May 8th, 2012

Looking for a gift for a friend/"wants"?

Long time no see guys! :D Anyways, I'm looking for a gift for a friend since she's going through a hard time..
She always admires my very tiny Mew/Plusle/Minun/Entei collection, and I really want to try getting something or a few small things of her favorite Pokemon. I'm mainly looking for the Leafeon charm. ^^ 
And I'm actually looking for some charms too! Espeon, and Mew are my high priority. The lesser priority is Entei(maybe x2), Plusle, and Minun. :3 I may not buy all charms at once, but if I can I will! ^^ 

Looking for a Mew charm! :3

How much do legit Leafeon pokedolls go for? Is anyone selling one, also? :o

Larvitarscar's August Waza Museum Figure Claims

Hey guys! I apologise for posting so soon, but I have a tight deadline from my Japanese supplier to meet! ANYWAY. This is today's order of business: I am interested in doing a group buy of sorts for August's Waza Museum Figures (Axew, Bisharp, Deerling, Krookodile), and have 48 hours to gather enough claims to place an order!

I have done some scouting around for information. The Singaporean import store, Seimon-Cho (the shop du jour for Singaporean Pokemon fans' MPC, I <3 Pikachu, and other Banpresto merchandise needs) retails them at $16 per figure, but supplies are not necessarily guaranteed for the community and after factoring in any pick-up commission on top of the store's retail price, it would lead to a hefty price tag per figure for community members. I have managed to strike a deal with my Japanese supplier, and if I get at least 16 orders, the price of the figures would be $19 each before shipping, and a maximum of $4 for shipping. I have no idea how heavy the figure weighs (since the first wave have yet to be released), but am prepared to place a cap of $23 shipped regardless of weight. I will not place an order if I cannot hit 16 orders! I am claiming Axew and Krookodile, so that leaves 14 more claims. If I can get more claims, I might be able to snag slight discounts for everyone!

The items are released in Japan in August and the estimated time arrival would be in early September. Japanese exporters require an order to be placed 3 months in advance before the Japanese release date, that is why I need to start claims immediately. I will only collect payment in August, but any claims is binding and withdrawal will result in a negative feedback and a permanent ban from my sales since I am fronting the entire shipment on a trust basis. =D

TL:DR - each figure costs $23 shipped or less, and you pay only in August, the items will reach me in September and you probably will receive yours by early October at the latest.

This is the most up-to-date breakdown of quantities still available:

Axew (Dragon Rage): 2
Deerling (Aromatherapy): 0
Bisharp (Metal Claw): 1 (LAST CALL!)
Krookodile (Sand Tomb): 0

[[[Click here to go to the official claims page!]]]

If we work together, we can get these figures at a great price! Let's make this happen!

EDIT: We managed to have more than 16 orders, so I will definitely be placing an order! Keep the claims coming, as I may be able to get for us discounts the more claims we have! =D Thank you everybody!

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Sugimori Clear File GB

So I wanted to make own post for this GB since we still need claims for two files.
Also we missed a discount so price of each file went up a bit, sorry!
Rules and things down this post.

- If you are interested to see how my other GA's have went, see here:
- You can claim more than one clear files, I'm claiming Dialga/Palkia/Darkrai, Shiny Charizard/Gold+Pokemon and the folder
- You can't back out after you have claimed, if you do I have to leave you negative feedback
- I will collect the payment after every charm has been claimed
- There will be two payments:
---- First includes the item price and shipping to me
---- Second includes shipping and material cost from me to you

Each clear file is $6.35, which covers the first payment.

Jirachi/May/Wally+Pokemon: [info]pancakemonkey
Lucario/Plusle/Minun/Mew/Tyranitar: [info]gleameyesluxray
N/Reshiram: [info]roxiired
N/Zekrom: [info]gleameyesluxray
Dialga/Palkia/Darkrai: [info]cluw
Shiny Charizard/Gold+Pokemon: [info]cluw

Huge update on sales

Well, as it turns out, I am co-hosting a GA that I will be doing the bidding on (and a huge amount of bidding, at that), so I thought it would be nice to have a little extra money to help me out with it. =)

So, with that, I have updated my sales. There is bound to be something that'll interest you, so take a look!

