July 12th, 2012


Tiny plastic and metal figures auction! Everything starts at $1 :D

The title pic says it all :3c But click on the title pic or the cut below for details!

Auction end at Friday, 13th July at 11:59 pm (GMT-8)! It's about midnight Friday in the US timezone, and noon for HK timezone ;3c
As stated above, all item starts @ $1, and bid increment is $0.5 for this auction :D
No sniping and backing out bids please >v>;
Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011! My feedback thread is here.
Also I ship from Hong Kong, so shipping+fee starts at around $1.5-2 for these lightweight stuff~

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If you're bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales too!
I've updated it with lower prices recently for some items;D

By the way, I have been looking for a Wartortle Play by Play plush and Rotom Throw plush! Having no luck with GAs for these plushes at all ;w;


Legendary Beast TCG Sales

Im back with the sales off my Legendary Beasts Trading cards. 

All are mint condition, I ship from the UK. Sales permission granted by Denkimouse
Feedback here : http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/myvampirelust19/

Im happy to do holds/payment plans and im open to reasonable haggling 

Please check the cut for the images and prices. 

Also, has anyone seen a Virizion gif image I can use from the movie? I know there arent many yet but there has to be at least ONE gif made from the movie trailer? ;~;

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A Multi-post

I have a few reminders so here they go.

A reminder about the zukan GB, we only need seven more claims.

Click picture or here

The Ditto GA is almost over so get those bids in.

Click picture or here

And a link to my sales, I'm getting rid of my TCG collection so I have most of the cards up so give them a look.
Some pictures may be missing here and there but I will get that fixed.
poke shop
Click the banner or click here

Well that's it. Have a great day or night.

Member Sites Master List 2.0

original artwork by J4ne-d-C4t

Credit to dakajojo for the format of this post and creating the first MCSML.
This post is an archive of permanent collection sites for all of our community members. To apply, simply comment with all of the requested information in the following format:

Collection Site Name: Put the name of your collection site here.
URL: Put the URL (link) of your collection site here.
Status: Please put what the current status of your collection site is. (Choose one term from the listing status key below.)
Tags: Put up to 10 tags here. Choose any Pokemon or Pokemon Trainer. If you only collect pokedolls, zukans or tcg (for example) you may use these terms as tags instead of specific Pokemon or Pokemon Trainers.

This list is open to anyone who is a member of our community so long as your collection site is focused mainly on Pokémon and is compliant to our community guidelines. Please go here to review our community guidelines.

Your collection site must be working and active. Random reviews will occur and if your link is found to be dead or inactive it will be moved to the revoked status for 30 days and you will be notified. If no action is taken on your behalf to make your listing active within this timeframe it will be removed from the Member Site Master List and you must reapply if you want your collection site to be relisted.

What makes a collection site inactive? If it isn't updated, has broken images/links, ect.

don't have a collection site?
If you don't have a collecton site but would like to make one, here are a few suggestions on where you can make your collection site:
    Google Sites

don't have a collection banner?
You can easily make your own collection banner to exchange links with other users by saving this template to your computer. Open the template, add your own images and add some text with your favorite photo editing program to make your site banner.

listing status key
Open - The collection site is currently open.
Coming Soon - The member has indicated that the collection site is under construction, and should open in the very near future.
Hiatus - The member has indicated that the collection site is on hiatus, and should reopen in the very near future.
Closed- This collection site is currently closed.

application response key
Approved - Your collection site has been reviewed and will be added to the Master List.
Denied - Your collection site has been reviewed and is not eligible to be posted on the Master List. A reason will be provided.
Revoked - Your collection site has recently been reviewed and no longer meets eligiblity requirements. You have 30 days to respond with a working and active link or your site will be removed from the Master List.

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*100+ pan stickers sales & auctions*

Hi everyone! Today I bring tons of pan stickers up for grabs!! X3

I accept Paypal. I will ship internationally, shipping from Canada.
Received sales permission from lineaalba in Sept 2010.
Feedback here.

