July 13th, 2012

Seeking birdpokedoll c:

Going to New york was fun, but the pokemon center was a HUGE dissapointment.. No charms, barely any figures, just no.. But I was happy to get a Ho-oh and a Ducklett pokedoll! Torchic and Piplup were sold out. )':

Getting to the point I'm seeking bird pokedolls, Torchic would be a nice cheap start <3 But anything affordable is nice. And also charm sets. I've ALWAYS wanted one. <3 Just comment with what you got, Zukans and kids would be alright to! c:

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I've been here for over a year so I should make an introduction

Hello everyone! I've been registered here for over a year now, but I never made an introduction post! Back when I joined, I didn't know how lj really worked, so I made a small "introduction" on my main lj, thinking that my pkmncollectors posts would automatically be shown on my blog--but alas, I just jumped right into this community asking for stuff and saying "look, look, I have some plush toys!"

So, I think I should actually introduce myself: I'm forest_snivy! I used to not have a favorite Pokemon (because I like all of them), but now my favorite is Keldeo! I just received these in the mail from Sunyshore and I couldn't be happier!

Actually...I could be happier. How? Well, I don't collect Keldeo--I collect N! My goal is to have all of N's official merchandise (and some other major life goals but who needs those when you have N? this is my pkmncollectors introduction!)

I haven't really been as active as much lately but Pokemon Mate is forcing me here because college has been incredibly stressful for me. Still, I try to visit at least once a day! I hope to continue to make new friends here!

Thanks for reading!

A Quick Question and Wants(?)

So I was at Animenext in June and (though there was a nice amount) was disappoined with the lack of pokemon. That's besides the point... I ended up missing out on an awesome Dragonite Plush that was as big as me (a snuggle pillow apperantly) because I couldn't decide whether it was worth $45 or not. So to compensate my disappointment, I bought this Banpresto Dragnoite which I have lovingly named Ryuu. However, My question is....

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Pokedoll Legitimacy Question.

I recently ordered a Minun Pokedoll from an American seller on Amazon, just to be sure it wasn't a bootie off of eBay by an HK seller.

But, it didn't come with an actual tag like pictured:

Here's mine. I mean it's cute and all, but something seems.. Off. Especially compared to my other 2005 Pokedolls.

Here he is, I'm sorting out my legit Pokemon Plush from the Bootleg, and I'm hung up on him.
photo (7)


i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo

new coloring book pages added!
i'll be adding more holo stickers tonight after work.
thanks for looking!

sales includes -

plushes/ zukans/ tomys/ other figures/ jakks/
lots of holo stickers etc. holo and reverse holo tcgs.


wants - any gloom/vileplume/victreebel mini models i don't already have.
including any metal colored figures.

vilplume fuzzy figure. gloom/ vileplume cased figure.

vileplume zukan is a low want i rather trade for it.

Shipping updates!

So today, I got everything packed and addressed, and I have to go to work, so I can't ship today, but Monday morning, (before 1PM) I'll be shipping out everything I've been told to ship, or that hasn't been refunded. I will also get tracking numbers put on everything so that you guys can rest assured it's safely on it's way to you all. c: Thanks again for the immense patience and I hope I can have everything set right now. >w< See you guys Monday! :D
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Auctions, Sales, Quick Notes

All right guys, I KNOW I SAID I'D STOP POSTING but. i don't know. atleast i'm not spamming? haha. ._.;
Anyway, i decided to downsize yet again, so i have some plush for auction, and more sales! Please help me get rid of things.

Auctions include tomy Munchlax plush, lotto Tepig, Togekiss pokedoll, and custom Vanillite plush!

Click here or the picture for auctions

I have also updated my sales and lowers prices. I also have premade hats and plush for sale!

Click here or the picture for sales!

I am currently accepting trades for customs or things from my wants! 8D

And a few notes -
Banpresto GB's - They have arrived at noppin, i am waiting for another item I bought to arrive so they can be shipped together (i will cover shipping for that)

Custom Commissions - I have lots done! Unfortunately I ran out of stuffing for plush so I cannot do those until I get some next week! Afterwards I shall get right going again!

Finally, Please let me know if i need to leave you feedback. I have seriously been so bad about this, i know people have left me feedback but i don't often leave it in return! just comment here with your link so i can get right on it <3 (or if you want to exchange feedback, let me know)

Detached Hangtags? (n00b question is n00bish)

So, with the recent photo contest underwawy, I'm thinking of taking one of my plush with me to get a "photoshoot" done with it. I always see members in sales posts saying "hangtag detached but can be reattached"...


