July 4th, 2012


kwis has wants

Not a long list either. I just randomly got obsessed with the idea of having all fire tomys! I WAS going to post a sales post tonight, but I just cannot find my camera (which keeps happening to me...) so hopefully that'll be up tomorrow night.

I NEED (like, desperately. oh so desperately.)

Torkoal Kid
Torkoal Tomy
Magcargo Tomy
Numel Tomy 
Camerupt Tomy

(nevermind... those two were never made :c)

I know they are hard to find, but if anyone is willing to sell them, I'll be willing to pay (a decent amount, too). :D

oh come on... you know you love fire slugs, camels, and tortoises :3
MSZ-006-3A Zeta Gundam "White Unicorn Ve

Seeking certain cards.

Hello again, fellow PKMNCollectors.

A few hours ago, i saw a picture picture of the Magmortar card from the Dragon Blade expansion - and this reminded me that i want it bad! I chose a box of Dragon Blast when they were released, so i had no chance of pulling it. So, according to the principle of Pokémon itself, i would like to trade to obtain cards not in my expansion. Oh! And while i am at it, i am searching for a few more cards.

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Thank you for reading.
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My current collection, and wants!

My Collection~
My giant shiny drifloon plushie! -made by me-
My hoarde of pikachu!
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Pokemon Kid Figures: Jesse, James, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Brock, Misty, Ash, Professor Oak, Gary

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Decision: I'm going to clear collecting all the bird kids and Zukans before anything else. (I don't know the price ranges of Zukans... can anyone inform me on what to expect?) I'm really interested in both. Please tell me if you have any, here is a list of the bird kids I know of. The final plan I shall stick to! (And fail) I don't have any flying, clear, or attack kids of any variation. only the originals of the ones crossed out. c:

Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Spearow, Fearow, Farfetche'd, Articuno, Zapdos, Hoothoot, Noctowl, Natu, Xatu, Murkrow, Honchkrow, Delibird, Skarmory, Ho-oh, Taillow, Swellow, Wingull, Pelipper, Swablu, Altaria, Starly, Staravia, Staraptor, Piplup, prinplup, Empoleon, Pidove, Tranquill, Unfezant M & F, Archen, Archeops,  Ducklett, Swanna, Rufflet, Braviary, Vullaby, Mandibuzz, Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken.

Doduo, Dodrio, And Psyduck arn't in the collection. Honestly, I really don't care for them. But thank you for reading this, Here is a kitty for you! <3


Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Summer 2012 Price Cuts on Kids/Zukans Sales!

Hey everyone! Considering that I have 50,000 mileage with the airline, I am going to Worlds 2012 in Hawaii! I do, however, have lots of merchandise lying around from the past year, so I want to convert that to cash so I can have money for worlds. As such, I decreased my prices and am offering it starting today. Here we go!


1. I ship on Saturdays, from California, USA.
2. Feedback is Here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/heatrotomftw97/
3. Sales Permission Granted By denkimouse in July 2009
4. Make sure you request that you want kids sent in box if you want them sent in box!
5. Prices do not include shipping; it will be calculated when you give me your ZIP code or country.

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Thanks for checking it out! If you find something you like, please tell me your ZIP code or country so I can give you a quote. You should get a reply within 12 hours. From my response, you have 24 hours to accept/decline or the quote is no longer valid.
atlantia zorua

Wants and little update!

Hey guys, I just wanted to send a thanks to all that have helped my Zorua collection grow over this past year. It's amazing and one of a kind. :3
I finally got one of my grails today in the mail: the smaller version of the Namco 13" (roughly) Zorua plush. He's adorable! And so grumpy sitting on my desk. D:
My other grail I received was the HUGE Cobalion plush from sunyshore. :3 Thanks Gin!
I will update with some photos in a few days time. :3 It'll be worth the wait I'm sure!

