May 2nd, 2012


omgz snakez update!

Oh man pkmncollectors, it's been too long. Since my 2 year anniversary was back in March, might as well do a small re-intro.

My name is Mar, and my main collections are Arbok, Ekans, and Seviper. I side collect Weepinbell, Drifblim, Drifloon, and Serperior. I tried to make it a habit to collect all the Poke-snakes, but post graduation life has been super super hectic, so I just concentrate on Arbok [since he's my all time favorite] and Seviper. 

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Hello community!

I'm in the process of moving and will hopefully have a collection update soonish. But right now I'm looking for a few cards and was hoping someone from the comm could help me out! To save on shipping I'm hoping to get them all from the same person. I'm looking for Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and maybe (probably) Kyogre EX (not full art) from Hail Blizzard/Psycho Drive in mint condition. Thank you!
emmet and sucky hug!

Pokemon Doll Stamp!

POKEMON DOLL STAMP Goodies now ready for pick-up preorder!

These items come out May 12th. As they are not out yet, I do not know exact sizes, insides of bags, or which ten Pokemon are on those ten blind-packaged pins... that we know any at all we can thank Junichi Masuda for, as the site just says "No spoilers", basically. I can say I am pretty sure Munna was one of the others, no idea on the rest. Knowing Pokemon Center it's probably all of the least popular ones on those we cannot see :P

Anyway, enjoy!

Don't forget Mini Dolls and Muskedeer dolls are also still available and so are these cute Keldeo cups newly added :D

Thank you, citizens!


Hi Comm, here I come todaty with some sales. I'm trying to clean up my collection, as I have bought way over the limit, and I have no more space to put everything I'm getting. Sadly I have to get some of the really newly acquired items to new home, so its also kind of a weeding/refocusing sale

I have several plush, figures, tins, eeveelutions and more

Please click the banner for sales

Con Gets! Also, Leftover Sales!

I'm back and fully recovered from my weekend at Anime Central! I have some Victini con gets to show you guys, and some leftover items that I didn't sell out of in the Artist's Alley. I'm not ready to post about custom amigurumi yet, but hopefully I will make that post this week. I really would like to get these guys to a good home first.

First up are my leftovers:

Slowpoke - $14  ~  Tepig - $14  ~  Snivy - $14  ~  Pokéball - $15

I only have one of each Pokemon left, and I have about 10 Pokéballs.

Sales permission granted by [info]entirelycliched on 10/29/11  ~  Here is my feedback

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Oh look! Victini gets! Yay! Do I even have room for more? ;__;

Starting on the left we have a very small MPC oops it is just a mini Banpresto! In the middle is the Takara Tomy talking Victini(which is embarrassingly high pitched). The little guy is actually a Banpresto key chain(removed) I've never seen before, so I had to get it! Finally on the right is a custom foam pin I got from someone in the Artist's Alley. I commissioned it ahead of time, and picked it up from her at the con. It is so cute!

Afrokid001's Youtube Channel!

Last night i posted an update and i promised a video of the Pokemon Battle Stadium I recently got. Well, i have now decided to make videos of all of my electronics and just show off my collection updates on youtube. My first video was the Battle Stadium.

Please note: i am a novice when it comes to cameras so they may not be the best videos at the start.

Check it out at

 will be posting a video of my whole collection soon so if there is anything in it you would like to see in action, Feel free to ask.

Also, sorry for the quick posts.

Updated sales, lowered prices. Help me see my boyfriend! <3

Hello community!
I'm trying to get to California in July to see my boyfriend, and my lack of hours at work has led me to parting with more precious collection items. ; n; There's some rare items to be seen! Please check it out!

Thanks for reading~ <3
Mew Escaping

Possible Pickups, Questions and Trades

Howdy, yall!

I am getting really into dessert decoration and the like. I have made Happy Potter cakes, My Little Pony Cupcakes and more. I was visiting a kitchen supply store, browsing their decorating aisle, always an eye out for Pokemon stuff, when I found these!

Sinnoh starter cake toppers! I've never seen figures like them before, so they do look like unique cake toppers. I didn't buy any myself since none of my friends are big Sinnoh fans, but I would be willing to do pick-ups if anyone was interested! You can see the price in the picture, but that's in Canadian dollars, and I'd be charging commission since the store isn't nearby.

My sales permission comes from being grandfathered in.

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I also have some other quick questions for potential wants/trades! I'd especially like to know about prices - the cheaper, the better! I will try to get a sales post up soon as well!

-Does anyone have a cheap Glameow Halloween plush they might be willing to sell? This is the only Glameow plush my friend is missing!

-Would anyone be willing to trade a Ho-Oh HG/SS pre-release figure for the Reshiram bottlecap figure?

-Even more of a long shot, but would anyone want to trade their Scyther TFG for my Dratini and/or Chimchar TFG?

You can also view my Wishlist here!

And to make this post less boring, here and the Pokemon cupcakes I made for my friend of his top favourite Pokemon! Can you guess 'em all? :D


Pokemon - Zorgneko - Scheming

Small Mostley Kitteh Update!!

Collection update time!