Like is there a guide somewhere that I completely missed or?

Just because I want to take my plush around get some nice photos and then I don't want to carry the tag around with it too, that is just silly... It could get wet, ripped, scorched, burnt, cut, frozen, poisoned....


A Sales Post will appear! :D I've bought too much this past week OTL.

Galvantula and Joltik

Tiny update + question!

Hello there!

This is a teensy update I need to write to you. Today, I have sent out another batch of packages from the Nasija Lot GA 3, I will go inform people after writing this entry. Second, shinykamon, if you didn't get my PM, you are the last person that did not pay for shipping for your GA items, so please do so as soon as you are able to, thank you! :)
Here is the entry: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12624811.html

I am going on a small visit to my grandparents' house (from tomorrow to either Tuesday or Wednesday next week), so I will have limited Internet access, only through my cell phone. I will be able to write PMs or Emails through it, so you can write me those for any information you need! :)

Lastly, for the Quick MPC GB, I have gotten a total for them from the seller to Noppin, so clair2522, sugar0coated, howlelujah, pantherotter and rhys107, if you didn't get my messages, the totals for them are up in the entry: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12668734.html

And lastly, something I have been really interested in...

There were tons of merchandise made of Pokemon with unique add-ons or designs, both from the anime, like a kid of Ash's squirtle with his glasses, or a Pikachu plush in that cute clown like clothing, and also non anime, like Pikachu plushies with Santa hats, or those cute train plushies featuring Pikachu, Oshawott, Cubchoo and Audino, or the cute Pokemon Musical plushies.

So my question is, any kind of unique looking merchandise you would like to see? What are your ideas? 

My biggest interest would be probably...Ash's Krokorok/soon to be a Krookodile that I love the most probably from Ash's team!

If Ash's Squirtle got a kid at least with his glasses on, I would love to see a kid (a plush would be a DREAM) of his Krokorok/Krookodile as well!!!

Second that I would love to see is a Snivy Halloween themed plush! As for design, I would love to see him in a witch hat with cape and broom. I loved the pirate design, too bad it didn't get a plush..
Or a Snivy holding an umbrella, or leaf above it's head! <3

So tell me your ideas, I am curious to know! <3

huge sales post! party hardy

HEY ALL! Okay, so I'm leaving for Europe on Wednesday so here's my last sales post for quite some time! This basically has everything else that isn't related to my fire collection... and most of it is CHEAP. To keep myself sane, I just want these things out now since I'm becoming such an organized freak this summer xD IT ALL HAS TO BE PERFECT. ahem. ANYWAY. I guess another plus is that these will all be shipped out quickly since I'm leaving for Europe so soon! Just know with every purchase, not only do you get an awesome item, but you're helping my sanity... 


(i found this pic on tumblr, if anyone knows the artist please tell me! they is good.)

Things to remember:
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier to sort everything out.
- Please don't express interest but then never ever respond again, just let me know what your final decision is.
- I will only hold certain items when ASKED to hold them.
- I ship from the US.
- Haggling will always be considered; just don't be upset if I don't agree with the price!

- Anddd I received sales permission from denkimouse quite a few years ago.

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pokemon:gloom pokedoll
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Payment #2 Rollover

I received a shipping charge from SMJ, but it works out to only 57 cents per person. So, I am going to roll this charge over into the cost of shipping to you to make everything easier. I will post about this again once the items arrive.

Multipurpose post!

Alright, this is a shipping update, sales reminder, and a question!

To everyone who has bought from me, your orders were sent today! (: Thank you so much!

Also, do you guys get bubble mailers at the post office, online, or somewhere else? I went to a different post office than I usually do, and to my surprise, they didn't have any of the small bubble mailers that I usually buy! All they had was the "decorative" bubble mailers, and they were more expensive, of course. ): It was kind of upsetting, but I really wanted to ship today. I shouldn't be so hasty... Anyways, do you all get them from a wholesale retailer, or what? I want to get a lot for my money and not run into the same problem that I did today ever again. ):

And I've still got a lot of Pokedolls and Jakks plush left! I've got some figures, too! Please check out my sales post!

Click the picture to be transported!