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Updated Sales Post and a Surprise Offer!

Sales Permission granted by dakajojo on 4/24/2011
Old Feedback Here
New Feedback Here
Newest Feeback Here
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I retook some pictures and got a couple of things lying around that I dont have room for and need homes! Check under the cut to see the cool new pics!
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And now my Surprise Offer!

My Heracross Paki Paki!
Offers Start at $50
BIN at $150

Countdown Clock here:

Thanks Everyone! Hope to hear from you soon!
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Layout Changes and "We Need Your Input!"

If you haven't noticed them all already, pkmncollectors has had a couple of new layout changes!

Most obvious is our fabulous new banner, made by the very talented ktmonkeyj! Congratulations! You can contact Gin at denkimouse[@] to discuss your prize for winning the contest. ^_^

Next up is a new resource for the community- the PKMNCollectors Sales Permission Directory. This has been requested by many members for a long time and now it is available for anyone to reference. Just look under the 'Directories' section of our sidebar to view it at any time.

If you notice any mistakes in the new directory, please point them out to me here and I will be happy to edit them in for you. If you were granted sales permission from before 2011, you will not be listed in the directory. I do not have any records of sales permission before then, so please don't panic if you can't find yourself. Please comment here with the year when you were granted permission and who gave it to you (or if you were grandfathered) and I will edit your information in! <3

New users, please do not take advantage of this opportunity- if you are caught lying you will be confronted. I will confirm your permission before adding you. ;)

Our third and final design change was to move PPP and the Collectors Wiki down to a new section called 'Resources.' This has been done in order to make room for a new post under 'Guides' ... Within a week or so we will have a new post containing all other tutorials you guys want to see referenced on the community. If you have a guide that you have created for the community, post a link to it here and it may be included in the new post! 

Examples of "Other Tutorials" that we would like to include someday:
  • Additional Middleman Guides (for Noppin, etc)
  • Plush Cleaning Tutorials
  • Guides to Bootlegs
  • eBay Guide
  • Price Check Guide
  • And many more!
If anyone has already made a guide like this, please let us know! Thank you all for your hard work on these articles! I hope you enjoy the new changes! If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions please leave them here and we will be happy to respond. <3
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Auctions] Tomy Furret and 1998 Banepresto Ditto

Hey all!

I'll be slooowly selling off a heap of plushies that I don't really need from lots I've won, but for now, here's two in particular I'd love to get to new homes :3

Granted sales permission on 02 April 2012 by entirelycliched


Shipping is from AUSTRALIA, so shipping starts at $10.50 by airmail :(
Prices are in USD

If anyone wants to see my huge box of stuff to selll....


If anyone's looking for anything in particular, let me know! I just might have it.
I know for sure I have taffeta versions of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Psyduck and Meowth, but I can't remember anything else...


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I'm alive

I wanted to let everyone know that I made it through my surgery. With me I've brought talking Emonga as my hospital buddy.
Can't wait to recover and get back to collecting. (yes, I feel like crap)

OP_Riolu [best combo]
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Sales, offers + pickup reminder

Hi everyone :) Between today and tomorrow, all of the packages from my previous sales as well as my first run of pickups will be shipped! (Sorry for the Golden Week delay)

I have some more sales, including cool stamps and Type Focus stuff, plus a Walky Eevee fabric bag up for offers!

Click the picture or this link!

I'm also doing another small pickup run on May 12th, so you can check out this post - there's a couple of slots available!
Thanks for looking :)
Mugi-chan ♥
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small update and a question!

Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd post some recent (though many aren't so recent now) gets and a kind of update. I've been part of this community for a year and a couple months now and have to say that I stalk it.  I love seeing people's collections and getting informed of new merch! Nobody I know really understands my obsession, so it's nice to be apart of this awesome community. My collection has really grown since I joined, but I would love to have it grow even more.  And focus more on specific collections, which I have a really hard time doing. ^^"

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And that's it! Thanks for looking. 

