July 10th, 2012

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Guess Who's Calling Again??

So the other postings of introductions lately have given me the courage to step forward, so - hey there. The name's Youngster Joseph, but you can just call me Joey. ;D I collect - you guessed it - the top percentage of Pokemon! RATTATA!

I know, I know. WHY Rattata? Why that annoying little brat who won't stop popping up in every route? Well, to be honest, I'VE NO CLUE! Rattata has been my favorite for ages and ages, and I love it. <3 So what better to collect than that? Unfortunately, when I joined this community, my collection was very small. I'm talking teeny, teeny tiny.

I had a TOMY figure. xD

Now I haven't sorted through my cards so I'm sure I have some there, and I HAVE since ordered a few more things from members. (Thank you all!! <3) But at that moment, this tiny guy was all I had. I'm okay with it! It was certainly a start. Since joining, I've already acquired 4 mini-models, three of which I purchased from shiningmew, and the fourth which I received as a gift from my close friend (and whom I have to thank for dragging me INTO this money-sink of a hobby) wutastic! I also got a few flats and have a Kid figure on the way at some point, but I'll have to total everything up and take photos later. OH and I got some MIP dogtags from Ebay - a bit of a risk, but I hadn't seen booties of those, and sure enough they're 100% legit and only cost $4.50 shipped. Nice find, eh?

Now, I also have two secondary collections - Charmander and Vaporeon. I know, I have expensive taste, right? Again, gotta total everything up and figure out what I've got. Speaking of that, however, I've got a question...

I have the opportunity to get a MIP Charmander marble bag for about $14 shipped. Is that a good deal? It's an auction that ends in 7 hours and I honestly have noooottt looked at MIP marble bags before and don't know if that's high, normal, or low in terms of price. o_o A little help please?

PS. I WILL HAVE PHOTOS AND ALL THAT UP SOON, ALONG WITH EXTENDED COLLECTION DETAILS! Hopefully later tonight if I can... find my camera cord.... >3<

Youngster Joseph out!! B)


plush auctions!

to keep myself sane, i've made myself strictly collect fire pokemon for now, so i'm selling all the items that don't pertain to my collection! anddd... i also just recently adopted a dog, so auction-time it is! :)

Things to remember:
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier to sort everything out.
- Please don't express interest but then never ever respond again, just let me know what your final decision is.
- I will only hold certain items when ASKED to hold them.
- I ship from the US.
- Haggling will always be considered; just don't be upset if I don't agree with the price!

- Anddd I received sales permission from denkimouse quite a few years ago.

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blink mew luvs mewtwo, mew

Reminder to pay! And a few wants!

Hi everyone, so my auction went well, I made quite a bit more than I thought but sold less items than i wish I would have!
I'll have the total donated after everyone pays,

On that note I'm still needing payment from dialny, bellyofthewolf, kriscarmi, natsume_85, furrettails, scraft_work, rhys107, milomilotic11, noraluvr58.  I know  few were still waiting on shipping prices but I should have commented to you on it.  I do expect payment by the end of today or i'm afraid I'll have to leave negitive feedback! :( unless you have contacted me, and let me know you need a bit of time and set a date that you will pay, I am assuming you will pay today. Also if I listed you and you have paid then nevermind this notice ^^.

on to other news
I have some plushie wants!
*if any of these pics are your pics let me know and I'll remove them, i got these off google.*

Dark/shadow lugia pokedoll my hubby really wants this, and I wanna get it for him!

I'm in need of Glaceon and Lefeon pokedolls preferably American. loved and clean or mint whichever :D
i know i got this from live journal but i can't remember who :I this is Gin's <3
and I'm also wanting something big, something huge, something that will be expensive haha. Not sure if i want a legendary dog or a lapras, or a new pokemon from black and white, but I want one of those super big plushies!

oh and a very loved DX axew,  ((((or this hat ))) >> very loved as in dirty, bad condition, ect, because i'm going to cut off his head for my son's axew cosplay ^^''

also looking for people figures :D
thanks! <3

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mini multipurpose post

Been back from my vacation for a few days now, When I got home I had a bunch of goodies awaiting me~

I kind of got a little addicted to Snivy plushes lol. I found the european talking one in a GAME, bought it and couldn't stop @w@.
I'll need to make a proper update with all of these things in the future, but for now I did update my collection site with all of the items, so check there <3 Also, If I've forgotten to give you feedback, let me know! I tried to go back and give feedback to everyone I bought from if their items came for me in the mail but I probably missed someone.

