July 17th, 2012

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Quick Offers + A "Shocking" New Get

Hey guys! Got a few things up for offers today. These include Blastoise and Erika TFG, Slowpoke line zukan and a Plusle&Minun figure diorama from Tomy.

Got some old stuff also that I'm trying to rid off for cheap so check it out!!

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on June 13, 2010.

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bw6 freeze bolt + cold flare card sales!

The BW6 Freeze Bolt and Cold Flare set came out last week, and I finally got my hands on a couple of boxes of them! :3

I enlisted the help of my boyfriend to open the boxes with me (he hadn't opened a pack since fossil in America... so YEAH it's been that long XD) and he ended up pulling UR Golurk and SR Bianca from the half pile of packs I gave him to open. I also pulled an SR Keldeo EX, but I still managed to miss a few cards in each set.

Anyhoo, onto the sales! There are tons of extras including Celebi EX, Cresselia EX and White Kyurem EX!

For all other sales there are links within the page. :3
If you would rather trade, I am still looking for these cards:

Gliscor R
Flygon R (i want lots of these XD)
Gold Potion R
Cresselia EX SR
Landorus EX SR
Black Kyurem EX SR
Rocky Helmet UR
Keldeo EX R
Crystal Edge R
Celebi EX SR
White Kyurem EX SR
Terrakion UR
Altaria UR
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Super Quick Stamp GA update and SMJ horror story

Hi guys,

For those who participated in the super quick stamp GA (check here if you're not sure if that's you), I received my SMJ package, but it did not include our GA items. SMJ simply left them off in storage. So, they have not shipped yet. I have just requested shipping on them, so hopefully they should be here within a week or so. SMJ has waived the shipping cost, so this payment is free.

As anyone who was watching this post today knows, there was a big conflict today between myself and SMJ. Around the end of the day, Nick (the owner of SMJ) commented on this post in response to the exchange I had with who I assume is another SMJ employee. You can read his comments here and here, and I am leaving all of the emails up below the cut so that you can all evaluate this transaction on your own judgment.

What I will say is:
- I am still probably going to close my SMJ account.
- The person I interacted with over email was very unprofessional and had no sense of customer service, and I hope SMJ will not represent themselves this way in the future.
- Nick seems very kind and reasonable in the comments, so this is hopefully just one person and not all of SMJ that is behaving this way.
- There are a LOT of horror stories about SMJ in the comments, so other people have had this experience as well. However, other people have also expressed that they have never had problems with SMJ. So it is up to you to decide from the information whether you feel comfortable using them.
- allinia has written a beautiful recommendations for Noppin in the comments, which you can read here.

Without further ado, these are the emails.

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I felt this needed to be put out there, because SMJ is a big name middle man and many newer members may begin using them without knowing their reputation fully. Some members have had good experiences, and some members have not. Because Nick went out of his way to explain the situation to us, I felt that I should not present my own opinions outside of the substance of this interchange.

I am leaving all comments on this post up (unless a mod asks me to or decides to delete some) as well.

Multipurpose Post - Questions & Wants

Good day everyone!

Recently I applied for sales permission so that I can sell items that I have weeded out of my collection. And once I get skilled enough, I would then like to offer up custom frame art and plush commission service! I have not gotten sales permission yet but I would like to understand what it takes to become a successful seller and custom artist!

Unown Questions

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And this is a long shot, but does anyone have the following plushies they are looking to sell? Really wanting these lil guys!


Any help would be appreciated, thank you! <3
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Canvas Search

Hi everyone!
I've been saving for a bit so figured I'd ask if anyone had a few things I've been wanting for a while. I was just wondering if anyone had a set of the 2009 eevee canvas line that they would be willing to sell. Depending on the condition, I'd gladly pay $800 for the set.  Gain a fair chunk of money and make an eevee lover extremely happy! Let me know if you're interested in selling.
Thanks! :)
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A few gets! <3

Just a few small gets, The pokedolls came from the pokemon center and the bag and kids I got in the mail from a member! <3


Next is a HUGE wants post, Once I figure out how to make one.

Seeking this Pokemon 4 pack dvd !!

yup so im mainly after this movie right now ~

it includes:

i love these movie pack types of things i only have pokemon movie 3 and 4. I would like the first and second movie if they come together. so yeah something fair in price, i leave on vacation in 3 weeks for Colorado, so saving money for that trip! <33

Legitimacy Question

Greeting community, I come here today with a question as to if the following are legit items? I've been in the market for these for a long time, and stumbled on these while searching on ebay.. I don't think I've heard of a bootleg Blaziken, but I have seen a bootleg Swampert for direct sale on the community. Do these seem legit? Any help is appreciated.

Blaziken Pokedoll

Swampert  Pokedoll, These are pics of the same one.

OP_Riolu [best combo]
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For sale: LOTTO PRIZES! + pickup reminder :D

Hey guys! I played the Ichiban Kuji Lotto today, and I have some good stuff up for sale/auction :)

The big bad White Kyurem Lotto figure came home with me! Alas, I wanted a Keldeo, so this big baby is up for auction.

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Now, some more neat items for direct sale!

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This can all be combined with my *last pickup*! Also, my permanent sales.

Reminder: my last pickup for the summer (since I'll be temporarily going back to my country in Aug/Sept) is set for the 23rd of July (items will be shipped around Aug 1st).
So if you want Pokecen items, head this way! Post needs some serious updating, but you know the jig - feel free to ask questions in that entry :)

If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any

My goodness everyone. Trying to get all these packages out and life says NO! lol
My car has gotten 2...yes 2...flats this month. So I had to buy all 4 new tires. Finally got that settled and started packing up everyones items and BOOM! Computer dies.Not just breaks, but just says I am done. Goodbye world. I am sitting at school typing this. I hate it! If you need anything please email me at smokey560@hotmail.com. I will get it but it won't be as quickly as I used too. At least not until I get a new computer ;___; *sigh* Mine is at the shop getting backed up. Won't even get that until Friday. So once again, I'm here....just drowning in issues XD *curses*
If a GA payment is due I will pay. If I inquired about an item I will pay! Just if you don't hear from me in a day or two hang in there with me <3 ^^ This is hard for me D:

Thanks to my boyfriend, everyone's items EXCEPT pantherotter (trying to find a box big enough) and beckygirl's have been SHIPPED! Please email me or leave feedback when they arrive. Once again, please email me with any issues. I will get back to you. Slowly but surely. :)

The move went well. I have almost all my figures and plush up! Collection update soon :DDDDD You know you have too many pokemon toys when you had to make several trips to get it all and STILL couldn't bring it all with you haha. I'll have to have another collection weeding post :3 I am obsessed and love it <3

Is anyone else having problems finding pokemon conquest in their local stores? I went to kmart, walmart, gamestop, etc and everyone is cleaned out. Called a member in FL and they couldn't find it either D:! Guess I'll have to get it online
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Games and Kids GA! Payment 1~

Well, we didn't really raise enough; but the seller was kinda enough to sell us the ones that had bids! Woop woop!

Spreadsheet is HERE!

Please pay within 48 hours, and comment below when you have done so :D

Please send payment to airinkitty@yahoo.com with your username and the name of this GA in the memo and subject heading (so; 'Raz2b - Games and Kind GA)
Gatr face 8D

Collection update!! (and tiny sale at the end)

It's been a really great time for gatr collecting lately!!
Let's start this with an AMAZING picture included with one of my packages from aarux! (I am.. in. LOVE. with this.)

Onward :U

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Thanks for looking!!

and on a side note:
ALL PACKAGES from my last sales/auctions have officially been shipped!!