PKMN: Sailingtoed

get + trading + help me get beach sand? :D

I have three orders of business with you today, my friends, and they consist of this:
   - Mini get!
   - We can has trades?
   - I want you to go to the beach.

Let us dive right in. 8)

...climbin' in your window, snatchin' yo' people up?!

That's not a froggish silhouette! Collapse )


We can has trade? (Or purchase?)


Me and sorjei got a couple Pokemon Time straps recently but our bookmarks do not satisfy us! We got the patterned Cubone and Lapras bookmarks and would like to trade and/or buy for others. Collapse )


Your Mission: Go to the beach!

Wut? No, really. If you were around the comm late last year you might remember me asking this once before. X)

Just like we have our collections, my mom collects sand from other countries! With the help of some members last year I got her a couple things of sand for Christmas and she was so excited and said it was the best gift she'd ever gotten. Her birthday is in late September but since mail can take a while and this isn't something that's easy to just go pick up (for most people) I wanted to have more time to work with.

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Possible bootleg/reject?


I posted about this guy yesterday on my post about FSC, however for some reason, only one person replied to that post, and my question is still unanswered. Can somebody please help me identify this guy as real or bootleg plz? I really want to know, as it is a con get, and those can get doubious sometimes, specially plush

Plz help me

Thanks :)

This is the guy in question: Big Blue, my (banpresto DX?) lucario plush

I bought this sitting lucario at the con, but I am not sure if it is real or just another con boot. Can somebody please help me find out?

Sorry the butt shot, but here are the tags if they are of any help. Also he has that "shiny" skin

I'm discarding the factory reject thesis because of the quality control sticker, but I may be wrong

Thanks in advance!!


A wild large package appears!

I've been photographing things and getting my huge gets post near completion. However, I recently received a large-ish plush lot from eBay and the main plush that I went after it for concerned me so much ( as far as legitimacy ) that I had to post this photostory/gets post/legitimacy confirmation! I also had questions about other plush that came in the lot that PPP could not help me resolve.

I of course did a package opening with one of my lovely Pikas, Woodstock!! :D Without further ado...

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My massive gets post will be in the near future! But for now my main concern is finding out if these plush are legit, especially my electric sabertooth cat. <3 Thank you so much my loves!! I hope you enjoyed my first photostory also. :D
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Today I have purchased the entire stock of 100 prizes of a local 711's kuji.

Don't worry -- they had two kuji sets and I only bought one... I did think of the children!!! I did not plan to do this whatsoever... I only stopped in to see when they might be starting in the morning. But, the 711 staff recognized me and the manager came to make me the special offer.

After thinking it over for a few hours, I went back with a posse, and we walked back...with...

all totals under here. if you did not get all your prizes, you may be approached with same-price offers from the other collectors here in japan, so stand by. these totals are for all items i got today.

please pay to denkimouse (at) gmail.com
please take 3$ from your entire total if you already have a sunyshore order or pokemate goods you've paid for.
please make the subject of the payment your LJ username

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AND PHOTOS! very photo heavy under here!

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I have a few extra prizes too if anyone might like them :)
Meowth or Pikachu Small Towel x2 each: 10$
Cute Lounging Pikachu Strap x5: 10$
Cute Pikachu Ceramic Teacup x3: 10$
Adorable Pikachu Mini Ceramic Bowl... my last one! x1: 10$

I also have one of the "Last One" Pikachu Prize Statue. I will be looking for 75$ for it, but it is currently on hold.

Just comment if you want anything.... and THANKS ALL! :D
Pokemon - Starly

Introductions & Wants

Hi guys! I've been lurking around a little bit now and I'm sort of getting into all of this. Curse you wrens as I kiss all my money good bye. So onwards to my tiny collection of random things.


Now that I'm hear I'm planning to get more specific with my collecting! Focusing mainly on bird pokemon, because I love birds, and even more specifically, the Starly line because they're my faves haha. Non-bird wise I love dunsparce, deerling, galvantula & cubchoo.

Bird Pokemon Wants
I have a few wants. I'm sort of just checking out prices and availability at the moment, but I'd love to know if any of you guys are willing to sell these. A shipping rate to Australia would also be really helpful! Thanks ;^;

Wingull Jakks Staravia 5" UFO Chatot Pokedoll Pidove Keychain Plush
Jakks Wingull | Banpresto UFO Staravia | Chatot Pokedoll | MPC Pidove

I'm also very interested in expanding my Starly line collection. So if you have anything I will be interested!