June 29th, 2012


Chibi Stampers GA Payment 2!

Okay, I've finally had time to sort the postage maths for this one. :)

Spreadsheet is here: Click meeee!
Payments are to elwoolley@blueyonder.co.uk

And just to liven things up, I am selling four TY Beanie Babies! MWT! - $10 Each

I have three Pikachus and one Oshawott left!

They can be combined with my general sales (kids, plush, weirdness): Clicks here

Zukan Group Auction #1

Hello Pkmncollectors,

Lately, I have gotten into collecting zukan, and I want to start obtaining some rare zukan through this group auction. There are some rare zukan, and I want others to be able to get the opportunity to share this lot with me. Anyways, there is three payments because I will be using noppin. The seller decried that some of the zukan might be a bit used. There is a description below from the seller himself. I will be claiming Altaria and Muk line for $40, and I am willing to go higher. 

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    Countdown Timer is in the link below



    [pkmn] pokefriends~!

    Teeny Tiny Auction reminder

    This is just a reminder to let you guys know that the puchi chara and keshimon figures auction I have up ends tonight at 10 pm CST. The auction includes some rare keshimon such as Magikarp, Growlithe, Vulpix, and Dragonite. If it interests you, please have a look!

    013 022
    Click here or the pictures to be transported to the auction!

    Also, for those of you involved with me and espie's Pose figure and Candy dice GB, we were able to get enough claims for one set of pose figures and two sets of dice! But there is one more Kyurem pose figure and dice #10 from the second set up for grabs if anyone wants to claim either of them. ^_^ If you would like to claim one of them, please comment here as espie is on vacation and might not be able to respond to the other post. I've received the invoices and I'm working on the spreadsheet as I type and I hope to have it up either tomorrow or Sunday. Thank you all! C:

    July Custom Plush Commissions Open

    Click the banner above to go to my shop or click on the pictures below for bigger examples.

    For more examples go here http://hottiehulio.deviantart.com

    Hey guys I wanted to go ahead an post my slots for July since I had some time on my schedual to work on some plushies XD. Last month I was swamped, but now I am ready to sew my little fingers off once more. Sales permission granted by Denkimouse Sept. 2010.

    FoW GA Update & Question Time!

    The Flock of Woobats GA lot has been shipped and should arrive next week Friday or Saturday! I will be weighing them and posting the payment 2 thread when I get it. Anything that can fit in a bubble mailer will be mailed that way. If your item(s) are too big I'll have to go with a box. All US packages will include delivery confirmation(no additional cost), but if you are outside the US and want to add tracking or insurance please let me know ahead of time so I can give you a shipping quote with those additional costs added in.

    Also, I'm still waiting for payment from sendaquil92! You were given 2 PMs, a comment in reply to your winning bid, and 48 hours to pay. If anyone knows where this person is, or how I can better contact them please shoot me a PM so I can get in touch. As per the auction rules negative feedback will be given if payment is not made within 48hrs... which is in 1.5 hours from now!


    QUESTION: Are you going to buy/play Black 2 or White 2, and why?
    I ask because I noticed that unlike B&W1, B&W2 has the White Kyurem on White, and Black Kyurem on Black... so that means If I played Black 1, I'll want to play White 2....right?
    Ruby and Mimi

    Figure GA Results

    First, I'd like to apologies for not waiting 24 hours since my last post, but I have been receiving a bunch of questions that I would like to clear up. I will be deleting the last entry I posted so it doesn't interfere with the 24 hour limit.

    Regarding this GA-

    I had accidentally wrote PM instead of AM on it, but did not notice until people started questioning why I froze replies. 
    I am really sorry for the confusion this has caused.

    Sadly, we have lost the auction. xxiiijamesiiixx had a limit on smj and the limit was sadly not increased in time for the end of the auction. 
    Thanks for everyone that participated though! I feel we did really well and raised a lot! I hope that all of you can eventually get what you are looking for, since I know some people had some grails in here. 

    Pokemon Black & White 2 NA & European Release Dates Announced!!

