May 28th, 2012

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Zukan BW SP1 arrived!

Hi there! :D
I am just back from my trip a few days ago. I was not able to check my LJ inbox due to poor internet connection so I could not reply to all comments and messages. Sorry about that and I have replied all of them yesterday. Do let me know if I missed your message!

Let's move on to the main point of this post. I have picked up the BW SP1 zukan yesterday. Sorry for letting you guys wait! Unluckily the shop told me that they only had 6 sets of them instead of 9 sets which I have ordered... I apologize to people who had placed their orders for set 7 to set 9. I am so sorry about that T_T

Please check the claim list in the preorder post to see whether your name is on the list or not.
Link to original post:

Keldeo from set 3 & 5 and Terrakion & Virizion from set 5 are open for claim :D

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Thank you for reading!


Freakin' huge. Tons of rare stuff auction-style, normal sales-style... all that fun stuff. Since I decided to become a fire type collector, I told myself I would sell everything else that didn't relate to it. And here it is. Everything I've loved and cherished is right here! All minty, beautiful shtuff. This post includes rare plush, don't miss out! Cause, well, it's all awesome and after all this stuff is gone I won't have anything else to sell. Just so you all are aware, I will be going on a trip to FL in a few days, so chances are, I won't be able to ship out the items until after the vacation which is around June 11. I'm usually a fast shipper (especially during the summer), but if you're wondering why the items haven't been shipped, that is why! Okay! Now on to the sales... but rules first.

Things to remember:
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier to sort everything out.
- Please don't express interest but then never ever respond again, just let me know what your final decision is.
- I will only hold certain items when ASKED to hold them.
- I ship from the US.
- Haggling will always be considered; just don't be upset if I don't agree with the price!

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where my fishes at?

Hi All!
Very boring post!

Secondly: Wants! I am looking for a magikarp/gyarados zukan, but I'm not sure of it's usual price. Also, I think I've seen a flopped over magikarp-only zukan, does that exist? 
Also the Gyarados TFG (and a Magikarp one if it exists).
I'm not quite looking to make a large purchase right now, but I would just like to know what these items roughly go for and if you've seen any around.


Displaying Collection? +Want

I'm moving into my own apartment soon, and I'm really excited to finally have space to have all my toys on display ;w; (I've been living in college dorms the past couple years). I'm wondering what the best way to display them would be though.

I originally wanted to do floating shelves nailed into the walls, but sadly I'm not allowed to nail things in the wall. I may be able to get a bookcase, but I'm wondering if anybody has a suggestion that would take up less floorspace, or some type of shelf I could do without nailing things into the wall. I have kids, Pokedolls, and a few metal robots I would like to put up. It's pretty small, and most of my collection could fit on top of a dresser. I just want to keep it neat and organized (cheap is good too ;D )

On a side note, how much do shiny Charmander kids usually go for? Resolved! Thank you :D

Hehe :3


After 6 and a half months of looking I finally got my Grail, Natu<3 Now I can get my Natu collection going. I also got the 2004 Bulbasaur Pokedoll, Absol, Blaziken and Weavile Pokedoll. I got the best deal on all of them. Blaziken still making his way here.


  On a side note, I am going to Europe in a month, and I was wodering if they're any cool anime stores or stores that sell Pokemon items. Lemme know specific locations I am going to Barcelona and Paris! :D

Hope everyone has a good week! :)
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UK toys r us Pokemon merch

In my local Toys r us there is a fair bit of pokemon merch from Black & White and and i small amount of DPPt merch to. so i whiped out my cam and took some pic =)

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I may do pick ups if anyone is interested and if i can get permission. Like i said before i live 3 mins away so i can easily check stock and i know a member of staff so i can find out when new stock is coming in and days that they get deliveries.


Well, you guys, here's my "sob story": (lol, it's not really a sob story...I just like to call it that. XD)

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So, here are my sales. There's a TON of stuff, so there's bound to be something you'll like!


Hello all~

I've been here since August 2010 and kinda let go around the beginning of 2011. I recently moved and while unpacking the boxes of my Pokemon collection I realized I wasn't quite done with it all. ^_<

So I guess I'll come back, hopefully not as the same dumb ass that I was in 2010. (Just read my old posts... WOW.)

Of course whats coming here without looking for a few things?
I'm looking for:
  - TOMY figures of the original 151
  - KIDS figures of the original 151

Thank you!

EDIT: Also looking for a large TOMY DX Squirtle if any of you are willing to part with one, if you even have it. ;)
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[Bel] Square

Hi there! :3

My name's Jamie, and I'm not exactly new to the group, but I've finally gotten the chance to take pictures of my stuff. I've been a pokémon fan since I was introduced to it via the TCG back around '99 or '00. I'm not as big on the TCG as I used to be, and now I primarily collect Munna/Musharna and Bel stuff ( no matter how little the latter gets ;w; ), and with a general focus on plushies and also some various custom/fan-made things. I also like to draw stuff (if you're curious, my dA is RitsuBel), cosplay, and sometimes I do various crafty things as well.

I have a bunch of pictures of my variety of things under the cut :>
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Late Introduction

I have been a member of this absolutely wonderful community since March of this year.  And I must say that my collections have flourished much quicker than when I peruse eBay.  *chuckle*   I have also realized that I have yet to introduce myself to everyone else as well...

