May 7th, 2012


cheesepost go!

Okay guys. I'm going to be a little bit cheesy so bear with me here. XD

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years now and our anniversary is coming up! One of the things that brought us together was Pokemon, and I've been kind of starting a Ninetales collection for him alongside my Arcanine one. The actual date isn't for another couple months but last year I was kind of scrambling to get him a gift so I didn't want it to happen again this year. T_T

Basically, I'm looking for Pair Pikachu items. I would loooove to get the picture frame and the set of phone straps (the Pikas winking at each other, not the tails), but let me know if you have any of the items for sale! Here's the thing though - everywhere I'm looking the prices on a single item are $40-50+, and that's without shipping. I guess I'm kind of looking for some sort of nice deal because you love me. o 3o;;  I'd probably be willing to pay a little more for the frame but it depends.

This is the frame I'm looking for:
These are the charms I'm looking for:

If those are your pictures let me know, I just internetted them. XD

So... Yaaaay! Sell me your mushy romantic Pokemon merchandise! :D

Introduction and Collection!

Hi! I'm BBGaming, new to this community, and I wanted to introduce myself! I've been a collector of Arcanine for about a year, and while my collection is nowhere near as impressive as others I've seen, I hope I can do this community proud!

And of course no introductory post would be complete without pictures. Below the cut.

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Dat Ariados GA WON! WOOO Payment 1 post


Even with Ariados' condition, im so super happy won, im just glad I can say i have my grail and ill look for his legs later ;D

I want to throw, A BIG thank you to Breethezebra for bidding for this lot, even though she didn't want anything from this GA.
I want to also thank Choppii for being such a sweetie and bidding on all the left over figures in the GA, not only to give them a home but to help us out to win ;________; Gawahh I swear i got so emotional!

And also one HUGE thanks to everyone who bidded in this GA, YOU'RE ALL suupperrawesome ;____________;

Im so super grateful that I have this Ariados, even if not complete!! But i am still on the prowl for his butt legs, even a complete one or MIP! So do shoot me a PM if you guys here come across one ;3; Id be forever grateful, thank you!! <3

PLEASE SEND PAYMENT RIGHT AWAY, since this is Ebay we'll need to pay our buyer right away!

The spreadsheet is located HERE

You can send payment to bcazz@yahoo(DOT)com and please include your LJ USER NAME and DAT ARIADOS GA PAYMENT 1 in the memo please :)

-------- - - - -- - -- -- - - - - --  -- - - - ----- - -- - - - - -- 

Also a random little blabber i thought id add.
GOD IM SO ADDICTED TO HEART GOLD RIGHT NOW <3 But my plans for a shining Zubat/Golbat/Crobat isn't going well ;_; HOW ON EARTH DO YOU GET A SHINING, or is there no skill to it, so much so that you literally just need to run around, trying to find the 1 shining in 8,000 encounters?

Leftover Amigurumi sales and more!

Hey everyone! I'm hard at work with commissions right now, but I still have a few items that didn't sell the first time around I posted them. I'd like to offer them again before I put them for sale in my Etsy shop. I'm going to be shipping almost every day of the week, so I can get them sent out lightning fast!

Slowpoke - $14  ~  Tepig - $14  ~  Snivy - $14  ~  Pokéball - $15

I only have one of each Pokemon left, and I have about 10 Pokéballs.

I also have 2" charms for sale, Dittochu and Squirtle Squad! These were hand-drawn by me in Photoshop and professionally printed and laser cut on thick acrylic.

Keychain: $7  ~  Necklace: $12  ~  Plain Charm: $4 (no jump rings or attachments)

Sales permission granted by [info]entirelycliched on 10/29/11  ~  Here is my feedback

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Also, please check out my permanent sales post, and feel free to combine anything from there if you want amigurumi from here.

Earthquake-resistant shelving / New Lapras merch? / Bay Area meetup

Hey Pkmncollectors, it sure has been a long time. ♥ I was heavily active in 2008-2009, but then I started grad school, and then I moved across the country, and then I got married, and blah. But I missed you ♥ I have three questions for you:

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(2) A long shot because of B&W, but has any new Lapras merch been released in the past year or two? Other than the Pokemon Time stuff (which I'd like to buy if someone's selling).

(3) San Francisco Bay Area collectors...let's be friends :D How about a Bay Area meetup? And what's going on at Fanime this year?
Happy Klyde

Small new stuff

Hi everyone ^^

Just wanted to share a small post that I got some new stuff this past couple of days (I'm probably not going to buy stuff for awhile since I'm going to Japan next month)

Snivy TY from lucario ,a Vulpix canvas trade I had with cyritic I also got the latios and latias kid awhile back..but kind of forgot the username of the seller (sorry ^^;) and the Snivy line keychain from ebay

Also I would like to ask would anyone have this walking mew plush to trade? (the one w/o the mouth open)

I have my charmander walky one to offer (pretty new still used it once or twice) SOLD

*the mew doesn't have to have the tag but would like all 3 of the facial charms on them and no stains or markings on it either

It would mean a lot to trade seeing I don't have anything related to Mew even though I'm a big fan of it.