    Hello everyone! Just thought I'd share some exciting news I just got:

    Pokemon Black and White 2 release dates for NA and Europe have been announced!! =D

    Via a press release, Nintendo Europe has announced Pokemon B&W2 will release on Friday, October 12th, later this year. For North America, Nintendo of America announced that Pokemon B&W2 will be available on Sunday, October 7th.

    Along with both games, Pokemon Dream Radar will be available on the Nintendo eShop on the same day of their respective launches in both countries. Dream Radar allows Nintendo 3DS owners to catch Pokemon by using the N3DS camera with motion controls and augmented reality. Pokemon captured with the Dream Radar will be transferred into Pokemon B&W2.

    Source: http://mynintendonews.com/2012/06/28/pokemon-black-white-2-european-release-date-announced/

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    Wants Please!~

    Happy Friday everyone!

    In celebration of the end of another work week, I think it'd be nice to get me some plushies! Mmmm plushies.....  :}

    Can anybody help me find these? I am looking for the following plushies, MWT (ok if tag is a little damaged):

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    If anyone is looking to sell theirs or point me in their direction, please let me know! I would be eternally grateful and my eyes would look like this:

    Thank you!~ <3
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    Still looking for mismagius pokedoll~

    Got my birthday moneys so I'm still on the hunt, doesn't matter about tags, and I'm happy to buy or do trades/partial trades with someone who has great feedback.
    I have pokedolls, plush & charms I'd be willing to trade including things like lying pikachu charm, vaporeon etc.Just ask if you're looking for specific pokemons. 

    darkrai *

    Fantastic new gets and massive sales!

    Hello everyone! I've been waiting a couple weeks for some new items to arrive... Now that they're here I want to share them with you! See if you can guess what these items are from my sneaky little preview. ;D

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    So here's a meme: take a picture of you with your favorite merchandise! Be it big or little, give the community a 'real life' size comparison. :D

    Next item on the agenda: sales and auctions! I have way too many items for one post on the community so I made a separate entry on my journal. Please check it out! There are hundreds of items looking for a new home!

    Sales include TCG, t-shirts, clearfiles, stickers, figures, charms, plush, and much more!

    Click any of the pictures or this link to get there. ^_^

    One last thing- can anyone tell me what this card is? I can't figure out what the English equivalent is. :( I'm sorry for my lack of Japanese reading skill! D:  Thanks for all the help guys!

    FINAL REMINDER! LESS THAN 24 HRS LEFT ON AUCTIONS! MINT In Package Articuno Statue/2012 Espeon Charm

    Hello everyone!

    Just dropping by to let you all know that the auctions for the Mint in package Pokemon Plus Nobunaga's Ambition Articuno Statue and a Mint 2012 Espeon Charm will end tonight at midnight U.S. eastern time. Bids for for both items are still low, so if you are interested drop by and take a look. The link can be found below!


    Also, a link to my sales. =)


    Huge gets!!

    A while ago I managed to find two pokemon lots from ebay which contained Mystery Poke Pack figures that I didn't have. I was super happy and of course I was bidding when the auction time was ending. Believe me it was almost too exciting..! But I won both lots and now I can proudly show you what I got:
    Wohoooo NINE new figures! I can't believe I got so many and both lots almost at the same time from different sellers.
    Only missing 11 now...........
    officer hat croagunk

    Still here, wants, update soon!

    Hey there everyone! I'm still around, see?

    I saw this on SMJ:

    I have bad experiences with SMJ O.O" so i was wondering if anyone had it and is willing to sell it to me, i dont care/mind if it's MIP or not, I just... feel like i need it but don't want to spend 12094349134 dollars on it through SMJ.

    I'm about to make a large update soon when i get my giant SMJ package in the mail on Monday (which i paid like, 4x more than i thought i would be spending >.>" ) Believe me when i say i have MANY MANY Croagunks. Many. O_O
    If I dont make the update feel free to pester me until i do, the military takes a lot of my time ^ ^"

    Here is a non-boringizer, thank you fellows!



