July 1st, 2012

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Group buy!

I'm organizing this group buy! It's a BIN 20 figure set on eBay for $16.99 with free shipping. Which makes each figure 85 cents before fees/shipping. I'm going to BIN with my money and when they arrive, I will get both the purchase price from you and your shipping amount (I can ship international). To make it easier for me, please leave your location/zip with your claim so I can post the price shipped for you when they arrive. Claim as many as you want! There is a 2nd set available if there is enough people who want them! Seller is shipping from Hong Kong, I have checked and they are not on any bootie lists. I have the same silver Torterra figure and it looks just like the one pictured. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. Thanks!!

▲ I will be shipping from VA
▲ Sales permission from dakajojo 7|20|2011
▲ Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/3kame/
▲ You must pay for your claim or I will leave negative feedback
▲ I will still buy this if we don't fill all the claims, they'll sell at this price eventually!
▲ I reserve the right to not let people buy (if you are a banned member or otherwise a jerk) ^_^

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***UPDATE*** This set has been bought and the items will be on their way shortly. You can still make claims, thanks!! :D

I'm looking for this Nidoking kid... I have only seen it posted last year by lady_joan and on Y!J. I NEED IT!!!

wants, question, and semi-update

wants; moltres bellplush, ufo catcher, and burger king plush!

small update on a littleee part of my fire collection so far; moltres! dat good ol' fire bird and the original fire bird... but FIRST. i have a question for you all. 

is the 1st, 5th, and 6th plush the EXACT same plush or something? I found these all on pokeplushproject, and purchased "one" of them. when i flipped the little plush around, it looked the same as all three. so i'm a little confused. here's pictures of the one i have, including the tags:

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blink mew luvs mewtwo, mew

Auction for Colorado reminder!

Hey just posting to remind everyone about my huge auction going on!

There are Tomys still not bid on, most are still at the starting price of $1.00
No kids have been bid on! :D
lots of things still at starting price,
Click the Link!

Inculding an Eevee Tomy that is only at $1.00!!!! Here's some teaser pictures! There are over 100 items! please move these out so i can help my state survive the fires! <3

Thank you! :D

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San Diego Comic Con Pkmncollectors Meetup!

Hey everyone! There was quite a bit of interest on the last post about having a meetup during this year's San Diego Comic Con International. With the con quickly approaching (only.. 10 days now?), I thought this might be a great opportunity to see other collectors who are in town or the convention or just living in Southern California.
Right now, I'm thinking of holding the meetup on the late afternoon/night of Friday, July 13th. I will need to get a count of how many people are interested in going before I make any reservations, but in the meantime I'm completely open to ideas! Otherwise, I have a family friend in San Diego who offered to scout out resturants for us in the downtown area.
So please, if you're interested in a meetup in Downtown San Diego, con-goer or not, feel free to leave a post here and we'll go ahead and make further arrangements! :)
(I should be making a followup post in less than a week)
Thanks for reading!!

Edit (2:01 pm MST/PST): Having a meetup midday Sunday is also possible, if there's interest!

Looking For Unown

It's kind of sad actually :'3 I love Unown and yet there is next to nothing for me to collect (I have two pencil toppers and one kid....) Anyway, I was looking to see if there are any other Unown collectors here who would be kind enough to show me their collection so I could get an idea of whats out there. And also, if you have any Unow show them to me ^.^ I'll look at anything besides cards...

Thanks lovelies <3
Galvantula and Joltik

Rearrangement, Snivy line and Riolu collection update, want and Reminder!

Hello there!
Multipurpose post! It has been some time since I have shown my collection, so I thought, why not show two of my collections and how I have rearranged my plush on the upper bed (where I don't sleep)!

Here is a picture of how my plush pile looked like before rearranging:

It was an entire mess, plushies all over the bed...

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And now to my Snivy line collection update! Teeny show off:

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What makes me very happy, through PPP, I realized I own EVERY Riolu plush that was made, EXCEPT for one. This is my tiny want I have, and yes, it's the remaining Riolu plush I need!

PPP says it's a standing Jakks plush. Anybody who sells it, or wants to part with theirs? Do let me know what you think might be a good price for him. I was thinking on spending around 10$ on him, since Jakks plush go mostly for 7$ at stores...not sure though! I am also open to other offers!

