May 13th, 2012

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amazing new gets!

   Hello everyone! I just wanted to share some awesome new gets with you... just because they are that awesome. You can see bigger pictures, comparison to official charms, and my entire collection under the cut! ^_^

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Let's just say, if you were ever disappointed that there was no charm of your favorite pokedoll... well... that may be about to change. ;D

Thanks for viewing!
Ed and Chaboikan

Auction Reminder and Wants List

Just a reminder that my auctions are ending in just under 48 hours! There's some Gold-Plated BK cards with no bids that start at $1, as well as the ThinkChip figures! Click the picture to go to the auctions! :D

I also thought I'd go ahead and post my wants list, since I'm going to be moving in a week and may not have internet access right away, so I'd like to try to maybe get a few of them before then! If you have any Blazikens I don't have, I'm highly interested! :D

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Thank you! And oh no :O

First of all, I just want to say THANK YOU to the community! My grail, the Snorlax DX Pokedoll, popped up on Y!J this week, and so many people took the time to let me know that they'd seen it and send me the link to the auction! I was so touched that people remembered and thought of me, and it really means a lot to me. Thank you, pkmncollectors!! :D Seriously!

I did my best to win, but unfortunately... I lost the auction ;___; There was one other person bidding against me, and they must have much more disposable income than I do. I had to give up at around 350$... I'm really depressed to lose my grail since it's been so long since I saw one pop up and I've been trying to get one for so many years, but I just couldn't afford more than that right now. I'm still worried that I made the wrong decision in not finding a way to spend more. :( For now I'll stay patient/vigilant and hope that the next one that shows up can be mine for sure. My optimistic thinking is that if there was only one other person who wanted it that badly, and they have it now, maybe next time it will be for a price I can afford...

Which brings me to my next question, out of curiosity: Is the winner of the auction someone else in the community? :O I'm hard-pressed to think of someone outside of it who'd want to spend that much on a pokeman plush, so if it was you, speak up! I'll feel a little better if I know it at least went to someone else in the comm. who wanted it as badly as I do.

And for the community: have you guys ever lost/missed out on a grail but gotten it later? I need your uplifting stories of triumph!! :O

sales post and Singapore event report!

Hey everybody! I'm back with new stuff on auction/sale this week. Items on auction include a 2007 Pokemon Center balloon dice bag, Ichiban Kuji Legendary Dog foam figure keychains, and various roller stampers. Auction ends Friday 18 May, 10PM EST. These are on top of other plush, zukan, battrio, bobblehead figures and more on sale! Click the pictures or banner to proceed.

Also, an event report - the Singapore Isetan Pokemon Pika Pika Carnival! Part of the collaborative effort between Isetan Singapore and their Japanese counterparts (which correspondingly have distribution links to the Pokemon Center), a small event hall was used to house a few mini-game stations as well as a small selection of Pokemon Center merchandise and English TCG cards. While nowhere as exciting as the actual Japanese Pokemon Centers, I must say it was a surprise to see the mini Pokedoll keychains on sale. As some of you may know, I was present on opening day, and the following pictures reflect what was available then. By the third day, stock had considerably dwindled - the goods sold out darn fast!

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Thanks for reading, and have a great week ahead!


Gets! And a Reminder!

Hey guys, just me with four new plush!

Can you guess who they are?

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And a reminder for the Auctions on my Banpresto Ditto and Tomy Furret! I've decided to end the auctions early, so now they'll end on the 16th instead of the 20th!

Also, anyone who asked about stuff in my box of wonders, PLEASE respond, or remind me to respond to you! I want to get my sales post up and running soon, but I'd hate to put something up for sale that you've expressed an interest in already ;w;

Click the pic to get to to my auctions!

