July 21st, 2012

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Seeking Eevelution booties.

One of my friend really want the eevee plushies and wants the set of them.
If you got any booties you want to get rid of, we'll buy it off of you.

We would prefer nothing over 5 dollars since they're booties. ^^;
1-2 dollars each would be nice!
Pokemon - Oshawott Happy Grin

Oshawott at Granby Zoo

Last time, I posted some pictures that I took of Oshawott when I went to the Botanical Gardens (HERE), recently I went to Granby Zoo with him and took more pictures of him~

There's more pictures of him located in my livejournal entry HERE

If you want to see a bigger image of the photos, you can always right click on an image and choose "Open image in new tab"

Oshawott is a little bit more difficult to find in these two pictures. But he is there~! Just a little more difficult to find...

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Sale + Cards + T-Shirt + Custom o/ Yeah !

Hi !

I didn't write a Sale Post after a long time !

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Want to see moooore ?

You collect an other Pokémon, and you like my work ? I didn't draw the design yet ?
Please COMMENT !


I hope you love card because I have a lot of to sell ! It's French cards from the set Next Destinies ! And random figure !

You can buy some HERE :

hello again! and lots of plushes

Hey everybody, long time no see! I have been busy with the pokemon TCG and just started putting off my attention to plush/toys...and suddenly it has been a year and a half! I made the top 16 at pokemon VGC nationals, and the winning plushes reminded me that I needed to get some plushes sold :) Hopefully some of you can remember my silly avatar, but if not that is okay.

This is not a sales post as I did not want to just start selling right out of the gate, and I also wanted to get some pricing help. I am so out of date that I really cannot remember exactly what anything is worth either pokemon plush or zukan wise. It would help me out a ton if you guys could tell me what here might be worth more than $20? All I really remember is that Swampert used to be about $50! I know that they started reprinting some things, so I am a little lost as to where pricing has gone in general for pokedolls.

For zukans could you guys just let me know - have prices generally stayed the same since a while back, risen, fallen? I have a TON of those and can sort of remember what was high (Raichu at $50-70, Dragonite at $50-80, Pidgeot at about $100, Eevees anywhere from $100-200) and what was low (Blissey line at about $8, stuff like that). I would keep some of the Zukan if prices have cheapened significantly, which is why I did not photograph them yet. All of the plushes are definitely going to be for sale regardless of exact pricing.

Also are Flareon/Jolteon Jakks still floating around $50-60 each? I have those two and would definitely like to sell them if the price is still that high.

Sorry for such a meandering post, I would rather do fixed price posts than auction or offer posts though, so I figured if I could get some good information I could avoid having to do those!

(for any moderator who cannot remember who I am, please do not be concerned...I have run large sales posts before, and already talked to godudette to let her know I intended to return, past feedback here
http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/5132873.html?thread=130311753#t130311753 )

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Thanks for any help anybody :) and I hope to get to know you guys really well again, I regret having checked out for so long.
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Shop Update

I've added some new holographics and reverse-holographics to my card sales, and a bunch of new cards from the Dark Explorers set, including some of the Eeveelution cards I didn't have before. I also lowered the prices of nearly every card in my sales post! Click here or on the banner to go to my sales:

I've also got a card lot up on Ebay for a bunch of commons and uncommons from Dark Explorers, if anyone is interested.

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Need Advice? + BIG GET!

Hey everyone, this is Youngster Joseph checking in! Today, I need some advice. I got an envelope in the mail recently with a Collectors purchase from a fellow member. I had ordered a flat, a kid, and a figure. However, when it got here, only the kid and flat were inside. The envelope appeared unopened and was untorn. I sent this person a message a week ago when the package got here, and I know their life has been hectic, so I understand. They had a hard time getting it out in the first place.