And lastly a small reminder:

I still have these adorable plush dice and the Mudkip grabby up for offers until today, 10PM EST!
Please go here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12563981.html

Thank you so much for looking! =D

Otakon 2012 Pkmncollectors Meet-up

There's no set time just yet. I was thinking Saturday or Sunday (preferring Saturday). What times would be good for people? And I wish they'd put their schedule up already >:C

Anyway, YES!!!! OTAKON COLLECTOR MEET-UP! Right now, I just want a head count of who is going and if there's a time/day that works best for everyone. Possibly we can get dinner together as well or something!

So just let me know so we can get this party started...or rather planned.


SNAKES!!! I hope they make the final evols for McD toys next summer! Look at that awesome line <3
And I love how MPC Servine feels scale to Serperior pokedoll. Is there a tiny Snivy plush that's smaller than an MPC? I'd be interested in buying just so I can have complete Snakey line plushies! If not, I may have to either commission one or make one. Then again, considering that plush would have to be the size of the McD toy (2 inches or less)...

Anyway, yeah, I rambled there!

Thanks for reading everyone! I need to have a major collection update, but as usual, I'm always waiting on one more thing XD
Digi battle

Looking for Pokemon Mini games

Hi guys, new to the community. Been a big pokemon fan since the 90s and have been collecting toys and games ever since (28 now and will continue to love pokemon until I am old). With that being said I found my old Pokemon Mini system with a few games but was looking to see if any of you guys had pokemon mini games for sale. Mostly looking for the japanese games.

Looking for:

-Pokemon Race Mini
-Pokemon Tetris
-Pichu Bros Mini
-Togepi's Great Adventure

I live in the US, and can pay via paypal. If you are willing to sell any of those games reply back with the price you are asking. It does not need to be in box but please make sure it works :).

Thank you.
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New member, first post! Introduction to myself and my collection! ^^b

Hi everyone! I'm new to this community, and new to Live Journal so if things are off in this post, that's why... ^^;

As a fan of Pokemon since childhood, I remember the days that the first season aired on TV and playing the games. Good times. Now, I'm 22 and still a fan.

My favorite Pokemon of all time is actually hard for me to say. It's either Bulbasaur or Mew, followed by Snivy. That being the case, my main collections will focus on Bulbasaur (which I have nothing of currently, besides cards ;;) and Snivy (which I have stuff of. ^^) Mew may be a main collection as well, but if I'm correct, Mew stuff is harder to find, so that will be a sub collection (along with Dragonair, Nidoqueen, Misdreavus, and lots others...)

Now, to the collection itself!
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Shocking Revelations

An impending assassination from one of my best friends (cough torrid_phoenix cough) as well as the depravity of that pun in the title. Nevertheless...

Fate threw me a curve ball this past week. I wasn't even looking for this, but thanks to my friend, they alerted me to it immediately. I'm still stunned (urk, another pun) over it, in all honesty. But enough blathering, this is what blew my mind.


Yeeeeeah. I wasn't expecting it to show up for a good while, and, well, blammo - it did. Long story made short: I finally got that giant Raikou! I've included a few more photos of him inside the post as well as some bonus group shots of all the giants assembled to date. I hope that you guys enjoy 'em! :3

Sales! Goods looking for new homes!

Hello, everybody! Today I bring some sales with a variety of different goods. I am selling my Zorua/Zoroark collections since I believe they could find better places to reside. I have plush, figures, and a bunch of flats! Please come and take a look if it suits your fancy!

Click the banner!

Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your day!

Zukan Please!

Hi, posted before but its been a while since i last done this. Interested in the following zukan.

Sinnoh & Hoenn Starters
Legendary Dogs
Goldeen line
Pichu line
Spearow line
Shellder line
Ghastly line
Drowzee line
Legendary birds
Growlithe line
Krabby line
Hitmon line
Horsea line
Margikarp and Gyarados
Omanyte line
Kabuto line
Munchlax and Snorlax
Dratini line
Sentret line
Whismur line

If anyone had these for sale then please let me know. thanks a lot, ashley.
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Pillow Plush and other sales!

