July 26th, 2012

Last couple of ducklett needs:

I really only need a few more things to complete my ducklett collection. Does ducklett have a stamp? I know swanna does, but I've never seen ducklett

images - Copy


I need the stamp in here^ <3

If anyone has these, please pm me!I

f you know of any other Ducklett merch, let me know!

chibi banette

Last call reminder for Pokedoll Pick-ups at Northgate - Round 2!

Slots are now closed til next time! Sorry!

These are for pokedolls only, not the other merchandise in the machine.

Last call for Pick-ups! I will accept pick-ups until Noon today US Pacific Time when I leave to do the pick-ups.

I am leaving for class and returning to my computer to write down the list immediately before I do the pickup, so my ability to answer questions at this point is limited. Please read the rules carefully or browse through earlier comments if you have questions.


I was granted sales permission by denkimouse on 8/4/11.
I was granted store run permission by denkimouse on 7/24/12.
My feedback located here: old | new.
casual daddies!!!

regarding dinictis


Due to various circumstances that each company or person involved seems to have a different story about, member dinictis had 50+ paypal disputes/chargebacks issued against various sellers on the community and elsewhere. He has been in contact with me and his credit card company/paypal to try to resolve this, but sometime overnight his LJ account was suspended, just as he was planning to make a post to the community about the issue.

Basically everyone seems to have a different story and information on what exactly happened to cause this and how to fix it, but to all affected members, please know we are working to try to get everyone's money returned to you. Dinictis has been in occasional contact with me so far about this and is attempting to solve it on his end.

I understand anybody who feels suspicious about all of this as we really are not sure exactly what happened, but for now we will keep hoping it will be solved quickly and everyone's money will be returned promptly. Apparently this same incident has been occurring in a few selling/buying communities around the net, and any potentially helpful information or insight is welcome!

Thank you, citizens!
My Kids - Sputnik &amp; Metal Worm

Semi-Grail Get! Oh, And Some Sales!!

I have managed to acquire a few new items. To see them, just click the cut...:3

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Since things in my life seem to have finally settled back down for now...

*knocks on wood*

I decided to bring you all a small sales post!

Kids Figure Lot

This round of sales will be strictly Kids Figures for I have 114 in need of a good home!

First, here is the boring yet important stuff:

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Now, for the figures!

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An interesting tip to getting paint rubs off your tomy figures! Collection re-org and wants for N

So I'm not sure if you guys knew this, but I discovered something really interesting this morning. (Well, 5 minutes ago actually) I've been going through and cleaning all the dust off my tomy figures and unfortunately they are UBER loved. So they have a ton of paint rubs on them, mostly from being kept in a box for all these years. So I counted my loss and continued wiping away dust when i got this idea. On my shelf was... this


Very picture heavy!
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And now to my re-organized collection!

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And now, the usual wants

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lugia badass

Giant Sales/Offers

IMAG0896 - CopyIMAG0901 - CopyIMAG0902 - Copyall the things

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I will stop taking offers Saturday August 4th at 9pm Central Standard
If you want to offer more than the previous person, please reply to that person with your offer.

lookin' for weasels

okay, so aside from my main fire collection, i also collect mienfoo/mienshao! i have a few things i want to do with this post, so i will organize it numerically...

1; what has been released for mienfoo?
...so far, i have the:

2; what has been released for mienshao?
...so far, i have the:
mpc (it's coming in the mail soon)
and that's it. but i know a kid exists which leads to the next question of...

3; does anyone have a mienshao kid with the box + sticker for sale?
i'll pay up front! i've been needing one and should have gotten around to it a while ago, but alas...

4; does anyone know what their tomys will be released? or know of any expected merch?

5; does anyone have these cards for sale?


that's pretty much it! i think i had other things to say, but i'm just way too exhausted right now... and missing my pokemon collection. :c but i hope everyones having a great week!


chibi banette

Northgate Pick-Ups (Round 2) Results!

This run was a huge success and nothing was out of stock. Everyone who asked for an Umbreon got one!
To all pick-up participants:
This is your only payment post. You have 48 hours starting from the timestamp of this post. Comment immediately after paying. Negative feedback will be left if not paid in time.

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all the happy lil Umbreons:)

Quick Collection weeding - JOLTEONS!

So Yeah, a Grail has poped up for my main collection, which i would much rather have than any of this stuff, so i've decided to sell off my Jolteon Collection to help raise the money!

