June 17th, 2012


Friends Galore! GA - Payment 1 is Due

GA #1

As miss10 posted earlier, we won, with discounts! :D :D If you won something from this GA, your first payment is due. Read on for more info and the spreadsheet. :)

Payment is due within 48 hours.
Read the spreadsheet carefully, and send the correct total depending on where you live (USA or NOT in USA).
Please send what you owe to misselaineous10[@]hotmail[dot]com (miss10).
Title your payment "Friends Galore! GA - Payment 1, " and leave your username and what you bought in the memo!

You may edit the spreadsheet once you have sent payment to state you have done so.


Thank you all for making this GA a success, the plush are happy too! :D
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speedgamers raffle #4!

hey all! TSG broke 15k last night while i slept, which means it's time for a new raffle!

TSG still hasn't got to their ultimate goal of raising 50k for ACT today yet, so there's still lots of stuff they're raffling away. the next raffle winners get announced when they reach 20k raised!

SO! to enter the raffle, donate 10$ on their website. make sure your comment says you want to enter the raffle as well! you can enter more than once (up to 10 times).

okay yes, but what are the prizes?

- a custom made marill wallet
- a custom shiny spheal art cell
- shaymin and pikachu bead?? art? i don't know what you'd call those!
- a MINT IN BOX copy of pokemon crystal!

there is also talk of combining this raffle prize with the 15k prize
the 15k prize winner has not been picked yet, i'll let you guys know if they are indeed combining these raffle prize packages when i find out more.
- this was just a rumor! the 15k package has been raffled off already.

your donation of 10$ to enter the raffle will 100% go to ACT Today, which is a charity that helps kids and families with autism pay for things like doctor bills, assistive technology, therapy etc.

if that's not enough of an insentive, your 10$ donation to enter the raffle will ALSO get you...
1 - a chance to name pokemon as the speedgamers catch them! just let them know in the comment what pokemon/what name you want.

(also 15$ will get you art - it went up because of the poor artists being worked to death)
make a simple art request of a pokemon (or something else) and the artists on hand will draw it and it will be placed on the ranch behind the commentors. some ponies have been requested, along with a tangela with nick cage's head.

so pop on over to the speedgamers! they're also doing other prize giveaways throughout the day that i don't know about in advance. they gave away a pikachu wallet and a mint copy of Yellow earlier just for being logged onto the forum, so who knows what else they'll be giving away :o


EDIT: This prize IS GONE!
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B2W2 RELEASE DAY PICKUPS!! + This Week's Pickup Report!

i got the pokemon B2W2 release date goods up. whoohooo!

Also come check out my Ichiban Kuji claims list I've started :D All are welcome!

remember, all my sales policies and feedback can be found on my main page. two new things:

★★AN FAQ!★★ I broke down all my commission costs, shipping costs, refund policies, etc etc, on a separate page so i could go into more details. you can find links on my main cart page!

★★A SEARCH BAR!★★ i finally figured out how to make this work. it's not yet fully complete as i have a hundred more tags to add, but it will work for whatever has been tagged so far. enjoy!


Now, yesterday I picked up the new Fluffy Plushies series, Meloetta Pokecen Plushies, and Pikachu Tail! goodies. I also got Pokemon Mate a few days prior, of course, so check some pics of it all out!

I know many were curious JUST HOW FLUFFY the fluffy plushies were. Well...it just so happens I've got an older plush we can compare with...

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thank you my comrades! next week: new pokemon mate and ichiban kuji reserve lists will begin. fun fun fun!
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Pokedoll Stamp Pins! Shiny Pin for Offer!

Greetings everyone! Libby here. I haven't posted to the community for a while but since I've ended up with a lot of extra Pokedoll Stamp Pins in my quest to get certain shiny ones, Gin recommended I put them up for sale. A collection post is definitely in the works (I need to get some new shelves first though), so be on the look-out for that!

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Happy buying everyone! If I get any more pins, I'll let you guys know!
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Vee Clear-File GA totals in!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the clear-file Eeveelution GA! Our first totals are in! Click the banner below to get to the original auction.

Those of you who were involved, here's the Spreadsheet with our totals. Please sent payment to glowingferret[@]gmail[.]com asap! :)

quick quick quick! big weeding needed; rare tomys and such!

Hey everybody! I've been posting a lot lately...but this time, some more big weeding sales and a couple of things I found recently are included!
Such as... A TON of minty fresh BK figures and toys, including a Mew that still lights up!
Lapras, Slowking and Houndoom TOMYs
A Brock TOMY trainer figure!
Edit: There's also a small lot of Eeveelution items!
And TONS more!

Follow Growly to the sales!

Erm, Growly...I'm not an expert or anything...but that Pikahat might be too big...

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Update I Choose You!

For those of you that don't know or remember me uhhm hello again, I think I've only posted here like twice... Anyway I'll use this as an excuse to reintroduce myself my name is Suzanne. I live in Texas so it is always crazy hot even in winter lolz. I have loved pokemon since I was in the first grade and just recently started to really begin to collect. 'm a huge fan of plushies so those are what I am most interested in collecting. My absolute favorite pokemon is Raichu, always has been, but I also like Bulbasaur/ Ivysaur, Jolteon/ Vaporeon, Growlithe/ Arcanine, Cubone/ Marowak, Cranidos, Poochyena/ Mightyena, and Mijumaru. Anyway I've been holding off on buying anything until after my local anime convention, and for good reason click the cut to see all my wonderful gets! X3

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Rather Image heavy :)

thinkchip figures, pokedolls, and more!

