June 20th, 2012

Guess what?

As the title asks, guess what fellow pokemon lovers?

On Friday there will be an auction in my town. In that auction there is a few really neat pokemon items.
My dad took some pictures on his phone, so hopefully I can upload those here for you all to see.
From the photo and my dad's explanation, there was pokemon figures (I don't know if any are very rare or special).
There was also a line up of these thick, golden pokemon cards (that had pikachu, mewtwo, etc...on them)
This isn't the exact image of them, but this is what they all looked like:

Apparently they're pretty rare, so yeah...
Anyways, I might pop in on the auction and try to score some of these neat beauties.
If I win any of them, I might actually have an auction myself on here (once I get sales permission, of coarse!).
It may be alittle while before that ever happens, but I might! So please watch for it if you desire any of the items I have mentioned above! Although, I cannot gaurentee that I will sell them because I might fall inlove with them myself. Sorry if that is the case. None of them are really a big concern in my collection, but it would be neat to own them. Anyways, further updates will be given on this case maybe by Friday!
Stay tuned!
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Gen 4 time, boys and girls!

Okay, guys! Since there was so much interest in doing a Gen 4 GB for these badges, here you go!
Again, each badge will be $4.00 from the site to me, and $2.50 from me to you!

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Let's try to claim all these puppies this time!

Edit: Also check out my sales please! I still have a ton of old and rare TOMYs and a small lot of Eeveelution stuff. http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12475026.html

Edit again: all Kanto GB badges went out yesterday, with the exception of gengaar's Volcano badge! If anyone has seen gengaar about, please let me know. I'm still awaiting a response from them.
And again, jeez- gen 5 has shipped from the site!
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shipping update and wanted!

hey guys! Just a quick update:

If you bought anything from my sales/GB, I just managed to get mailers and boxes in, so I will be weighing up figures/plush I have middlemanned today and shipping out most of today and tomorrow! <3

I also have a sales update in the next few days or so :D

Also a quick wanted!

I am after any promo cards from this mcdonalds promotion!

I only need one of each card as I'm hoping to make a full set :D 
I am looking to pay $1-$2 per card and would prefer it if you have multiples! You must be able to ship to the UK as well <3

(also still after this akufkasf :c)

so just a quick post from me today; thanks for looking!

Anime Expo Meet Up Post! +a little want

Alright everyone! Only nine days until ANIME EXPO in Los Angeles!
That being said, I'd like everyone who is going or thinking about going to comment on this post!

Something like this format:

Days Attending: (Friday, Sat, Sun, or Monday)
Times Attending: (All day, half day, morning, afternoon, etc.)
Cosplay?: (y/n, who?)
Desirable Meet Up Location: (Any place)
Desirable Meet Up Time: (Any time)

And anything else you would like to mention!

So mine would be like this:
Days Attending: Friday the 29th
Times Attending: All day!
Cosplay: N
Location: I'm thinking at Compass Cafe, in the South Tower Lobby.
Time: Two O'clock!

Also, I'm thinking of some way that members of this community can distinguish each other. I'm thinking of making some sort of necklace tag with your favorite pokemon on it. (Mine, for instance, would be a large magikarp! Might make this and upload it later!)
But please offer other ideas! :D How would you like to show you are part of PKMNCollectors?

Unrelated to anything above, I have a quick want:
Octillery/remoraid/qwilfish/mantine zukan! Please let me know if you have one for sale!
Here's an image: http://www.zukanranger.com/images/zukan_zen2-8.jpg

Thanks all! Hope you can make it to Anime Expo!
u mad? maggyo

waza museum day!

guess what day it is!

waza museums finally happening day!!!

and i am just chuffed (is that a word?) that zebstrika was in the very first set, and i can show him off!! along with another little friend i just got :D

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you wanna see more? WELL they are in the boxes and not mine! so you'll have to be patient... :D

tomorrow: new MPCS!

don't forget:
an ebay lot!
B2W2 release day goods!
ichiban kuji prize reservations!

Sales and offers reminder! And Wants!

Hiya! Just a reminder that I am still taking offers on Pikachu 2006 Canvas, Charmander Mini Pokedoll, Eevee Friends plush, Charmander Friends Plush! I will be ending offers when interest dies down so everyone can bid fairly (:

And a lot of items still needing a new home! Take them away before they get put onto ebay as lots!

(Fake cut/ click the images above to SALES and OFFERS !!)


Wants/ Zukan Trades?

Also, I have posted these wants in a while so I am just wondering if someone might be selling these stuffs? I am willing to pay for them or if you prefer, I can trade with stuffs from my sales, if you are okay with sending items overseas ^^;

I am still in the search for the following zukans: Latios/ Latias (regular and movie one), Venasaur line and Flygon line zukan. I will prefer those with all the correct bases and nothing broken at least. I can cope with broken pegs though as I should be able to make pegs or take the pegs from my other zukans :P

^- I don't need Ash for the movie zukan ^^;
(Images from google search/ zukan rangers)

I am willing to trade some of personal zukan collection if you prefer trades, just let me know what you are after and I might have it (:


Hey everyone!

