July 25th, 2012


Wanted! Jirachi Plush of some kind~

My littlist bro's birthday's in October, and knowing how long it takes for stuff to get to Me, I figure I may as well start looking now~

I'm in AUSTRALIA, so please keep that in mind when quoting shipping please!
I pay via paypal~


First off, I'm NOT looking for the Pokedoll! My Bro's gotten all Pokedolls from me thus far, but since Jirachi is his favorite one ever, I'd like to get him something a little special~

THAT BEING SAID, please note this is a BIRTHDAY GIFT. I certainly don't mind second hand at all, but would like it in good condition please!

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o6. n-n-ninfia!

Side Collection Update! + want.

So I LOVE Pokedolls. I love the feel and chibi-ish design of it. In fact, my Glaceon pokedoll was the first ever plush I ever bought from the Pokemon Center and I've always love, love, love Pokedolls from that day on. I still gotta do my one year update collection but omg... ;___; It's so tiring to spread out my plushies all over my bed again. But for now... Enjoy this small update! And a little want~

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Pokemon Halloween Pikachu Custom Plush Doll

Hello everyone!
I though the Halloween will come as quick as a wink, so I made a thing like this. 
I made Christmas version and sold last year.

but I am thinking to sell Halloween version this year. I think it still needs some work. 
If you have some suggestion like do this way or do that way, or different additional goods are preferable so something like that. 
Any suggestions are more than welcome.
Thank you ^ ^

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pokemon: mamo!

Pokemon Mate totals PART TWO!!

Hey everyone! :3 Here are the totals for the second half of releases of Pokemon Mate stuff this July! If you ordered can badges and/or the metal fastener charms, you have a total under here!! The next payment post won't be until the end of August for the rubber straps.

The metal fastener charms came out today, and here is a quick snapshot of the Ingo and Emmet ones from denkimouse! More to come later!

And here's how to pay and totals under the cut!! :D

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metal figure unboxing LIVE!

As I'm sure some of you may know, there were hundreds and hundreds of metal figures listed by a particular seller on Y!J a while ago. I was lucky enough to BIN one of the lots almost immediately after it was listed and received it in the mail recently. ^_^

I'm going to be streaming the unboxing of these blind boxed metal figures right now and thought I'd share it with you guys - I'm excited to see what I get. Come join me. :D
Click on the banner to get to my stream. <3


Unboxing is over guys! Thanks for tuning in. I had a lot of fun, please look out for the figures as they will be up for auction in the next few days. :D

Also as a side note of anyone going to Worlds 2012 in Hawaii:

I've decided on a meeting spot and time that seems to be the most convenient for everyone - we'll be meeting just outside the merchandise room at 4pm on Friday, August 10th. Because most VGC events happen in the morning to early afternoon, I figured it would be a good time and since most people will be wanting to buy merchandise anyway. :D

Anyone who hasn't confirmed yet, please do so asap - you may click the banner to get to the event meetup page. <3

Happy Klyde

Stuff from Japan Update part 1

Hi everyone ^^
Since my last post I was able to get most of my stuff cleaned up from my trip to Japan and this will be my post #1 from the stuff I got there.

This post would be about poke plushies <33

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Thanks for looking ^^

**and also a notice to: miss10, squeakareecyritic your items has been taken to the post office TODAY (again I apologize for taking some time was busy from work since I got back)

Feebas Pokedoll

Biggest Feebas Collection?

Hi community.
Today, I would like to know who has the biggest Feebas collection on the community!

Since I collect Feebas, I'll be showing mine, and counting every little piece of merchandise (Including flats,doubles and repaints of official items).
What I won't be showing are customs, such as drawings, sculptures etc.
(If this post isn't allowed, I'll simply delete it)

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So, if anyone has more Feebas pieces in their collection than me,
Please comment and leave pictures >; )
Because, I'm dying to know how has the biggest Feebas Collection on the Community :D

Thanks :D
pokemon:gloom ditto


Ichiban Kuji Pikachu Cup & Bowl!

My Ichiban Kuji items from denkimouse arrived today! And wow, wow, wow!!! When I first saw the pictures, I thought they would be cheap plastic. I actually bought them because I thought they would be cheap to ship and wouldn't break. But they're soooo much more gorgeous than I expected!! I'm very glad to have bought them. Even the boxes are cute!

I got the Meowth washcloth, too, but it's not quite as photogenic. ;P

Also, I received a package today that may or may not be the Super Quick Stamp GA, so I'll update as soon as I have the chance to pick it up. ♥

questions and little auction reminder

Hi! i have 3 little questions:

1.- Do you have the victribel zukan base? it's should have this names in the low part:

Bellsprout           マダツボミ

Weepinbell        ウツドン

Victreebel          ウツボット

2.- All my auctions always ends at 7:00pm lima time, here is an example:
Is this hour ok for you? or too late, early? let me know :)

3.- I want a gible figure, but.. Whats the best gible figure?? i was thinking between the tomy or zukan piece, but don't know how many figures of gible are out there, let me know what is your fav gible figure :)

Finally a little auction reminder:
auction-add 3
Link: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12754353.html

Thanks for reading!!


Looking for things (could use a pick-me-up :<)

So, I haven't done one of these for a while, but SURE. I'm having pretty much the worst month of my life right now, and what heals wounds better than pokemon!?

So, I'm looking for Feraligatr, Cacnea, Exeggutor aannd.. chibi stamps because I decided I love those and want more.
Also somebody stop me from collecting Tangela. :l But not really because I think I want to.

So show me your Tangelas :U

the following are doubtful, but things I am specifically looking for too that
I occasionally ask about:
^-- Gatr slippers by play by play

^-- Clear Feraligatr kids figure                           ^-- random Banpresto Feraligatr/Totodile keychain

and anything you don't see on my shelves in my last update

Thanks for looking!

Shipping side note: Work and storms here have been bad, all metal figures and purchases from my last sales will be shipped Friday instead of this past Tuesday or Wednesday like usual. Sorry about the slight delay :x