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20 May 2012 @ 01:14 am
Hey everyone!! I'm your typical lurker and buyer. I don't sell much cause I generally keep my stuff since I love it lots!!

My main collections are Blastoise line and Torterra line. I also collect Nidoking, Zekrom, and Regigigas. I have in my heart Torkoal and Shuckle... but their merchandise is rare. I'm starting to collect Tropius and Giratina. And I like Poison and Ghost Pokemon best. Turtles in general are a collection of my life, which got me into Pokemon many years ago :)

Today I share my Torkoal collection (small) and Zekrom collection (big!). You can right click and "view image" to see a bigger size.

First, an interesting findCollapse )

Second, some fire TurtlesCollapse )

Third, lots of red eyed black dragons!!Collapse )

Thanks for viewing!! Coding is fixed, I refuse to use rich text, and I leave out 1 little " on an image code in HTML editor and LJ eats it like a termite. Grr!

Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!
Also, if you are interested in June's 30 day challenge, click the banner and leave a comment! ♥
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20 May 2012 @ 03:36 am
Good evening! I come with a question about Munna plushes. I've just started really actively collecting, but I try to make sure I know what exact brand and type of toy I'm shopping for. But with a Pokemon like Munna, whose poses are generally all the same, I have to be extra careful!

Anyways, I've come across plenty of Munna plush online:
I own the one on the right already, which is a Jakks Pacific ~4 inch plush. But I've also seen the one on the left alot which is usually referred to as a 6 inch Jakks Pacific plush. I know this is a silly question, but since stock toy photos sometimes don't accurately reflect what the plush actually looks like, I was wondering if these are indeed two different items?

Thanks for any help!
20 May 2012 @ 07:58 am
Hello!  I havent posted here in a long long time, so I decided I should post an update of my poochyena/mightyena collection. Poochy is the main interest, mighty is just a side collection. Not pictured are both megabloks and a mightyena hasbro figure that has glow in the dark eyes, painted on from the person I bought her from. I also collect zorua!  :D

Click the link!

20 May 2012 @ 09:11 am
Hi, guys! I was wondering if there's a Poke Plush Project equivalent for miscellaneous items such as marbles, coins, books, etc. As of now, I only collect official merch. I see a lot of things on eBay that look interesting, but I don't know if they're official. I'd like to be able to verify it somewhere, but I know that there's so much merch, searching for it would yield very few results, especially if it's a rare or little known item and I have no idea what the proper name is. I know that I can't post ALL of my, "HEY GUYS, WHAT IS THIS?!" questions (I've got way too many, trust me!) to here, so this is why I'm asking. Is there an equivalent to Poke Plush Project for other items besides plush? I'm sure it would be incomplete, as there is a whole crapton of Pokemon merch out there, but even a little merch encyclopedia would be nice! Does such a thing exist? Much thanks!

EDIT: I've jotted down some ideas in my journal about this project! Please tell me what you think! http://torrid-phoenix.livejournal.com/3351.html

Also, a meme! How has your collection changed over time? I know that some of you only collect certain Pokemon. Has it always been that way? Or did you start off collecting everything and have to focus your collection a bit? I'm interested to know!

Boring post was boring, have yourself some Chikorita~!
20 May 2012 @ 10:48 am

What does one do when one has 109 metal figures in blind boxes that one will soon offer to the community?!


Sunyshore is ON AIR NOW! Come see 109 metal figures from Generation I to Generation V! Spanning the ages of rarity, complete with set lists, color lists, and more! This box will be opened on camera and...

BONUS!!! Pokemon Center Shopper Bag collection sale preview??? Do you like limited Pokemon Center shopper bags from the past six years? Want any?! Sneak peek!!

Come and watch! If you're bored! If you're not bored! If you like metal figures and Pokemon toy history!

JOIN THE USTREAM CHATROOM to boss me around, make requests, and chat with other watchers!

20 May 2012 @ 11:17 am
Hi everyone! I've found something I'm prioritizing as a grail and would like to do some collection weeding! So...

Let's try this again! I have a few handmade cut paper Pokémon for sale in my Etsy shop! I've lowered the prices on them too, so check them out!

And I also have some Pokémon stuff for sale on eBay, including Eeveelution charms, a Grovyle charm, an Eevee Kid, a Victini TCG promo, several Pokédolls, and more!

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 2 March 2012
My feedback page is here!

Questions and comments always welcome! I'm always open to offers too so don't be afraid to ask!
Blackjack Gabbiani
20 May 2012 @ 02:34 pm
I'm running into a problem trying to sell some of my cards. For most of them I can check what they've sold for on eBay, but some of them have no record, no matter what name I put in. What do you guys do when that happens?
20 May 2012 @ 03:29 pm
I'm going to start my collection weeding with some card sales! Take a look under the cut!

★Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 29 OCT 2011.
★I ship from the US, and I ship worldwide!. Packages will be shipped within a week of having received payment. I am not responsible for packages lost in the mail.
★I accept Paypal only!
★Items can be held for 24 hours. If I do not get a response before then, the item will go to the next waiting customer!
★Trades are a-okay! I'm mostly looking to get rid of these cards, so I'm totally ok with doing 2 normal cards (me) for 1 normal card (you). Show me what you've got!

CUT CUT CUTCollapse )
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20 May 2012 @ 03:34 pm
We won the GA!

This is the first payment for the GA; the second will be for shipping from me to you, so look out for that!
Please take a look at the spreadsheet and send payment to the address located by the bottom of the spreadsheet. '

Spreadsheet under the cut~Collapse )

Hey guys, I've just updated my sales with some stuff from the pokemon center event in Singapore including the leftover stuff from the previous sales. Just some pictures to summarise it. It includes iPhone Cover, Shiny Rayquaza Shopping Bag, Pokedolls, Mini mascot dolls, Clearfiles and Notebooks.

There is also a lot of KIDS left over in my sales post that needs homes!

To get to the sales post, click any of the pictures or this link http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html?view=593191#t593191

Have a great day!
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20 May 2012 @ 03:53 pm
I shared this on the facebook group, but I wanted to share it with everyone here too!

My first shiny repaint!


New Shiny added!

Starly~Collapse )
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S e y h i s a n ★ B l o o d l i n e
Oh my goodness! A wonderful new get in the mail today! A Pokepony commissioned by bluehyaku! Click the cut for more close-ups!

A new challenger appears!Collapse )
20 May 2012 @ 04:56 pm
Hi everyone! I'm here with some quick plush and charm sales today! I've got a couple Pokedolls and some nice Rayquaza charms (including the shiny lotto one)!

Look under here for more info!Collapse )

Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you all have a great day! <3
20 May 2012 @ 05:56 pm
Time for more custom amigurumi orders! Before you comment please read the rules.

1.) seyera - Ditto
2.) zorbo17  - Slaking
3.) chaos_21 - Jolteon
4.) tewzi - Chandelure
5.) aarux - Aerodactyl (pics)
6.) bolin - Cranidos
7.) jadekitty777 - Virizion
8.) winterfresh100 - Snover
9.) pannsie - Venusaur
10.) pokepalace - Kangaskhan
11.) cybersushi - Pachirisu
12.) ladylale - Hitmontop (pics)

Some of my previous work can be seen in my scrapbook here. This shows my style of amigurumi.

Sales permission granted by [info]entirelycliched on 10/29/11 and here is a link to my feedback

You must read this first to get a slotCollapse )
Also, check out my regular sales here, and my Etsy shop! You can combine items with your slot, just ask!
Benny Woolley
Hi guys. Sorry for the delay, I've been in a pretty bad state this month, some of you may know part of the reason why.
Anyway the good news is I tidied my house from top to bottom, and my mother has taken on shipping duty, so there will be nothing but super fast, efficient postage from this point on (bless her heart). That also means I have found an absolute mountain of things to clear out!

The WHOAMG ASH IS A GIANT GA is in, and the post with all your lovely pictures is here: http://gothybeans.livejournal.com/3328.html Postage details are also in that post. I'll PM participants asap.

And now... Sales! Sales sales! Sales!

Sales, Prices, Pics, Offers and rules!Collapse )
Sales permisison was granted to me by Dakajojo in June 2011
Current Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/gothybeans
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20 May 2012 @ 07:01 pm
I need you guys to help me with something.
I saw these two figures on eBay but not sure if they're legit.
Can someon help me figure out if these are the real deal?
Ditto looks fine to me but I don't know about Gastly.
If they are then my collection will be nearly complete for 1st generation :)
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20 May 2012 @ 07:05 pm
Hey guys,

I just put a ton of Battrio coins up for sale on my blog, if anyone would care to take a look ^_^


Thanks guys =)


GA#32 by couchpotatonet

4 days for this auction

Please read the rules before biddingCollapse )

You may bid as I add the threads, there are 212 so please be patient with me. Thanks
Wooh! Threads are all up.
Bidding is Closed

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20 May 2012 @ 07:22 pm
I just went through several days of sorting out cards...*whew* What a big job of organizing! And in good timing that I just got it done now with posting the sales update, since Fanime is coming up in a few days! Hope to find some good things while shopping there^^

Anyways, as I mentioned I've stocked my shop with TONS of cards!! Some older, if you are collecting specific ones/specific sets, and some newer, for collecting/deckbuilding.
Also, I added a TON of wrappers!! If you ever thought about collecting wrappers, come check it out^^
A bunch of online TCG cards have been added, including some of the promo ones.
Other misc flats have been added as well.
And lastly, I dropped the prices on various things.

