May 15th, 2012

Collection update

So I thought I'll make another update since I got so many things in the past few weeks <3

I don't even know where to start, but I will start with a picture of my favourite babies!

Look at them so cute together! 
Still need the Plusle reverse/Yawarakai and Minun coin purse D:

See Mudkip hiding next to Plusle?

Soon there will be more Plusle's and Minun's but that's still a surprise so you have to wait <3

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[PKMN] wooper I wuv you &lt;3

Looking for Pan Stickers + selling dialga/palkia ds

Hello community members! I recently purchased a new Nintendo 3DS and I'm looking to decorate it. I'm seeking out pan stickers of the following pokemon:


Also, I'm not sure how many people would be interested in it, but I have a special Dialga/Palkia DS from a few years ago. I'm looking to sell it, but I'm not sure how many people are looking for it. If anyone wants pics of it, I will gladly take them. I acquired sales status a long time ago from Gin. Thank you, pokemon people :D
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Opinions on the Unova Region Playset?

I just noticed my local Toys R Us has a bunch of these on clearance for $30. Sounds worth it i guess, but have any of you ever added this to your epic collections? I myself own the Sinnoh Battle Tower (see my profile), but returned the Fossil Station and skipped out on the Sinnoh Region playset.  Now my eyes or on this since they took $20 off, and its the only playset that seems suitable for the toys I have at home but I dunno, I've owned many playsets that look good on the box but not in the box. Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks.
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A Greatly Belated Self Introduction

Despite first going this community approximately nine months ago (though possibly longer; nine months is simply the age of the oldest message related to this community still in my Inbox), I never introduced myself! Or posted a collection photo or anything! How terrible!

Unfortunately, I cannot offer any pictures of my collection at this time. Since I decided I would post this in the middle of the night, I can't exactly go and gather up my collection for some photo ops. Additionally... well, the majority of my collection is currently boxed up. I could access my plushes, but that would be about it.

Instead, I'll just put together a nice, dull text intro beneath a fancy little cut.

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Though while I have a captive audience, I figure I might as well slip a question in here. I will be away from my mail for two months. Is there any time limit within which feedback should be given? Or as long as the seller is aware of the delay, is there no problem that I might give feedback a few weeks to months after the packages arrive? I will definitely at least know that packages have arrived, and will inform sellers that they have arrived safely, though feedback will be delayed. I can try to get my brother's cooperation so I can check up on my arrivals and give feedback even if I am away, but if this doesn't work out, I would hate to accidentally commit a community faux pas.
casual daddies!!!


So. We have some new legendary Pokemon formes. "Sacred Beast" Kami Trio!

This is the first trio of Pokemon to get new formes!

The original Kami Trio ("Incarnation Formes") are some of the most unpopular Pokemon around. Those who like them like them plenty :) But those who like them are few and far inbetween.

But sofar, there is a very positive reaction to these new forms.

So the question is....

If you do want to collect any of them, what sort of merch do you hope to see first?? Personally I expect a "Namco Only" MPC set to pop up, as the Dude-forms of these guys also had their very own Namco MPC set in December, for just the three of them.


There is a new McDonald's toy set coming out in Australia with second-evo starters! Thanks to pannsie for finding it out! Photos here!

EDIT: WHOA WHOA WHOA Banpresto just updated with JUNE UFO CATCHERS LINEUP. Holy smokes! :D

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Not Pokemon Merchandise, but PKMNcollector Member Related...
Our long-time member since the very start of the community, and my good dear friend prguitarman's creation NYAN CAT is up for a Webby Award. Please support Nyan Cat and your fellow community member with a vote, if you have a spare moment!!
...if you want to, that is XD

Thanks guys!
Galvantula and Joltik

Need your help please! + Reminder!

Hello there! I know you didn't very much notice, but I had a nice trip to wonderful Berlin during the weekend! However, aside form me having a good time there, I come here to you with a tiny help:

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And now to a reminder!!!

This GA is ending a little over 24 hours, so get your bids in!!! Here is a link to the original GA!

Thanks a lot for reading! <333

Reminder of my sales/Looking for a Grail

Hello everybody, 

I just wanted to give a last reminder of my sales before I head out to the post office this week. Also, I will be going camping for a week, which means that I will be away from any post offices.

Anyways here's the link

Lately, I have been searching for a whiscash plush (grail), and I haven't found one. I would be grateful if someone has one that they are willing to sale, or trade. 

Also, for the people that have participated in my last two GA's, I am waiting for the package total from Noppin, I should be getting it later this week, or early next week. Please be aware of the incoming 2nd payment, which I will notifying you soon.

Thank You for reading.
pokemon mightyena fancyena

gators and skunks and psychic kitties oh my

i guess i should probably do one of these per year at least, right?

collection and sales post, yep.

most people know of me for my mewtwo collection. but i'm kind of moving away from that collection and into two smaller ones: stunky (so cute) and the sandile line (also so cute). i'm mostly concentrating on collecting plush, but yeah :o beholds

i do have the tomy sandile, he's just hiding behind the others on the wall. but i need more wicked kroks. so if you have any i don't, and see items you'd like to trade for in my sales, give me a buzz?

anyway, on to the stunkys and mewtwos...

