June 28th, 2012

gets since my return

Hey everyone! After much contemplating and recovery from surgery, I've decided I should make a small gets post for all of you who have helped me out. Kinda like a big thank you post, haha. ^o^

So anyway, click the cut to see what I got.
(The pictures are terrible. -_-)

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Thanks for looking!

Mouth Foaming Guy

Summer Sales & Auctions! Part 1: Plush~

Hi everyone. It's sales time! I gotta earn some money before my vacation to Taiwan so I can spend more money! Really sorry about the instagram photos.. it's a much faster way to upload & resize them. :p

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sailor moon

Some questions and a Get Post!

So I've been window shopping on ebay and I came across this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'd love to own it someday but it's really pricey.. over 30 bucks. I do want it NIP though. Anyone have any idea of someone who sells these? I've googled but have come up pretty empty handed. I'm looking for that particular one but am interested in any from that series!

Also, I recently snagged a Pikachu figure with a marble NIP from ebay for two bucks! It was from the battle frontier series and came with the most adorable little marble of Pikachu! I'd love to track down more of those single packs too if anyone has any idea of where to find them! Or if anyone is selling any or plans to sell them someday ;) (i'm broke for the rest of June but my first check of July should be spend worthy)

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Plush Trade + Auction Payments Reminder

1. Still missing OKs and payments for my auction that closed last Friday! Be aware that I can't ship after Saturday so you will have to contact me before then. Please, please, let me know something!

2. Anyone want to do plush trades? There's a few I want to sell BUT, if I could trade, I'd rather do that since it's easier in the long run.. and I'm moving in 3 days, lol.

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my first shiny card.

So I bought 3 packs of dark explorer from Amazon and they arrived yesterday. I didn't expect to get and good pulls expect maybe one Holo but to my surprise I pulled my first Shiny pokemon card. I eeekk'd for a good few minutes. 

Ahhh here is that beauty.

Im glad I pulled Gardevoir. I used to use her in my old deck but have moved on to a more dragon type based deck. Can't to buy those packs. XD

Parfearie Sabi

Kids GA Payment 2

Sorry it took so long guys! D: I got busy all of a sudden after my last post -_-" Anyways, thank you Snow_Kitty for your generous offer! You are too sweet! (As I did use it to replace a kid)<3 Payments to dsmith42@students.towson.edu For others I took off the $2 from shipping because you didn't comment on the last post so again those missing kids:
Noraluvr: Poochyena
Snow_Kitty: Raichu 1 (if you prefer to send only .90 US/ 2.00 NON US please feel free to do so I'm leaving it up to you!)
Airinkitty: Nidoran Male

Anyways the second payment info is HERE please include a NOTE and make the title "USERNAME-Kid GA" then in the note please include: Username and what you won!

PLEASE comment once you've paid and everything will be Shipped out 29 June 2012, Friday (tomorrow) thanks!

Also a shoutout to ALLAMPHAROS I haven't really heard from you but your zukan was shipped!

Exciting Gets and 'American' Squirtle Pokedoll

Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying your summer vacations! This has been one of my most exciting updates in a while, since I was anticipating for things to arrive in the mail this week <3 I now own 108 Pokedolls and expecting the 109th to be here by the end of the month! So in the meantime these are my recent gets!

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I lost this Shimmery/Shiny Oversized/DX Pikadoll in the mail ;_; I got a refund, but now I'm determined to look for him. I doubt that I'll find one again in the price range I purchased him for, so I was wondering what is his average price range, and if anybody had one for sale. Thank you <3

Purchased! THANK YOU! <3

blink mew luvs mewtwo, mew

Auction TOMY and KIDS/Huge amount of ITEMS! OVER


Hello everyone, Seeing as I live in Colorado and many people have been affected by the fire I'm holding an auction where 25% of what I make in profit will go to help them. :D  I have TOMY's Plushies Kids and some Tissue Packets!  Tomy's start at only $1.00 Plushies at $1.25  Kids at $1.50!  I also have a link to my Sales page where i have many many stickers! along with some more expensive plush! :D  Please bid!

Mods please let me know if this isn't allowed. I'll just change it to a regular acution.  either way i'm donating to help colorado, but if i can't say so here then I'll remove that information :D
here's a teaser pic (this isn't even half of the items ^^'')

I have listed next to the pictures which page they are on! :D So hope this helps!

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Everything is up and i have lables by the pictures to which page it goes to! HAPPY BIDDING!
happy swadloon

Searching for Kanto metal charms!