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Kraft Mac Cheese bowl?

Hi, it's me again..

Today while going through my collection of poke-gear i remembered this item, i forgot to mention it in my last few get posts.

It is an item i call the "Poke-Bowl", it is BNIP, i got it off eBay a while back, when i got it it was in 2 halves but i managed to put it together in the bag. It had a piece of paper on it stating it is a " Kraft Mac Cheese" bowl but i've been googling and cant find this promotion. Does anyone know when this certain promotion was?

Here is a picture of it,

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Any information on this certain item would be appreciated, Thank you.

Emperor of Awesome - A Special Collection Update

It's official, I have 50% of the Empoleon plush made (according to PPP). It feels great! I want to thank dezchu again for hosting the GA I won my new plush in! 
I decided to do a photostory for this. It's my first one so I apologize f it isn't very good -__-;

Meet my friends! Empoleon, Aragorn (prinplup), and Seattle (piplup).

all of my pics are being deleted when I use cut so here is a link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OOIDDFUCCcJOnAaCK8_hjqzkgs9ZTbdeb5UAmRSM1lg/edit

I hope you all liked my photostory hahaha
That's it from me today. I hope you all have a great weekend
I have started sending out the Mewtwo and Wailmer GA items and I will try to send them all out by friday next week. Expect them soon!
Cut isn't working.... is this happening to anyone else?

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First off, I got my newly beloved Vulpix plush from Archimer! I love it so much! and the Entei card is definitely going with my cards I'm keeping forever. :D
photo (7)

I found A LOT of my old merch from when I was a kid including (A FREE LITTLE GUITAR AMP!!!) and my Shadow Lugia I've been looking for YEARS. It's the original one( I ordered it off of Pokemon Center when it first came out.) Another thing I found that I've been looking for is my Golden Tummy Charmander figure from... I think it was out of a Poptart box? Could anyone give me a quote on what both of them are worth?
photo (8)

Anyways, Thanks for looking guys! :D

Pokemon Lanyards? And a cool get

Today, I've decided to look for a lanyard, and I remembered how some pokemon have their own lanyards, such as Mewtwo and Jigglypuff.
I was wondering if you guys could tell which pokemon lanyards there are. Of course, there might be too many to list, but it would be cool to have some ideas! And, even though I would prefer individual pokemon, groups of them would be okay. =D

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Just a boring wants post, but I'll post a collection update real soon, with lots of new pokedolls :p.
First of all, is anyone selling this bootleg Bandai Lotto giant Lugia?

I lost him a couple days ago in an eBay auction because someone basically put their max bid in the last 2 minutes ;n;. The reason I want the bootleg, is because the legit one is about as difficult to find as the Giant Pokemon center one. These were distributed in 2010 I believe, and were sold on eBay like any other bootleg. 

And since I wasn't able to win him, I have lots of money to spend, so take a look at my wants!

Thanks <3

An Introduction

Hi everyone! You can call me Rin or Leyluna. I joined the comm about a week ago or so? Something like that xp Anyway I'm an avid pokemon collector and I have my collection posted on my deviantart account in a gallery folder. http://xleylunax.deviantart.com/
I love to collect cute pokemon, and luckily I live near NY so I have access to Nintendo World =) I will be going to college in sept and we have direct access to a train to take us into the city.
I started collecting pokemon around 2003, which was 3rd grade for me. I had a good friend who liked to buy me a lot of poekmon items and more than half of my collection is thanks to him. I stopped collecting for a while after sixth grade, but I started up again last year <3 I'm very happy and excited to be a part of this community ^^

A Quick Question!

I won this Celebi in a GA a while back, got her yesterday, and I really can't find out that much about her! According to PPP, she's an "Ichiban Kuji" plush.

Her tag is in Japanese but says Pokemon Center and the year was 2010. Her tush tag says the same. Now, my question is, is she legit and how much is she worth? D:
Thanks a lot!

Questions answered! <3

The Servine That Survived!