Also updated my sales post by reducing the prices a little bit so please come see if you're interested

Thank you

Reminders: Onemuri Pikachus, Canvases and B/W Kyurem Kids GB

Hey guys, just a reminder post for the following:
Offers are still being taken on these rare Onemuri Pikachus as well as canvas plushies here:
Click the link above or any of the pictures to get there.

Also, I am still taking reservations for the following kids set featuring White and Black Kyurem.

Click on the picture or this link to get there:

Hyper stickers

Hi, I suddenly became a sticker crazy and currently I'm collecting amada sticker and pan stickers. I have a question about Amada stickers, I can't find info about them anywhere, I know they're supposed to go in the Perfect album, I have the stickers that go in Perfect album 1, 2 and 3 (oldies from 1996) and I wanna keep collecting them but they are just too much, anybody got something like a checklist? Thank you in advance.

A Pikachu Tale

  This might seem a but random and out of sorts, but awhile ago I made a little bitty tiny Pikachu plushie for my very best friend. It took quite a bit of ingenuity as he was made from little scraps of minky (the best material for plushies ever created!) and little pieces of fluff kept clinging  to me X3 lol. At any rate despite the fluff things went rather smoothly. That is until I got to his teenywenny tail after about an hour of strugling trying to turn the tail inside out from the base. The relization that I should turn it inside out from the bigger end finally hit me. One of my best Doh moments. Anyway I gave her the plushie  and she promptly named him Sammy. When I asked her why she responded " Cause he LOVES YOU AND SAMMY is a five year old's name :D" 

So just for the lolz here's a picture of SAMMY cause he loves you
Galvantula and Joltik

Multipurpose post!

Hello there!

This is a tiny multipurpose post, so I thought I would share my new wonderful gets, sharing of my finished collection site, adding a new line, and so here we go! And say hello to my new buddy PIKABLU! 

Haha, isn't he precious, despite him being a bootie? XD

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That is all for my new gets for now! Waiting for another big package from Gin, which I can't wait to get! <333

Now to a special mention:

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If you have anything to say about my collection site, I would deeply appreciate it! Do you think it's well organized? Are the photos well made and edited? Anything I can do to make it better? :)


After much consideration, I have decided to side collect the Joltik line. I seriously have fallen in love with these spiders, and I will try to get the most interesting merchandise there is! They do not even have much merchandise yet, but since they are pretty popular, I am sure we will see more! I think that so far, I own every "interesting" merch there is (just missing the new Joltik charm and the electric hanky), which is also added in my collection site under "Side Collection!" :)

And lastly:

Would somebody be interested in single card sleeves trades? So far, I have only three different I can trade (and I have almost 20 different sleeves), however, I will be getting some others in the future!

This is all for now, so thank you very much for looking! <3

Small/ Medium LOT SALES!! lickitung/polis/'phises and more!

Hey guys! Ive decided(since i collect ALL the bugtype pokes), to sell some of my side collections!
Due to more collection space, and to not collect too many pokemon :) But ive saved the sidecollections that are more special to me, soo ya :)

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Bobble Bobble Sale!

Hey community!

Today I bring to you these awesome Bobblehead figures for sale. I got several Shinx and Pikachu ones for you electric loving folks out there! These babies are twice as tall as a standard Kid figure, and all are freshly out of box and amazingly cute. XD Click the picture to proceed!

(Bob your head like a Spinda)

Thanks and have a great week ahead!

sometimes i post about my collections

this is one of those times

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oh yeah a while ago i got permission to make a shopping directory that would feature descriptions and pictures of good places to shop for pokemon when traveling (including outlining the differences between the most common places like the seattle kiosks and actual pokemon centers). i've been to the big 4 which i guess would be the kiosks, pokemon center, nintendo world, and epcot, but there are tons of places that sell just as much merch as any of those places that nobody knows about. so if you've been anywhere that has significant pokemon content, drop me an address and maybe some pictures. i meant to finish this ages ago but life got in the way yay

blink mew luvs mewtwo, mew

My first auctions! Come Look! Come buy! and answer me a question.

Hello everyone! I was finally granted sales permission on Sunday! yay!  So I bring to you a few auctions because I do not know how to price some items, and some sales! Feel free to throw offers at me! And do not start bidding until all posts are up! :D  These poor guys just don't have a space in my home! I will miss them, but As we have started main collections and as we have ran out of room, *see my collection post from last week*  we need to move stuff out to buy more collection appropriate items!  Also sometime this week I will be posting a card sales post! :D  I'm still working on a permanent sales post on my journal!  If I had promised you some items for when i got sales permission please ask me!  I'll take some photo's of them and give you a quote! :D 

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I also have a question!

are any of these tomy's booties?  I have three and one is a bit different on the back side: Take a look.  2 of them, one of each are included in the Pikalot :D

The middle one is off... the two outer ones are identical.

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