It's auction/offers time again! Thinkchip figures, Pokedolls, and pop-out standee things from Peru! Neato! Click HERE or on the photos below for more information :D

I've also added new stuff to my sales post, including leftovers from my Brazilian phone card GB! I took new photos of nearly everything, and did some Kyogre/Celebi/Jirachi collection weeding. Check it out! I'd be happy to combine shipping with anything in my auctions C: (And feel free to make offers if my prices look too high!)

I was inspired by everyone rearranging their collections to be less cluttered, so I redid one of my shelves! :D
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Aaand finally, wants! Does anyone have a working Pokewalker from HG/SS that they aren't using anymore? Nintendo sells new ones for $10, so I'm hoping to grab a used-but-okay-condition one for maybe $5 plus shipping. Let me know, thanks! :D
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speedgamers AUCTION #1!

i apologise if this particular post isn't okay...i thought it might be okay, since it wasn't going to an ebay auction or anything. anyhoo!

TONIGHT the speedgamers are auctioning off two figures by Meeellla! TF2 Marill and Earthbound Gengar!
that's 7pm EST, midnight GMT, etc etc... check here for your time zone conversion!


and the bidwar for marill was nothing short of mind boggling. holy cow. if you didn't see it you MAJORLY missed out!

Here's How the Auction Works
- The timer is set for a given time (usually 5-10 minutes or so) for someone to donate. Then they're given a couple of minutes for the donations/comments to process. Chipin sometimes takes a bit to update.
- You donate a given amount for the item and leave in the comment that you're donating for that.
- If someone else donates more than you, they're the current winner.
- Your donations stack, so if you donate $5, and someone donates $10, you can make another donation for $6 and it will add to previous one for $11.
- Every time someone tops another bidder, the timer is reset.
- Even if you lose, ALL YOUR DONATIONS STILL GO TO THE CHARITY. This is crucial. You won't get your money back if you lose, so be ready to go big or go home.
- Things may seem kind of hectic and disorganized usually, but Britt himself keeps close tabs on the auctions. He runs it himself, so if little problems arise he can resort to unconventional methods to make sure everything's accurate. For example, last year ProtonJon texted Britt when his donations weren't updating in time. We know how important and big these are, so we're really on the ball. We don't do stunts or anything (other than play) while these are going on. IF YOUR BID DOESN'T SEEM TO GO THROUGH, USE THE CHAT TO ALERT THEM! or email comments@thespeedgamers.com OR tweet them (@thespeedgamers).
- If people want to pool their money or something, every individual person who donates HAS to state that their money goes towards one person's bid. (ie, i donate and in my comment say say "this is for denkimouse's bid!")

the zelda treecko and mass effect croagunk will be auctioned on wednesday!

in it to win it? head to the site!


Mini Sales :)

Hello guys! :)

Having another little weed. (Saving for a trip to NY!) Sales permission was granted a long time ago by lineaalba. (sp?)

Up for sale iiiiiss:
MWT 1:1 Emolga - $95 (postage will be a general flat rate of $20, however if you're somewhere like Australia I'll have to get you a quote)

Pokedolls - ALL ARE MWT.
Set of Lati Pokedolls - vending machine version. $18 each or $35 for pair.
Reshiram Pokedoll - $35
Scraggy Pokedoll - $18
Victini Pokedoll - $18


I also still have a ton of zukans - if anybody is looking for anything specific you can message me and ask what I have left. <3
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Offers reminder!

Hey guys, just a reminder that my offers end tonight at 10:00pm EST :U so get your offers in!
There's some pretty cool stuff in here including a minky vaporeon pokedoll (tag separate but included)

Take a look! (there's still a bunch of other stuff for sale, too!)

(click the 'banner' or here!)

The Sea

Flareon Canvas Plush LAST Auction Reminder! Ending in a few hours~

Canvas Flareon w/ tag: Bid starts at $50. Auction will end Sunday June 17th, at 10PM Pacific time.
http://firebomb.livejournal.com/244421.html?thread=1444549#t1444549 <--- direct link to the comment.
http://wwp.pacific-standard-time.com/ <--- This is what time it is right now where I live. It will end at 10PM my time.
GIANT COUNTER~ <--- A counter to help everything out. That's how much time is left. XDD

This is the final reminder for my Flareon Canvas plush auction~ Happy bidding everyone! It's ending in four hours so don't miss it! Thanks~


GA Status

Attention to all participants of this group auction:

It's been a bit over a week since this had ended I just thought I'd give you an update - as far as I know, we won with the BIN price, however right now it says that the invoice is still pending after waiting this long. Usually I'm invoiced much faster so I'm not sure what's going on.. the other part of the situation is that I bidded on a different auction from the same seller just two days ago and for some reason the bid was canceled.. it would be unfortunate if they do not sell to deputy services.

I'm really hoping we'll eventually get the figures we all wanted and I will be making another post once I have a better idea of what's going on.

Thanks to all my participants for being patient!
Espeon &amp; Umbreon

Collection Weeding Auctions Reminder!

Hi everyone, just a quick reminder to let you all know my collection weeding auctions end in less than 24 hours! A bunch of items are still at or near start prices, so check them out if you're interested in anything pictured below. The Espeon/Umbreon Zukan still has no bids at all, and there's even a rare Espeon Swing Keychain up for grabs!

Click here to go to the auctions!

Slashing two side collections

Hi Comm

So today I was looking at my collections, and decided I dont really want these two side collections anymore. First, I cant collect booster (flareon) because eeveelutions are too expensive to collect and way too competed to be honest, and that's unnecessary stress for me, and squirtle, as it doesnt shake my ground... much

I want to sell them as lots, so please dont ask me to break them, as there will always be a leftover that will occupy space I could use to expand my other collections

Please click the usual sales banner to go to sales and auctions ;)

Thanks :D