May 6th, 2012

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MASSIVE Kids Sales Update

Hey guys, I received a lot of kids in my noppin package and Im selling off the remnants and it came as this:

I've updated my sales post and they're all to date, and seriously theres gotta be something you want in there

I've also got 3 rare kids in that lot thats up for auction:

Click on the picture or this link to get there:
Lastly, everything that has been purchased from my last sales post has been shipped out :)

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Sales, UK middleman needed and Clear File GB

Just sales to try pay off something.
There's Jolteon Pokedoll, Kids, charms etc.

[info]pkmncollectors rules apply
• Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011
• Feedback thread located here.
• Payment with PayPal only, in USD
• I ship from Finland and ship worldwide
• Items come from pet free home

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I'm also looking for a middleman from UK.
I saw a lot on eBay and need someone who is really good sniper. I don't think I can win that lot anyway, but I can try!


ALSO decided to do a quick GB for these clear files!

- If you are interested to see how my other GA's have went, see here:
- You can claim more than one clear files, I'm claiming Dialga/Palkia/Darkrai, Shiny Charizard/Gold+Pokemon and the folder
- You can't back out after you have claimed, if you do I have to leave you negative feedback
- I will collect the payment after every charm has been claimed
- There will be two payments:
---- First includes the item price and shipping to me
---- Second includes shipping and material cost from me to you

Each clear file is $5.88.

Jirachi/May/Wally+Pokemon: pancakemonkey
Lucario/Plusle/Minun/Mew/Tyranitar: gleameyesluxray
N/Reshiram: roxiired
N/Zekrom: gleameyesluxray
Dialga/Palkia/Darkrai: cluw
Shiny Charizard/Gold+Pokemon: cluw
damn it feels good to be a bulba bulbasa

FREE bottlecap charms!EDIT ALL DONE!

OK so I read the rules and re read and even triple read them. BUT if I'm wrong please let me know and this will POOF away!

From what I understood you need permission to sell AND trade. I have gotten 3 strikes already and I am working to fix that. HOPEFULLY <3 I'm doing this to show the community that I can be a responsible adult and follow through and I have changed and am working very HARD to fix things. I've gotten into bottle cap charms and I LOVE THEM! 

I'm offering ONLY 5 COMPLETELY FREE to the community. I will make them and ship them to you 
PLEASE USA ONLY! (sorry outside world D: but shipping is pricey especially if I'm doing this for free maybe later ok! <3 )


and customs too! (scarves etc)

AS PROMISED! Here are the 5 FREE bottle cap charms!
LESS THAN 24hrs later C:

I will just need the members who these belong to, to message me their mailing addresses O u O
(ALSO IF THE MODS allow me to collect money AT LEAST for shipping I could perhaps make some for the members OUTSIDE the US )

Milotic for milomilotic11

Skitty for volbeatwaltz

SHINY Swoobat for clair2522

Migikarp for lapopearmadillo

Squritle for celebratetheday

SORRY TO EVERYONE WHO DIDN'T GET ONE D: I don't have sales permission and I WISH I could give them all away but I DO need to buy materials for these ; 3 ;

Introduction + Want

I am a new member. I joined last month some time. Anyway, I started collecting pokemon around when they first came out when I was seven or eight. I mainly collect TCG and plushies although I do have several figures from back in the day. My favorite types are ghost and bird types, but I will collect just about any of them. Unfortunately I am in college so I don't have too much money to spare, but I let myself splurge occasionally.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of my collection at this time. Some of it is still at my parents house. The rest of it is in my tiny apartment, but I have nowhere to set it up, really. I will have pictures soon, probably.

I was also wondering if any of you lovely folks knew where I could find a pokemon center Mismagius plushie. I have been searching desperately, but have thus far been unsuccessful. Also, if anybody has one to sell I would gladly buy it. I don't exactly know how much they're worth, but name a reasonable price and I'll take it. Thanks for your help.

Long time no post

Hello Pokemon master :D! Long time no talk and sorry for not being around much, been super busy with school *cough cough* training *cough cough* x3! Anyway I was wonder if anyone heard anymore info about the "I love Eevee" campaign  coming in october? I have also yet to show some of my collection off :)! Also what is this eevee plush , I have been looking for one and wonder how much they are?

picture from google :)
Alola Vulpix


First just something I wanted to quickly say - membership requests are still being screened because of spam accounts and I haven't been accepting any blank journals, so if you're waiting for acceptance that's why!  Either set up your journal with a couple of entries or contact a mod to prove you aren't just a spam account :)

And keep an eye out for a modpost by godudette coming shortly for news from the design team!

Onto some quick sales things:

I've had a lot of interest in these megabloks so I've opened them up for offers in my journal :)

( Very fake cut to megablok sales~ )

I also complied a list of ALL the charms I have from my obnoxious buying a couple months back - if you're still after some charms, go ahead and check out my list here, I may be able to help you out:

Desperate need!