I've decided to start collecting metal charms (this is where all my birthday money I accumulated over the years is going to - Pokemon stuff XD) and thought I'd start with Kanto. I'm hoping to kick-start my collection (and cut down on shipping costs) by buying a charm lot and then buying the rest individually to fill in the gaps. For this reason, I'd prefer not to buy individual lines at this time unless they're cheap, but I doubt anyone will want to let go of theirs for cheap. ^^

Bit of a long shot, but it can never hurt to try, I suppose.
Galvantula and Joltik

Tiny help! + Another Auctions and Sales!

Hello there! =D
First, the Nasija GA 3 is already on it's way to me! It should arrive to me Monday or Tuesday I believe, since European postage is pretty fast. As the other GA with plushies go, I have sent out 50% of the packages, and I will be sendin out the rest this week still!

Second, I got a beautiful box from Noppin today, and I have an item I need help with please!

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Now to another offers and new sales (last one for a while I believe)! I have gotten some nice and new big glow in dark Ensky magnets with the new Kyurems, some muskedeers, Audino and so on, otherwise, I still have some Retsuden stamps and other nice stuff that I have also lowered prices on! I am also putting up these cute plush dices and a grabby Mudkip up for offers!

Please take the time to read the rules before you decide to buy something!

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Thank you! =D

Incoming Newbiee! =)

Hi there PKMNCollectors!

I'm Kyra (actually, my name is Cristina, but I don't like it >.< so I prefer to be called either Kyra or Midnight, which are both my usual nicknames). I'm a Law student and on my last year, and even though I have been a Pokemon fan and collector for some time, it is only recently that I thought of sharing my hobby openly with other people. In fact, I joined because of my sister =P I only browsed anonimously up until now...

I'm from Spain, and still live there for now.

Along with the many other animes and mangas I liked since I was little, one of my most loved ones was (and still is) Pokemon. When I got my first Pokemon game (Pokemon Red Verdion) I barely knew what it was about, since here in Spain it was poorly advertised, and the series were not too popular yet. However, I still loved every second of it. My first favourite Pokemon was, of course, Charizard, and even though I have other favourites now, she (yes, my dear Charizard is a she) still has a reserved special spot in my heart.

At first I wasn't much of a collector (well, I did collect stickers and erasers of all kinds), but with time, I came across other things I loved and wanted to collect, like plushes. The main focus of my Pokemon collection is plushes, be it Pokedolls or Canvas Plushes, but I also collect charms and figures. However, I only collect stuff about Pokemon I truly love (I'm not saying the rest aren't good, it's just I prefer to focus on what I like MOST... after all, I'm not that rich and I'd rather save up for special stuff xD

About the stuff I do collect, I'm more interested in Japanese goodies than anything else, especially in the plushes' case. Also, I'm pretty picky about the condition of everything I get; I usually go for mint condition, and only sometimes near mint stuff.

I have been collecting a bit more actively lately, especially since the remake of one of my favourite Pokemon games; Pokemon Soulsilver (and I've got to say they did a really good job with it). Black and White were also great, but now I'm eagerly waiting for Black and White 2 to be released in Europe (I have been able to play a bit of the Japanese version, but I understand so little... xD).

So, as I said, my Pokemon collection focuses mainly on plushes, and sometimes charms and figures. I don't have too much space either, so I have to be a bit selective.

About the specific Pokemon I collect, my all-time favourite is Lucario, along with Riolu, followed closely by Mewtwo, the Eeveelutions and Shaymin (both forms). Other favourites are Zekrom and Reshiram, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, Lugia, the Zorua/Zoroark duo, the Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu trio, Kyogre, and some random others I find especially cute. As I said, Charizard is a special favourite of mine as well, but sadly I don't have but a Pokedoll (which is the cutest thing ever <3).

Here is my collection =)
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Anyway, thanks for reading this awfully long bunch of text (hope I haven't been too boring XD), and I hope to make lots of PkmnCollectors friends around here! Later! =D
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pokemon; dress-up espeon

k's auction and sales reminder!

Auction and Sales reminder!