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Now for a quick auction reminder!!

You can click either the image or the link above to be transported to the original post!

Take note, I'm going to have to change the ending date of the auction from Saturday the 5th to Thursday the 10th.

I do apologize for this, but something has come-up and I won't be home Saturday. The ending time, 2PM EST will still remain the same. Some items have no bids, so I went ahead and lowered their starting prices by a couple of dollars. I also added a little something new...;)


collection update, new collection woohooo~

Hello everyone! Long time no update. My collection has certainly expanded since the last time I posted so I'm way overdue. Also, I bought a new bookshelf for my collections so now I can finally display them properly!!!

A quick mini-intro for those who have no idea who I am. Hiya! I'm Dask. 
My main collection was Nidoran male, however, Tentacool and Tentacruel seem so to have taken over that spotlight. Though I still do collect him. I also do have a couple side collections, which include Rayquaza, Frillish & Jellicent, and Donphan. 

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Wants and 1:1 Talking Mew Auction!

Update on Sales: I just got everything from my last sales post packaged up! They'll all be shipped tomorrow.

Wants: Just wondered if anyone has a Growlithe/Arcanine or Girafarig settei for sale??? I desperately need them ;_;


(Zoroark Pokedoll is there for a size comparison)

1:1 Talking Mew Plush! Basically mint condition, it just doesn't come in the original box. The talking compartment inside the plush works perfectly and when it speaks, it's so cute :3

Starts at $115

I closed the auction because no one has started any bids on it; which tells me that this isn't the time to auction it off! (since I paid like $170 for it, I don't want to lose too much money!) 

I received sales permission sometime during the summer in 2010 by denkimouse.

Things to remember:
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier to sort everything out.
- I ship from the US.


Hello community, I hope you are all doing well!

I have recently had a few second thoughts about my collecting and feel as though I am falling away from it again. =\ When I use to buy items and receive them i would be excited, but now I find myself complacent with my feelings and not very excited. I am still interested in Pokemon and love to see peoples gets on the community, but I just feel like my collecting time is coming to a close. That being said, I have updated my sales page with some Articuno items including custom items, figures, and some other Pokemon items. I am toying with the notion of selling a few of my Articuno plush, but at the moment I am trying to avoid this. I still plan on being a part of the community, but I think I just need to reevaluate my collecting.

I would like to thank you all for the amazing time I have had collecting and sharing with you! Please know that this is not a goodbye and I will still be around to chat and witness your collections grow. =)

Now, onto business! I updated my sales a bit with some new prices and a lot of items from my main collection. I will be adding more within the oncoming weeks, so if you are interested be on the lookout. You can get to my main sales by going to my profile and clicking the sales tab or by using the link below.

ALSO! Below you will find an auction for an Articuno Zukan. =)

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Auctions reminder and quick sales <3.

My auctions end in under 24 hours :3.

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*~\(︶ε︶*) hello

Hello~ I'm Ivysaurr. I've been lurking this community for a long time, but only recently got the resources (read:paypal) to join and participate. I'm really excited to start buying and, eventually, selling Pokemon toys.

My favorite Pkmn that I plan on actively collecting are Ivysaur, Wartortle, Flareon, and Giratina. And a little Munna and Starmie, too. I like Raichu as well, but I don't think I can compete with all the other Raichu fans =w=;;

I actually didn't have ANY toys of Ivysaur and Wartortle until very recently. I bought an Ivysaur Pokemon Friends toy from ebay and two Wartortle Kids from anthonyjg10 and they both came in today. I'm so happy ;-;

Anyways, I look forward to meeting you all!

Looking for totodile plush

I have not been here in quite some time. I have no money to collect at the moment due to an upcoming trip I have been saving up for the past few months.

That being said, does anyone have any totodile plush for sale? A friend's birthday is coming up and he is a big fan of the totodile line, so I would LOVE to buy him a plush.

[edit] removed the question about the nintendo store's stock. my apologies to the mods.

For a while now, seeking the 2009 totodile canvas plush!

I'm not sure if people stopped making this kind since the newest edition totodile came out or what but i cannot find it anywhere ;__;

I only used this picture below for a reference, it is not mine. The 2009 totodile canvas plush is on the right, i just think it's somehow cuter than the newest one. Any reasonable offers? I'm looking for offers plus shipped no more than $20

thankyou all sooo much!! I'm finally getting my 2009 from Donny9!^^

Introduction Post and a question about a dragonite plush

Hey all, like a lot of people I've pretty much been a semi-lurker here since I think early March. So this is my very first post to the community. So far everyone I've spoken to has been really nice and I'm really happy to start really being a part of this place.  I've loved pokemon since 98'  but I never collected anything. However I absolutely adored collecting the TCGs. Sadly I've lost all the decks I used to own. I'm thinking of maybe re-collecting the original decks but for now it is just an idea. 

My favorite pokemon have to be Mamoswine, zangoose, raichu, umbreon and Pokabu but I actually only collect Jirachi XD Just because he is the cutest little pokemon.  I do want to collect more figures and maybe even start looking for the cards. But so far this is my Pokemon collection

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