Some wants:
1:1 Namco Zorua plush (I can dream, right? I will pay an arm AND a leg for him)
The HUGE Koroto Manmaru Zorua plush
The Super DX Zorua Sparkly plush 10"
7" Banpresto minky Zorua
Also I NEED the Cobalion charm and Articuno charm. Can't believe I forgot to add them in here! Also Reshiram charms. :3

And a little question:
I store my plush on shelves and take each one down every week to dust. How do you keep your collection clean and dust-free? It's hard and time consuming! D:
colbert and his pokemon

WHEW!!!! Movie Theatre Goods and more!

I have added around 50 new items to Sunyshore last night. All are MOVIE RELEASE DAY GOODS!!

Check them all out here:

I will only be advertising upcoming stuff in this post, since for a limited time only you can get stuff that's already out from a little pickup placetohide is doing down below! Get it while you can! Mark's No Mark-up Pickups (c)!

What is coming out next? I am not going to list all of the movie theatre goods: INTERESTED PARTIES JUST CLICK HERE!

Some highlights...

But there is some other things!

AND card game goodies!!!

Please remember:
Leave a note if you want to combine with something!
You can combine this stuff with Ichiban Kuji claims and Payment 1 Pokemon Mate items (mugs and tote bags)!!
I kindly request no asking for holds to wait to combine with what is coming up later in July (list below). I only have a little bit of space which will be even more reduced with three PKMNcollectors staying at my house this July. I am sorry for any inconvenience ;_;

COMING UP IN MID-JULY TO SUNYSHORE PICKUPS EXTRAVAGANZA: New Pokedolls! New BW2 character clearfiles! New talky plush! Keldeo Plamo?! and Tomy MC movie sets! All these things! Can be combined with! Payment 2 Pokemon Mate items (can badges and metal fasteners)! Whoohooo!!!

AND TOMORROW I'M POSTING A BIG RAICHU COLLECTION UPDATE WHOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least three of the things are really exciting! The rest are only exciting in my own head!

Thanks comrades!
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Hey guys ~

I have been quiet for a while. I lost my laptop and internet didn't work properly!
Tried to look on my phone but it's too slow and small.
Good thing I got my laptop back and internet also works again so yay <3
Sorry if I forgot something, just pm me if so!

Of course I want to share my happiness with you!
I started looking for them in Oct. last year and slowly found out it isn't easy as I thought it would be!
But if I really want something I don't give up easily.
And it's good that I didn't give up 'cause now I have them in my bed and I take them with me everywhere (can't bare the fact if something happens to them)

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As last I'm gonna leave my wish list here!
If you ever see something, let me know <3

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

shark wants

Hello everyone! I've recently been very interested in Sharpedo, and decided to start a small collection of them. I am just starting with a small amount for now. So does anyone have these for sale?

- Sharpedo line zukan
- Sharpedo line metal figure

Any help would be very appreciated.^^
articuno, pokemon

Multipurpose post!

Today I've got a question and some kids figures up for auction.

First, the question: is anyone planning a meetup for Otakon at the end of the month?

Second, have some kids figures up for auction!

They all start at $2 each. Bid by responding to the appropriate reply below. The auction will end next wednesday, July 11th, at 10pm EST. I'll post a couple of reminders before the auction ends. Sales permission granted several years ago, I can't remember which mod it was.

Auctions over, winners notified! Thanks, everyone!
Mew Escaping

Meetup, Questions, Gets, and Siblings!

So first off, since I want to do this every year, let's give a meetup another go!


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Of course I also made sure to stop by McDonalds for the Poke-promo! This time I really only wanted Servine, and I managed to get one. :D Then my little brother, who is getting more into Pokemon, got a Servine for himself and one for me when he went to McDonalds, because he knew I wanted one and didn't know I got it!

Snivy line McDonalds toys photo SanivyMcDline.jpg
Check out our combined army of Servine! My McDonalds Snivy wanted to join in the family photo, too! ^^

My lil bro also went on to get one of the Pokemon card tins! He bought it crazy overpriced, but he's happy with it. :>
Victini! The bottlecap figures are too pretty!