Now to my question:
I'll be going to Japan in a week and it turns out that I have a whole day in Tokyo on the way home before my plane leaves. I was planning to try and make it to the Pokemon Center there, but this is the day the new Black and White 2 games are released! June 23rd! Also the day new Black and White Kyurem stuff comes out. So my question: are the centers insanely crowded on release days like this? Enough were I might not even be able to get in? I really have no idea what I should expect.  I don't mind waiting a little bit to get in, but I don't think I could wait for like 3 hours... Not enough time ; _ ;  Also, how are people with the games? Do they get sold out in some stores? I'm only familiar with releases here and it's never seems to be that big of a deal. I would love to get the game before I leave too. Any info on what to expect would be awesome.

Thanks as always guys.
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hey guys sales time C: im slowing getting through these messages and payments *since i just got back from school* i have filled in my inbox so please have some patience with me <3

*EDIT* has anyone heard or had any contact with jess111303? i had traded money and items for a whiscash sculpture, have sent numerous messages and such and never heard back and its been well over  a month of no contact :/ last i talked to them they had said they were going to work on it for the weekend and ship it out to me. :T now im out $8.00 and with the items i shipped, im out almost $30 altogether, pp wont refund me my $8 either :/ any adivice on what to do next? :/ this is the second time in a row a commissoiner has let me down like this and quite honest im very skeptic of commissioning people now, especially when they seem to have a good reputation/feedback :(

*btw jensoxen i got my whiscash in the mail today <3 thank you so much i love his sparklyness :B <3

every item you buy goes to help feed this baby pidgey! :D

TCG's and Stickers *new cards and stickers!*

Regular Sales: *new plush, zukans, swing keychains*

TCG Question!

Hi, everyone! I've got a couple of questions about the Pokemon trading card game. Mainly about expenses. Basically, I've moved to a new town, and I don't have any friends here. But luckily for me, I've found a comic book shop that has a weekly Pokemon TCG league! But as any hobby, it can be expensive ($4 for packs, and don't even get me started on those holographic full arts!). I've already got 2 rather expensive hobbies (collecting plush and Lolita) I'm wondering about the most economical way to go about playing the TCG, while still being successful and advancing in the League. Should I just by decks? Or are those too generic and predictable? Should I buy singles from eBay and just make my deck card by card? I've already got energy cards and whatnot from when I used to collect yeeeeears ago. It's just hard being a nerd around here. I live on a farmhouse and there aren't many places to meet friends with similar interests in a rual place like this. :P Any suggestions, would be appreciated!
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Please take this away from me XD

Okay so im assuming that my lot that was GAed wasn't won as it wasn't bid on.. I need rid of this stuff honestly.. and haven't heard back from anyone about it yet, so im throwing it out here

I'm lowering it to $200 for the lot. Originally i wanted £200 which is $323, so a massive cut for it.. So someone please take it away from me... Remember i'm shipping from the UK, so it'll be much cheaper to send within the UK or Europe.. Help a Bro out!


Also My Vaporeon Canvas is now available again, due to some personal problems with the previous would be buyer. I really need the money so i'd prefer not to do payment plans, OR if you do need one, i'd like payment WEEKLY and atleast in fair amounts. 

I'm looking to sell him for $180 Shipped anywhere (but if you want tracking/insurance you'll have to pay for it)

I'm doing a massive collection update once a load of things come in =D

Eevee Collection


Hey guys,

Today I bring you my first sales post in a while. I need to clean out my room and that also means I want to clear out my sales completely so that I can work on making customs! In honor of this, EVERYTHING in ALL of my sales is 50% off the listed price! Plush, TCG, everything! Here's your chance to get some stuff for awesome prices. Please take a look at my Pokémon Sales Post and my Pokémon TCG Post!

Thank you!
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mini marill update

just a mini marill update... I love sharing when I get a particularly random/cute item!


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also, I am kinda interested in some loose charms. is anyone selling any out of the package? especially deerlings or marill line ones? I'm curious how much they go for out of the package.

and that is all from me today! sorry I am not very exciting! XD
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some wants!

Been a while since I've posted here! Now that I'm in a better financial situation, I'm here with a few wants:

Gastly and Haunter items
Purrloin and Liepard items

In particular, I'm looking for charms and small figures of them, and possibly plushes if they're not too expensive. So if any of you have things that fit the bill that you want to get rid of, I'd appreciate a response! Thanks in advance!

updated sales! and other tid bits :3

Hello all!
It's been a while since I posted here.
First, I made an update to my sales posts with some Japanese TCG and more Pokédolls from Nintendo World, most notably: Spiky-Eared Pichu, Cyndaquil and Eevee. From the TCG I added extras from the latest National Beginners Half Decks, the Keldeo Half Deck and the Garchomp Half Deck. Click the banner below the preview pic to go to le sales!

