July 5th, 2012

Pokemon I

Piggies, Ponies, Broccoli Monkeys, and PLUSH

It's time for New Keldeo things, Dialga, Pansage, and Tepig collection viewing whatever. And also the plush I've obtained over the years. So prepare for a lot of images and stupid commentary ahead, sorry.

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► On a sorta OOC note, I may have some cool Keldeo stuff, but I don't actually have one on my Black game. If anyone has an extra, I don't suppose you could trade me? ;~;

●●► Other Collection Post! ~ Mostly Emolga, Deer, figures, and Bugs. :O Thanks for looking~
Conspiracy - Wynauts Ruin My Day

Epcot Pick-Up || Last Call... and other things!

Hey there! I've got some business to take care of before I head off to Florida this weekend! Strangely, it's all Pick-Up related...!

First off, thanks so much for those in my Epcot Pick-Up for the quick payments! I really appreciate it! Also, thanks so much for your tips and words of support - I mean a lot! Sorry it took so long for me to finally post this - with the East Coast power outage last weekend, my lappy being a pain in the tush with its BSODing and black screens, and my hands being busy on completing Guardian Signs [OMG is there any Ranger merch out there? I now want some. ...No really, I do.] - but I had to tell you all thanks!

Secondly...To rodry99: I have yet to receive payment from you for the pick-up! I'll be nice - since this is my first pick-up and all - so I'll extend the deadline, in case there's some reason why you're unable to contact me. Please check this post for the spreadsheet and directions for payment! I can only give you until July 11 [Wednesday - the day before the pick-up] to send your payment so I can get your pokedolls or else I will leave negative feedback! If anyone knows him(?), please pass this message on! Thanks!

Thirdly, I'll be sure to update you all in a post next Thursday [7/12] and/or Friday [7/13] when I do both of my pick-ups runs. In case you're wondering, it'll be two runs - the first will be for all plush, including the rarer/limited quantity pokedolls, and the second will be a second try on rare ones [if necessary], a backup run [for those that are unavailable and asked for as backups], and for my own personal gets.

I will be taking pictures so you can see what your plush gets look like!

And lastly: to anyone that needs to contact me during this upcoming week, I will be able to get online at least once or twice a day at the least, so send me a PM or a comment to this post if you need a payment or feedback from me! I'll be back next Saturday [7/14], but those involved in my Pick-Up should expect to see shipping quotes sometime after that; refunds, if I need to, will be done during next weekend, but I should let you know in advance if something's not available.

...And maybe I'll have an updated stock list for those interested in knowing the current Epcot stock for all Pokemon merch~

Okay, that's finally it! Thanks for reading!

- Juuchan [bandanna_boy_17]

Does anyone know where I can get a large poke ball beach ball?

I really want a poke ball beach ball, and I am not really particular about WHICH kind of poke ball it is, but I like Poke ball, Great ball, Master ball, Dive ball, Net ball.

I have seen these poke ball beach balls:
Poke Ball:
Great Ball:
Master Ball:

But their diameter is merely 9.5 inches, and that is just TINY! I want a big beach ball that I can be awesome with =D but I will probably get the smaller ones too, does anyone know if there are cheaper listings than those? THANKS SO MUCH!!!
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Auction Reminder

This is just a reminder that my Pokedoll and plush auctions will be ending tonight at 10pm PST, so get your bids in soon. There's still many that do not have bids, and those that do not I'd be willing to take offers on until the end of the auction. Even if they are lower than their starting price. These need to go! :)

Thank guys!
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emmet and sucky hug!



i have many many new things, but only maybe three are exciting to anyone but me. still!!!

the exciting ones are exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

A PREVIEW!!! please reload before reading through the post BTW! i upload over old URLs all the time.