I still have lots of items, including Eevee items, up for instant sale! I also have lots of auctions with mostly Eevee items. Auctions end 4 PM CST tomorrow! (I keep forgetting I set it to four, wow)

Auctions ongoing, current bids:
  • Original Eeveelution Zukan - $180
  • Gen 4 Eeveelution Zukan - no bids
  • Flareon Canvas Plush - no bids
  • Jolteon Canvas Plush - $90
  • Eevee Canvas Plush - no bids
  • Umbreon Canvas Plush - no bids
  • Round Umbreon Pokemon Center Charm - $22
  • Umbreon Pokemon Time Charm - $25
  • Classic Flareon Hang Charm - $41
  • Banpresto Glaceon UFO - no bids
  • Banpresto Laying Glaceon Beanie - $20
  • Glaceon Canvas Plush - $90
  • Glaceon TOMY Plush - $25
  • Glaceon Joint Palace - no bids
  • Glaceon Chupa - $46
  • Glaceon Retsuden - $20
  • Flareon Papercraft - $10
  • Flareon Minicot - $20
  • Flareon Jakks - $60
  • Flareon 151 Pokemon Badge - $20
  • Shiny Leafeon Kid - $46
  • Jolteon Friends Plush - $16
  • Jolteon Jakks - $40
  • Celebi PlushPlush (MWT) - $70

Thank you everyone who's bid so far. I was able to buy my gf's ticket without worry thanks to all of you!!!

Offers on various items

Hey guys. I decided that, maybe it would be best to weed some of my starters and legendaries. It'll be hard to let go of them, but I need room (and money!) for Reshiram. So I'll put up a list of things here, and see if anyone would like to make offers, though I may not sell if I don't feel it's the right price.

EDIT: I am adding pictures of some items and lots now. Please, just let me know what you want and what you offer. I hate to see these things go, but they need to.

So, here we go...
Squirtle candy dispenser (good condition, 'picks up' candy tablets, very cute) I dunno, around $10?
Blastoise TOMY around $8
Talking Prinplup plush around $10 (higher shipping)
Silver Typhlosion Hasbro (action figure, big) around $12
Chikorita Line TOMYs around $15 shipped for the set
Blaziken Action Figure (big, lights up and talks) around $9
Pignite McD figure $5 shipped
Cyndaquil ThinkChip around $7
Cyndaquil V-Trainer around $5
Silver Blaziken Hasbro around $6
D/P starters DS pouch $6.50 shipped

Giratina silver chou around $5
Groudon Hasbro around $9
Kyogre Hasbro around $8
Silver Groudon Hasbro around $10
Silver Kyogre Hasbro around $10
Rayquaza Hasbro around $9
Silver Rayquaza Hasbro around $10
Kyogre TFG around $6
Victini Bottlecap (choose black/white base) $7.50 shipped
Latias and Latios Jakks around $6 each or both for $18 shipped
Zorua Jakks $7.50 shipped
Zoroark McD figure $5 shipped
HUGE DX Darkrai Jakks around $20 shipped

Various TOMYs and things
Houndoom TOMY (good condition) around $10
Salamence Hasbro Action Figure around $10
Lapras Roller Stamp nothing below $10, preferred around $20(would easily do 18 shipped)
Vaporeon TOMY $10 shipped
Eevee TOMY around $10?
BROCK TOMY! around $20, slightly play-worn
UMBREON JAKKS! very reluctant, around $40 edit: picture under cut
Slowking TOMY around $7
Adding a cut here. I am selling off my Water collection, as well as my Starters and an UMBREON JAKKS.
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Under the cut is a list of things I'd accept in trades, since I'd just go buy them after this anyway...Please check it out, it's a big list so someone here must have something...

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Biggest want!
RESHIRAM POKEDOLL(I will literally give you *ANYTHING* FOR ONE.)

Also, news about my Badge GBs down here...
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The Two of Us

Chimecho and Chingling collection~

Another collection and wants post~ This one is about…

Chingling and Chimecho!

How can you not like these cute creatures? I love Chimecho the most but Chingling is probably very high on my list as well. Below I have a picture of the items I have as well as wants. I have a rather big want as it's my grail… I've only seen pictures of it a few times but if I could get my hands on it, I'd be the happiest collector in the world! I nearly got rid of this collection but in the end, I decided I just couldn't part with it. Chimes are the best!

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A MAJOR want… My grail!

http://i455.photobucket.com/albums/qq277/firebomb11/regen000dybr4.jpg <-- box that it comes in.
Chimecho Wind Chime!!! I don't know how to get ahold of it but if I could, I'd be willing to pay a pretty penny for it. I'd love to add it to my collection.

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I also of course collect Persian and certain Meowth merchandise. I'm getting together a small collection of Whimsicott as well. Currently, I have a Pokedoll and a Pokedoll keychain and that's all at the moment. :3

Thank you for looking! If you want to see the complete collection posts, please visit HERE. That'll take you right to my journal. Thanks again and enjoy~

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hat and plush commissions! plus drifloons!

Hello collectors! Just thought I would do a quick commission post for plush and hats. Plus I have some premade custom Drifloons for sale aswell~!

examples and such under the cut <3

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Finally, I have some custom Drifloons for sale!

