in looking for but maybe someone out there might be interested.

So if anyone has a tomy kyogre plush I would be exreamly thankful XD
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A pretty interesting get I got today. XD

So I went to little Tokyo today with some friends of mine and we went into one of the super markets. And to our amazement we found this. A pinwheel with a flag with it. It came with candy as well. XD
I was fun holding it as we walked because the wind began to pick up so the pinwheel was spinning. 

Yeah I'm covering my face cus its derp atm. :)

*auctions ending in 24 hours*

Just a quick reminder that my auctions are ending in around 24 hours! Don't miss your chance to grab some cute stuff ^^

click on the picture or here to get to the auctions & sales!

I'm also looking to buy these items, so let me know if you're selling!
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Banpresto Pickups Resume! + Payments for June Pre-orders

Hey guys, doing May's call for Banpresto Pickups. The following items will have its pickups opened:

The following items are also open for orders:

Click any of the images or this link to get there http://donny9.livejournal.com/1520.html
Sales: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html

Also I need payments for June pre-orders. It involves the Following: spideyroxas, irethsune, hibikitikibi, growly, kriscarmi, p3nguina, dragonrider49, korth, tufails, togoboldly, danielsard2, tewzi, craftyscrafty.

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