May 5th, 2012


Is this Legit?

Haven't been here in a while, hello everyone! Took a break from collecting and I'm right back! :P 
[Picture under cut! :)]

Sorry if this was posted before but I was wondering whether this is legit? I want to know before I commit to buying it. :x
Also, does anyone have a Pokemon Pikachu 2 they're thinking of selling? :) 

A shopping-happy lurker appears! And a question.

Hello everyone!

I'm tiirabird, or Tiariia if you prefer my real name. I'm from Finland, nearing 20 years of age and currently applying to Finnish Art universities to start my studies this Fall. I've been a fan of Pokémon since it became a boom here in 1998/1999, and since then I've been playing the games of every generation and collecting cards more than collecting plush or figures, generally. A lot of my stuff is from my childhood, but as you will see, joining the community made my wallet lighter and my shelves heavier :'D
I've been a semi-lurker here at the community since March 23th, and some of you might have noticed me shopping and commenting here and there ^__^ I'm looking forward to really taking part in the community, getting trading rights (four more community feedbacks to go!) and later sales permission... But for the time being, I'll just go with an introduction/collection post. A bunch of friends would be swell, too <3

Also, long post is loooong....

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Keep on collecting and thanks for looking!

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Whew, that was exhausting. Off to bed~
indiffernt quagsire

Collection Reduction Auction and other odds and ends.

OK so the time has come, and decisions must be made. I love my dittos, and I am keeping some, but a good number of them must go. Little sad, but it's for a good reason. Thank you to everyone who helped me get my dittos, I really do love them but there are plenty of pokes out there to get!

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Please wait for Threads before bidding, Thanks!
go for it.
P.s. if you want to see more individual pictures you can check out my journal: HERE
after the auction ill be updating it to only show what I still own.
(I'll be back in a bit to answer any questions)

Auction Reminder!

Hey guys, this is my first and last reminder for my on-going auctions for Lucario, Team Rocket and Weavile zukans, a Lapras swing charm, and a Diamond/Pearl Pre-Order figure. Most are near their starting bids. Auctions end Saturday 5 May, 8PM EST. Click any of the pictures to proceed!

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

Long Time No See and SALES!

I haven't been very active on the community for the last couple of months, but I have been lurking! Life's just been very hectic, and I haven't had much time for livejournal at all. >.<

Soooo, I have a few sales here for you all to try and jump start being active again. lol

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Thanks for looking you guys! Glad to have made a post. (:

ren 2

A few quick wants + question

I rarely ever make posts here, but I'm wanting a few things!

I'm currently looking for the following:
Miltank Zukan
Rhyhorn/Rhydon Zukan
the Umbreon (and Eevee) Pokebox charms
Jigglypuff line zukan (if not too pricey..)
charm wants:

I'm open to either buying these items or trading. I have the following items to trade:
A very good condition bootie Leafeon Tomy plush
Palkia movie zukan (somehow I ended up with 2 of them..)
Flareon and Vaporeon 2011 charms
a Suicune charm (new/sealed)
and the Rhyhorn/Rhydon 2009(2010?) dex charms (new/sealed)

If you want to trade, and your item is worth more, I am also willing to add money to a trade.

My feedback is here:

any items that aren't traded for will end up in a sales post sometime later!

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Thank you!

Going to the land of pokemon

Hi everyone!

I'll be going to Japan in a few days for study abroad program for 3 weeks. I'll be in Matsuyama for most of the time and then in Tokyo for like 2 and a half days. As i was thinking about my trip i wanted to ask if any of you live or have been to Japan and know the local or hot spots of pokemon shops around those cities.

this would really help me find pokemon merch and things to bring back home from Japan. i mean who doesn't want to get pokemon merch from Japan?!
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Custom Trainer and Miju

small sales

I'm putting some more items from my collection up for sale to help pay for a very big grail item of mine I bought last weekend. Click the link below the photo to be transported to my sales. Thanks!

Sales permission granted by lineaalba in May 2010.
My feedback is here:

My vaporeons, 1/1 Eevee and more for sale here:

Legitimacy of these plush?

Hi, guys! I come to you with...yeah, you guessed it. Another question!
So I moved to a new town not too long ago, and one of the things that I was desperately seeking out was an anime store like the one in my old town. Much to my shock, I found one at the mall! Unfortunately, I saw a lot of things in there that were bootlegs, but I saw a few that may have been legit and I was hoping you guys could help me identify which ones are okay to buy. I've already checked out the bootleg guide, but... I could barely tell the difference when they were next to each other. So I was wondering if I could get some assistance here.

This is the shelf with all of the Pokemon Plush on them.

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This is just a lightning-quick, short-ish post. My inner perfectionist is flinching at this because I usually want to put more work into a post...but I dragged it away into some dark recess of my mind. XD I'm too excited to care! I just wanted to show off my newest plush, darnit! He arrived this afternoon. As soon as I heard the doorbell, I took off downstairs like a shot. I had been looking forward to receiving this plush all week! Here he is!

He's a big old glorious FLAWLESS Giratina plush! I love the way his head is tilted - it makes him look almost cocky. More instagram photos under the cut!

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Finally, I also wanted to show an outfit I made for Prince Aster, my Snivy I got at the BW tours.

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That's all for today! Thanks for looking through!


Hello everyone!

Just a heads up that my Articuno Zukan auction will be ending in a few hours. The bids are still low, so if you are interested now is a great time to pick up this gorgeous piece for your collection. =) The link can be found under the picture!

also, sales plug!

Thank you! Take care everyone! ^.^

Misc sales and a timely meme~

Ehhh I hate weeding things from my collection, but sometimes it just has to be done D:

 I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11

 Pokemon Picnic Tin 16$ shipped
Emolga Type Focus Plush keychain 17$ shipped

Cubchoo Christmas Plush 28$ shipped

Bidoof Charm Set 10$ shipped

Minccino Charm Set 10$ shipped

Aaaaaaaaaand for today's meme: What Pokemon would you like to be featured in a future Pokemon Time promotion? I for my part would love to see Budew or Roselia in a Pokemon Time promotion*-* They'd look lovely in the PT style<3

Dat Ariados GA reminder

HEY y'all. I thought i'd throw a reminder for tha GA im co-running~
Its got less than a day left now!
Were doing pretty good, FINGERS CROSSED ;^;


Also I do always try and make my posts a bit less boring.
How crazy are you guys about collecting flats/stickers of your collection Pokemon?

I'm just INSANELY crazy about it, i'll pay un-godly amounts for flats i dont have, Ill buy massive sticker sheets for just 1 sticker i need off of it xD Ive had a recent addiction to browsing foreign Ebay sites for flats i dont have.

ANYWAYS take care guys <3