    Florida Supercon! + sales

    Hi everyone! As always I hope everyone is doing well.

    I'm just posting that I will be at Florida Supercon in Miami tomorrow and Sunday with a few friends of mine and I was wondering if any other comm members are going? I pretty much go to it every year and it's lots of fun. ^^

    I know danielsard2 is volunteering at the con and aburamechan is cosplaying there. <3

    Anyone else wanna maybe come and meet up? =3

    And have a sales link! You'll help me get some spending money for the con tomorrow. XD

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    LEGO Cuusoo: The Pokémon Project!

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a VERY long time. I've been collecting all sorts of vg merchandise (but mostly Pokémon :D). I also became addicted to a little gem of a game known as minecraft, which I recently started collecting merch from. While on jinx.com, (the official retailer for minecraft stuff) I saw a LEGO set of Minecraft! After pre
    ordering a couple sets (one to keep sealed and one to build), I looked up some more information on the set. It originated on a website called LEGO Cuusoo, which is sort of like a free kickstarter for LEGO sets. Being the huge Pokémon fan that I am, I looked for Pokemon sets to support, however, the majority of them did not look like what I would want to see from an official Pokémon LEGO set, so, I decided to create my own. (Warning: it is still in its earliest stage, so I'll keep you guys updated) 
    Anyway, here's the link:
    If you like it, then please support it. Thanks for your time!

    Dirty Bird Standoff! (plus other gets and questions)

    I have some recent gets I thought I would share, one in particular may be of interest to those who browse Ebay often or aren't concerned with bootie plushies.

    Collapse )

    Secondly, my Canvas collection is still continuing to grow. If you are familiar with cyritic, you know that they host pickups on a regular basis, most of which consists of classic Canvas plush. Ampharos was going to be the last I requested, even though I was still lacking Lapras. Well, during the last round of pickups there was a chance to win a free Canvas plush, and guess who won? :D Looks like I'll be getting my Lapras after all. I'll post a photo when it has arrived. :)

    Now, have you ever received an item that turned out to be much larger that you thought it was? I did.

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    And finally, question time! It's just a few simple ones.

    Do you prefer one type of figure over another - like Tomy MCs vs Kids? And if so, why? If you were going to collect figures of many Pokemon you like, which line would you use to start that collection?

    How do you clearfile collectors display your collection? I have recently started to get into them, mainly because my N clearfiles are soon going to need a lot of space to be displayed, so I was wondering if you all displayed them in a certain way or just kept them in a folder.

    Tomy keychains?

    Hey guys! Recently I acquired a Flareon tomy keychain and I've fallen for them. I was wondering that those of you who have any tomy keychains could take pictures of yours? Doesn't matter what pokemon I'd just like to see whats out there, any pictures will be appreciated :D (or any list of pokemon known to have keychains) Also I don't think he does but does Jolteon have one?
    Thanks and sorry for the short post
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    Hello all! I have returned with sales. I have added my entire Japanese LEGEND mirror card collection, including a mirror Donphan GREAT! :D
    It really pains me to get rid of these but I just need the money right now. :c

    As always I have a lot of Japanese TCG, English TCG, Pokedolls and a few other stuffs.

    Jakks Soft Foam PokeBalls

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I made a thread (besides on the FaceBook page). Anyways, is anyone else into collecting these babies? As far as I know, the only ones I still need are Net, Nest, and Quick (if anyone is selling those by chance...lemme know.). I know these are usually hard to find, so does anyone have any good triumph stories of finding these?

    When I first started collecting these, I searched all around a local Toys R Us to find them scattered around; really made it feel like a hunt. 

    So yeah, Jakks PokeBalls discussion.
    happy delcatty

    Sales time! And GA issue

    Regarding this GA:

    WE ARE DOWN TO ONLY ONE HOST (myself), meaning the shipping from me to you will be a little more money. I'm sorry about this! Please let me know if you need shipping info! Eevee will also be up for bidding as a result.

    In better news, sales! And offers! I have a Jolteon and friends memo pad, a Revival of Lugia full-sized binder and lots more!

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