All Prices i'm asking for include Shipping & Fees. But will be sent with my own default shipping method, Bubblemailer, Tags with top loaders/chard protectors, 1st class. If you want alternate shipping E.g A box, let me know as it will change the shipped price

Sales Permission Granted by Denkimouse
Feedback Link - http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/spideyroxas/

Jolteon Canvas, Minty W/Tag attached and no Creases - $170, Willing to go lower if you want to offer. Nothing below $150.
Minky Pokedoll - $65, Minty W/Tag attached, Tag has two creases on the edges of the tag. (On hold)
Jakks Figure - $40, Mint
Both Tomy Figures - $8 for both.
Power Bounder $5
Johto Dex Charm (Also sometimes called attack Charm) - $20
National Dex Charm - $8
Pokebox Charm (Will be put in it's original package) - $12


I've had a lot of home trouble atm, thats why my activity has been low, My Partner has been diagnosed with M.E, which sucks on top of his Panic & Anxiety Disorder.. But i've got a massive update planned for when things from Sarah/Y!J/Rakuten come in =B
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Poke Plush Pile Part 1 and 2 Group auction :3

I'm bidding + shipping and will be claiming Pikachu Pillow,Sleeping Pikachu,and Pikachu Figure for 60+.
I ship from California :).
Bidding for both auctions end July 30th at 6:30 PM PST
BIDDING HAS ENDED,we have won both lots expect a post in a couple days :3.
There will be 3 payments.
*All Community Rules Apply
*Payment will be required within 2 days of receiving the invoice
*I will leave negative feedback if you claim something and don't pay.
*Please bid in increments of 1.00
*Here is my feedback C: - http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/dezchu/
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~

These are two separate auctions we might win one but not the other.

I don't have have as many boxes as I did last time so I might have to charge for some bubble mailers/boxes depending on what you bid on :).
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shiny mew

More price reductions and last sales post :(

This coming Tuesday I am moving from Long Island to Wisconsin to start my first "real" job as an college graduate! Because of this, I most likely won't be able to do sales any time soon. Unless things turn out to be A LOT less time consuming and stressful, I won't have a sales post for the next 1-2 months! Plus, I don't think I'm going to be bringing any of my current sales items out there with me, so this stuff at least won't be seen again for a really long time.

I took all new pictures and lowered prices even more, so if you want something, now's the time XD Specials still apply.

Free shipping for US purchases over $20*!

$3 off shipping for INT purchases over $20*!

*$20 worth of items, not including fees or shipping. Fees still apply.

Minimum purchase of $1!!!

Click here or the banner!

legitimacy check?

I was going through ebay listings for Leafeon(I know), and came across the TakaraTomy Leafeon, with hang and tush tag for a reasonable price of $25 (not including shipping, and the seller is selling from within the states). The hang tag has the Sinnoh starters and Pikachu. They also had photos of it from all angles and showed the tush tag, which has the TakaraTomy logo on it.

Does this check out in price + match the official plush, or is it just another clever bootleg?

Answered! Thank you ~<3
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PKMN: Sailingtoed

'toed days of july

After struggling with Photobucket for the last hour I gave up and uploaded all the pictures to tumblr. :V IT WOULDN'T LOAD PROPERLY GRR. Anyone else having this problem today? - It decided to work properly so now they're all bucket'd.

Anyway... I gots stuff! :D All of this was today. XD sorjei is a doll and has been hoarding up some purchases to save me shipping costs and I got her box o' goodies today. <3

I had to make this post since I've kind of officially reached a milestone with my 'toeds. ;w;

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And in case anyone was wondering if a clear Politoed Kid DOES really exist (as I've been asked a few times), the absolutely amazing lulupin found photographic evidence!!!! Oohhh and aaahhh with me. ;A; It's so beautiful. I want it so much.

Finally, one last thing...

THIS KIND OF MAKES ME SAD. No, not the drawing, but the fact that I almost never knew it was there. I got a non-Pokemon package from meeka_meerkat today and I ripped off the contents paper before tossing the bubble mailer since it's something for my mom and I didn't want her to see -- AND I SEE THIS FACE. ;A; So cute. It just makes me wonder if I've ever missed any other doodlings on a package due to a poorly placed paper or mail sticker of some kind. Sad days. I couldn't get any more white off it, but I cut it out to keep anyway. XD

what did your collection look like when you started?

so i came across a photo, the very first photo i took of my main collection when i decided to start going hardcore. and it was kind of a shock to see the difference between my then and now... so i'm wondering if anyone else gets that sometimes? like "wow i can't believe that was all i had!"

so yeah i guess it can be a meme! a before and after photo, and if you can get it all in one shot that would be cool.

yeah, this was the first official "collection photo" i took of my main collection. it's so cute and little! way back in 2009...

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