June 18th, 2012

star wars cial grimer CIALMER :V

speedgamers raffle for 30k!

i hate to say it, but i missed posting about the 25k auction! they passed 20 and 25 last night when i slept. i'm sorry! so here's the next one!

by now you already know the deal. the raffle is to raise money for ACT Today, which is a charity to help kids and families with autism get care and treatment they might otherwise not be able to afford. this means like, doctors bills, therapy, assistive technology, specialized schooling etc. it's a really good cause and the speedgamers are HALFWAY to their goal of 50k!

the raffle is just one of many insentives~

So what are the 30k prizes?

- a custom made gengar wallet!
- a shiny deino art cell!
- a MINT IN BOX copy of pokemon blue!

if you're interested in these prizes, a mere 10$ donation to charity will enter you into the raffle to win them! when the speedgamers hit their 30k mark, they'll raffle a winner who will then be contacted via email.

along with your 10$ donation you can also request they name a pokemon for you when they catch it! in the comment field, just let them know what pokemon/what name (also that you want to be in the raffle). and then hang out and watch! it's been really fun so far, they've been pranking eachother for donations and it's p hilarious.


Shake your Booties!

My local anime shop Too Cool, a chain in some of the Chicagoland area malls, has really upped the booties! >__<; They seem to only have tons of Jakks, and tons of bootleg Pokemon plush. They do carry other bootlegs too, like Heartless plushes, and derpy Nintendo knock-offs. It's getting worse though...

I was hoping to find at least one legit plush that wasn't a Jakks in the bunch, but sadly I think they may all be bootlegs. I took as many pics as I could, but I didn't want to get kicked out so I was in a rush. Sorry in advance for the blurry/out of focus pics!

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In other news I have to somehow rearrange my collection since I got a ton of Meowths recently! I'm thinking about selling my Invader Zim toys so I can use that shelf. The only problem is that means splitting up my collection. Right now I have it all on top of my computer desk, and the shelf is on the other side of the living room. I'll figure out something and make a spiffy new collection update soon!

Lastly, If you have any Reshirams you are selling I'd love to see them! I still am looking for a Reshy Pokedoll, tags can be detached.
&quot;Paper&quot; Style Kura Icon

Decor Meme

Last week I got some shell/beach themed pillow cases to use for the summer. Later on  I was looking at them and I noticed that water pokemon plushies would match with them well. So I decided to put my (Unofficial) DX Vaporeon and my Pokemon Center Oshawott on my bed to go with them:
I may put more guys on later. That being said, do any of you guys like to match your pokemon with your regular decor in your house/bedroom/wherever your pokemon stuff is?

If so,post pics! :3

And a Reminder: I still need someone to claim the Sewaddle charm in the GB I am trying to hold, click the link to read all the info about it:


Fire Type GA! Plush, Kids, Figures, Clearfiles and more!

Hey, everyone! Dinomuffinbot and I are teaming up to bring you a Fire Type Group Auction!

URGENT UPDATE ON THIS GA: PLEASE SEE http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12504095.html

Dinomuffinbot will be taking care of bidding and shipping, and I'll be taking care of threads and spreadsheets. I'll be claiming the Entei Pokedoll for $15.
Ready? Let's go!

RULES (provided by knoka. <3):
-NO backing down/deleting bids, negative feedback will be left! ):
-Any inquiries about shipping will be done on the questions/comments post. However since we may not know the exact sizes we might not be able to give an accurate quote.
-There will be TWO payments, one for the lot itself, and then shipping from dino to you~. Shipping is a bit expensive to dino, but it's not a Y!J lot, so yay for no middleman fee!
-Paypal ONLY! 
-Feedback HERE for Me: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/torrid_phoenix/
-Feedback HERE for dinomuffinbot: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/dinomuffinbot/
-Granted sales permission on 2 JUNE 2012 by entirelycliched For [info]torrid_phoenix
 -Granted sales permission granted 26 JAN 2012 by ]entirelycliched for http://dinomuffinbot.livejournal.com/
 -We will require payment within 46 hours of the GA claiming closing. Negatives will be left if no response nor payment.
 -Never bid EXPECTING discounts. Only bid what you are able!
 -Payment goes to Dino's paypal!
-Bidding will end on June, 24th at 6:00 PM PDT, Countdown is here:
 -Sniper no sniping!!

Please don't bid until all threads are up! All threads are up! Bid, bid, bid! <3

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Happy Monday, pkmncollectors~
Ive added a few here's and there's to my sales, and have relisted my Kids lot for much cheaper (about $20 less!) on ebay. Please check it out with the links below!

All purchases made from this sales post and the last sales post will be shipped later this week!

