July 24th, 2012

Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles

grail get! :3


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I have also done a massive sales update! Click under the fake cut for a shiny Entei Pokedoll, Eevee Canvas, rare Pokedolls (including Houndour, Blaziken and unofficial DX Lapras), Pokecen Arceus plush, Vaporeon and Cobalion lots and much more!

( sales this way! )

There's also a little bit of a wants list there too if anyone fancies taking a look. :3

Coming soon: A late 2nd anniversary collection update! I have had some AMAZING parcels recently, including 2 big boxes of pure Mudkip joy and a very special Swampert. :D And I recently finally got some display cabinets, hurrah! :D

Leafeon Wants <3

Okay so I thought I'd make another plea here just because... I wanna :3 I'm still on the lookout for a shiny Leafeon kid. GRAIL. I feel like it's a fruitless quest but what grail doesn't feel impossible?
Anyway here's a list of the things I can think of: clear kid, mega block, chou, chupa chup, block stamp, pokecen charm (not sitting), Keshipoke ring strap, playset figure, retsuden stamp, hiragana poof, can badge.
That's about it. Thanks for reading! I know these r super boring posts so here are a couple pics of my set up at my new apartment :D Took me a while to get the display right! They're under the cut since they're pretty larrgish

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Plushie hunt.

I notice my collection is mainly figures. I need some plush all up in here yo! here are AHEM. A few that I'd like. But it's missing the Archen and Unfezant plushes. Feel free to comment with any others bird things you have that are: Kids, Plushes,charms or Zukans, Thank you. <3



collection update + wants

it's been almost 3 months since i last updated so i thought i'd make a post now since i came back from vacation on saturday
i went to florida, and hoped to pick up some dewott jakks stuff, but unfortunately i didn't find any... but i did get some other merch.
i also have some wants that i'll put at the end.
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Oshawott - Glacidea

Sales Update, Clear Glaceon Kid, and Searching!

Hi all! Today I have only a few things to bring to the comm, one of which is a Sales Update! I have a Clear Glaceon Kid up for offer right now, and have done some collection weeding, so please take a look!


Next, do you all remember the Toy Factory GB that was planned and fell through last year? Well, back in January, devi_white handed control over the GB to me. I just have not had the time, resources, or help to get things started, but I reassure those that are interested that I do want to conduct this GB! However, I first need to find the help necessary to make it possible, since doing this alone would be very problematic for me. ^^;;


If you are interested in helping me run the Toy Factory GB, please come forward! I'm looking for someone who can make posts and give people their totals, as well as help me just a bit with gathering information/contacting people (maybe, though I consider this largely my responsibility, since I'm planning on doing the shipping because I want every size of otter. ^^;;). I need someone who is serious about helping me run this, who has the time, and who will not back out and leave me with all of the work. If you feel like you can do it and have interest in huge plushies, then please let me know. <3

And for now, I leave you with that! Thanks guys, and expect an otter update in the near future! <3

Collection update + more weeding

Hi again! So today I'd like to share something that I got a while ago, but just got around to photographing.

Also, from my previous sales post, all packages are going out TODAY. Sorry for the slight delay!

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And now, more weeding sales to make room for my monkeys. Prices reduced, haggling more than welcome!
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Reminder on offers for Skymin/Landmin/Bidoof pokedoll offers and Larvitar McDonalds plush!

Hey guys just a reminder for my offers on my Skymin/Landmin/Bidoof pokedolls and Larvitar McDonald's plush!! Skymin and Landmin have no offers, Bidoof is still low (the last one on comm sold for 80$!)! Here's your chance to get one for a decent price! :) This is my only reminder before I close offers!

I also still have tons of pokedolls, canvas, and more plush for sale come check it out :)

Wants list! some simple; some...not so much

Well, as the title implies, this is just a wants list. And, my first one, at that! =3
There are a few things that I think I will be able to get right away, as they're actually not that rare. But, some of the other things will take forever to find. @_@
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All of these images are from Google, and they are (obviously) not mine! If these are yours and you want to be credited, then I'd be more than happy to do so! Or, if you want me to remove them, I can totally do that, too. ^-^

And, if anyone could tell me how to make a permanent wants list, I would love that!
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Hello everyone!
While I have some money, I thought I'd officially make a quick wants post~
I'm basically looking for various eevee plush and chibi house playsets (still can't get a cut working so, details here: http://s1167.photobucket.com/albums/q624/happycharmander/?action=view&current=wishlist.jpg ^^;) If anyone's trying to get rid of any of these, please let me know. I'm more than willing to give them a good home!
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quick question

i randomly remembered how i don't have pegs for some of my zukans. specifically the:

torchic line
magmar line
houndour line

does anyone have any advice on what to do without pegs? does anyone have any extra zukans pegs that i could use? it's especially irritating with my torchic zukan since they are all in very exaggerated poses.

that's pretty much all i gots to say :) i'm going to have a more elaborate, epic, fire pokemon collection update when i return from europe, but here's a quick shot of it i got before i left!

it looks a little disorganized at the moment, so no judging. poor bigpix doesn't fit on any of my shelves, so she sits on top of all my gabus. :( but yeah! i can't wait to get better pictures once i get home

Some birdie gets + wants.