He also opened all the booster packs in the tin with me, that was the first time in years I experienced the fun of opening those, haha.

And he pulled 2/3 musketeers! Jeez! I've only ever pulled two legendary cards in my life! Though the holo cards were all bent - they didn't used to be, how weird. o.o

It's really fun having a sibling who's into Pokemon again! My sister grew out of it when the initial fad faded away, but I remained a devout fan, and my little brother went through phases of finding it cool. Now he has a 3DS and HeartGold, so we'll see how long he likes it for, since he's gone through phases with lots of toy lines.

Lastly, something kind of exciting but scary! I went to our local Chinatown with my friend the other day, and found a shop that sold Pokemon plush! There was an odd mix, from an Espeon Pokedoll to Raichu canvas to Celebi Banpresto to a little Spinda. My friend loves Raichu, but I whispered to her that it was probably bootleg. But I'm not sure!

Each plush was individually wrapped in plastic and the baggies were all tied together. They wouldn't let us take any out because "it would ruin the fur," so I couldn't check the material. I remember the Espeon looked too small for a Pokedoll, but I really couldn't confirm anything. My friend doesn't care about bootlegs, but I want legit dolls. I may still buy the tiny Spinda for a friend. I don't see it listed on the PPP, so I'm not sure what the deal is there.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for ways to check if the plush are bootlegs without being able to take them out of the plastic wrap?



Reminder post!

Hey guys! This is a reminder for my sales/offers here http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12568417.html
These include lots of Kanto starters, various old (and rare) figures, and an Umbreon Jakks, minty fresh though out of box, as seen below!

*Note: the price for him on my previous post was $40, but feel free to offer lower though not below $25 please!

Please leave a comment with your offer on the post in the link above! :D
If you have any questions, you can comment below. ^^
Pokemon- Giratina Pokedoll Pile

(no subject)

Banner art by meuniere

Updated my sales a bit, highlights include lowered prices on 90% of the stuff as well as the addition of some Giratina Pokedolls~

Also seriously someone please buy the Croconaw pillow 8C It's become an in-joke with my friends and I that I am never going to be able to sell it skdfjhsdkjfhs
And I suppose that the two are so similar that all it would take is adding an extra tooth to turn it into a Feraligatr pillow which I'd be glad to do at no extra charge if someone wanted me to c:

Looking for another US middleman!

So once again I've found an item on e-bay I would like to add to my collection... but they won't ship to Europe :( So now I'm looking for someone in the US with sales permission who can middleman for me. I can pay you $20 as comission. I'll buy the item myself but then I'll ship it to your adress, so you can mail it to me.

Would you like to help? Post below!

EDIT: Transaction made - thanks everyone :)
blink mew luvs mewtwo, mew

Happy fourth, just a friendly auction reminder!


Click that link to head over to my auctions, I have a ton of old tomy's in decent to good condition up for auction, a lot still don't have BIDS!
no kids have bids yet!

I'm donating 25% of what I make in this auction to The red cross- colorado devision to help those that have been affected/ working to stop the fires.  So since everything has started out so cheep it's your time to grab some older tomy's!   a lot of the more popular ones are still at starting bids!  Heres some teaser pictures.

There are more Tomys, over 100 i believe. So one help colorado out, two help me out too, they are taking up our limited space!

Other news, If anyone else in colorado is going to the con, if you would like to be in a pokemon group cosplay let me know! :D
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It's the 4th of July here in the States.... WHICH MEANS IT'S ALSO MY BIRTHDAY YAYYYY
And I just transferred into the university of my choice as a political science major. And birthday is on Independence Day. As a political science major. So when I graduate THE WORLD WILL IMPLODE OF COINCIDENTALNESS.

My roomate knows of my Pokemon obsession, so for my birthday she got me THIS PANSAGE DOLL FASLDKFHASDF
Stock photo yeah!
I just had to expose my new addition because MAN, I'm not a huge Pansage fan but the cuteness of this doll completely changed my outlook on the monkey.
and me yayyyy