Click the picture to be taken to the ebay listing~

Thanks for looking <3

sales post + more Banpresto I <3 Eevee/Waza Museum figure claim slots now open!

Hello folks! Today I come with a small sales post featuring kids, MPCs, straps, retsuden stamps, flats, figures and more! This includes an auction for Tomy Bulbasaur and Venusaur NIB Battle Colosseum figures, which ends Thursday, 21 June, 10PM PDT. Click the banner or the picture to proceed.

Next line of business - due to recent events, I have decided to:

1) Open claims for people who are interested in buying entire sets of the 1st Wave Eeveelution keychains (Eevee, Leafeon, Umbreon, and Vaporeon). (Click here!)
2) I will only be entertaining singular requests for Leafeon and Eevee from the 1st Wave, but singular claims for the 2nd Wave (Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon and Glaceon) are still available.
3) Also, if there is sufficient interest in the 3rd Set Waza Museum Figures (Pansage, Pansear, Panpour and Excavalier), I may consider getting half a carton. (Click here!)

More details will follow once I know the quantities per item for each set. Thanks for reading, and I'd be back next with a post about my recent Y!J box. =D
articuno, pokemon

Card Sales!

Artikgato here, back from a long hiatus, with a bunch of cards to sell! I've got a bunch from Dark Explorers, LV X, Prime and full art cards, as well as a lot of reverse-holographics. I honestly don't remember which mod granted me sales permission, as it happened over four years ago! If nobody recognizes my name, it's because I randomly have lots of activity in spurts and then disappear into the internet for long periods of time. :)

Click on the banner below for my card sales. I welcome trades!

Also, I picked up this figure at a convention recently. It's a clear shiny Nidoking! And it's red, for some reason. I was wondering how rare these are? I'll probably be selling or auctioning this kid off with a few others pretty soon, but I have no idea how to price it.

Gets + Shiny Repaint + Sales Update

Phew. I think I all of my posts have been multipurpose posts lately. XD
Annyways, just wanted to show off some new gets that I'm really excited for, especially in the TCG department!

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That's it for the gets! Now, time for the repaint:

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As always, here's a reminder for my Sales Post~ I updated the TCG post, and shrank the images, so hopefully they won't make your computer explode this time. XD


Happy Klyde

Going on vacation/inactive

Hello pkmncollectors

Really sorry for being so darn inactive these days been kind of busy getting ready for our Japan trip starting next week on the 26th. Hoping the weather won't be bad during the visit. (Highly doubt it with the rain and hot weather..eh still worth it )
(not to mention haven't bought much stuff from the community cause been saving up to use most of my money there XD )

Minor update with an item under the "cut"

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Howdy com! Lovely Monday we're all having (or Tuesday! Or Sunday....? Time zones, man.)

I have a question for MAGGYO COLLECTORS:
I have the pass case, and gosh darn it IT'S MY FAVORITE THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.
I've been contemplating on getting a plush of the little fish! I need something to protect me at night with fish snuggles and faces of forever being confused.
I'm curious as to Maggyo plush recommendations! I've heard the pass case is nearly the size of the canvas, yet has much better quality. Snuggling a pass case would be strange though, haha.
Or the cushion perhaps....? Any critique on the material it's made out of?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

On a more random and less boring note:
ANYONE WATCHING THE NBA FINALS!? I KNOW I AM! (I live in Miami, so....GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Well, there's a player on the opposing team named Kevin Durant, and I just find it hilarious every time they scream 'AND DURANT HAS THE BALL .... THAT'S 2 FOULS ON DURANT.'

Durants can't play basketball! THEY HAVE NO HANDS! AND ARE CAVE DWELLERS.
(If the image is yours and you don't want it here, let me know and I'll take it down!)

Sales Post LIVE again finally - HUGE UPDATE!

Whee! I have finally spent so many hours updating my stock and sales post, it's finally back on LIVE AGAIN!

^- It feels great having sorted all these stuffs 8D.... now I NEED THEM GONE from my tiny room :'D
Yep.. that's almost 100 new images added!

Lots of plushes, zukans ( Yes I missed selling zukans ;-;) and loads of random stuffs for STRAIGHT SALE
And Pikachu 2006 Canvas, Umbreon Canvas, Charmander Mini Pokedoll, Eevee Friends plush, Charmander Friends Plush up for offers!

Please do read the rules carefully though. I know they are wordy but are important!

Note that S&H starts at $2 and does not include fees ($0.3 + 3.9%). I have had a lot of times when I charge the minimum shipping and get a "I am going to pass" reply after waiting for so long and it's getting really annoying :(


(Fake cut/ click the images above to SALE!!)