Next, Poképin Commissions will not be open until June. May is hell month for me (finals), so please wish me luck. XD To everyone who has commissioned pins from me before, I want to say thank you and it really is a pleasure to do them. So when June comes, keep em coming! :D

To anyone who commissioned pins in April, they should be getting to me by tomorrow, and they should be out by Thursday. I'm messaging everyone with details in the respective threads in a bit.

Lastly... I really wanna do a collection update but I keep putting it off because I keep ordering new stuff. XD UGH... I have just ordered the Terrakion, Virizion and Cobalion Pokédolls and once they come, I'll be posting my Pokédoll collection as well as TCG... that will also be after finals is over :3

GA#30 by couchpotatonet - Battrio Coins - lost

GA#30 by couchpotatonet

2 days for this auction

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Please wait until I have the threads up to bid. Thanks
All threads are up.  Let the bidding begin!
Bidding has ended.

Sorry, we lost.

Quick Eeveelu charms

Hi community, I just have these 4 charms left for sale!
Eeveelutions left:
All of them are just 9 dollars with shipping + fees included. Eevee is 8$.
They are all packed up and I will ship them before Saturday, May 12
They're all brand new, never used. I just had to take them out of the package to keep
Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon for myself. :)

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dash chill

Plush Commissions and Refunds

Hello! Lonepichu/Glacidea/Tuesday here with some things!

First, if you bought from me and haven't received your items, let me know. The school post apparently lost a ton of my packages. This is only for the salespost as I waited until after my move (living in a house now) to ship out plushies. So let me know if you're waiting on something for me and I'll see if I either have a replacement or if I need to refund you. I'm not sure who all this applies to, so I'll see who I hear from here and then contact people on the sales post individually. It's been hectic with graduation and moving, so thanks for bearing with me. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

On that note, I am taking more plush commissions. While waiting for my car, they're my sole income and I've been able to finish two a day now that I'm out of school, so I'm taking 10 slots for normal plush and 10-15 for keychains and such.

You can check normal plush progress here:
and I plan on having those three done possibly by the end of this week </knocks>

My galleries:

As for pricing, Keychains range from 20-45 and are small. like 2-4 inches small.
Normal plush start at a base price of 150 and it can go up or down depending on complexity.

You can find more information here:
I should clarify that I'll begin work with a down-payment unless it's an OC; then I need at least 100 before I start simply due to past bad experiences.

Thank you guys! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have!
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...and a re-introduction to my very own online shop.

Due to some recent thinking I have done, and crazy! wacky! rumors flying around that keep getting reported to me, I think it is time for some moddishly notices. Also, a new promise to Sunyshore customers, my beloved community members that you are, and a promise I want buyers to make to ALL of the wonderful, but sometimes imperfect, sellers of this community.

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So, be sure to report all your feelings to your sellers. Again that includes ME!!! Whoever has hidden their opinions out of fear of being in trouble, or worry it would have some affect on how I felt about you as a member, or treated you on the comm, please do not feel that way!! It's a relief to me to hear these opinions since I know they are true and contribute to bettering the service I provide to so many hundreds of members each month. Don't do it for me, do it for ALL the people who use my service. It is a LOT of people you are helping out!! And it helps NOBODY if you stay quiet or only complain privately.

This brings me to the second rumor which is big enough now that it must be addressed -- THERE IS ABSOLUTELY, 100%, NO BAN ON MEMBERS IN JAPAN DOING POKEMON CENTER PICKUPS. Permission to do pick-ups in Japan can be hard to attain because of past mishaps, but it has nothing to do with me attempting to crush competition. It is merely the way the rules have evolved based on many past incidents.

