June 27th, 2012



Just wanted to say Hello and that I am new to this community. I live in New York City and am at Nintendo World all the time to see what new Pokemon items they get in! I will post pictures of my lots when I get a chance. I am always down with trying to trade Pokedolls!

Shinx Pokedoll Want!

So I'm looking for a Shinx Pokedoll. I don't care if it has it's tags as long as it's in mint condition. Also it can be American or Japanese, both are fine. If anybody is eilling to sell one just tell me.

Has anybody bought anything from Linen and Dolls Inc (Amazon seller)? They are selling one but I can't tell if he is a bootleg or not. :S

New to collecting.

Hey guys, I'm Nigel (not my real name lol), a brand new member to this LiveJournal page. Some of you guys might know me as a Moderator on the Pokebeach.com forums.

I'm brand new to collecting and I only have 20-ish plushies. I'd say that so far, my 'rarest' plushies are an Oshawott and Snivy from the Black and White Mall Tour and a Banpresto UFO Catcher Oshawott.

In the TCG on the other hand, I have completed many sets in both English and Japanese. I've also obtained lots of success at tournaments all over. I'm leaving for the National Championships tonight, and after I sell a few Darkrai-EXs and Tornadus-EXs, I hope that I can buy quite a few of my plushie wants here.

Before I write anything else here, I think it would be best to post my wants. Please note though, that I'm willing to buy lots of plush as long as I can get them cheaply. I need an 'actual collection' before I can post any pictures of it. :]

This is the Banpresto UFO Catcher DX Floatzel. It happens to be my grail want, and I'm hoping to get it for a good price.

This is the Pokemon Time Campaign #3 giant Wailord plush. I've been looking for this one for a cheap price, which is pretty unlikely since the lowest I've seen is $99.

Stunfisk Campaign Pokemon Center Mat. These are also usually very expensive, and I'm also looking for a good price.

NEXT WANT: Floatzel Pokemon Kid. Show me an image of it first, I can't find one. XP

NEXT WANT: Marstomp DX UFO Plush. Can't find one of these, either. ^_^

Let me know what else you have, and I'll see what I'm interested in. :]
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blink mew luvs mewtwo, mew

Collection update/Want list/hope for colorado! *picture heavy!*

Hey there everyone. so saddly the house situation didn't work out so were still stuck in this annoyingly small apartment :(  So i reorganized all of our stuff, some things like the cards and such don't have places yet, but money is tight because of the fire in colorado.  A lot of my friends and family are affected by these fires and It might make many homeless.  So please think of all of us in colorado for a while, and on Tursday were doing a "vibe" "prayer" thing at 6:30pm.  To help mothernature make it rain.  thoughts from all over can converge!  Makes me wish pokemon were real, and we could use waterpoke's to put these fires out!

"Mew_luvs_Mewtwo used RAINDANCE"

now on to some want's lists. (only trading right now)  Willing to trade kids/other tomy's for these!

Want List!:::TOMYS::: not in any order, and since I have a ton of extra kids/tomys I would really love to trade! :D  I want them in good condition, no broken pieces and not to much suffs/marks/fading.  :D
Charmander, Caterpie with stand, Spearow and Fearow
, nindoqueen, nidoran boy, nidorinio,
vulpix, ninetails
zubat Golbat
Growlithe Arcanine
Abra Kadabra
Graveler, Golem
Ponyta, Rapidash
Magnemite, Magneton
Grimer, Muk
Gastly, Haunter, Gengar
Voltorb, Electrode
Rhyhorn, Rhydon
Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon

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Hikari and Eevee

10% Off Sale

Hey guys, I'm in need of some cash due to some unexpected things so I'm holding a quick sale on my sales journal :). If you make an order by June 30th you'll get 10% off. I've also lowered prices on a bunch of items. I plan to do a post office run on Friday so shipping should be quick, even for international orders :).

There are still tons of kid figures left plus some MPC plush, settei, zukan, cards, etc. Availability should be up to date.

Click here: http://samisales.livejournal.com/891.html

On a side note, does anyone know if Tirtouga got a pan sticker? I have trouble keeping track of sticker releases but haven't seen one yet.

Sticker help!

Howdy collectors!
I come today with a little bit of a conundrum:
(Pardon the crappy phone photo and my sneaky dog in the corner)
And I absolutely love it ldsfhlaskdflskdfh thank you so much heatrotomftw97

The package arrived sealed and perfectly intact, and I'm just SO EXCITED.
But upon opening it, I got........ a Terrakion sticker? I'M SO CONFUSED.
Does this usually happen, or is it just a production mistake? I was so excited for a Kyurem sticker, and not finding it was just a little disappointing :[

I have an afro buffalo kid MIP and it has it's own sticker, so I'm assuming it's not a regular thing to switch stickers? Please tell me if this has happened to you! 