I made 15 of them to use up the scraps of purple fleece i had~
They are $12 each shipped for the US, or $14 for outside the US.
OR BUY 2 FOR $20 (free shipping)
They are about 5 inches tall not ounting the feet (they fit in your hand)
i can make shinies upon request but they will be made to order and limited slots. c:

ALSO, to those who've bought from my sales the other week: i shipped most everything out yesterday besides fixtheacient's and rally's. they will go out tomorrow! I also still have plenty of things left. Click this pictures!
Happy Klyde

First Get @ Japan

Hi community
Tsutarjafan_18 here and currently in Japan right now
So I just got back from a nearby game arcade center and guess what I found the Waza Museum figurines. XDD

At first I had doubts that I wasn't going to win seeing I'm not really that good with these games but as always
the employees there is really nice so they moved all of them really close to the prize hole so I got the whole set. X33
Only used 600 yen for all of them, not too bad IMO XD

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Thanks for looking and hope to update again once I visit the PKMN Center..can't wait!! X33

Auction reminder and a couple of things

Hi all! Beware long post!

Just a reminder that my auction for 2011 charms/samurott pokedoll/whaillord poketime keychain/Tokyo Pikachu Pokemon center keychain and other goodies ends tomorrow night: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12517347.html#comments

In addition I am still selling Promotional Pokemon Conquest bookmarks which can be found here:

Also Sales plug: http://dtrain4eva.livejournal.com/2376.html
I am also still doing pickups for pokedolls at Nintendo World for those of you who are interested!

Last but not least I have this promotional Pokemon Conquest poster that I'm selling for $10. It is 17X11 IN
I have multiples of these posters.

Thank you!

some sales! slashed prices! <3

Hey everyone. (: Trying to do some collection weeding so that I can make room for a massive amount of Pokedolls! I've slashed prices from my first post, so please come and take a look! I have figures, plush, and TCG. <3

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OTL please take these away, my room is a mess.

Hopefully there will be a collection update soon! (:
Realistic White Kyurem

[Doubt] "My Pokémon Collection" Banpresto Plushes

Hey PkmnCollectors!

I would like to buy some "My Pokémon Collection" Banpresto plushes, but I don't know how the series work... I mean, those letters or numbers on their tags what kind of release order is that or what do they mean?

I'm pretty lost on this topic, so if someone could explain in detail how everything about this collection works, I'll be very grateful.

------> CLARIFIED! Thanks! <3
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(First Post xD) Buying a Pokemon Center Togekiss Pokedoll.

Hi, I'm new here (So I might not know much nice to be part of the Community) Anyhoo, I've been searching for a Pokemon Center Togekiss Pokedoll on eBay/Amazon (FYI I live in Australia so it's kinda hard for me) for about 3 Months now.. I can't seem to find any >;( I am currently building a Togellection so I'm trying to buy all the Rare ones first since they are the hardest. The next one on my list is a Pokemon Center Togekiss Pokedoll just wondering if you Peeps could help xD.

Edit: To be more specific I added (Pokemon Center Togekiss Pokedoll) Not the Banpresto one...

Another want~

Well that was quite fast! After I've gotten my last wants(although I decided to get the normal form Keldeo plush instead of the resolution one) I've come up with another one!

I'd really like to buy an Audino Pokedoll Keychain, but I'd prefer to not pay a lot if possible :3


I finally want to get rid of this lot >__< I'll be willing to let go of them for 20$ shipped for all those things combined(includes Bug/Grass clearfile, Emolga plush keychain and bidoof pokecen charm set), so don't miss this chance! I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11 by the way. :3 All gone thank you!

Back to school plush auctions and sales!!

Hello everyone!!

Long time no post. :3 It's been a while I know, but with my work schedule, upcoming wedding (in 2 weeks), commissions, and everything, things have been a tiny bit hectic. O_O

So I have decided to go back to school at the end of August, and am in need of some funds to move from Washington to Idaho and get situated while we (my fiance and I) both look for new jobs, since we have to give up our jobs to make the move. So sadly, I'm having to give up quite a large chunk of my side collections. And all of what I have for sale are plushies. Canvas and Pokedoll plushies to be exact (with a few Jakks, Banpresto, and a few others in there too). Please take a look at what I've got. :)

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And finally, I have a handful of auctions up on Ebay for three very rare eeveelution canvas plushies. You can view them at the following links:

Jolteon Canvas Plush Auction
Eevee Canvas Plush Auction
Flareon Canvas Plush Auction

Thanks for looking guys. :)