As always I'm looking for things on my wants list. If you have anything listed there, let me know! Though in general, I'm always looking for anything Mantyke or Audino. I have a lot of it already but show me if you got anything! Heck I'm buying books and clearfiles and such just because they have those two on them, so almost anything goes! :D

I've also done a big update to my sales post!! I've added a bunch of things, mostly zukan, straps and chou get that I managed to find in the UK, and generally took new pictures of everything with some updated prices. Almost all of the pokemon are listed in the sales post so just ctrl+f what you're looking for :3 So click the link above or this banner to go to my sales~

Is this real???

I bought an eevee, vaporeon, jolteon, and flareon pokedoll from Ebay awhile back before I had found this community. I knew for a fact that all were fake... except I was unsure about Vaporeon. The moment of truth! Is this real?
My questions have been answered! Thanks!


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D: I need to know!

I HAVE THE POWER! (Update on Auction! )

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

As many of you may know a storm hit the East coast last week knocking out power to the most of my home state. Point being, I would like to apologize to the winners of this auction...


and to those who messaged me on my sales page. My electricity is back up and running now, and I will be contacting everyone who needs to be within the next few days.  I would like to thank you all for your continued patience while I get everything in order. =)

Thank you!
[Bel] Glasses

A simple want

As it turns out, recently my family and I are finally able to get smart phones. After we took a trip to take a look at the phones in physical form, I decided on the iPhone 4s since I'm not only already used to the iOS due to my iPod touch, but also since then I can move my apps over to it so that I can use more of my iPod for music. One of the cases in the store reminded me of something I saw a little while back that was pokémon related, and that being the multi-colored iPhone case that looks like this:

I usually get a case to go with my phone, and I'm definitely interested in trying to get my hands on this one since it's pokémon but doesn't scream it. (plus there's munna on it! bonus~) Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to getting one?
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Promotional Plush Question

Hey guys! Recently, I bought a lot of plush, and included was this Santa Pikachu! It's so cute and so incredibly, indescribably soft! I had never seen one before, so I looked it up on PPP and it said that it was from the set "Promotional Plush". Which promotion? By "promotion", does it mean it was limited to a certain number and given away like some of the other campaigns? Or was it only available for a month? How rare is this plush and how much does it usually go for? All I know is what's listed on PPP. ): I kinda want to keep it, but I also kinda want to put it up for offers. Oh, conflict!

Anyways, here's a picture. Isn't it adorable? :D
And here's the PPP link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pokeplushproject/3996146891/in/set-72157604471977336

Single plush want. C:

Yep, so I have recieved my custom made Houndoom plush, Poochyena, and Luxray plush a few days ago and I'm PSYCHED. They're so cuddlely and so adorable! :D

So, right now I'm searching this certain plush.

Suicune~! (by Tomy)

If you have one you're looking to sell, please let me know!
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Quick Sale + GB Update

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. ^^

I'm just here with a quick genuine Banpresto Zapdos plush sale! I want to try and sell him so I can get my brother a nice birthday present (his birthday is this Thursday!). I tried auctioning him off before, but no one bid on him, so I'm offering him at a slightly cheaper price. He has his hang tag too! =)

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on April 2nd, 2012. Feedback here.

It's $35 or best offer. ^^

Also, a GB update! The Itty Bitty Zukan GB has been purchased and paid for and will ship soon! Yay! <3




I haven't posted to the comm in.... a while ; w ;

I'm home from college so I haven't been splurging at Nintendo World, and I've been trying to save my money, but I think I'm going to become more active again OTL

well just follow the loon and see what i have to talk about( updates, wants, and a plush fix question)

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Grails, Shinys, Zukan! Yup, collection update of epic proportions.

So I have a wee bit of time to make this epic post before I head out for Comic Con! Is there still going to be a meet up? Keep me posted, I feel like I missed out for Anime Expo and I wanna meet up sometime during the week. Anyway, I got the last few things I've been waiting on in the mail today. You're a fool if you skip this post! There is SO much epic grail happenings in this post! I can't even fathom how I got so many of these in my possession. Come see! Come see! *Is way too excited to show you all my gets*

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~Lots of Zukan GA~ 

I've also send off 20 of the 26 parcels from this GA, you should start getting them sometime this week people from the US.
I'm still awaiting payment from the following:
*Andrew1374,*Sneadres, *Umbreongirl, *Know, *Milomioltic11. And *Joshpho, I'm not sure if you paid or not since you commented on the actual post. Just lemme know cuz I might of just missed seeing your payment or something.

All of you please come over to this post to look at your totals and send your payment! Thank you!


Thanks for listening to my grail babble! 
And many thanks to everyone who's helped me get all these amazing new gets!
Happy Collecting!