I'm new to this community. I've been waited for maybe two weeks to be accepted as a member and I am really excited that I am now a member!
I started to collect pokemon zukans recently and I've already got the dragonite line, Feraligatr line, Aerodactyl, Marowak line and Quagsire line!! I am now mainly in search of the Arcanine line, Garchomp line: )
That's it for now!
See you around guys!

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Collection Update (with a grail!!)

Hello comm! I've now officially moved down to Florida (not near enough to Epcot to go often) and I had been expecting a few packages in the mail from fellow community members, one of them containing my grail. After many, many weeks of searching, three years of wanting, and a few days of shipping, I am happy to say that among other plush, I now own my very own 1/1 Eevee.

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My first get post!

Yes indeed! Both of my packages arrived today! All I could do was giggle in delight until I opened them. (Which confused my mom greatly, as I was on the phone wit her when I checked the mailbox)

I didn't even hear the mailman come by! XD

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So there you go! My first get post. I'll be waiting until after SDCC to get some more Pokemerch(though I will be hunting for it while I'm there, mwahaha).

And on that note, will anyone here be going to San Diego Comic Con? I'll be going all five days, and I'd love to see some of you lovely people in person! :>

Metal figures and a trade?

For all who are asking/have been wondering-- I am the owner of the lot of 130 metal figures (from all different sets etc) that denkimouse opened on Ustream the other night (day for some of you lol)

YES, I WILL BE SELLING/AUCTIONING MOST OF THEM WHEN THEY GET HERE. There are only a handful that will not be for sale.
Off the top of my head, 4 have been claimed by a co-owner of the lot-- Marowak, Croagunk, Cubchoo, and Totodile.

I will pick which ones I want to keep when they arrive,

On a side note, In the lot was a TYPHLOSION metal figure. His flames were out/extinguished and he was in a pose similar to this:
(only with an ordinary typhlosion face, of course.)
I also got a Wailord, a Rayquaza, a Mightyena, A Flareon, A Professor Oak with Muk, An Arcanine, A Manectric, and a ton more (those are just the ones off the top of my head that I can think of that would be of any interest to most people)

the Typhlosion was gunmetal, this color here:

THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS INFORMATION: I am wondering if there is anyone in the community that has a FERALIGATR metal figure, ANY COLOR, that would be willing to trade it. I am willing to trade any of the ones listed and any of the others that were in my lot for it. Or pay for it, or a combination of the two, EITHER WAY.

There is a list of all of the figures I could remember in the lot HERE and if you go into that post, I remembered some others by the questions people asked.

Please, if you have any feraligatr metal figures and you are willing to trade them, let me know. I will have pictures of all of my figures when they arrive, right now I am currently just trying to find out if anyone has this and would be up for trading or selling it.

Thank you!


GA box opening.

Super Quick MPC is here! Got to me Monday, but was having a con coma and only finally awake today!

I decided to livestream the box opening for all those participating and interested in seeing the plush.

I'll be going live in 5 or so minutes at www.livestream.com/gettinfluzzy

Shipping totals will be posted by Friday and will include: shipping to SMJ in japan, Shipping to warehouse in the USA, shipping to me, and shipping to you!

Thank you all for coming! If you would like to watch, I recorded it and it can be found a little lower with my other saved streams. Enjoy! \o/


First Post Ever!! :D

So I waited for a while to be accepted into the community, and when I got the email, I was super happy! :D Then, I was absolutely terrified because I didn't know what/how to post anything... >< I don't have any pokedolls yet but I have one otw. c; I am anxiously awaiting my (told to be legit) Jolteon doll w/ tags (I assume that's good. o~o ? )So please don't shun me because I am a dork and totally new at this. I love electric & fire-type pokemon, and have loved all things Pokemon for as long as I can remember! My favorite pokemon are Jolktik, jolteon & Togepi. Togepi is kinda random... But anyways, I hope to make lots of new friends and collect cool stuffs! >:D Thank you!! ~(^_^)~
star wars cial grimer CIALMER :V

speedgamers auction #2!


but it's time for abouter SPEEDGAMERS AUCTION!

