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30 June 2012 @ 12:33 am

Wasn't sure if anyone wanted to GA this lot or not. I'll give a link to anyone interested.
Important info:
Lot contains a Moltres Zukan (no peg), a Psyduck Water Squirter, an Axew Boat toy launcher thing, Pencil toppers, a Nuzleaf Megablock and the rest are kids figures, Palkia is DX sized.
30 June 2012 @ 12:34 am
Hello all! C: I'm new. My name is Isabella, but I go by Bella. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon, ever since I don't even know when. I just recently got into the collecting of Pokemon plushes this year!

Just for a random fact, my favorite Pokemon is Houndoom. (I long to find a plush of him. Or Houndour. ._.

Right now I'm looking to buy a Suicune plush, so if you have one.. C: I typically stalk eBay for good deals on plushes, as well as locally on Craigslist. And now I have this place to search!

I heard about this site from the user, torrid_phoenix (Kia!). Yay~

I'm terrible at these introduction things so I'll stop there and post some pictures of my collection. C:

I'm sorry for the bad quality of these pictures, but it's all I have right now. ;_;

Again, my apologies for the terrible quality of pictures.

Ta-ta for now!
30 June 2012 @ 12:57 am

Ok guys, I am still awaiting payment from chihuahuaowner daskryuu and scarsofsunlight for the Superfast MPC GA!

Spreadsheet is here

I would also like to ask if anyone has this Gengar kid?

It is the LAST Gengar kid I need!
I really need to get some cat proof display stuff. I really want to show you all my wonderful ghosties, wails and joltiks. :3

30 June 2012 @ 02:15 am
G'day Comm.

Today I was thinking about zukans. My collection has grown quite a lot since I joined here. I was curios how many there were out there so i went to the Bulbapedia and Zukan Ranger and noticed they are missing some. This made me think more. How many zukans are out there that are not listed on the websites?

Some i can think of are the new BW movie sets, Clear Zorua/Zoroark. Some Lotto zukans, All i know are the Ho-oh, Lugia and Wailord. Were there more?

Son, what special edition or new/rare zukans are there out there? E.g: the Blockbuster 1/30 and 1/80 scales, Magazine releases,  etc.
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30 June 2012 @ 08:52 am
Hi guys, Im still lurking, but Im reallly REALLY after some things.
First off, my most recent grail - THE WAZA MUSUEM ZEBSTRIKA FIGURE. I am gutted about the whole donny9 issue and ban because I was on his preorder list to get one and have been waiting for months for their release, now I must wait longer v.v could you guys help me? Does anyone have one for sale or pickup? or doing a GB/A with them? I know youre all gonna just say try Noppin or Y!J but I really dont know how to use them v.v I NEED this figure in my life @.@ 
Thanks so much to gleameyesluxra for helping me in the right direction. Storm has been Ordered ^_^

Im after a few Blitzles too - the Tomy plush, the pokedoll and I think its a mascot plush? the tiny chibi one thats hard to find. If anyone can point me towards them that would be great.

finally two Rapidash things just so my collections are complete with my team - Rapidash TOMY figure and the new charms, ponyta included for the charms though.

I will have a Shinx and posters lot going on eBay soon, so look out for that. 
Also is anyone interested in Custom artwork? http://jesslyra.livejournal.com/56693.html These are pretty big and they look great!
30 June 2012 @ 09:37 am

There are many goods coming up for sale in July, and I know I will be asked to do lots of holds on things until it has all come out at the very end of the month. However, due to space restrictions, I will need to send certain things at certain times. Here is the lowdown. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY IF YOU ARE ORDERING POKEMON MATE ITEMS! Any questions about "can I get a hold on this" will simply be directed to this post.

please read if you are ordering pokemon mate itemsCollapse )

Please comment with any further questions.

