July 14th, 2012

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Massive collection weeding sales!

I've been tidying out my room and decided to do a massive collection weed. This is the biggest weed I've ever done and I haven't posted regular sales for over a year now, so... there's a lot of stuff in here! I have tons of straight sales and a bunch of neat stuff for auction, including Pokemon Time, Eeveelutions and sleeping Gizamimi among other things. Auctions end in roughly a week so head over and check 'em out! Also, thanks to pannsie for coming over today and helping me sort out all my sales stuff XD

Head on over to my sales journal to check out the auctions and sales! All terms within.

(I'll be going to bed soon so I may reply tomorrow, also my LJ notifications are screwed up again - are anyone else's?)

Feedback here
Sales permission grandfathered

Also, I'm after a Cottonee kid, if you have one please let me know how much it would be to Australia! I'd like it with box and sticker if possible, but the box can be flattened.

Noppin help!

Hi guys! I just finally started using Noppin because a grail came up last minute (45 minutes left! *hyperventilate*), and as I'm bidding I'm confused if I'm being outbid because I don't know the ID Noppin uses! ;w; Can someone please tell me what it is so I can make sure I win? :3 Thank you! ^-^ <3

EDIT: Currently the bids look like this:

wtm***** / rating:1373 High Bidder 3,600JPY 1 July 14 9:3
cre***** / rating:69992 3,600JPY 1 July 14 21:12

Is my bid not going through? ;-; How did the person above me bid the same amount I did? @_@;;

Thank you so much, guys! <3


Pokemon Booster boxes :)

Hi everyone!!!

I have just gotten 2 Fossil booster boxes and a Jungle booster box off my friend...

So I wondered if there was interest in them if they went up for sale, if so they will probably go up with my next sales post and all 3 boxes are in English :)


I know it isn't often that unopened boxes appear on the community so I thought I'd ask you lovely people 1st :)

Thanks for reading ^^
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Looking for this member:

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has heard from kneesocks in the last 30 days?
I bought an item in her sales post almost a month ago and she hasn't replied to my messages.
Looking at her feedback I don't think anyone else has received their package yet either.
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Updated sales and shipping status!

Hello community! To everyone who was waiting on a package for me to ship, everything was shipped out yesterday! And with this I come with an updated sales post! I still have a lot of plush including JP minky pokedolls, canvas, MPC, and lots of other things for sale! Come check it out :)



Hello community!
I've added a couple items to my sales and changed the prices on many. Financial needs are rather drastic currently, so please take a look!

And, because I have a shop revamp in the near future and am trying to get rid of my remaining stock, I have a small offer if you make a purchase this weekend!
Click the banner below to be transported!

Thanks for reading <3
chibi banette

Pokemon Center Northgate stock, PikaPokedoll video, quick question & pokedoll pick ups


I decided to pay a visit to the Pokemon Center at Northgate Mall in Seattle yesterday because I was distraught about torrid_phoenix's post on the PokeCenter in Alderwood mall disappearing :(

Here's the current stock as of yesterday, July 13th:

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Also here's a short video I made buying a pikachu pokedoll to complete my Pika trio. I was curious since I had never bought from there before!

Quick question, I bought that large DX pokedoll at Value Village! Help identifying if it's real or not?

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Lastly, would anyone be interested if I did 10 slots for pokedoll pick ups? I saw Eevee and am planning to go back & buy it. I figured I would ask here to see if anyone else wanted any pokedolls since it would be convenient for me to pick them up. I was granted sales permission by denkimouse on 8/4/11. Click the cut below for details.
- Slots full! Hopefully more slots next time, thank you!

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  • karoia

lot for saleeee

so i have a bunch of random stuff I threw into one auction for anyone who may be interested. it does include a few newer style eevee tomys, an entei kid, and some jakks/tomys/plush!

fun fun fun!!! ebay url here!