The Auctions begin TONIGHT at 6pm CENTRAL time!

that's a little less than a half an hour from now! 7pm EST, midnight GMT, etc etc... check here for your time zone conversion!

tonight's auction items are: Majora's Mask Treeko, Mass Effect Croagunk and Five Poison Pokemon Paintings In A Pack

the paintings are...by me ahaha. they're watercolour. i'm afraid of them not raising any money so PLEASE if you like poison types, bid on them! they come with frames, ready to hang.

links to the larger sizes here

Here's How the Auction Works
- The timer is set for a given time (usually 5-10 minutes or so) for someone to donate. Then they're given a couple of minutes for the donations/comments to process. Chipin sometimes takes a bit to update.
- You donate a given amount for the item and leave in the comment that you're donating for that.
- If someone else donates more than you, they're the current winner.
- Your donations stack, so if you donate $5, and someone donates $10, you can make another donation for $6 and it will add to previous one for $11.
- Every time someone tops another bidder, the timer is reset.
- Even if you lose, ALL YOUR DONATIONS STILL GO TO THE CHARITY. This is crucial. You won't get your money back if you lose, so be ready to go big or go home.
- Things may seem kind of hectic and disorganized usually, but Britt himself keeps close tabs on the auctions. He runs it himself, so if little problems arise he can resort to unconventional methods to make sure everything's accurate. For example, last year ProtonJon texted Britt when his donations weren't updating in time. We know how important and big these are, so we're really on the ball. We don't do stunts or anything (other than play) while these are going on. IF YOUR BID DOESN'T SEEM TO GO THROUGH, USE THE CHAT TO ALERT THEM! or email comments@thespeedgamers.com OR tweet them (@thespeedgamers).
- If people want to pool their money or something, every individual person who donates HAS to state that their money goes towards one person's bid. (ie, i donate and in my comment say say "this is for denkimouse's bid!")

in it to win it? head to the site!



EVERYTHING MUST GO - Final Reminder - Rare/Promotional Posters & Flats Sales!

This is the final reminder for these flats- I want everything gone! No reasonable offer will be refused!


Sales permission granted by denkimouse some time in 2009 XD

  • I ship from Australia. Please keep in mind that Australian postage costs are EXPENSIVE. International buyers, be prepared to pay around $5 for one or two posters, and between $8 and $15 for multiple.
  • I won’t take “postage is too high” as an excuse to back out of orders, if you are worried about postage costs, get a quote before you commit to buy.
  • When making an order, specify your COUNTRY if you’re overseas, or your state and postcode if you’re in Australia.
  • I trade in USD because that's what the majority of people use on here.
  • I am open to haggling but I reserve the right to refuse your offer. I'm more likely to give you a bigger discount if you buy a lot of things!
  • I can hold items for as long as you need, however if someone else is interested in it then I will only hold for 48 hours.
  • I will only trade for Moltres items on my want list, HERE

There are lots of freebies in this post, take as many as you want with any order! In your order, please specify the # of the item you want (there are a lot of similar posters so this saves any confusion). Most posters are creased to fold.

Warning: very image heavy!

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Thanks for looking! ^v^

reminder: auctions ending in less than 2 hours!!!

Just a quick reminder that my auctions are ending in less than 2 hours!!

Some items are at starting bids and some don't have any bids T^T there are a few cute items up for grabs like a Pokedoll towel, Pokebox charms & Pika charms!

Click on the pics or here to get to my auctions! ^^

Getting rid of excess~

Uhh yeah I was gonna post something else as well but I kinda forgot what it was about, but I'll edit it in once I remember x.x Otherwise this will just be to get rid of some extra things I've been  trying to sell for a while.

I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11

2011 Audino/Audino/Swanna/Litwick/Ducklett Christmas Charms 17$ shipped
2012 Bidoof/Bibarel Charms 10$ shipped

Grass/bug Type Focus clearfile 10$ shipped
Emolga Type Focus Plush Keychain 15$ shipped
Audino Christmas Train Plush 30$ shipped

If you have anything to ask, feel free to do so :3 There will be discounts if you purchase more than one item :D

[Main] Tauros

Last Auction Reminder + Question

1. My auction here ends Friday at 12pm (central). Tomorrow I'm allowing those interested to offer what they think is fair for the items that don't have bids. All of this stuff has to go so I can move out of state :(. Whatever isn't bought will be put up in a week of sales and eBay (GA.)

2. Now. Question. I'm going to be doing art sales once I'm settled in my new place. Would anyone be interested in custom Pokemon art? Of their favorites or OCs? I don't mean digital but actually drawn out, inked, then colored and mailed? Possibly painted? I know I've given art away in the past years with most of my sales but I don't know who all is still interested.. and, if so, what prices do sound good for what sizes?

Thanks! Happy bidding :).

Fire Type GA Update! Sad news. ):

Hi, everyone. Someone was kind enough to inform me that the lot for the GA I was running (pictured below) is owned by a banned member. ): Therefore, I am calling off this GA. I'd really rather not buy from a banned member because running a GA for the first time is hectic as it is, and I don't want to add any dishonest sellers into that mix. :/ I'm really sorry, everyone. While browsing eBay on my own, I did see some of the items that some of you had bid on in my GA listed individually from other various sellers. If you'd like for me to send you a link to that so that you won't be totally empty handed, please comment below, I'll be more than happy to do PM it to you. <3

Again, I'm truly sorry, but I'd like to err on the side of caution and not have any unnecessary complications, leading to Paypal disputes, arguments, etc.