Regardless, this Terrakion sticker is UP FOR TRADE. Will trade for a Kyurem OR Keldeo sticker :]
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Collection update

I've been a member here only for ~3 weeks but also been buying stuff like crazy, so I already have a reason to make a collection update. There's still quite many lovely items (including another dream plush of mine) on their way to me, so I'll probably make another next month or so. I just wanted to share my happiness with you, because yesterday I got my biggest dream ... well, you have to see under the cut, to see him. I didn't consider it as a grail, since it isn't as much rare as it's expensive. I just hoped one would pop up, before I had burned all my savings here. Luckily, one did.

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And for last I have a question: How many official shiny Kids there is? I'm not really dreaming collecting them anymore (they are way too expensive for me to actually collect), but I'm curious. Here's all I've seen: Absol, Beautifly, Blastoise, Blaziken, Bulbasaur, Buneary, Cacnea, Charmander, Charmeleon, Combusken, Corpish, Croagunk, Dustox, Electivire, Empoleon, Flygon, Glaceon, Infernape, Latias, Latios, Leafeon, Lotad, Magmortar, Marshtomp, Minun, Mudkip, Pachirisu, Piplup, Plusle, Rayquaza, Roselia, Salamence, Sceptile, Snorunt, Swampert, Taillow, Torchic (2), Torterra, Turtwig, Venusaur, Wailord and Wartortle. Is there a full list (preferably with pictures) of shiny kids somewhere? I would love to see it, if there is.

Got the list and also a permission to act as news anchor. :D So here we go!
Bandai has announced three new shiny Kids!

UFO spotted!

Hi guys! Previously, I thought that UFO catcher machines were exclusive to Japan. On a recent trip to San Francisco, however, I saw one! No, it wasn't the regular American claw game, this actually said "SEGA UFO" on it! I was really excited. I didn't get to look at it all that closely since I didn't want to freak out in front of my boyfriend, but I saw a lot of Sanrio (you know, Hello Kitty) merch in it. What I'm wondering is whether or not the Pokemon UFOs and MPCs may be in these UFO machines. I know that the MPCs are exclusive to UFO machines, but I thought UFO machines were exclusive to Japan! Have any of you guys ever seen UFO machines where you live? I guess I'm not too shocked since California has a rather high Japanese population. I'd really like to know if I can grab (pun intended!) some Pokemon merch, though!
Let me know what you've seen in UFO machines. I'd love to send my boyfriend and make him spend all of his money getting UFO catcher plush for me see if I could win some prizes next time I visit!

Thanks everyone!
Realistic White Kyurem

New PKMNCollector here! =)

Hi there! My name's Aina I live in Spain (for now xD) and I'm a newbie in this community!

I love Pokémon since I was little, my first Pokémon game was Pokémon Red Version, but I prefer to consider Gold Version as my first game, since I don't really remember Red Version because I was 5 years old when I played it >-<'
Unfortunately here in Spain Pokémon is considered a childish cartoon series and I was kind of get forced to hide my admiration for it (specially at School...) But now that I'm more independent I can do and like whatever I want! Yay! ;P

I'm a extremely picky collector of Pokémon Canvas plushes and Japanese Pokémon Center goodies in general. For now I only collect Japanese Versions, so I'm not interested in Amercian Versions. Also I'm a sucker for MINT condition items ;P

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Pokemon Driving Buddies + Collection Pics + Wants!

Hello community folk!
I was wondering if anybody else drives with pokemon collectibles in their car. I would be very interested to see your Pokemon Driving Buddies! And you don't need to have a car, show me your bike buddies, backpacking buddies, bus buddies ect. :)
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So its been a busy last couple of weeks, but I managed to find time organize my collection. I also got new shelves! Yay! So here are some pics.
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Finally, here are my current 2 wants. Please please sell them to me! Tags are preferred ^_^
My TCG wants will be posted soon. I am collecting all the english sets. So if you have your duplicates organized by sets and are ready to sell them, please let me know and I will remember to send you my spreadsheet want lists (when I complete them), Thanks for reading! <3

Just joined... and bootleg pokedoll help????

Hey everyone ^^ I just joined this wonderful community and I have already been buying =D I need more money for all you lovely folks! On a different note, I was wanting to collect the Eevee and Eevee evolution Pokedolls, but I am not sure where I can get legitimate dolls for a good price, help? I bought some cheapo dolls that I knew were fake, not caring at the time, but now I want to be a more serious collector! My siblings would love the booties I currently have. I do not currently have money to buy Pokedolls, but I would like to have something bookmarked for when I do.
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Fun with Sculpey

This is what happens when I find myself awake at 12:30 in the morning, but only if there is clay lying around. So yeeeeaaaaahhh I decided to try my hand at sculpting pokemon ^w^

Yeah there are lots of pictures btw

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Long time, no see + eBay Lots

Hi everyone!