I just want this stuff gone and it costs too much to ship items individually *shakes fist at canada post*

the auction contains a lot of older items so I'm not sure if the price is fair. but it's just a guess!

thanks for looking~~~ x3 have a good weekend!
  • dezchu

V-trainer auction reminder :3

Ending in under 24 hours :3

~I was thinking maybe close to the end of August we should do a california beach meet-up :3 have a picnic,take pictures for the contest,go swimmingg,etc.

Maybe have a poll of which beach will be easiest to get to perhaps -waggle-

I thought about six flags since 15+ people gets tickets for 28(I can possibly get tickets for 20,but I don't really trust my brother xD.
),but I don't really know how many would want to come and would want to ride the rollercoasters ;3;.

*a question that's not really pokemon related lolol
I picked up a bunch of 2006 movie doraemon plush with my lot of pokemon plush and I don't really know what to do with it,is there like a middleman that can sell it on YJ for me XD;.
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Anyone selling anything Lucario?

My little sisters birthday is coming up, and I want to get her favorite pokemon for her, so I'm looking for anything Lucario. I can't spend much right now, because I've bought so much on here, so Im not looking for anything BIG. Maybe a little kids figure, or anything.
let me know if you guys can help! Thanks so much!
Pictured: Drawing by my sis. c:

Wants Post Again: Seeking Umbreon Canvas

Hello again! Thanks for the people who helped me with the Teddiursa want. Thanks to you I bid on him, and hopefully I'll wiln  :)
This time I'm seeking an Umbreon Canvas Plush in good condition, does not have to have the handtag, but tush tag is preffered. After doing some research it seems the ones that were listed for about $90 a while back did not sell, and the most recent one to sell on the community  was $75. Looking to get one for about $75-$80 depending on condition.

  • miss10

Meet Bob!

*UPDATE: The Way Past Cool and Fast Ichiban Kuji Mini Pokedoll Figure GA has been paid for since everyone paid! Keep an eye out for Payment 2 in the future!*

Just a quickie post, but I just got something I really like in the mail today.~

Who's that Pokemon?! Okay it's really REALLY obvious who it is (darn, I thought the shadowing was much darker! XD)\

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first i decided to make this sales post to make money for worlds merch but then skyrim went on sale for $30 on steam and i could always use more copies of that game

cards and an entei TFG

i got sales permission fourscore and seven years ago or something

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  • raz2b

Games and Kids GA reminder!

With bidding ending in a little over six hours and some items still at their starting bids, what better time to pick up some super cheap, uncommon kids? How about right now? Sounds like a plan?
Doesn't it?
It does, right?

Since we've agreed on that, click the image below to be transported!

Searching For Gengar!

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a Gengar plush that was made by Hasbro in 1998 about medium size. I was bidding on one in ebay but lost the bid cause I wasn't able to access ebay at the time and my app wasnt working. ;__; I wanted it as a birthday gift for my boyfriend! I wanted to cry when I lost. If you are willing to sell me one that would be amazing! thank you!

Also interested in any other Gengar things for now.

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Charm want. :|

I've been creeping on collection posts and noticing people with cute boards set up with all their charms and they look amazing! , and I realized. I want.  My next goal in life is to get me some charm babies. :| So I'm looking for any birdie charm sets preferably in package, but if not it's alright! (: I'm not sure which or rarer than others but please if your selling any, please let me know!

Also, I forgot whoever sold me a couple bird kids, your package came today! If you would let me know I'd love to leave you feedback! <3

Ditto GA -Payment 1

Payment is now due for the Ditto GA. And we got some discounts (≧ω≦)
Ditto GA

Payment Instructions:
  1. View the spreadsheet and locate your username
  2. Send payment to p3nguina@yahoo.com
  3. Include your username and Ditto GA in title along with your username!
  4. Include the location (zip code or country) where you would like your items shipped to please. (It will makes things simpler when shipping comes around)
  5. Leave a comment letting me know that you have paid and I will mark you off.

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My first Collection post hope I've done everything alright and wants.

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Hey there community I have realy enjoyed expanding my collection with help form some of you guys and know I'd like to show off what I've got.also I like to just say I'm still looking for jirachi bellossom items and would love a custom bellossom pokedoll so if you can make one or know of someone please don't be shy :0)