July 6th, 2012

Litwick print

~ Shiny Poke-Blankies for July ~

Today I come to you with another batch of shiny poke blankets, this time featuring Joltik, Ninetails, Absol, Zorua, Mew, and Whimsicott. They're all being sold beneath the cut, along with a couple of leftovers! If you purchase today, your item will be shipped out tomorrow along with everything else from my sales post! <3

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Hi guys! Finally I took pictures of my zukan collection! However they are not very clear, but that was the best I could do...
Snapshot_20120706_2my hair...
Anyway I have some new wants!!!!
Ok, any zukan that originally comes with a brown base is appreciated!
Also, I'm looking for these plush:
1- talking oshawott plush
2-best wishes edition oshawott plush
3-giant oshawott pkmn centre plush
4-leafeon 10" (or maybe 9.5"?) plush (don't know what edition he is)
oshawott talking plush
oshawott plush
oshaswott giant pkmn centre plush
leafeon plush
Thank you all!

NYC help needed!

I'll be leaving tomorrow! But I need three bits of information, #1: Does anyone know of any place in NYC that sells pokemon kids? And #2: (To anyone that goes to the pokemon center often) Do you know any of  the bird pokedolls they keep in stock? I'm sure they'll have Ho-oh, Torchic, Piplup and HOPEFULLY NDEIFNOWFN My #1 goal Ducklett. <3 And lastly #3, How much do they cost a piece? :I Thank you very much for any help! c:

Multipurpose post thing

Hello fellow PKMNcollectors! I hope everyone is doing well. Today I have a few questions and a few wants, so any help will be much appreciated!! 
First I just want to say that I will be making the first trip to the post office for the Wailmer and Mewtwo GAs on Tuesday (maybe Monday but I'm not getting my hopes up :o))

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Now time for some questions:
1. For those of you that have seen your Holy Grail pop up online, What was it like? I have a feeling I won't be seeing mine for a very very very long time, but I think I would die of multiple heart attacks!

2. Was there an American Piplup Pokedoll made? Like a velboa one? if so I want one :3

I think that's it from me today. Hope you all have an awesome week! 
Will have a collection update soon when I own half of the existing Empoleon plush (according to PPP)
strawberry jolt

Small update and repainted figures :D

Hi everyone!

I'm quite much back with a really small collection update plus some repaints :D

So without furtheradue lemme show you the most beautiful notebook i ever saw <3 (click for a bigger pic)

Also does anyone know some origin info about it? The only thing what is written on it is Banpresto 1998

Jolty and of course eeveelutions :D Seriously i just love how it has a fake wooden frame around the notebook, and all the antique painting design is so perfect on it. Though it has 7 pages only to write on them, but i would never dare to write in it ><
As for inside there is some kind of game for kids. But since my japanese skills lack really much, i have no idea what are they saying or how to do it...

Please someone can translate for me?
Here are the pics from it :

i cannot miss the closeup on Jolty :D He looks so awww and so handsome :D

As for second thing some repainted ponies and cats and ham hams :D I have been thinking of auctioning off these figures (needmoney><)

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Piplup Innertube

Plushies GB!

Hi community! Today noraluvr5 and I bring you a Plush GB!
Each plush is only $2.5!

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Squirtle: aarux
Croagunk: clair2522
Shaymin: rusey
Pichu: raz2b
Darkrai: clair2522
Totodile: milomilotic11
Buneary: raz2b
Togepi: raz2b
Clefairy: milomilotic11
Slowpoke: hammiekia
Winking Pikachu: raz2b
Mime Jr.: clair2522
Shieldon: aarux
Cyndaquil: hammiekia
Snorlax: raz2b
Dialga: noraluvr58
Chimchar: tailglow
Pikachu: raz2b
Piplup: jeffyisaraichu
Celebi: hammiekia
Gligar: sorjei

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Ops, I put this as a GA DX
Give me a minute to fix things X_X

Ok, since I put threads, just reply to the threads and say "Claim!"

looking for zukan :)

hey i was recently sniped on ebay and a prof oak/minum/plusle/munchlax set got away from me in the last 7 mins :( and i was wondering if anyone had that set up for sale. i am also looking for the diorama sets including nurse joy and officer jenny. i'd really like to buy each set as a whole but i'd even buy just the characters if you had them.

also, as far as i know those three are the only 1:40 scale right? are there any more. i know the 10th aniversery ash's are all different sizes
  • miss10

Interesting Japanese Book get, funny pic, + sales

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day/evening.