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone's beating the heat with your ice or water type pokemon. Speaking of heat, this little Servine has survived one of the hottest appliances of the kitchen... The microwave! :O

Since LJ's being dumb and deleting everything from my cut, please see the story here:


I also have two questions:

Yet again, an item I'd like had shown up on ebay uk, and they don't ship to the USA. I was wondering if anybody could middleman for me please? <3 I'd really appreciate it!

Plus, I really wanna know what is that song that originally played in the Pokemon movie 15 trailer (It's that together forever song in the original trailers before it got replaced by Rola's song) Whatever it was I can't find the song anywhere, and it's NOT Memories by Rola. If anybody knows what that song it, I'd sure be greatful! <3

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Games and Kids GA!

Brought to you by airinkitty and myself, we present this big lot of kids!

And some other stuff too~

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And because I am a silly, the questions/comments/concerns thread is on the last page u_u''


San Diego Comic-Con Pokemon Meetup Tomorrow

Hi, Everyone!

I know that there's already a PKMNCollectors meetup tomorrow being arranged by epicaz (info here - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12679515.html), but today I got this tweet from Nintendo "Join a Pokémon meetup on 7/13 from 4-5pm at the ‪#SDCC‬ Nintendo Gaming Lounge in the Marriott Marquis & Marina. pic.twitter.com/FLZn7Tqw" - https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/223573128935247873/photo/1

Since I most likely won't be able to attend the PKMNcollector meetup (I'll probably be waiting in line for the Breaking Bad panel), I thought I would mention this one since I thought it would be neat to meet up with other Pokemon Collectors. Feel free to comment here and let me know if you'll be there and some way to recognize you. I'll most likely be dressed as a Team Rocket member carrying a spiky eared Pichu Pokedoll. I probably won't be able to reply to any comments here since I'll be heading to sleep soon and LJ doesn't let me sign in on my phone. :(

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Slowbro report: FSC gets, a question and meet Sammy

Hi Everyone:

Firstly, I would like to apologize about the lateness of this post, but ever since I left Florida Supercon (which I volunteered at and partially shared with miss10 ) I have been nonstop, with flights to Puerto Rico and my native Venezuela where I am as I type this.

Please click the FSC program to be teleported :D

Edit: Tons of Pokemon merch inside, I promise and WARNING: Picture heavy :P 

My sales are currently Closed until I get back from Venezuela on the 16th. I apologize, but I dont want to delay shipping, and I have no pics to offer anyway :S

Thanks for reading!! :D
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POKEMON - Poison Gym - Koga &amp; Janine
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update: Group buys & an Auction

Hi everyone!! I have a couple Group Buys I'm running... which need a few more claims!

Banpresto Group Buy

Claims are $7.86 PER plush (before fees & not including shipping)
STILL NEEDS A HOME: Pichu, Pachirisu, Jirachi, Uxie, & Axew
We won't be able to get our plush if the claims are not filled.
► link ►► http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12647177.html

Silver Chou Group Buy

Claims are 85 cents PER toy (before fees & not including shipping)
STILL NEEDS A HOME: silver Infernape, silver Buneary, silver Manaphy, regular Phione, silver Phione, silver Torterra, silver Empoleon
This has been bought and is en route to me, you may still make claims.
► link ►► http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12588522.html

Also, I am auctioning my copy of Pokemon Conquest, They're out of stock on Amazon unless you want to shell out $40-50 to a 3rd party seller. My copy is in awesome condition with case, art, manual and game. I used the code for Nintendo club, but not the Dratini code.

Auction starts at $20
Bid in increments of $1 and don't be mean/snipe
Auction ends 48 hours from time of this post, 11:40pm EST on the 14th
BIN is $40 which is inclusive of all fees and includes shipping in the Usa. (Add $2 for world)

Click for bigger!

▲ Sales permission from dakajojo 7|20|2011
▲ Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/3kame/
▲ You must pay for your claim or I will leave negative feedback
▲ I reserve the right to not let people buy (if you are a banned member, or a jerk, etc.)