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i also busted out my box o' pokemon stuff. there's a million and a half things under here, i did my best to tag them all. but ultimately i just want the stuff outta my house so none of it is more than 8$. check them out.

sales permission granted back in 2007.
feedback is here (though i haven't sold/bought much recently ahaha sorry)

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Sales FAQ
do you ship outside the USA?
yes, but the shipping is a little more expensive. let me know.

how should i pay?
via paypal. my paypal address is please leave your USERNAME and WHAT YOU GOT in the paypal comment.

are you a smoker/are there pets in your house?
i'm not a smoker (so horray, no cigarette smell!) but i do have a cat. you may find some small cat hairs on your purchase.

do you accept trades?
yeah, for SANDILE LINE and STUNKY stuff. i'm particularly looking for SANDILE LINE KIDS or KROKOROK & KROOKODILE TOMYS. if you have a CRANIDOS KID i am all about that. i also like ARCHEN.

additionally i dunno if people are aware of it, but The Speedgamers are doing a pokemon marathon next month to raise money for ACT Today (an autism treatment charity)

some of the prizes raffled off to donors include: a huge box of stuff from sunyshore, bug pokemon art by skulldog and a poison pokemon art by me :o i'm not done all of them yet, but here's the first three generations

and that does it for me til 2013 i'm sure. AWAY!

Oh hello again! (and sales!)

Well, it's been about 8,000 years-- pkmncollectors.

So I guess I should maybe introduce myself ;O
My name is Sammi, on the community I'm Feraligroggles, and about 2 or so years ago I was Groggles :]I am 21 (almost 22) years old, I live in Virginia (United States of America), and I mainly collect Feraligatr-- I also side collect Sandile (and its evolutions), Raichu, Camerupt, Quagsire, Dunsparce, and (nowadays) Cacnea. A small side collection I also keep is pokedolls and zukans.

So hello!! under the cut I will supply you with some pictures of my collection :]

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1. I ship from the US to anywhere!
2. Pet friendly but smoke free home
3. I ship ONCE  a week! (usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and it should take no longer than one week for your items to be shipped out)
4. Paypal only please!

5. If you do not respond to my reply to an inquiry within 24 hours (and someone else asks about the same item) it will be sold to the next person!
6. I am willing to hold for up to 24 hours
7. All offers end Friday May 18th, 2012 at 11:00PM EST (or if I see an offer I like sooner and end it then)
8. I reserve the right not to sell to any banned members or members who have caused trouble for other sellers.
9. shipping starts at $1.50 for small items within the US, $3.00 for plush and medium items within the US (and higher for bigger)

and starts at $3.00 for international items!
Shipping on flats/envelope items is free!

I also reserve the right to decide not to sell if I feel offers do not meet my wants/needs. (All lowest offers will be listed in the price of the item, SO READ THEM!)

Sales permission re-granted May 2012 by entirelycliched

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Thanks for looking!

Collection Website Making?

Kind of a boring post but I've recently tackled the project of collecting ALL Hoenn kids (starting with the basic kids and then looking for clears and shinies). I'd like to keep an updated record of all the ones I own similar to the way James keeps a track of his tomys with individual pictures. I'm well overdue for a collection update even though I haven't been actively collecting, just buying kids here and there, but I've got so many now that I need a way to keep track so I can use it as a guide for when I want to purchase more kids and so that wants posts can be made easily. Anyone who could help me with this would be greatly appreciated.

While we're on the topic of kids, I have tons of extras that I need to get rid of so I will be doing a huge sale of kids plus other misc extras that have come with several GA's I've recently run.

Now on to the Zukany and Kidy GA, I did receive the package but finals are here so payment 2 won't be posted until after May 22nd so keep your funds in check for those who participated! 

So that's the post! I'd make it less boring with a picture but I'm at school right now!

My collection (so far)

Hi guys! It's Whitney again :) I wanted to share with you all my small collection thus far. I really only have a lot of cards, some Pikachus and of course my Wobbuffets, and some random things here and there - but I thought you would all like to see! I SINCERELY apologize for the quality of the images, as they were all taken via cell phone. Hopefully they are good enough!

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Collection Weeding Part Three Auctions!

Hey, everyone. My boyfriend helped me go through and weed a bunch of stuff from my collection and since I have no idea what they're worth I'm opening them to auctions! I've got dice, Jakks, Tomy, FCS, and much more behind the cut!


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Major want

Before I leave for today and tomorrow, I would like to leave you with this. 


I would like you all to look into your lovely collections, and tell me if you have this, and you are willing to sell it. I can't be bothered to look for it for an hour everyday, well I can, I just don't want to XD 
Thank you so much DX! I swear this is the last post about this binder, >>;
And also please take a look at my wants <3