July 9th, 2012


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Cobalion watches over my slow packing speed with lordly disapproval...

Hey, guys! My run to the PC was successful, but I won't have totals up for everybody until tomorrow. I spent literally all afternoon and evening getting everybody's packages packed up and ready to go, and I didn't have time to get through weighing all of them afterward. I'll have the list up tomorrow, though!

I finished getting everyone's things packed up, and when I was done I noticed... There was still a plush in the bottom of one of my bags. I accidentally bought an extra pokedoll, but I have no recollection of picking up this plush, and I honestly have no idea how I managed to purchase this. I especially have no idea why I would have picked this up given that it was...

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Sorry to post so closely together! But!

I'm not going to be anywhere with internet for the week and I was just 
hoping that if anyone runs across any of these if they wouldn't mind holding it for me until Saturday! =D
(I will pay SO FAST Friday night or Saturday morning!!)
I have 35 34 33 metal figures to go!
Until I have the entire original 151!
19. Rattata 
21. Spearow\ 30. Nidorina 31. Nidoqueen 33. Nidorino 38. Ninetails 41. Zubat 44. Gloom
45. Vileplume 50. Diglett  57. Primeape  64. Kadabra 65. Alakazam 69. Bellsprout
72. Tentacool 73. Tentacruel 78. Rapidash 80. Slowbro 84. Doduo 85. Dodrio 104. Cubone
122. Mr. Mime 123. Scyther 126. Magmar 128. Tauros 134. Vaporeon 135. Flareon 136. Jolteon
138. Omanyte 139. Omastar 141. Kabutops 144. Articuno 148. Dragonair
If you can help me I will be sooooooo thankful you have no idea!!!

(I've also come to terms with the fact that this is probably going to hurt me in the wallet a little since it's the home
stretch, but hopefully it won't be TOOOOO bad :))

final quick wants!

Sorry guys, this will be my last wants for a while! Hopefully my next post will be an update...or perhaps a Gen 2 badge GB!!! ;)

Anyway, I am still searching for a reasonably priced one o' these:

(pic from PokePlushProject)

I'd like to pay around maybe $35/ish shipped? I've seen them for around that price here on the comm, so. ^^; I also do partial trades, and I have some Kanto starter items and/or an Umbreon jakks that I'd practically throw at you for him!

EDIT: I also am looking for a DX Pikachu Pokedoll(tags don't matter) for around $30 before shipping, as that's what I've seen as far as pickup prices go, or maybe around $20 if you've got an older loved one. Again, I have lots to trade, also. Hopefully I have better luck finding one of these before a Reshi, as they're at least still in production. >.<

Also, just this morning actually, I managed to get my paws on a Reshiram diorama figure(!!!) for fairly cheap (compared to online stores ;-;), and I am SO excited! Does anybody else have one? I'd love to see your pics of this gorgeous fluffydragon. ^^

Big Toy Factory Plush Pics!

Hi there! I know there aren't a ton of pictures of the B/W Toy Factory Plush going around, so I wanted to share some pics of mine for anybody who was interested in seeing how they look IRL.  Unfortunately, they are not the HUGE ones- but they are still pretty big! :D They are about the size of the biggest Pikachu from Toy Factory's previous Pokemon release (Oshawott is a little smaller)

They both have found new homes - as much as I wanted to keep them I couldn't fit all three of them in my room (I have decided to keep the giant Pikachu). The Snivy has already been shipped out to its new owner, but if anybody wants more pics of Oshawott, he won't be shipped for about another week so feel free to ask and I will take some better pics.
I am getting my Tepig one soon - which I am keeping to start my official Tepig collection. I will post pics of him when I get him! I cannot get anymore of these guys at the moment, so please don't ask me. Thanks for understanding. Happy hunting fellow collectors! ^_^
Galvantula and Joltik

Reminder + Beautiful get + Small wants + Question

Hello there!
From our Nasija GA 3, there are still a lot of people that didn't pay for shipping for the Nasija GA 3, that includes azourus, babycinnamon07, chaosoftwilight, gengareric, mandysaurus_rex, shastina4ever, shinykamon, and sugar0coated.