Now since two of the things were in there, I'm not really looking to dispute (I made payment 36 days ago, anyway). I'm just wondering what I should do? It doesn't appear to have been lost in shipping, in which case a loss is a loss, but if it was never shipped...? I'm just looking for some advice, it's no big deal. Not a particularly rare figure or anything, just a little one. xD''

NOW ON TO BETTER NEWS!! I got a great, big, awesome, superly spectacular RATTATA LOT from the fantastic kriscarmi! I want to thank her so much for this awesometastic opportunity to expand my collection. I was really looking forward to it.

Now, I am ALSO looking for some help in IDENTIFYING some of the things I have here! I don't have photos cause my camera is all MIA, but here's a video of me opening the package and showing it all off. :3 Ends a bit abruptly due to kitten shenanigans, lol~

To end this, I might be a little slow on responses for awihle - I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. and the drugs make me quite drowsy. xD My apologies, I'll respond whenever I am awake. See you next time!!

Chibi Ninetales

collection update, worlds, and a couple questions.

  Hi everyone!
  So i've gotten lots of packages since I joined a few weeks ago. Thought I would share how my collection is coming along. If you would just like to see the photos go straight to the cut
  I had a couple questions, I want to learn how to make plushies. Where is a good place online to order minky fabric? Also when I google it, some websites have different kinds of minky fabric chenille, and something else. Which is the best to get to make plushes?
  On another note, I live on the big island of Hawaii. So if anyone going to worlds would like info about the island or had any questions I'd be happy to help. 

  I do have one want. If anyone has this I <3 Pikachu for sale? I see them online but thought I would ask here first.

 I LOVE PIKACHU Banpresto Ball Chain Plush Purple Heart

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Pokemon in the claw machine!

Hey there~!
Today, my sister, salacberry, and I were looking around at our local shopping centre when we came across this!


Piplup, Snivy, Oshawott, Pikachu, Meowth, Zorua and tepig, all hiding in this claw machine! We put in a $5 note, then another, but didn't manage to win the Zorua we had our eyes on. We got 4 more dollars, for two more goes. I went first and managed to flip the Zorua onto his back, and my sister used our final go and managed to pick him up! <333


We now have an adorable Zorua who was won for $14 in total- quite cheap if you think about it :D

That's all for now, Byee <3
Piplup Innertube

Clear Milotic Kid

Hi everyone. Just a quick wants post:

Yes, a clear Milotic kid is what im after.
Since I already have the clear Feebas, I´d figure I have to get the Milotic :P
If anyone has one for sale i´ll be glad to buy it.
Leave me a price in the comments and we´ll work out a price.
And if youve spoted one, please let me know!


Aggron FSJAL

Zekrom's adventure (Kinda XD)

So since it was so nice out, (It's been in the upper 90s lately x_x) I decided to take my traveling bud Onox the Zekrom around our backyard and take photos of him with random things :u and this my contest entry so COME AND LOOK :P

Onox: Sup B)

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EDIT: Question and quick want :P
Q: Is anyone going to Animeiowa this coming weekend? I'm just curious. I couldn't hold a meetup or anything though ^^; XD but I might wanna say hi :u
Want: Cheap Lotads! I'm short on funds, but I need some Lolotad :x or the Aggron pencil topper

Kid Paints + Trades + Plush Bootlegs

Hey everybody! I have been curious as to which paint brands you use for shiny Kid repaints. My grandparents own a hobby shop, so naturally I have lots of different resources. Thanks!

Also, is there a list of known Pokemon Plush bootlegs? I'm into collecting them and it would be easier if there was one. :]

Click the below Floatzel to get transported to my Trade Post!
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Summer Contest Entry ! And 24 Metal Figures Left !

I decided I'm going to use this photo as my entry for the contest!

 - also a tiny tiny reminder/plea! (After I buy these 24 metal figures I'll have all of GenI!! I would greatly appreciate any help!!)
21. Spearow 30. Nidorina 31. Nidoqueen 33. Nidorino 38. Ninetails 41. Zubat 45. Vileplume  64. Kadabra  69. Bellsprout 72. Tentacool 73. Tentacruel 78. Rapidash 80. Slowbro 84. Doduo 104. Cubone 122. Mr. Mime  126. Magmar 128. Tauros 134. Vaporeon 135. Flareon 136. Jolteon 139. Omastar 141. Kabutops 148. Dragonair

Pokemon - Jolteon!