Trying to clear up some room in my house, so I finally got around to going through my storage and pulled out all the Pokemon Pillow Plush I had accumulated over the years. c: Hoping to find some good homes for them~ You can either click the preview image or the banner below to get to my sales.


waya wolf


Ok, So I bought a suicune pokedoll from Faderkid two weeks ago. They live in CA, so it should be here by now. What do I do? I have left them messages and even emailed them, but no reply. Does anyone have any info about Faderkid? They have good feedback, I just dont know what happened. 0-0

And to make this post less boring, here is my dark wolf collection update!

New member and collector!

Hello everybody, first i want to say i'm new to hardcore collecting and LiveJournal as well so please don't be mad at me if i do something wrong on this post. I'm also new to online transactions and all the shipping details so if anyone would be so kind to teach me i'd really appreciate it.

Like all of you here i absolutely love Pokemon, at first i didn't like the games until my friend told me to play his game for him while he was in the bathroom, i used his Nidorino to beat an Ekans and when i saw pokemon leveled up i fell in love and ran away to buy myself a GBC and Pokemon blue! Sadly my current collection is only based around the video games (some got stolen) and some 5th gen trading cards.

I'd like to share my humble and non impressive games collection first


Missing in action:
-Pokemon Leaf Green (Stolen by some random person...)
-Pokemon Battle Revoltuion (Stolen by some random person...)
-Pokemon Ruby (Stolen b y some random person...)
-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of Darkness (Stolen by some random person...)

I've always wanted tons of figurines to decorate my room while visitors look at them with interest and happyness! Sadly in my country (Peru) it's extremely hard to find them and they're often overpriced and damaged...

Anyways i'd like to start by collecting some Zukan or Tommy figurines of my favorite pokemon which would be:

-Totodile evo line
-Treecko line
-Bagon line

Looking to buy/ Wants

I had an urge to complete my Tomy collection.
I also have a side collection fir the Snivy line cause they're the best.
Here's some of the following that I still don't have.
Also, I'll pay a little more for my main wants.
Rares: Major wants
- generation 1 Tomy figures
- Generation 2
-Generation 3
- Generation 4

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Phew, glad that's done with.

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Dear Everyone, nearing the end of my journey :) almost last wants post

I have 38 37 36 metal figures to go!
Until I have the entire original 151!
I've almost reached my goal! (Eight months in so far)
19. Rattata 
21. Spearow 26. Raichu 30. Nidorina 31. Nidoqueen
33. Nidorino 38. Ninetails 41. Zubat 44. Gloom
45. Vileplume 50. Diglett 55. Golduck 57. Primeape
 64. Kadabra 65. Alakazam 69. Bellsprout
72. Tentacool 73. Tentacruel 78. Rapidash 80. Slowbro
84. Doduo 
85. Dodrio 104. Cubone
122. Mr. Mime 123. Scyther 126. Magmar 128. Tauros
130. Gyarados 134. Vaporeon 135. Flareon 136. Jolteon
138. Omanyte 139. Omastar 141. Kabutops 144. Articuno 148. Dragonair

Please let me know if anyone has any of these for sale :)

(ALSO!! Does anyone have a metal Relicanth/Feebas/Carnivine??)

Showing a piece from my brother:)


I got my brother a while back to make me a Mewtwo by using any medium.
It could be a painted/drawn Mewtwo picture, clay figure, stuffed soft plush or a carved figure.
He made me none of these but actually an awesome 'hard-paper' (paper/PVA glue) Mewtwo paper doll. This little paper doll has moveable arms and legs and can hang up (he hangs with my other custom Mewtwos). The paper doll Mewtwo is 5 1/2" tall.
My brother says he will make any Pokemon if anyone is interested in purchasing one:)
Just ask for a quote if interested!
IMG_2524 IMG_2525

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 IMG_2526  IMG_2527

Thank you!
[Pokemon] Quagsire
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(no subject)

It's Sunday, which means it's time for Pokemon Of the Week! Wish for your favorites and spin the wheel~ This week's pokemon of the week is...!

#365, Walrein!!! which includes his pre-evolutions, spheal and sealeo. :) Post your items and collection photos!

Eevee Reminder and NEW SALES! Collection weeding/moving sale

Just a reminder these end Tuesday!
Go here:



I also got all my sales done for now. Have like...10 things to add but I am worn out! @___@

All new stuff just a bout. I am weeding some of my collection and selling lot items :)

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