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now... visit my
>>>WANTED LIST!!!<<<

which has been updated. mostly i would love to shift some of this stuff off as it has been there FORREEEVVVEERRRR. if you have any DO let me know.

yes...the luxray pog is on there... and i also have some extremely rare raichus i would trade for other extremely rare raichus. check it all out there!

as per usual, you can check out my entire raichu collection right here.

aaaand i have got all that crazy movie stuff for sale still!

thank you for reading, citizens!
houndoom and slowpoke

Crochet Plush Commissions- Now Open!

Hello there, my lovely comm! Is everyone having a fantastic summer? <3 (And I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July yesterday!)

I've got some free time on my hands this summer, as well as a need to save some money for upcoming conventions and cosplay, so how about some crochet plushies? :3

My crochet plush commissions are now open once again! We'll go for three slots at this time, and as always, its first-come, first-served. (In the event my slots fill up, I may open a waitlist.) Please click the banner above to see my commission thread, with all the information on how to order and all that good stuff. :3 I'll only accept commission requests from that thread, not this one. <3 Please be sure to read all the rules and guidelines!

(Also, feel free to check out more examples of my work over on deviantart.)

Prices range from $45-60 and vary according to the complexity of the Pokemon (ex, Voltorb would be a lot cheaper than, say, Reshiram, lol). $15 is needed upfront to reserve the slot and pay for materials; shipping charges are determined at the end, and I DO ship internationally. Please don't hesitate to ask me for a quote for a certain plush! :D

Thanks for looking, and continue to have a fantastic summer! :3

Shipping notice + Terrakion goodness!

Good afternoon, fellow collectors! I have two announcements.

To those that have purchased from me: I have all of your packages ready, and they will be sent out tomorrow. I am terribly sorry for the delays in shipping, but everything will be on its way very soon. Thanks so much for your patience! 

I have also added a few items to my sales, so please take a look if you'd like! Click the banner to go to the post.

Now, to make this post a bit more exciting, I have a collection update! 
I had some lovely parcels arrive within the past few weeks! You can assume of whom all of them consisted...

Please be warned that the images below the cut are very large!
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sales update time + 2-day tcg sale!

Alright, updated some stuff to my sales! More cards, bottlecaps, and a TON of manga! I also dropped prices everywhere around the shop :)

I will also be having a 2-day sale. This is sort of a trial just to see how it goes, I may do them more often, or keep it as a permanent sale. Something to try to clear out a bunch of cards at least^^ I have... tons currently^^ Anyways, until July 8th at midnight, I will try out this sale.

-Buy 4 commons, get 1 free
-Buy 2 uncommons, get 1 free

And it can be stacked as many times as you want (buy 8 commons, get 2 free, and buy 4 uncommons, get 2 free, and so on...)
Thought I'd try it out to try and clearance these >_>

Either way, come check it out^^

Quick Aipom Takara Tomy plush sale + Reshiram Amazon question

Hi community, I hope everyone is doing well. <3.
I hope this post isn't too boring! I'll be posting some new gets in a few days, and they are quite lovely :). 
First, since I could not contact cluw to get them to pay for the second payment of the pichu & friends GA, I'm offering him here to the community. He's only 20$ shipped including all fees. Only to the US only please! I'll haggle, just because I don't really know what he goes for. I have him all packaged and ready to go to a new home, and will ship him tomorrow if someone buys him today! 

He is super soft, (I believe made out of minky) and has all his tags and it's like brand new, I can't see anything wrong with him! He is about a foot tall from the bottom to the top of his little fur thingy on it's head.

Also, is the Reshiram DX pokedoll on Amazon legit?
Reshiram Pokedoll
I am thinking of getting one, but I think I see a bootleg on eBay. I'm not sure, I don't even think they made bootlegs of his pokedoll. Anyways I just want to make sure he is legit before I spend 50 dollars on him :). 

Thank you so much <3. 

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San Diego Comic Con Pkmncollectors Meetup reminder!