Birthday and Mini-Grails!

Woot! It's been awhile since I've posted huh? Had a bit of a busy life lately, what with getting a new supervisor at work, puppies, and having my best friend if ten years move away - this month has been crazy.
But this month is also my birthday month. And on the 20th, I had turned 23! So, as is customary, toda had showered me with gifts I would like to share with you. In addition, I have gotten THREE mini-grails in recent months that I just need to show off.

Beware, lots of text below.

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Lol, okay done speaking now. Thanks for reading guys! I'm now off to have dinner! Mmm... delicious dinner.

Edit: P.S. There are lots of other things I wish I could say here, and show off but this is what the collection room looks like right now -

Eeer it's such a mess xD. Even still super special thanks to Gin for getting me all the shiny Rayquaza merch among other awesome things, dewott, thank you for being my replacement Secret Valentine!, love you kassia9 and your customs, and uh THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED MAKE THIS COLLECTION WHAT IT IS TODAY.

Mbok vs. Yahoo! Japan Auctions + today's gets

Hey, everyone! Another hobby of mine is lolita fashion (it's a wonder I'm not completely penniless between Pokemon and lolita), and a lot of my loli friends buy some of their dresses from a Japanese site called Mbok, which is pretty much the same as Yahoo! Japan Auctions. The thing is, I never hear any of you talk about Mbok and I was wondering why. I wanted to order some lolita stuff off of there as well as some Pokemon stuff so that I didn't have to pay deputy fees for both Mbok and Yahoo! Japan, because then I really would be penniless. ): Do you guys not use Mbok because:

-You've heard back things about it?
-Or you've never heard of it period?
I'd rather ask you guys before I order anything Pokemon off of there. I figure if there must be some kind of reason, right?

also, today was a good day for both of my hobbies! I went to a lolita meet AND there was some nice merch waiting for me when I got back home! :D
I'm on the left, and my friend Holly is on the right! It's my first real coord, so don't laugh! ;P I'm looking forward to finding some cute Pokemon fabric one day and having some dresses made from it. I'm trying to think of the best Pokemon to get a plush of and take pictures of for lolita... I'm thinking Meloetta, maybe? What do you think?
And THIS. All of this came today! I need to post a collection update, but I also need to do some rearranging...it looks like a tornado came through my room. Anyways, I ordered this Chikorita Pokedoll the other day, and it got here really quickly! Chikorita holds a special place in my heart since it was my first Pokemon ever, way back in Gold and Silver. The Cilan sticker came from a GA that hebitheivan hosted a little while ago, and she was kind enough to include the Whimsicott card AND the little card cover thing that features Whimsicott. I don't know if I brought up how much I LOVE Whimsicott while talking to her, or if she's just psychic. Either way, it made my freaking day. LOOK AT THAT CUTE BALL OF COTTON. <3

Auction Reminder! Also, Otakon?

First of all, just a quick reminder that the auction for my Japanese Shinx Pokedoll ends in about a day! He's still at starting bid! 

Click the picture to be transported to the original thread:

Also, I'll be attending Otakon this upcoming weekend - anyone else going? :3 I'm not sure if I'll have time for any meetups or anything, but I might bring my Groudon pokedoll along, so if anyone sees me they shout give me a shout ;P I've never been to this con (or any con!) before - are there many dealers that sell Pokemon items, by chance? :o If anyone has any tips or anything, feel free to share!

Thanks! <3

MSZ-006-3A Zeta Gundam &quot;White Unicorn Ve

The case of the missing Zukan + a suggestion.