Pokecenter in Singapore! Pickups + Sales

Hey everyone as you've seen from eternal_rena's post, The poke center is here in Singapore XD But only for slightly more than a week :( . I just visited it and yeaa it was pretty damn crowded. Anyway I've got some stuff for sale here, this includes, Mini Pokedolls, Clearfiles, Notebooks:

What did I get you ask? I got myself an Oshawott Minidoll and some clearfiles and notebooks which I thought were totally awesome XD

Just a short preview of whats in the sales post: The items in the sales post are also all up for pickups if stock is not enough. So don't be afraid to ask

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Well that's all from me, do ask questions if theres any specific accessory you are looking for as there are more stuff that I didn't post up.

You can combine anything from my regular sales here:

Custom Shiny Tomy Collection Mini Update!

Hey Guys Today I have a special update I was waiting for this package for a while now.
I had commission zenity for these custom shiny repaints and they are finally here and look how great they came out. I am so happy with zenity work I just love all the details she puts in the repaints. I know she was really busy when i asked her but she still said yes to me man I could not of found a better repainter.

But I know she is busy so I am going to be looking for other painters out here to maybe i can commission since Zenity is busy so it will be a while before I can get her to repaints other for me anyone can show me their work? So maybe i can commission from you in the future?

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? cynda

i'm back

Why hello their everyone, I doubt anyone remembers me, I used to be on here almost every day until I took a break and put my pokemon collecting habbits on hold for over a year to work on another collection of mine. Well I'm back and I have some fun collection photos, some of these are a bit old and I have collected a bit more since these have been taken. I am currently away at the moment but when I get home soon I will have some up to date shots. Hope you enjoy.
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Intro and what I collect/wants list

  Well I've had and account and lurked on PKMNCollectors for over a year, but now that I'm actually buying from the community I decided to introduce myself. ^_^ My username is two years old, but it's outdated so you can just call me Cassie instead. I'm a sophomore in high school and I play both the VG and TCG for Pokemon at the TPCi events. If you end up going to the US Nationals feel free to say hi!

  I collect a lot of stuff, but I tend to stick to certain Pokemon lines or TCG accessories. I have a small collection already, but I won't have any pictures up until a few more things come in. I usually don't buy kids or any of the figures so keep that in mind. If you happen to have anything from the list below, feel free to tell me about it! I'm always looking to buy them ^_^ I'd even love just to see what you have, even if it's not for sale :3 I love admiring collections <3

What I'm looking for~

Vulpix merch - Out of all my things I collect Vulpix the most, I'm interested in any TCG cards, Stickers, and plush you may have! I'll probably eventually ask for a custom, seeing as there is no chibi version of Vulpix :( The only Ninetales merch I'd be interested in would be the cards.

Swablu line merch - Along with Vulpix, Swablu and Altaria are probably the three things I'd say I "collect". I love them all so if you have anything please let me know!

Petilil and Ducklett merch - To a lesser extent I collect Petilil and Ducklett items as well. If you have anything I'd love to see it ^_^
Now onto some of the things that I want more than I collect:

Pokedolls (well chibified plush in general) - specifically Lugia (shadow too!), Groudon, Ho-oh, Lapras, Houndour, Darkrai, and Cresselia, but I love them all so if you have any I'd love to take them off your hands <3

TCG Pokemon Sleeves - I love Japanese sleeves, even if they're impossible to use because they break, so I'd love to just see all the different artwork and possibly buy some! I also wanted to know if there was a database of any kind with the Japanese sleeves?

Charms - I don't own any yet, but seeing all the collections on here makes me want to start my own. I prefer pokedoll like ones or pokemon charms on my list of collecting. I REALLY want swablu/altaria/vulpix right now.

Hopefully I can share my own collection with you all soon!

Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Last price reduction and something new for sale~<3

Just wanted to let everyone know, prices have been lowered a little and a Cubchoo christmas plushie has been added to my sales.Other things include a Minccino/Cinccino Charm set, a Bidoof/Bibarel Charm set and a type focus Emolga plushie. Please feel free to take a look!^^ 

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