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Dana [AKA Juuchan]
30 May 2012 @ 12:38 am
Okay, this is a big multi-purpose post, so please bear with me as I catch up on a few things that have been long overdue!

TCG - My First PreRelease!Collapse )


Current WANTS!Collapse )



Photoshoot means... Image-heavy ahead!Collapse )

Part TWO: Charms!

There be CHARMS here!Collapse )

Next time - Flats, Zukan and other Merch!

I'm currently awaiting the arrival of some other GA gets, plush and other little surprises, so I hope to show them to you guys really soon! I'll try to do an update either monthly or bi-monthly, though I'm guessing the summer freedom may allow more time to post!

Thank you so much to all of the GA runners, pick-uppers, traders and sellers that I've done business with to receive these gets - I really appreciate it! If I have forgotten to give you any feedback, I apologize for being so forgetful - my busy schedule with school ending and getting called in to work may have caused something to slip under the radar; just leave me a comment or a PM to let me know and I'll leave it for you ASAP!

I'm really excited that I'll be heading to Epcot this July, so I know my Pokedoll collection will definitely grow! Thanks, you guys... for getting me bit by the Pokedoll bug! They're all so cute!

Thanks for reading and have a great end-of-May!

- Juuchan [bandanna_boy_17]
Hello again community, it sure is nice to be able to stay active! I have a couple questions for you all; I'm looking for some examples of what Dragonair merch is out there for a dear friend of mine and I have questions on potential customs.

Togepi Necklace

Find out more under the cut!Collapse )

Thanks in advance for the input everyone!
30 May 2012 @ 11:13 am
Pics of the new I Love Eevee promo plushies and MPCs and more from a recent toy fair! Thanks to AAPF for finding, and to this blog for the pics. :)

More under cut!Collapse )
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30 May 2012 @ 12:39 pm
hello comm!(:
since i just had my last exam yesterday, i thought it was time for a collection update (;
my name is Sander. i live in the netherlands and my goal is to collect kids.
when i joined, i only had 5 kids, but my collection grew thanks to pkmnc. 

secondly, i have some questions..
i saw an sealed boosterpack of the first tfg for 9euros (~~11$)
is it worth the price or?

also, why did viz kids jump from gold/silver to diamond and pearl in the manga? it just doesn't make sense..

itsa cutCollapse )

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30 May 2012 @ 01:00 pm

Ok guys, I finally got my computer cord, that means I can do internet-y things again! \o/
That being said, there are THREE past due payments for the Super Fast MPC GA
<-- click to be taken to the payment thread for info and spreadsheet.
I should be leaving negative feedback, but due to my computer issues, the non payers have an additional 24 HOURS to pay before super negative feedback is left!

As for the Poprock Potato GA, I sadly need to report a few things. The auction said tags were creased, but many of them were ripped and I think one practically shredded. I will be contacting the seller to see what we can do about it, and if they will send us a discount because of it. Also, the glaceon was described as "2009 GLACEON UFO PRIZE PLUSH" but the lot was described as 10 pokedolls.

Pokedoll picsCollapse )

There are now more than 20 plush in my sales (including many Pichu plush from my collection) along with newly-added TCG, foam stand-ups and even an electronic Pikachu plush!

Click the banner to see what's been added!

To all who've requested feedback, I haven't forgotten; it's been a crazy couple of weeks and I need some sleep before I can really be functional, but I will be leaving feedback for everyone who has asked.
30 May 2012 @ 01:53 pm
Hey collector buddies!

I've been working on my trades post after getting to 10 feedbacks, and I already have one trade done and another in process :D I'd like to do more!
(I can also do partial trades.)

Please take a look at what I have to offer:
There are plush, straps, MIP stuff, zukans, candy figures, a LOAD of TCG and original TOPPS cards.

Mostly Squirtle, Meowth, Kyogre, Giratina, and Kanto tomy figures.
I'm sorry if it's a bit too vague, I seriously am looking for a lot of stuff so chances are you'll have what I want :3

I'll be back to check up on offers after I go drive 500km back home :'D
Current Location: Kitee, Finland
emma bofemma
30 May 2012 @ 02:53 pm

Hey guys! I have here today an almost-complete set of Full Color Advance 11 figures, mint in packages. I bought this set about a year ago, because I wanted the Milotic figure in it, ehehe.

I've been wanting to sell this forever, but shipping from Australia is sucky. So, I'll post the pictures here, if anyone would like to GA this or buy the set or what have you. I have sales permission from denkimouse :3

Pictures under the cut!Collapse )

Thanks guys! :3
30 May 2012 @ 03:56 pm
I know it's kinda old news, but we finally got pokemon in Happy Meal in Mcdonalds in Hong Kong!

You can click on the picture to enlarge.

I think these looks like the same as the Japanese version if I remembered correctly?

