July 18th, 2012


Final Clearance Sale ..2

How can you have another final clearance? Well, like how there were Final Destination sequels, there's a final clearance sequel - I found a ton more stuff that needs to go when I emptied my house. Anything not sold this week will be junked or eBayed, so these are clearance prices!

Kids, plush flats and other strange goodies. Come inside for pictures! Due to some confusion with photo-taking at my parents house, there is also a digimon. Excuse it. :(

I'm even taking offers on my beloved J Franco and Sons Mewtwo Bath Figure, Wynaut plush strap, and tiny Mew collection.

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Wants post.

Is anyone selling scuffed up paint/dirty kids for cheap like about 1 dollar or less each kid fig? I'm thinking about buying some so I can repaint them. So if anyone is selling some please let me know. :D Thank you and have a nice day.
Hikari and Eevee

Sales Update and Auctions (also looking for a repainter)

Good morning (at least it's morning here in NY) pkmncollectors! :) First off, I have a request. Is anyone here open for kid repaints? I have a Kingdra kid that I'd like to be repainted shiny (purple). Please post a price quote and examples of your work. Thanks!

I'm holding some auctions/offers for clear and SHINY kids :). You can find those here: http://samisales.livejournal.com/1250.html. Auctions end Sunday, July 22nd at 5pm EST.

Auction Preview:

I also updated my main sales page with dozens of plush (mostly MPC) and hundreds of kid figures (loose and MIB, including clears). There are also keychains, zukan, settei, and other fun goodies :). You can find my main sales here: http://samisales.livejournal.com/891.html

Sales Preview:

Photobucket is having some issues so some images are occasionally failing to load. If that happens, wait a minute and refresh the page. Hopefully they fix the problem soon.
houndoom and slowpoke

Crochet Plushies and More!

Hey there, guys!  <3

First, just a reminder that I still have 3 slots open for commissions for my crochet plushies this summer!


If you're interested, just click the banner to go to my commission thread, which has all the information you need to know on how to order from me and all that good stuff. Please be sure to read all the rules! Prices for commissions can range from $45-60, depending on the complexity of the Pokemon. $15 is required upfront to reserve the slot and pay for materials; shipping charges are determined at the end, and I DO ship internationally.

(Also, feel free to check out more examples of my work over on deviantart.)

Next, I'd like to ask the comm a question- what do your beds look like? xD I guess this goes out mostly to you plushie collectors. I've noticed that my plushie collection has pretty much exploded all over my bed, and I'd love to see if anyone else has this (adorable and fluffy) problem, too! Here's my bed; I keep most of my pokedolls on my headboard, but the bigger ones are just piled up along the side, lol.


Let me see your beds overflowing with Pokemon goodness, too! <3

I got the collecting blues

Hi all. Not an exciting post, but I feel I've been absent from the comm for a while.

First, a small update which is probably redundant but which I'll make anyway: all packages from my sales were shipped out several weeks ago, and I expect they've all been received, but if not it's not for me neglecting to mail them. Hope they all arrived safely and I apologise again for the delays.

Now for the purpose of my post. Recently, it feels I've had terrible luck when it comes to my collection... Outbid, lack of funds, and worst of all, many lost packages; it's really put a downer on my enthusiasm for collecting. I finally hit a collecting goal of mine, to have all the metal charms of Ground-types, for most of them to become lost in the mail. Ever since then, followed by some other lost items (and an unfortunate situation which means my collection has been put into storage for a while), I've found it hard to get back my excitement.

Has anyone else dealt with similar feelings regarding Pokemon collecting? And of course, does anyone have some tips for 'recovery'? I know that a lot of you feel the same so will understand: when life goes a bit off course, Pokemon and collecting is something which keeps our spirits high, and I miss it. :(

Trades, wants and paypal fees

Hello! This is my first multipurpose post^__^ 


I added flaffy!! xatu, larvitar and kabuto. So pretty :)

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This Groundbreakers TFGs are up for trade, mainly for elekid or sabrina tfg, but you can check my wants

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Finally, i was wondering why paypal ate a lot on fees, i never charge paypal fees because i didn't knew how to calculate them, so i check and it usually charges 2.9%+$0.30 for US residents, 3.9%+$0.30 for international, but for my country....Collapse )

Thanks for reading!!

Everything Must Go!! - Final Reminder! Rare Posters Sale!

I've reduced everything in my rare/promotional posters sale - Again! Most posters are now between $1 and $5. This is the last reminder I'll be making about this post and I really want everything gone! There are Banpresto plush posters, league posters, promotional flats, Pokemon Center bags and more!

No resonable offer will be refused!!