Hey everyone!! Before I head off to make plans and reservations, I would like to make sure everyone's aware that this meetup is open to all pkmncollectors that will be in the San Diego Area on Friday, July 13th. So far, the only thing I've thought of is going out to dinner after most panels at the convention are over..but I'm completely open to suggestions as well as restaurant recommendations in the downtown area. 
A few people have shown interest in having a meetup Saturday as well. Unfortunately, the nighttime will be difficult for me as I'm spending time with a friend.. but maybe a few of us could get together for a little while during the convention on Saturday! (Hey, it's an idea!)

Otherwise, here is the current list of interested members as of my last post: lucklessprince, tsuki_no_eifie, natsu_neko, slothyshroom, chickadee115, euripus, (maybe)

Please just leave a comment if you'd be interested in joining in on this bonanza, and I'll happily add you to the list!! I'll hopefully be making a reservation within the next two days :)

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for a followup post right before the convention!!

EDIT 7/11/12 8:54 AM PST: Sorry for the lack of update guys! I got in contact with a restaurant that does take reservations (you'd be surprised by how many that don't!), and will be hearing back from them around 10:30 am. Just know for now that it will probably be around 7 PM hopefully at Sammy's Woodfire Pizza in the Gaslight district. Feel free to bring along a little pokemon travel buddy (I'll be carrying one of my canvas plush) or any pokemon games of your choosing. It'll be fun!
Keep an eye out for an update later today!
Eevee Collection


Hi guys, just a quick wanted list! Does anyone have:

Eevee Pokédoll, Vaporeon Kid, Jolteon Kid, Espeon Kid, Jolteon clear file, Glaceon clear file

Also, I'm really sorry for the shipping delay for anyone who has purchased from me recently. Things have been hectic here with tornado watches and power outages but everyone's stuff is packed up and will be mailed out ASAP!

One last thing. Is anyone going to do pickups for the big I <3 Eevee plush or the August set of Kids with Zoroark in it yet?



Anyone has any 9-pocket portfolios they wish to get rid of? I currently have quite a few but looking for more... I would like to find the 9-pocket Power Keepers one but I let one slip away 2 weeks ago.. bah.
Portfoilios I already have are all the BW ones, DP Stormfront(Gyarados),  Call of Legends(Lucario), Platinum RisingRivals(Rhyperior),  Platinum Arceus (Arceus), Platinum (Giratina), HGSS(Feraligatr), HS Triumphant(Nidoking), Platinum SupremeVictors (Milotic). On teh way is a HS Undaunted(Umreon) one as well.

If anyone wishes to middleman, I found two on amazon.com that I would very much like getting!

Oh, and if anyone wants the HGSS Undaunted portfolio, there are some up on ebay, the one with umbreon/espeon!

HEAVILY REDUCED Rare/Promotional Posters & Flats Sales!

A.K.A. "get moltres93 and Yelsha42 to Hawaii for Worlds this year!!" sales. I want it all gone, and I'm willing to give big discounts for larger orders. Everything has been heavily reduced, and there is heaps of free stuff too!! 


Sales permission granted by denkimouse some time in 2009 XD

  • I ship from Australia. Please keep in mind that Australian postage costs are EXPENSIVE. International buyers, be prepared to pay around $5 for one or two posters, and between $8 and $15 for multiple.
  • I won’t take “postage is too high” as an excuse to back out of orders, if you are worried about postage costs, get a quote before you commit to buy.
  • When making an order, specify your COUNTRY if you’re overseas, or your state and postcode if you’re in Australia.
  • I trade in USD because that's what the majority of people use on here.
  • I am open to haggling but I reserve the right to refuse your offer. I'm more likely to give you a bigger discount if you buy a lot of things!
  • I can hold items for as long as you need, however if someone else is interested in it then I will only hold for 48 hours.
  • I will only trade for Moltres items on my want list, HERE

There are lots of freebies in this post, take as many as you want with any order! In your order, please specify the # of the item you want (there are a lot of similar posters so this saves any confusion). Most posters are creased to fold.

Warning: very image heavy!

(Click the fake cut to go to the sales!!)

Thanks for looking ^v^

wanted: Pokemon treats!