Please go here to take a look! There are still a lot of extras from the lot up for grabs for people =D

Next order of business, I have gotten myself one of the most beautiful clearfiles I have ever seen, it would be a shame to not show it off! <3

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And now I have a few wants!

I could slowly call this chopstick holder my grail, because I haven't seen it anywhere in months or well, since I have joined this comm January 2011, not to mention that I came too late to purchase one on a sales post yesterday..anybody who would be willing to give him up, do let me know please (or even if you find one on eBay or YJ)!
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH pika_lex!!!! ;___; <333

I would love to have this version of Snivy charm, the one with Pikachu and Snivy riding on Wailord. I own the other one, where Snivy is holding the basket of berries. Would prefer MIP.
Thank you so much poliwhirl!! <33

And also searchign high and low for these Mantyke line TCGs!

And lastly, a question! I came accross 3 different Snivy plushies that I have never seen before, so I was wondering, if they are real or booties? I have recently found out that YJ started to sell booties as well, so that's why it makes me wonder.

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Thank you so much! <3
WoW - Khadgar

A Tiny Collection Update!

I have not posted a single thing here in what seems like forever. Yes, I am still collecting but I am just not able to get as much as I would like. I have been spending to much money on geckos. My main focus has been on my Purrloin/Liepard collection. Though, occasionally something else not related to purple kittehs sneaks its way into my collection. Here are some pics of my newest gets:

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Well, that is it for my update. Believe it or not, in a couple of short months I will be with this very community for 5 years! To celebrate I would like to put together a reintro post, probably staring Pickles...xXD

One last thing, life has kept me busy so I have not had time to do sales. I put together a big lot containing 260 Kids Figure, a Nintendo Pokemon Mini and other goodies on eBay:

Main Pic


I do hope to get my online store back up and running now that things have finally seemed to have settled down on my end...:3

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Dot Series Clearfile GA has landed!~ Payment 2 + Extras and a small sales post c:

This GA that concerns


Cheren now up for grabs!
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I had a bunch of clearfiles come in from a lot I bought just to get at two files ;w;

So, the rest are up for grabs Participents are offered these files at a discount of course. Just take $1 off the listed price~

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on the 2nd of April 2012
Shipping is from AUSTRALIA, and starts at $1.20 internally, and $5 internationally.
Open for trades for anything on my wants list~

Which means $6 each for participants :3

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Slowpoke Pokedoll for offers + GA Update

I'm slowly trying to get my collection all photographed and set up, rearranging and editing photos while weeding some things out. I have a few smaller things I haven't photographed, but up for offers today is a super adorable Slowpoke pokedoll by the talented xSystem!

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For my GA participants! Round 2 payments are due (shipping from the US warehouse to my place - payment 3 is from me to you). Please look out for payments due in the original group auction post here as I will be commenting with your totals shortly. Thanks again everyone! <3

Also a quick sales plug - lots of leftovers in my sales. Will be updating this soon as I have some goodies on the way. :D

Just a boring old question post... I'm sure many of you would be inclined to answer!

  1. Flat Rate Shipping for Canada - Have you ever used it? Yes/No?
  2. If you have used it - how much is it generally (To Canada, USA and international)
  3. Do members feel discouraged if others say "I only ship to..."
  4. I'm going to be doing a massive collection weeding, too many plush, kids, settei etc, what is better...
  5. A) Selling items individually
  6. B) Selling items in lots (Charms, Kids, McD figures, Plush (Banepresto, PC Plush and Pokedolls, Settei etc)
  7. TCG - do you collect?
  8. Do you belong to other pokemon communities?
  9. Do you like posts without pictures?
  10. Unrelated but do you get annoyed when sitting in a quiet room and someone is eating CHIPS! OH THE SOUND OF THE CRUNCHING ON THEM IS ANNOYINGINGIGNIGNG!