I got a package with a BUNCH of birdie kids in it from shiningmew. ^-^


We moved into my house not too long ago, so I won't post a collection until I get proper shelves for everything. <3

Yesterday I bought a bulletin board thing for  my birdies, I'm seeking any flats really, pan stickers, regular stickers, charms, phone straps, perler bead art, you name it! just want to get it filled with birdie goodness!

Also a question, the flying swellow kid, it's clear when you hold it up to the light but looks normal any other time, i don't understand?


More questions, tiny collection update, and a small-ish wants list

Yep! I pop out of my short time of lurking/post convention recuperating to ask even more questions! :D

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My small "Want but will have to wait until I have more than $1.00 in change" list!

Jakks Vaporeon and Leafeon
Jakks Glaceon/Leafeon plush
Pokemon Battle Coins Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon
Banpresto Glaceon UFO
Eeveelution Kids

Thanks for reading! ^0^

zukan question

quick question concerning a zukan I found on eBay. Is it possible to bootleg Zukan figures?
because I found a Luxray line Zukan for nearly £5, but its comming from Hong Kong.....which is like bootleg central from what Ive seen, so tell me what you guys think? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-40-SCALE-Pokemon-403-Shinx-404-Luxio-405-Luxray-1cm-4-5-cm-pvc-figure-Set-/320939645093?pt=UK_Toys_Creative_Educational_RL&hash=item4ab97e58a5

Im after this zukan but this doesnt seem right

Sorted, people have bought from them before and they are legit. Even still the cautious, its only a fiver lost

collection weeding, big lot on ebay

Hello everyone! I weeded out my collection today, and have a big lot on eBay here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/251115981992?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

And here are some more of my croagunk items: http://www.ebay.com/itm/251115982974?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649


Thanks for looking! :3
P.S. I've had sellers permission since 2010.

Otakon Meetup~! (Set time and Location now)

So I have finally figured out a place to meet up!

When: 3 PM Saturday
Where: 4th floor to the right side (Side with the escalator)

the 4th floor is the floor right above the registration area~ It's pretty easy to find ^^ If you have any problems finding the location... don't hesitate to ask me for help!!!!

I will also try getting there 15 minutes early.... and I'll be pretty easy to spot
This is what I will be wearing~  I will also be bringing Sparky, my Blitzle pokedoll~

So yeah, just look for the giant scythe xD

If you would like to find me some other days.... I will be Gijinka Shinx (will have Shinx pokedoll with me as well as a Luxray cosplayer) on Thursday/Sunday, Oz Vessalius on Friday (may or may not have scythe, depends on outfit I choose), Yellow on Friday afternoon/evening, and Oz again on Saturday but in the outfit above
I also might wear my Ulrich Stern (Code Lyoko) cosplay sometime during the con, but who knows xD
So yeah, if you think you see me... just be like.... "hey are you Nora" and I'll be like... "Oh hi there!" and then you just gotta tell me you're from here xD
If not, see you at the meet~

Anyway~ let my know if you'll be coming to the meetup~
I'd also love to see if any of you have sales or trades posts, so we can all save on shipping and paypal fees~ 

Here's something to make this post more interesting~

Sparky and Shinx (still needs a name :/) are getting to join me on my trip~ They're even watching over my cosplays for me xD

Anyway~ can't wait to meet some of you!!!

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All the Pretty Plushes - Auction Post!

All right folks, LET'S A GO! I hope you all can enjoy bidding on some plushes as much as I am going to enjoy posting over 100 comment threads for them!

These are all plushes in my possession, this is NOT a group auction. They are all super cuties but I bought these to sell, not for my collection! I did decide to hold onto to some of the stuff for now, but except for Whimsicott everything of high interest is still here! Swampert, Magikarp, tons of poke dolls, tons of banpresto!

The auction will end on Sunday July 29 at 7 PM U.S. EST time zone. I figured this would be a good time for as many people as possible, hopefully I am right ^_^;

countdown timer here

Everything is posted up, feel free to bid and comment away!

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Multi-Purpose Post! GA info, Perlerstuffs and more, oh my!

SO! First off, I want to let everyone that has participated in the Games and Kids GA know that I've sent payment to the seller, after finally getting the last payment in- stay tuned for a shipping quote and your stuff sometime in the near future! :D *confetti*

The rest of this post is VERY pic heavy. Have at it! :p

Second- Are perler pokemon still popular? I started making them as a distraction from stress.. and realized that I have A LOT of them. And most of them are the larger ones. Any interest? I can custom make any Pokemon, ( Or at least try!) and most I've already made are up for sale. Those of you who make them, though- Sometimes some of the beads melt all wonky, while their neighbors ( of the same color, from the same bag, mind you) melt just fine.. what gives?) I'm pricing them at around $3-5 for small, $6-10 for med and $15-20 for large, depending on how cross-eyed they make me go.
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third- the flea market gods have been smiling upon me, oh my. Got a few things last month that i'd never even seen before. So I have a few questions on one of them- I found a Professor Oak TOMY figure on a green base. one piece. Is it bootie? looks pretty nice, really.
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Mini sales- ( sales permish recieved april 2011 from denkimouse!)
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I Love Eevee Wave 2 deposit reminder + new sales!