So come stop by and check it out^^

*granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo*

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20 May 2012 @ 08:10 pm
Hello everyone, was planning to update before the weekend but was busy for packing for the Con here in Holland!
It was really awesome, a kinda unknown dutch teenage band played the E4 theme in rock mode~
there was this shop there where I always go to get myself some plushies, they had really cute ones! 
I saw DX Best Wishes Banpresto Samurott and DX Best wishes Banpresto Munna! ( Also even Axew! will get him in August<3) but my eyes where on only one DX plush!

( the first Eye I had on Thursday night, so was pretty tired to update on my packing day)

1 big pic :DCollapse )
20 May 2012 @ 08:16 pm
Hello there! =D

First, our beautiful Big Nasija Lot GA 2 is on its way to me! Since it is within the European Union, the lot should arrive to me next week :)

Second thing, I went through my Charmander collection again, I own two of these adorable reversible plushies, however, they have some differences, so I wanted to ask if one of them is a bootie.

Here are more pictures:

Charmander uses Call of Friends!Collapse )

Second question/request I have. I would love to hear your feedback on my way of handling GAs/GBs. I know that I have so much positive feedback, I wanted to thank you very deeply for those! Still, I would like to know if I should change anything from my side, if I am good with packaging, keeping you informed, leaving feedback? Do let me know please! Thank you for cooperating with me and making these past GAs and GBs so successful! <3
20 May 2012 @ 08:24 pm
Here is our first pics of the Meloetta formes' Tomy Monster Collection figures, and the new Hypersize Monster Collection line, with nice comparisons to the regular kind. :D Thanks to denkimouse for the scan!!

(click for bigger!)

What do you guys think of the new Hypersize line? I think they look great!
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20 May 2012 @ 09:00 pm

Just a reminder you guys, we've got about 32 hours until myvampirelust's GA closes and we really, really need bids!

Click the Image to check it out!

CALLING[info]taytaymarie75  !!

I've tried to get in contact with you because you've won the TOMY Furret, but it's been four days with no response!
You've got 24 hours to get a hold of me, or I'll either re-auction the item or see if the second highest bidder still wants him.
On that note, [info]misseveyg, were you still interested?

Aaaand last but not least, some gets under the cut!

Read more...Collapse )

20 May 2012 @ 09:04 pm
Hi pkmncollectors!

I have had two bootleg GBA games for a while, and just decided to list them on ebay.
They are:
Pokemon Jade: Gameplay video
Pokemon Blue: Gameplay video

They're pretty good for entertainment value!

If you are interested, you can find them here!
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20 May 2012 @ 10:44 pm
Hi comm

Around a month ago, I got a sleepy tepig, and I thought I would really like it, but unfortunately its not the case, and honestly I don't like him at all. His expression is not my favorite, and overall I just dont feel comfortable owning it, so I would like to put it up for offers starting $100 and BIN in $150 (to encourage bidding)

I really want him out of my house ASAP, so its gonna be up for a short 48 hours

Some Pics
HE IS BIG, so shipping will be expensive, specially internationally, and for domestic, due to the value, I will RECOMMEND  insurance, but its up to the buyer.


I have the right to reject offers, and i'm open to part trades for up to 50% of the value, however, please be prepared to pay a shipping differential if you are sending me a smaller or lighter item (specially international)

Here is how it works

Bids: If a bid is placed, BIN will be disabled
BIN: If BIN is used, well the item goes to the buyer who used BIN
Part trades: Have the lowest priority and will be considered ONLY if no BIN or bids have been placed

A timer is here

More Rules

Thanks for reading :) 

OH BTW, I till got other plushies and stuff for sale ;) <-- Prices have been reduced!!
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20 May 2012 @ 10:46 pm

It's been a while since I've posted a collection update, and even the horrid glare of my camera's flash can attest to how urgent I've felt to get this VERY, VERY overdue update made. Some of these items are relics that I've once owned, only to lose them in spite their rarity and thus I never imagined I would re-acquire them. Another item I never even knew existed until I saw it listed on auction and I just knew I would never live it down had I passed on it. And some are brand new releases, but still loved just as much!

fire weasels and birds, everything is always fire weasels and birdsCollapse )