Boy, it's been a while since I've been active on here. I've been very busy with college, and really lost a lot of time that i used to have..hence me being on an unexpected hiatus for a while. 

As much as I wish I could say I'm back here to buy some items, I can't. Life happens, and I unfortunately need to purge most of my collection (and leftover sales). I'm keeping the items that meant the most to me, but everything else has to go.

So, today I present you all with two large eBay lots - one full of figures/a couple plush/movies/other misc items, and one that consists only of cards...a LOT of cards XD

Lot one can be found HERE
Lot two can be found HERE

If either lot happens to get GA'd, I'd be more than happy to offer more details on the items I have up, and answer any questions.
I was granted Sales Permission on 8/4/11 by denkimouse, and my feedback can be found here.

Thanks guys - hopefully next time I come to post, I'll be back to add to my collection. Until then, I'll be lurking and checking up on all the awesome collection updates/new merch!

Gotta Catch 'Em All And So On

I'm a bad person... After years of being loyal to just one Pokemon I've *gasp* started a side collection. OH THE SHAME.

I think it was inevitable in a way- with so many amaze Pokemons out there I think it's hard to stay loyal to just one. Monogamy is too cruel a rule.

But just who was it who led me astray?...

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I have some questions too if you'll indulge me. I haven't got round to making a wants list yet as I'm sure it'd be hella long, so for now there are just a couple of items I'd like to get my hands on.

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Thanks all! <3
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Kitty wants YOU!... to buy some magnets

Another Ensky magnet set, another Ensky magnet set without Cottonees, another Ensky magnet set for sale. :'D

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Also I had some people who were interested in some charms a couple of months ago, DON'T WORRY I have not forgotten about you and will get in touch with you soon, I had a particularly horrible semester both on the school and home fronts so I didn't really have time to handle much selling/mailing/etc.
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Growly's Wants!

Collecting's been a little boring for me lately, because I have obtained so few new items! And most of those were flats. ^_^; I'd love it if you guys could help me with my biggest, burning wants. You know I'm willing to pay well for this stuff.

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And here are my biggest wants that aren't Growlithe/Arcanine related!
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So yeah, if you have any of these items, hit me up! I can offer payment with Paypal and/or trades for my custom work. My examples are at my DA: http://plushinator.deviantart.com

The rest of my wishlist is more minor (willing to wait for the right deal) and can be found here: http://s19.photobucket.com/albums/b181/thegreenmooseofdoom/2011%20Wishlist/?start=all

Thank you for looking!
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Quick Want Post!

Is anyone here selling these? I would like two of each. Please help!                                                                        
Cool Raikou~

Promise to come back + small sales

I've been away (but always lurking) for a long time because i've been lacking paypal balance, then my father's credit card can't make purchases in USD because the government doesn't want us to import stuff, then my commissions overwhelmed me a bit and I got off track. Everything's fine now, and though i still can't buy stuff, my commission waitlist is moving. (updates are regularly made on my furaffinity journal! same username)

I promise i'll be back by October for my second anniversary!

I think this is the first time i do actual "sales" here xD I've done auctions and sold commissions before, so weird!
If you're weary, feel free to check my feedback:

(link to older feedback with link to even older feedback available there)

Well, I guess you'll first want to see these two i need to get rid of:

Yup! Two custom pretty-much-1:1-scale Joltiks by me!
(my ancient iPhone hates yellow, it seems, IRL they're an electrifyingly shocking yellow)

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And this:

They're 56 beautiful postcards from 1999. I believe they were South America (if not Argentina) exclusives. You bought a pack of three and completed (or not) an album. Some of them depict gym leaders' teams (here you have Giovanni's, Misty's, Lt. Surge's...), some random pokémon by type, some show evolutionary lines or characters. I was looking for $100 for the complete lot. Last time i sold some these they easily sold for around $5 each so you could get them for reselling or something, as you'd be paying less than $2 for each, if my maths aren't failing.
Size is around 10x15cm
MOST OF THEM are in mint condition. Keep in mind some may be slightly yellowed with age, a couple of them have been played with. If you're concerned about one in particular (i'll update with a better picture tomorrow, i'm just measuring potential interest), feel free to ask for a better pic of it!


Are these bootlegs safe?

So I spotted these little guys on ebay for a very nominal price, and obviously they're fake. But they're also kind of charming, huh? I'd like to get them, but I am a little worried about the materials they're made of and if they could be potentially hazardous. The ebay listing says "high quality PVC", but I'd like to hear what you all have to say about it. Here are the figures:

Do you all have experience with bootleg figures? Are they typically made from safe materials? Thanks for your help!