There's only ever a handful of members - maybe 5 or less - who live in Japan at any given time. Out of all the current members in Japan, I am the ONLY one who dedicates ALL my time to the community and my pokemart. It is my job. The other members have class, or have a job of their own, and are not here just to do pickups for you. Please be mindful of that! The reason sellers like myself and Brian of Hardrock/Pokemon Vault do this at the volume we do is because it is literally WHAT we do for our living. With other jobs or school it would scale back what we're able to sell.

However, despite busy schedules, other members will do pickups so you are not trapped between either myself or Brian only. If you are very lucky you might catch one of placetohide's incredibly great PokeCen deals he does once or twice a month. The savings you can get with him are just amazing and amazingly generous to boot. You can find live updates from Pokemon Center Yokohama on facebook whenever our member killmeneko goes, and can even request her to get you things you may see, along with requesting her to get you things she treasure hunts, which she is very good at. shiome is in Japan for a full year and hopes to pick up anything I do not carry, which is roughly 3/4ths of the Center, including leftovers from old promotions, clearfiles, more expensive items, clothing, lunch goods, school goods, etc. She is picking up what I do not carry as her own choice to help the comm get what it usually can not, and is not being forced to stay away from Sunyshore's stock.

And now, here is my final notes:
Sunyshore's Policies have all been updated. Please re-read them before ordering anything!

I have two reports of mini Pokedoll packages being completely destroyed during shipping, to the point where I worry they should have all been in individual little boxes, as the damage I saw was very bad in my opinion. If your mini Pokedoll's packaging has been damaged in any big or small way, TELL ME IMMEDIATELY, and I will send you brand new packaging for free. Just let me know if you need backboard, plastic bubble, or both. Any not-yet-shipped mini Pokedoll orders will have especially extra steps taken to try to prevent this from happening. If you know you have an especially and repeatedly violent local postal service please also let me and other sellers know in the future. Concurrence and similar request from Killmeneko!

Thanks for reading, please let me know your feelings on anything, me or other sellers, and if you worry your opinion will be unpopular just send me an email instead.

Please be kind to each other, be honest, and make a promise to yourself if you can, to speak up about your feelings on this community, for your sake and the sake of those of us who need improvement. It causes me intense stress when anyone here is unhappy, especially if it is MY fault. Just because I sell the most does not mean I think I am the best seller -- I think far from it, I have more to learn than lots of you. Help me do better by you all, my beloved members, customers, and friends. And thank you for all your years of putting faith in me, and I hope most of you have enjoyed all your items (hopefully that is most) that did indeed arrive safe and sound.

Sales Update (Kids and TCG)

Hello Community, 

I have decided to give up on my TCG collection, and I'm going to put up whats left over of my collection up for offers. Also I am having some kid figures for sell. Check it out, there is some rare kids as well. 

My card collection will be up for offers. I will not be taking anything under the price of $80. Also, take into account that I might refuse your offer. I'll be ending the offers on Saturday 9pm PST.

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Pokedoll Legitimacy Question + Newest Addition!

Hi all, I need help with a Pokedoll on eBay! The seller is located in the USA, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Their feedback is 99.7%, but a seller I purchased a factory reject from once has 99.4% feedback, so that's not always an indication either.

Normally I would refrain from posting the username, but seeing as they have five Happiny plush for sale, I don't feel I'd be causing anyone here who is looking to buy one to miss out. :) It's minors6.

Here is a picture of the Happiny. I know this tag doesn't mean it's absolutely a fake, but it is the tag I see all the time on bootlegs.

If anyone knows whether or not this looks like a legitimate plush, I would love to know! I really want a Happiny Pokedoll but not if it's a bootleg. :(

Also, I know eBayer pokedollpurchases sells legit plush, does anyone here know this person? I paid for a Musharna about three weeks ago, they still haven't listed it as shipped and I haven't heard back from them after contacting them last week. Should I open an eBay case? I have never had to do this and don't really want to if they're a decent person and something happened out of their control... still, after three weeks of no contact, I feel I have the right. What would you do? :/

To make this post slightly less boring, here is my latest addition (Cottonee) thanks to killmeneko. ^_^ I was surprised to see the customs form had English as well as Japanese, I keep coming across things in/from Japan that include English, I thought that was a rarity. So yes, this is my ginormous Pokedoll collection. Munna and Whimsicott will join them soon. :)

Chikorita and Cottonee Pokedolls