Hello fellow PKMNCollectors,

the first part of this part of this post is mainly targeted at those of you who collect Zukan figures and live in Europe or the U.S.A. I want to ask if you saw any new Zukan in stores recently, and by new i mean anything after DP10/Regigigas Edition? I know not all Zukan released in Japan get released over here, but with the release of Black and White one year ago i expected new releases. I also checked the information provided through their page, but it only goes up to DP10 and the newest releases are not even Pokémon-related. Were they suddenly discontinued? I hope someone here has more information for me. And where i am at it, photos are also greatly appreciated, thank you very much.

And now the second part, who should be targeting all PKMNCollectors. I think questions about merchandise, be it about identification, legitimacy or distribution pop up fairly often here. In most cases, there is a consensus developing in the comments, who generally points you in the right direction. But, we have more expierienced and less expierienced collectors here. In order to honour the dedication of the first and to help the latter, i would like to start something like the Professor Program in the TCG, just for Pokémon collectors, which should involve a test. The term Connoisseur or Connoisseuse would be good, as it is used in official material and would provide a fitting description. It should be not meant to seperate members, but before i go into detail i want to know about your thoughts and suggestions.
Galvantula and Joltik

Quick Pog GA!

Hello there!
First thing, there are still a lot of plush, figures and so many other things that need your love and a home! I have still so much stuff left, so do claim away! All you have to pay is shipping, packaging and fees! <3

And secondly, I am going to do a fast pog? (not sure what they are, but they are thick) GA on these guys, there is a little more than 16 hours left!

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All threads are up, you can bid away!! =D

Sorry guys, we lost this GA....there was quite a bidwar going on on these guys, and I was outbid in the last few minutes...(not to say the prices rised up like mad)
Ruby and Mimi

Otakon Meetup~!

 So... since Glacidea can no longer make this convention -sadface-, I thought I would make the meetup post for Otakon 2012~ <3 Since I was co-planner anyway xD
I think most of you decided you where free on Saturday instead of Sunday? Sadly Saturday isn't my pokemon cosplay day, but the cosplay will be easy to spot me in for the meet up~!

I will pretty much have a huge scythe and will even make a little sign for you guys~ (plus I'll bring my travel buddy, Sparky my blitzle, along with me)

So Saturday's pokemon photoshoot will be at 4.... and I would honestly like to avoid mixing up with it to much ^^ I was thinking maybe we could meet up at 3? and hang out for like.. 45 min before the actual shoot. I can even help people with finding the location for the shoot since it will be my 5th year at this convention~! <3
I honestly won't be staying for the photoshoot so that's why I'd prefer not to have our meet right after..... Like I saw some people suggest

I would like to have your opinions on times though~! <3 I like the 3 time... but I don't know if that will conflict with anyone

I will be checking other photoshoots around the time we decide and pick what would be a good place to meet up without being to crowded!!!!

ALSO! let me know if you are cosplaying or not~ <3 I'd love to know!!! xD

I'd also love to meet with anyone before hand too~ ^^

and if you'd like to add a sales page or trade page in the comments.... we could do some swapping without having to deal with the stupid shipping fees
If they're in the comments, everyone will see them!
and I'll even plug them in the entry I'm planning to make on Wednesday~ for anyone interested.... (if you don't want it being plugged... just let me know! It'll just be a small text plug... no image links... so we don't seem to spam xD)

Sorry this post is so close to the con.... I was on vacation with a lack of internet....

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Auctions reminder

I know some of you were having problems with my sales post not loading and I'm still working on the issue. I think I'm going to need to switch all of my photos over to a new hosting program so it's going to take a bit, sorry :(. For now, I've at least re-sized the photos to be smaller (which definitely seemed to help a lot). Any suggestions for image hosts would be great, I'm fine with paid accounts but need a lot of space and bandwidth.

My main reason for posting today, though, is to remind everyone that my auctions are ending July 22nd at 5pm EST :). There are a bunch of shiny and clear kids and some don't have any bids yet or are low. My auctions are here: http://samisales.livejournal.com/1250.html#cutid1.


Auctioned items can be combined with items from my regular sales: http://samisales.livejournal.com/891.html

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!