For non-Pokemate customers, Movie goods/July 14th items will all be hitting Sunyshore next week! I can combine this week's charm orders with those items so just include a note if you want a hold. I can hold charms for an extremely long time, as they are so small, and there is only 4 sets as opposed to 400. Just mention in your order note if you want to hold them to combine with upcoming goods, Ichiban Kuji reserves, or other things. If you don't include a note they'll be shipped quite fast!

So as it has been stated: What's been added to Sunyshore for this week? CHARMS CHARMS CHARMS!! SOOO EXCITED :D

I have a few other good deals below.

three small salesCollapse )

Finally, a collection update. I would have included this with my other blackies, but it got a bit delayed in the mail! So here is BLACK KYUREM: THE ZUKAN!! Up next, Blackie the Zukan in Overdrive form!

For now:

I love Blackie!Collapse )

Thank you, my comrades!


Subway Master "Partners" prototype figures unveiled at WHF. Thank you AAPF for finding the image and waiting in line there. Big Sucky and Candleface confirmed for their Pokemon partners!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 June 2012 @ 10:59 am
I'm in need of some money lately, so I'm getting rid of my remaining two Flareon TFGs as well as some Pokedolls.

Thanks for Looking!Collapse )

30 June 2012 @ 01:28 pm
hey guys! another quick post from me <3

Thanks to all you guys, I now only need 3 more cards to complete the mcdonalds set! <3 they are scraggy, purrloin and dwebble. Anyone have them spare that they can sell me? <3 Looking to pay $1-$2 each :D

Also (now Im on the home stretch to completing my shining collection! :DDD SO EXCITED) I am now looking for crystal cards! I don't need them in reverse :) 

These are the ones I am missing:

<--------(ho-oh incoming!)

just let me know your price and we can work it out from there :D I also have plenty of cards and toys to trade, including some rare plush! <33 Thanks for reading <3333
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30 June 2012 @ 02:13 pm
Alrighty, I finally got the GA on Sunday from my parents and I just finished sorting and weighing everyone's items. So it's time for the final payment! If you didn't resend payment from the last post I made about this GA, then I've included your original total in with the shipping total. Thank you all of my participants for being so patient throughout this entire mess! <33~

Everyone can find their totals here: GA of Goodies Final Payment
*Poprock_Grey: I've included the stickers in your package like you wanted =0w0= They are very cute! If you need a clearer picture of them, let me know!

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please ask me here =0w0= Any payments I haven't paid yet, will be sent later this evening.
30 June 2012 @ 02:32 pm
A couple packages arrived today! I'm excited that my small collection is growing! Also I'm also not sure if I want to collect canvas plush, even though they are cute! 


Can you guess who it is?? See who it under the cut!

Who can it be???Collapse )

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30 June 2012 @ 02:48 pm
Hey everyone, I've been waiting a few months to finally receive everything, and now that I have I can't describe my happiness. Happiness that I shall share with the community

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Movie goods under the cut.Collapse )
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30 June 2012 @ 03:16 pm
This isn't everything that's on it's way but since I'm making a post I thought I'd include them. I actually got pretty lucky and I've got plans to buy my grail item next week when I get paid. The only item I've ever considered a grail, only seen it 2 or 3 times in pictures, once for sale on ebay and I get to buy it next week, so excited!! :D

A few items under the cutCollapse )

Okay it's not my first sales post exactly, but it's the first time I've sold something other than TCG and a few spare zukan :P
Link is here (it's over at my journal), there's kids, figures, and I'm taking offers on these roller stamps

Tits McGee
30 June 2012 @ 05:41 pm
I have some awesome stuff up for auction today! Come see :D


Rules and descriptions!Collapse )

More picsCollapse )

UpdatesCollapse )
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30 June 2012 @ 07:00 pm
Happy Saturday, pkmncollectors! (Hopefully you all aren't roasting like me...)
Here's your super friendly reminder that my auctions for these beautiful plush are ending in a little over 24 hours!
Everybody is mint with tags and ready to go home with you!