This is the final reminder that deposit payments from all participants in I Love Eevee Keychain Plush Wave 2 (Jolteon, Flareon, Glaceon, Espeon) are due by this Saturday, 28 July! Those who have not paid are marked in red (even for those who informed me in advance about possibly missing the deadlines, do not fret!). Also, Espeon, Glaceon and Flareon (who is selling out fast!) are still available for claims, you can click the picture to find out more. For those who missed out on getting Eevee, it is still available as well! =)

I have a small sales post this week! Up for offers are the Milotic squirter figure, as well as these 1988 Banpresto Toru Toru Mascot Keychain figures. Also available for straight sale are other Mascot Keychain figures, MPCs, Banpresto plush, kids, bobblehead figures and other miscellaneous goodies. Click either picture to proceed! ^^

Have a smashing week ahead!
houndoom and slowpoke

Sales and Eevee Auctions!

Hello again, community! <3 Well, I noticed that my sales post was in terrible need of an update, so I spent the afternoon taking some new photos and including some new merchandise.

We've got lots of different kinds of Tomy/Kids/Preorder figures, toys, keychains, even some super spiffy Welch's jelly jars! If any of that sounds like its up your alley, come check out my sales!



I've also decided to auction off a few mint-in-package Jakks Eeveelution figures. Here's your chance to nab a Leafeon, Espeon, or an Umbreon!

eeveelution banner

*Offers start at $25 for Leafeon, and $30 for Espeon and Umbreon.
*BIN prices are available! Leafeon- $45, Espeon and Umbreon- $55 each.  (Bidding has begun on Leafeon!)
(BIN price will no longer be available once someone places a bid for that figure!)
*Shipping is NOT included in the bidding/BIN prices. (However, I will include free Delivery Confirmation for people in the U.S.! International people can still bid of course, but tracking/insurance costs are too much for me to front myself.)
*Auctions end Tuesday, July 31, at 11:59 pm, EST. (Countdown here.)
*Please bid in the appropriate comment thread below this post!
*Please be ready to pay immediately upon the auction's end if you are the highest bidder. If payments are not paid within one week of the auction's end, I will offer the item to the second highest bidder and will leave you negative feedback.

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All right, that's it for today! Please bid in the appropriate threads below, and good luck!
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Northgate pick-ups round 2!

These are for pokedolls only, not the other merchandise in the machine.



Also, I had a previous buyer back out of two pokedolls in my last pick-up due to tag condition, so two new Bisharp pokedolls are looking for good homes. One came out of the machine without a hang tag, I was then sent a free one by the Pokemon Care Center after I called the number on the receipt, and then the free one had a small crease in the hang tag from being in a bubble mailer. Click the cut below for details.
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Want, a meme and sales

Hiya everyone! So I have a teeny tiny want.

Picture from toysnjoys
Does anyone have this cutie for sale? I would love it even if it doesn't have a hang tag, or even a tush tag. Just as long as it is soft and stain free, I would love it :D

Speaking of pokedolls, to those who collect them, which region pokedolls do you have the most of? I separated all my pokedolls based today on region and noticed that I have more from Hoenn than any other region. Pictures are encouraged :D

My hoenn buddies
I also added a few things to my sales and lowered some prices :D I need to get prepped for ponies XD
hawkeye squared

A (very) late introduction post

Hi everyone! I figured since I have been lurking here for a while, buying things and then slipping back into the shadows of the internet, it was about time I actually introduced myself and my quite small (but growing) collection.

I've been a fan of (some might say obsessed with) pokemon every since I got red version back when I was about 10. Never had the money to do much collecting until recently, which is why my collection is so small. Thanks to a job (yay) and desperately needing something other than university to focus on, I finally got into collecting more than just the trading cards after finding this community when it was featured on the homepage. 

Anyways, on the the current collection. 

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As far as Wants go, I am interested in finding something for Ninetales. If anyone has any info about some reasonably accessible Ninetales stuff I would be interested in hearing about it. 

But that's about it for me. Thanks for having a look and thanks for having such a generally awesome community here.

Zukan GA's lost + Notification

Hello Everybody,

This is some sad news. I just wanted to notify the participants in my Zukan GA #2 and #3 that we lost the auctions. Even when I raised my bid for the both auctions by $50, we still didn't stand a chance against the other bidders. The auctions went way past the amount we raised. I apologize to the participants who may have been excited to get some new and rare zukan. But don't worry, this loss hasn't stopped my group auctions. I will definitely be more active in getting more zukan.

Also, I have been very busy because I have been moving from a house to a different home and work. So please understand if it takes me a while to reply to your message. I check my messages and this site daily, but there are some days I fail to take a look at my inbox, or the community itself. 

Thank You for reading this post