Sales permission granted by denkimouse some time in 2009 XD

  • I ship from Australia. International buyers, be prepared to pay around $5 for one or two posters, and between $8 and $15 for multiple.
  • I won’t take “postage is too high” as an excuse to back out of orders, if you are worried about postage costs, get a quote before you commit to buy.
  • When making an order, specify your COUNTRY if you’re overseas, or your state and postcode if you’re in Australia.
  • I trade in USD because that's what the majority of people use on here.
  • I'm more likely to give you a bigger discount if you buy a lot of things!
  • I can hold items for as long as you need, however if someone else is interested in it then I will only hold for 48 hours.
  • I will only trade for Moltres items on my want list, HERE

There are lots of freebies in this post, take as many as you want with any order! In your order, please specify the # of the item you want (there are a lot of similar posters so this saves any confusion). Most posters are creased to fold.

Warning: very image heavy!
(Click the fake cut!)

  • kuee

sales post!

Good afternoon everyone! I've got  some TFGs, plush, and kids for sale. I'm also looking for some things!

★Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 29 OCT 2011.
★I ship from the US, and I ship worldwide. Packages will be shipped within a week of having received payment. I am not responsible for packages lost in the mail.
★I accept Paypal only!
★Items can be held for 24 hours. If I do not get a response before then, the item will go to the next waiting customer
★Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kuee/


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Pokemon - Choroneko - TCG

A Very Tiny Purple Kitteh Collection Update!

So, I got a package in the mail the other day from the amazing  tyltalis and this was what it contained:

Choroneko Promo Card - USE

What a beautiful and "purr"-fect promo card!! In fact, the whole entire card is foil too! To bad my silly camera could not catch the foil effect...:P

Choroneko Promo Card - USE - 2

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Since part of my last eBay lot sold, I took what was left and created a new lot:

eBay Lot

Link to Pheonixxfoxx's eBay lot!

There are over 114 Pokemon related "goodies" in the mix. Just click the above link if you would like to check it out, thanks...:3

pkmncollectors worlds meetup 2012

I haven't seen anyone do this so I might as well begin this. Welcome to the official pkmncollector's meetup page of 2012! :D


As you guys may know, Worlds 2012 is coming up pretty soon - in less than a month now! As the banner states, the event will take place during the second weekend of August, from the 10th-12th. For those of you fortunate enough to attend and would like to take part in this meetup, please let me know in this post and I'll add you to the list. :D

Also, artwork and banner updated - yay!

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(no subject)

Hello pkmn collectors! I have a question regarding Noppin. I finanlly broke down and decided to use their service to get a Keldeo lotto figure for my collection! (Since the one on eBay was out of my price range for this item.) I made my deposit and won the auction for far less than my deposit total. My question is, do they use your deposit to pay for the item? Because I can't figure out how to pay otherwise, and I feel like a dummy. @_@ I tried loading their FAQ to answer my question but the page is saying that it cannot be found. Help is greatly appreciated!
  • coh33d

HK/China Scammer help.

I bought this Charmander plush off of eBay from a HK seller, (My mistake, I know.) and I've repeatedly messaged them demanding a refund for this item because it is counterfeit. They haven't replied or anything. I was wondering how can I get my refund? Preferably outside of eBay, since apparently eBay isn't any help at all.
I was also wondering.
It's just a thought I've been pondering on, but what if we as a whole community could take these users down? I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick of these people scamming unknowing people with fake Pokemon merchandise.
Happy Klyde

Small sales from Japan

Hi everyone

It's been sometime, just got back from Japan 2 days ago..and was I in pokemon heaven X33

I'm hoping to give a major update throughout my entire room soon (still have a few more stuff to unpack)

As saying I have some small things I want to add to my sales post and here's a thing if you buy from me $15 or more (before shipping/fees)

I'll add these special stickers you can only get at this stamp rally from 7/11 in Japan
*Since I only have 5 it will be a first come first serve deal


Thanks for looking, Sapphire and Larita wants to thank you for checking out this post ^^


It goes bump in the night

Heya guys! Long time no see. I've been doing a lot of artisy fartsy selling at conventions and it take up a lot of time. That means less pkmncollectors. Major sad face (Except the wallet can take a breath! lol)

Anyways, I would like to make a HUGE thank you to godudette for alerting me to a grail like Gengar item.

I won him for a lot less then I thought I would! Hopefully, he will be in my ghostly collection soon.
I seriously can not thank you enough godudette! <3

That aside, I would love to see any ghostly gengar items you have haunting you. If you have one for sale, even better!

I am currently on the hunt for any metal gengars besides: green, gold, and bronze. Not sure if other colors exist, but that doesn't mean I will stop looking!

I am still looking for this kid. Last Gengar kid I need!

New member intro and collection post!

Hello everyone! 
I've been collecting Pokemon since 1998, but I'm not nearly as hardcore as most of you. I mostly collect items that are directly tied into the game series, as well as the Tomys. Although, seeing all the kid figures, I've been getting really tempted to start collecting them as well. I only had one kid figure: a clear flareon. Before I found this community, I always assumed it was a bootleg, as I had never run across any others like it in my travels. 
So without further delay: my collection!

Beware: TONS of images!!
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