I have been a fan of Pokemon ever since I saw the sneak-peek for the Red and Blue version release in a Nintendo Power magazine waaay looong ago.  Actually, I think I may still have that issue :d
I am a fan of almost all the released games.  The anime is okay, although I no longer watch TV.  I tend to collect more figures and plush than flats or cards.  My first favorite Pokemon was and still is Vaporeon, with Mewtwo being the runner up.  Like other member's, my list and love has expanded to include the following;

Magnemite, Magneton and Magnezon

And I also tend to have a major weakness for the MegaBloks, as I am trying to collect every one of them.  Eventually, I hope to put up a post asking you lovely people for certain items of the above.  But that is if I can manage to put a hold on my eBay and Y!J rummaging.  Ack!  I hope that this short intro on me is sufficient?  I try not to babble unless I'm excited about something.  Good day to you all!
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run keldeo


Hey everyone!!! I have a few questions for you guys o3o

First of all
Regarding posters, how do you guys hang them up? I have a few PokePosters (and some others) that I would really love to hang up, but I don't want them to get damaged with tape or pins or anything. If that's the only way, I will use pins or tape on the back, but I don't know if there is some other magical way to do it o3o

also, for all you con-goers out there. Do any of you have any stories regarding amazing gets they have gotten? Or stories involving booties at the con?
I'm considering making a little convention guide to Pokemon merch, since I have a lot of experience after being to 19 cons (20th will be in 2 weeks) There is usually a lot of Pokemon merch in the dealers room, but I've seen a lot of booties in the past, and I think it might be somewhat helpful to everyone looking to buy merch at a convention ^^
So what do you guys think? here's a little poll for you xD

Do you think a guide to Pokemon merch at Anime/Comic conventions would be helpful?

I go to conventions and think this would be really helpful!
I go to conventions, and I don't think this would be very helpful
Don't care either way
I don't go to conventions, but think it would be helpful for me in the future and other members
I don't go to conventions, and I don't think this would be helpful

boring post is boring....

Target Exclusive Ash and Victini Jakks Set Pick Ups

I'm going to be doing pick ups for the Target exclusive Ash and Victini Jakks figure set!

^This is it! I took it out of the package right after this pic was taken.

How this works:
If you comment below for a slot you are committing to pay for the item when it is picked up. Backing out will result in automatic negative feedback. I live right by a Target, so I can go whenever I need to! I'll let you know when I get the item so you can pay.

Shipping will be in a bubble mailer! If you would prefer a box please ask.

Price is $16 + Shipping

Shipping is $5 for US or $10 to the UK, and for anywhere else I will have to get a quote.
Out of the box shipping prices: $4 for US, $8.50 to the UK, and for anywhere else I will have to get a quote.
Sales permission granted by [info]entirelycliched on 10/29/11
Pickups permission granted by [info]denkimouse

Here is my old feedback, and here is a link to my new feedback

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1.) eternal_rena - picked up: yes - paid:yes - shipped:yes
2.) parareality - picked up: yes - paid:yes - shipped:yes

Collection update ^^

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I first posted my collection here on the comm, and it has grown a lot since, so I thought I’d make an update! I don’t have shelves or anything to display everybody on, so I had to use my study desk for everyone to sit on. ^^ Hopefully I have a better collection display next time :D

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Thanks for watching! ^^

(no subject)

Hey guys, I'm having computer trouble at the moment and my phone is either awesome or a poop when on LJ. I'm not dead, just letting everyone know.

Also the plush from the poprockpotato GA got to me in record time! Once we get our new power cable, totals and pictures will be posted.
pkmn; skorupi

Big want

Hi everyone :) I'll be posting a collection update soon with my grail get! Very exciting! In the mean time, however, I do have a want that I'm hoping all of you talented plush makers out there could help me out with ^^

EDIT: Found someone! Thanks so much everyone <3

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Huge Sales - Revised

Hello everyone! I've got a huge sales post up ahead. There's a ton of new items, including J Franco & Sons figures, random TOMYs, Applause Plush, Black and White Dominoes and stickers...loads of weird and uncommon things. A lot of prices have been lowered as well. Do I have anything you want for sale?

Just a few of the things behind the cut

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GA#33 by couchpotatonet - Large vinyl figures

GA#33 by couchpotatonet

4 days for this auction

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Please wait for threads before bidding. Thanks
Threads up, bidding may begin.
Bidding is over.  We won

LJ Update Link:
eBay Auction Link:

Introductory Post and Collection Preview

Hello all. I've been here for a little while and I've seen a few intro posts so I figured I'd make one of my own. I first got into Pokémon during the initial wave in the late 90's and I've been hooked ever since. Most of what I have is older and thus I don't think anything I have in my collection aside from preorder bonuses that goes beyond the first two generations, but I have had in my possession some apparently odd merchandise. If it's from before Y2K and you're not sure what it is, feel free to PM me a picture and I might be able to tell you what I know. In a fair amount of detail.

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Pokemon// go!
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Slowpoke Sales and a small Wants Post!

Hello all! It's been a while since I posted last, but I went through an overhaul to my sales post/journal, as I have a bunch of stuff sitting in a box that I'd like outta here!

Come to Slowpoke Sales!

I've got pan stickers, stamps, a few plush, pencils, watches, all kinds of weird stuff.

I've also got a small want list to throw out here-- just in case someone has something :D I collect Slowpoke, and am missing just a few things!

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