Click on their picture to be transported to the original post and don't miss your chance to cuddle with these cuties! 

Auctions officially end on July 1st at 10pm EST.

I've also lowered the prices on some of the unsold items in their sales post they're part of, so be sure to check out what's available while you're there!
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Fudogs Gonna Fu

Hey, everyone! Behold ye, my ~ awesome Multipurpose Post! ~



My sales have updated again! Big update! I have not 1, not 2, but 3 Jakks Flareons for straight sale! A whole lot of extra roller stamps and charms, a much sought after Flareon TFG AND the results of some collection weeding! So much stuff! Exclamation points, you guys!!

Also once again I will be offering FREE SHIPPING on purchases of 10+ items! This is to encourage people to buy a lot of things at once and get them out of my country (Australia) with its crappy postal system (so crappy) and to places where they can be cherished or ever resold more easily. Make sure you read the rules on the post and then go for it! :D

Guys, I see a lot of people posting about where to get these, especially since donny9's pickups were cancelled. They are available elsewhere! I have the first two sets preordered with one place - BiginJapan - and it came out to about $15 a piece. Shipped. I haven't received the first set yet though (shipped last week, can't wait aaah) so I can't recommend them yet but...just know that the waza figures are very much available elsewhere! Sometimes you just have to cast your net a little wider. I know lots of people don't want to go the deputy route but there are non-deputy options too!

More usefully to y'all right now though: WAZA MUSEUM SET #1 are currently available at Play-Asia for a steal. Just $10.50 each. I kind of wish I hadn't preordered, even though I got a good price... xD Go go, before they sell out!

So these are a personal want + query. Lately I am really into lapel pins - I wear one on my jacket lapel every day and change them up when I feel like it. So far I have Star Trek ones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, retro gaming, etc etc. But I don't have any pokemon ones! The only pokemon one I've seen thus far that I like is this pretty Halloween Pumpkin Pikachu one:

It is $25 before shipping at Pokevault which is a bit steep for me. Is anyone looking to sell for less? Is $25 actually reasonable...?

And: does anyone know of other classy pokemon lapel pins? Please post with info!

30 June 2012 @ 09:39 pm
Oh hai. Since you're already reading this... do you have the time for an


'Cause I SURE DO.

I've officially been a member of this community for a whole year as of the beginning of June derp! ♥ It feels weird that it's been so long already, but at the same time it feels like it's been a lot longer. It's pretty surprising for me that I haven't wavered in my interest for this place considering I usually fall out of things pretty quickly. Just goes to show the power of Pokemon!

But yes, that means this post is fairly large. But it's FULL to the brim with Politoeds so I highly recommend you stick it out! ;D ORIGINAL POKEFROG APPRECIATION TIME.

    Chapter 1: New mini gets!
    Chapter 2: A photostory unveiling my grail!
    Chapter 3: The story of my grail!
    Chapter 4: ALL THE POLITOEDSSS (aka before/after complete collection update)

Chapter 1Collapse )

Now, straight on to the photostory unveiling my grail. LET IT BEGIN.

Chapter 2 + 3Collapse )

Thanks for reading my long story about a simple series of events (if you somehow managed such a feat). XD Now, if it's of any interest to you, here are my big before and after photos of both my Politoed collection and my collection as a whole. :)

My First Year In Collecting comparisons, GO!
Chapter 4Collapse )

Lastly, if you have the time and the interest, take a look at the rest of the items I received in my teeny Y!J lot and help me identify if you can? I'll be looking to sell these when I get sales permission, so you can also express any interest now. C:
Click!Collapse )
All info under cut!

This involves...
aburamechan, andredebrito, barking_cat29, celebratetheday, ivysaurr, jujufox, kuee, mismagius, noraluvr58, oxymoronictonic, poketr, rhys107, rika_wulf, sakenichi, spasjoltik, threewodot and zombiecarousel

sakenichi - you still owe payment #1.

GA participants, totals below!Collapse )