Okay, I keep seeing the pretty Pokemon cookie tins for sale, and they are absolutely gorgeous, but I never see any of the actual treats for sale. ;___; I'd really love to try some, however! I'm not wanting candy at this time, though. Just cookies or pan/bread or whatever else they've made! Basically, if it's a carb, I want it. <3 I'd like it to be somewhat new, however, as I'd like to actually eat them. (: If anyone has any of these for sale, please do let me know, as I would really enjoy having some. Thanks so much!

Also, watch out for a giant sales post soon! I've got a big lot of 32 Pokedolls that should be here either tomorrow or Saturday! :D

Also, if you've bought something from me, your order has shipped, with the exception of kriscarmi, but we've talked. xD;

I wish I had some cute gif so that I could say, "Sorry for a boring post, here's something to make it more interesting!" but I don't, and I am sorry. ;___;
Galvantula and Joltik

Payment 2 due and leftover sales for everybody!

Hello there!
First, the Multiple charmanders GA that we wanted to host got cancelled, simply because we didn't know that the seller was a banned member on this community. So the GA is cancelled and won't be hosted anymore!

Finally, I have been working hard today on this GA and get everything sorted out...

Please read the rules first, before sending me the payments!

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Now to the extras sales!

These are open to participants and ALSO non participants!! Be aware, that some are in great condition, and some aren't!

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Thank you so much for looking! <333

shiny starter plush campaign!!

i am SO JEALOUS of starter collectors right now!!!!!!!

this campaign flashed by my TV for about 1 second, blink and you'd miss it, after the anime tonight. we thought they were shiny, but were they? people on twitter were all like whaaa? was that shiny? AAPF and i searched around to no avail.

my friend serebii saw my problem and got us this amazing HQ shot of the 1000 limited shiny starter tomy plush campaign set!!!

click for bigger!

now discuss! the 7, 8, and 9th shiny pokemon plush ever made!
(gyarados, karp, three beasts, pikachu, am i missing anybody?)
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here comes the marill ♫

I have not died! I went to a convention last weekend, and this weekend is my wedding omgosh!!! fortunately bluehyaku is updating participants on the shaymin in a box GA we hosted together because I am SO out of it XD I just wanted to post that I'm soon gonna have an ebay lot up for sale so look forward for that~ and wanted to share this sneak peek of pokemon goodness that will be in my wedding:

Bride Marill will be accompanied by Turtwig with a Top hat on wedding cup cakes. I will share pictures after the wedding :D

do you guys have any awesome photos of your merch dressed up all fancy??? :]

also, if you're interested by any chance, here's photos of me dressed as a deerling at the convention last weekend XD (and kiki for those who know her~)

anyways... show me of your fancily dressed pokemon merch so Marill Bride isn't alone!!! :D
Bellossom &amp; Vileplume - Evolution buddie

Plush query

Hi everyone! 

This is more of a question/wants post really, I'm planning on buying my grail item tomorrow and after a look on PPP to check I had them all I think I might be missing one! D:

The left is the one I'm talking about, PPP says it's a 'puppet' but it has a battery o.O but I've always thought it was a duplicate picture of my one on the right

I guess I never looked hard enough >.< I'm having no luck searching so if anyone knows anything about it, any keywords I can use to search or even has one to sell me I'm totally interested! :D

Lastly, updated my sales today, take a peek :3

Searching to buy tomy figures/plush

Haven't been on here much since i dont have a summer job ;-;
But I do have some money and I'm looking for cheaper prices for a canvas charmander plushie, a pokedoll cresalia, and a spheal either pokemon center or hasbro plush, and the pokemon center squirtle. I'm also looking at non-pokemon merch like neopets plush/figures/bag/notebooks. Also want a suicune phone keycharm.

For tomy's i am seeking leafeon, togekiss, reshiram, ponyta, gastly, lumineon, magikarp.

Here is my latest pokemon plush collection (its missing totodile 2009 canvas plush cuz i got him in the mail later):