BONUS QUESTION: If you are an eeveelution collector, would a graded Karen's Umbreon or Annie's Espeon interest you?

Thanks all!

lugia badass


Just lost a major auction and I'm needing a bandaid to heal the hurt of failure. XD
Soooo what better place to try than here? :D

So here's a list of some serious wants of mine :D

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A concern...

Good evening, fellow collectors!

I come with an inquiry about the life-sized Minccino plush that I own. I haven't the slightest idea why I am asking now, since it's been such a long time since I ordered her: I bought her from Amazon during September of last year, and she came without the proper tag: just a plain white one with a sticker of the Japanese name of the plush and a bar code, not the one that resembles a Poke Ball and with her art. This was immediately suspicious to me, but I also noticed that her tush tag reads '© 2010 Pokemon'. I find this peculiar since the plush was released in February 2011. Furthermore, her eyes seem to be a bit too close together.

I thought that I would be safe in purchasing from Amazon since I have bought Pokemon merchandise from there that has been official, but I'm afraid I picked up a factory reject.

So, in conclusion, I have two questions:
Would anyone who owns the life-sized Minccino please look at the copyright date on the tush tag and tell me what it is supposed to say? Secondly, has anyone ever had any issues regarding factory rejects on Amazon before?

Thank you for your attention! ♥

emmet and his big sucky!

it begins! :D

Note: The sticky post about the current situation is remaining so everyone knows what to do, please do continue to follow the instructions if dealing with the member, but don't feel too worried as it is being solved calmly :) Thank you all so much for all cooperation and patience.

Anyways....the summer 2012 PKMNcollectors Japan meetup begins!!

Only two members have arrived so far, with three more coming tomorrow! :)

Today we did a few Pokemon things. Mostly: UFO Catchers!! With 1100 yen I caught three Deino and one Unfezent! They are here with the rest of the Pokemon gang -- maybe you can tell what we collect by checking out these travel buddies, here with my brand new shiny big sucky by cwinget who came JUST IN TIME to join in! THANK YOU CWINGET! :D

Time to go to sleep for Tiny the not at all tiny sucky... :) More Pokemons to greet tomorrow! Lots to do! He's plum tuckered!

Thanks as always, my comrades in monsters!
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

A small want and a tiny sale<3

Hiii guys, just wanted to let you know that I'm looking for this:

A Chansey 151 pin, in package. I'd either like to buy it or alternatively I'd trade a Venomoth 151 pin for it :3 If you have one you want to get rid of, feel free to let me  know<3

I've also got 2 small things for sale!

japanese Bonsly Pokedoll with both tags 25$ shipped
Heracross Pokemon Time Phone Strap 15$ shipped 
or 30$ shipped for both items :3

I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11 by the way
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Birthday Gets + Reintro

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site
* Permanent Plush/Figure/Etc Sales & Permanent TCG Sales

Well today was my birthday which means I spent the last month treating myself to ALL THE THINGS! Ok, not -all- the things, but pretty close!

I guess since it's been just over a year since my very first post I should do a reintro.
I collect many many different pokemon. I started out collecting Munchlax the most, but he's kind of 'retired' now. I moved my focus to mareep/flaafy, lotad, scraggy/scrafty, cottonee/whimsicott, hoothoot/noctowl, karrablast, larvitar, croagunk, gligar and darumaka, to name just a few (lol)
As you can tell by that list, my favs really vary! I have a really hard time choosing my top 5 favs and I kind of have 10 or more under 'top 5' :) I love all pokemon really! If I had the space/funds I'd try to get atleast one thing of each of them <3
I focus on collecting plush, kids, zukan and charms. I also love the anime and games, pokepark and ranger games being my favorites!
I am an artist and when I'm not buying pokemon I am drawing or crafting them for myself or others :)
Check out my full collection under the cut!

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Lowered prices + added a few things, including 31cm Lugia plush, Oshawott dream charm, & Buneary zukan!

Thanks for reading! Time to spend the last 40 mins of my bday eating and relaxing :3

-teaser for next update-