I come to you today with a desperate need. Last year I bought this:

Pokemon figures in frame, originally sold by KB Toys in 1998, I think? I got mine on eBay, and I thought the missing figures would be easy to find. Wrong! So, I'm desperately hoping that the lovely people here can help me fill in the blanks. I've found a couple on eBay, and I have a few that don't actually go, like Charizard (I don't know what he is, but he doesn't belong) and a couple clears like Marrowak. Did they also make a frame with clear figures? Anyway, here's what the figures look like on the back:

It has a mark BP and the Pokemons number. Here's a list of what I need -
6 - Charizard
21 - Spearow
26 - Ekans
26 - Raichu
29 - Nidoran Male
58 - Growlithe
59 - Arcanine
85 - Dodrio
105 - Marrowak
108 - Lickitung
113 - Chansey
144 - Articuno
148 - Dragonair

All of the figures are about an inch high, and they're almost a little rubbery. Soft plastic, not hard like the TOMY's. So, if you have one of these for sale, please let me know! I'd start the offer at about $4 shipped, since the figures are tiny and honestly they aren't the prettiest or best painted out there. If these are popular and go for more, just let me know. (0^_^0)

Another huge want is the Pokemon cuckoo clock. I've seen a youtube video of it, and I REALLY need one! So, if you have one you'd like to sell to someone who would reeaaaallly appreciate it, please let me know!
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Eevee Collection

long time!

Hey everyone! It's been a while. I was in the hospital and recently came home. I missed the community! I'd just like to update everyone with five awesome packages that came for me while I was away. I'm a little tired so forgive me.

I would also like to say that I'm sorry if anything happened with my sales while I was away - I had my mom take care of things, so I hope she did okay. If I need to leave feedback for anyone or someone purchased something from me and haven't left feedback yet, I would appreciate you letting me know/you leaving some for me! If anyone has any questions please ask, I would love to get back to you!

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So yeah, thanks again everyone! I was happy to come home to all this, it was like Christmas!

One more thing. There are a few charms I'm still looking for - Zoroark and two, yes, two, Ponyta. Please let me know if you have them! I'm looking to pay about $6 each plus shipping, which is what I saw most single charms going for. If anyone has these guys, let me know!


Hi! I'm new here, finally joined after lurking in this community for a few months. I began playing and collecting Pokemon when I was about 6. I had a lot of stuff back then but now most of it is gone. I began collecting again on February, a month before turning 18. I have no main collection but I'm most interested in getting some Pokedolls (I'll post my wants list in a month or two). Below the cut is my small collection.

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(no subject)

So, I went to Walmart today, and they had some Dark Explorers boosters already out! Unfortunately I only had enough on me for 5 packs, but I pulled a Raikou ex and Tornadus ex already! :D

Anyways, I'm just setting up a teeny sale of the duplicates I got. I'd rather wait until I got a booster box and sell those duplicates, but my TCG sales post is under some construction since I have to re-take lots of photos. ^^; So I just have a quick sale of a few cards~

Collection update coming soon~
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run keldeo

Finally! I got collection room!!!!!

So.... I don't know if you noticed from my other pictures.... but I didn't really have collection space.....
well now I do!!!!

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I also finally organized all my flats into binders~

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Also!!! I got some money today, so I'm more able to get some of my wants. Right now I'm looking for a few things, that I kept missing in sales posts >.> and the Zukans which I haven't found yet ;;

Here is mainly what I am looking for at the moment (in order):
Rapidash Zukan
Ponyta and Rapidash Zukan
Zebstrika Attack Kid (main want at the moment besides Zukans)
Mudkip Ribbon Plush
Shinx Pokedoll
Rapidash Kid
Ponyta Kid
Ponyta Attack Kid
Blitzle Kid
Zebstrika Kid
Ponyta, Rapidash, Blitzle, Zebstrika Stampers
Cobalion Kid (though I think I am getting this from someone already)
Luxray Kid

I don't have money for everything.... sadly..... but I do really want them all ;; So if you have any of these.... Please let me know~ <3
I feel like I pimp my wants list to much.... but it keeps changing >.>

and now back to  essay writing

A new grail goal: canvas Minun plushie, why do you elude me??

Heya guys once again, just a quick wants post this time [I shall soon be posting a collection update though once all my new little plushie friends arrive!!].
I recently semi-purchased a Plusle canvas plushie [only semi-purchased 'cause I haven't sent my final installment yet!] and being as OCD as I am, I know that now I just HAVE to find this guy's little buddy Minun.
This is the little cutie here [though I'm sure a lot of you would already know what it looks like]:

[I don't own this image; just found it on google images and am using it for reference!]
So yeah, this is my new grail goal! If anyone can help me find this little cutie ['cause I can't use Y!J, since unfortunately I cannot read Japanese!! and eBay has proven futile!] I will not be able to express my appreciation enough. xD