I wish I could offer pick up for these, but it says you can't purchase the toys on their own... I don't want to eat too many Happy Meals ._.

However, I am wondering if anyone might be interested in trading their US Mcdonalds Zorua toy + Zorua card for any of these above? I have been eyeing on those for a while... 8D
30 May 2012 @ 04:09 pm

Hi there, everyone!  I was waiting to make an intro post until I could take pictures of my collection. I found myself with lots of free time today, so why not?

Well, my name's Kia, and I've been collecting Pokemon since I was born. Quite literally--my first baby toys were a plush cat that had a rattle in it and a pikachu plush. I have been adding to my collection since then, with most of my items coming from when I was seven to when I was ten. I have recently started collecting again, scouring thrift stores for any old, unwanted poke toys.

Apparently, thrift stores in the Colorado area are abundant with old Pokemon merch, so I'm pretty luck there. <3

Anyway, my main Poke-interests include Suicunes (my favorite), Celebis, Munnas, Palkias (mostly because of their names, haha), and mostly all water-type Pokemon. The first thign I'm working on is getting a sizeable Suicune collection. ;D

And with that, onto my current Poke Collection!
Loooads of Pictures here~Collapse )

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30 May 2012 @ 04:20 pm
Hello fellow PKMNcollectors!

Can anyone help me clarify something? I've seen many pictures of the Shadow Lugia pokedoll and I've noticed that sometimes their hang tag is red, and sometimes it is black/white.

(pics from community posts by other members - please let me know if you'd like this removed)

Is the black/white hang tag a bootleg version because they photocopied the tag? If not, what is the difference between the two? I'm aiming to get my hands on a Japanese one MWT (both tush and hang tags) but want to know which one is the Japanese one. Any help would be appreciated! ^_^

(gonna drive home now so be back in about an hour, thank you for any input!) :)
Rushing in with spur of the moment sales and auctions, including premade bell plushies, flats I'm unsure how to price, and two CUSTOM BELL PLUSH SLOTS!

allll under the cut!Collapse )

auction guidelines!Collapse )

Of course, I will definitely combine auctions with anything in my sales post!

Thanks for looking! :D

Please do not comment until this sentence is stricken out!
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30 May 2012 @ 05:03 pm
Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I'm a new member on pkmcollectors. You can call me Eugène, but I'm mostly know as Talon on my geekly interests. I'm a 22 years old french dude, Pokémon trainer since 1999 when the Pocket Monsters first arrived in France through magazines (my "journal de Mickey") during spring. I will never forget it. Anyway, Pokémon are part of my life since, and my love for water and insects pokémon has never failed. Oh, please, forgive my english in advance, I'm still working on it...
(Oh man... That LJ Cut is a nightmare...)
CutCollapse )

30 May 2012 @ 06:12 pm
Quick post to let you guys know that all paid orders from my sales post have been shipped out this afternoon! :D

This post needs more substance and fortunately I received a Sunyshore package today! :D So have a Sunyshore collection update plus a few choice items from my long posting hiatus that I love too much not to share.

This post is suprisingly lacking in WAILS I'm going to fix thatCollapse )
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30 May 2012 @ 07:18 pm
Hey everyone!!!! yesterday was the day in which I have officially been a member for a month 8D I love you all! Though my wallet hates you
You guys are so amazing and have united me with some amazing items!!!! Some in which are still on there way!!!!
well I thought I'd do a one month update xDDD ahahaha 
It really doesn't feel like a month has gone by o3o

You guys remember when my PokePony collection started out like this a month ago?

Well here it is now~
Collection update~Collapse )

I feel there is a serious lack of Zebras in my collection
at the moment... I'm really only looking for stamps/ kids/ figures/.... pretty much non flats!!!! 
I'm specifically looking for the Blitzle Kid (both black and white tailed), the Zebstrika Kid, and the Zebstrika Chupa..... as well as any ponyta/rapidash Kids
seriously, I have an obsession with them now
confession- a month ago I told my friend that I didn't like them..... derp
But seriously... tell me if you have any pokepony Kids o3o I will buy them all!!!!

At this point... I'll mostly only take TCG and flats in a trade ^^;; since I ran my wallet dry....
If you have any pokepony TCG.... you should totally trade with me
Or if you don't see anything in my trade post... tell me what cards you're looking for and I'll see if I have it and if I'd be willing to give it up ^^

Thank you so much for accepting me into this wonderful community ;; You guys are all amazing! I've made so many friends and I have had so much fun!!!!
I love you all and I hope to turn 1 month into years~ <3 
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Hi community, the GA came in, and they're all so lovely! 
Click under the cut to see more pictures and my new gets!
So many plushies! ;v; !