I got this Japanese picture book a few days ago and I wanted to share it with you guys! It's so cute and cool! My brother is also trying to translate it for me, since he studies Japanese. 83

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And here's a sales plug! ^^

And that's it! Thanks for looking! ^^

need these so bad!

So my previous grail is on it's way (WHOOO!) so now these have obtained grail status. I don't know why these are so hard to find. I have 2 copies of the Jolteon variation :S

So they are the POP 3 Vaporeon & Flareon RARE cards, so not the holofoil ones.

Troll&Toad does not have them, actually they had Flareon and I put him in my basket but waited too long and now someone else bought it, I cannot put my reaction when I saw that into words ha ha...

Other cards that are grailworthy:
- Jungle Jolteon missing logo error
- Jungle Vaporeon missing logo error
- Jungle Flareon missing logo error
I'm not sure if there's a missing logo error eevee too and if there are error versions of both the holo and non-holo version. If so, need them too!

Any help very much appreciated, selling them to me is preferred <3

Ebay Lots again + quick question!

Hi everyone!

My lots didn't sell on eBay, so I relisted them again at a lower price. I'll advertise them here one more time, and if they still don't sell, I'll probably come back later with some sales..this stuff needs to go :c

Click the pictures to be brought to the separate lots (figure/plush lot, and TCG lot):

(sales permission granted 8/2011 by denkimouse)

Also a quick question! How much to Zekrom and Reshiram pokedolls go for nowadays? They are the only collections pieces I really regret never getting..so I'd like to know how much I need to save for them, haha!

Thanks guys! c:

run keldeo

Quick wants p0st when I sh0uld be cleaning r00m

this is g0nna be real quick since I can't be typing this up f0r l0ng xD

but I've recently f0und a l0ve f0r magikarp >3< I tried t0 deny it f0r like... weeks... but I can't help it... it's s0 ad0rable!!!!

well I d0n't have m0ney f0r the p0ked0ll at the m0ment.... >.>I really want that th0ugh ;;
but d0es any0ne have any Kids?
I l0ve kids.... and I n0w really want a magikarp kid >3<

0r any 0ther n0n-flat magikarp Item? 030

And! t0 clear up all questi0ns I've been getting.... 
Yes. my "o" key is sadly br0ken ;; S0 y0u'll have t0 deal with "0" s0rry ab0ut that.....
I'm n0t trying t0 be like Aradia I swear

I'd make this p0st m0re interesting... but I g0tta get back t0 cleaning xD;;


anyone doing pickups?

Well as many of you know... I am on vacation.... prior to going to my uncles... i did not realize we are staying at a hotel for a few nights... so i have a question for those of you living in Japan... are any of you going to be doing pickups for the meloetta cards.... i saw images of them on pokebeach and i probably will want the whole set wihin reason... i think there is just the two forms of it....

i remember last year you all said that you had to pay for the meal.... i am willing to buy you lunch... and pay fpr the cards within reason.... dont worry... i do have my cellphone (what i am typing on) so would be able to check at my uncles too :-) so if you are doing pickups PLEASE let me know.... i can pay... trade or whatever let me know...

sorry for the bad grammar btw.... and this isnt the same day i posted my lSt post i hope thanks.. .

OK, I'm bored so I'll ask

Why is sniping aginst the rules. You will probably hate me but I have to say it, I LOVE eBay sniping. What's wrong wiht ti, I don't understand, really.

EDIT: OK, I get it, sniping is bad, I'm a terrible person. And sorry for the "off-topic-ness", I thought I could ask here because it's about the rules but next time I'll just smpa Gin.

small sales and TCG trades!

hey guys! Just a quick update from me!

firstly some SMALL SALES/OFFERS! Including my JUMBO CARD Collection and a VERY RARE metal charizard charm!

(more jumbo cards after the cut!)

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as well as that, after seeing godudette's post, I made an updated video with all of my cards available for trade!

If there are any cards you fancy, don't hesitate to ask! I have multiple card want lists which I can link you <3 Some of them ARE damaged (notably crystal ho-oh and two or three gold stars, recently got upgrade copies!)and NONE of them are currently for sale! sorry guys!

Hopefully we can get some trades done! <3

okay, thats all guys! thanks for reading!