Plushie image heavy under the cutttt~~~Collapse )

30 May 2012 @ 08:16 pm
Hi community!

Today I got two questions:
1. Would anyone be interested if I painted my Espeon Kid to look Shiny?
   I wouldn't mind doing an auction, just wondering if anyone would like to.

2. How do you transfer your Paypal money, into cash. 
    Could you guys answer my Paypal question into something a 14 year-old can understand?

And last, does anyone have a Meowth Kid for sale. I'm looking for any regular Meowth Kid. 
If you do, please leave a comment ;)

It's been FOREVER since I posted here. A lot has happened in my life. I recently moved.. so that took a toll on my wallet. Anyway, I can FINALLY afford to expand my Pokemon collection. It's grown quite a bit actually since the last time I was here. That's all thanks to some ebay income cash that I spent and some finds here and there. I don't really have pictures of it right now but I do have a question about an item I got in a lot.

I've done a little bit of research but can't make heads or tails out of it yet. All I know is that it's a Vulpix from Europe so if anyone can shed some light on it, I'd appreciate that. Here's a picture I found on google. Mine looks exactly like it.


If anyone can tell me the value of this little guy and some history about him I would totally appreciate it!

What I'm Looking to buy!Collapse )
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30 May 2012 @ 08:57 pm
Hello there! =D
Quick info: Just sent out 19 more packages today and will let people know indivdually and leave FB once I am done with all threads! I should be sending more tomorrow!

I come to you with this beautiful lot I have found on Noppin! =D

There is even a Dragonite and Buizel pokedolls, which are pretty sought after!

Rules and information!Collapse )

Everything will start at 5$!!!
Once I set out the threads, you are free to bid! <3

30 May 2012 @ 09:22 pm
Hey guys, I havnt had an update for about a month so i decided its about time to show off all of my newest additions to my team!

Although it has been a slow month i have had a steady amount of parcels arriving from a few of you guys on the community.

Sorry for the quality of these pictures, i had to revert back to my old camera.

A Wild Cut Appeared!Collapse )

Also, What happened with that GA the other day with Professor oak and stuff in it, i cant for the life of me find where it has gotten to. Did we not win the auction?

Please, I'm open to buy them, but not more than 30$. Full-Art or not. (We can haggle :D)

And don't forget, I search them to (I don't care about the language for them) :
30 May 2012 @ 10:15 pm

After last year’s successful promotion, Pokémon are once again invading McDonalds Happy Meals in the U.S.  These toys will be available beginning June 16th, 2012.  The Pokémon toys that will be available are Dewott, Servine, Pignite, Pikachu, Woobat and Axew.  Additionally, like last year, each toy will come with a random Pokémon TCG game card (probably exclusive to this promotion).

Remember that these toys can be purchased separately if you ask the cashier kindly.  This tip will make catching them all a bit easier for the hardcore collector and likely healthier.

Pretty cool I think, not often you see middle evolution toys out and about. Sorry if this has already been posted, I hadn't seen anything.
Hey guys!

With the new pictures of the plush now online, there's no better time for some updates and a reminder!

Firstly, I have closed orders for the Big Eevee plush, with all 100 whopping orders now safely met with the store, and secured! =D Thank you so much for participating!  As for the two sets of Eeveelution keychains, I will be accepting claims all through the month, although I will not be able to open more slots for Vaporeon and Umbreon unless demand picks up for Eevee and Leafeon. ;) Thankfully demand is quite even for the second set, ensuring probably everybody gets their claims! =D Links are below the picture.


I <3 Eevee Keychain Plush Claims Page! - Eevee, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Leafeon

I <3 Eevee Keychain Plush (II) Claims Page! - Jolteon, Flareon, Glaceon, Espeon

Have a good week ahead!
30 May 2012 @ 11:17 pm
Hello community,

I wanted to share with you some of my recent gets, and present a GA to the community.

Here are some pics

Collection Update (Pics)...Collapse )

MPC GA (Click Here)Collapse )MPC GA (Click Here)….Collapse )
    Lastly, I might decide to bid on some of the items in the GA. However, I won't hoard most of the plush. (This will apply to 1-2 plush)

    Extras are in the pic below

    I kept the other extras that are not pictured, and am now offering the rest to the community.

    Palpitoad $5, Cryogonal, $4, Basculin $3, Cubchoo $3, Munna (tagless) $2, Tornadus $3, Thunderus $3, Darumakka $3, Deerling $10 (This came from my personal collection, and I'm offering it up to anybody who might be interested),.
    All Threads Are Up!

    There will be a countdown added for people to start claiming plush. I want to keep this fair for everybody to get a chance to claim a plush. You can only claim one plush at a time. First come first serve. If everybody gets the chance to claim a plush, or decline, I will contact anybody who is still interested in the rest of the plush. Please not complaints, I am trying to be fair to everybody, and I checked the rules about what to do in regards of any leftovers. 


    Thank You for Reading