July 28th, 2012

Sales Reminder + Last Call for I <3 Eevee Deposit Payment!

Hi community! This is my one and only reminder that I stop taking offers for the Milotic Squirter Figure and these rare 1988 Banpresto Toru Toru Mascot Keychain figures (Vulpix, Prof. Oak and Ash) in slightly more than 24hrs - on 28 July, Saturday, 10PM New York time! (Countdown timer here.) Click on either picture to proceed! There are also MPCs, more mascot keychain figures, zukans and other items leftover from the last post, feel free to check them out :D

Finally, paging the following people as the final people who have yet to pay their I Love Eevee Keychain Plush Wave 2 deposits! The deadline for payments is 28 July Saturday - those who do not contact me or make payment by the weekend will be left negative feedback and have your orders officially cancelled, so do at least give me a heads up if for whatever reason you can't make payment yet! For those who sought extensions, your name is not listed below but I have noted your requests and you are still left unmarked on the official Wave 2 deposit payment/request page.


However, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you guys who have participated in all three I Love Eevee bulk buy orders I've run so far! The majority of you have been nothing but amazing, co-operative, prompt with payment and an utter pleasure to work with, and for that I'm very grateful. ^^ Have a great weekend ahead guys!

Post Japan Sales Update!

Hi everybody! I'm back from Japan and like many others, I come bearing sales ^_^ As a result, this post mostly contains items released in the past month or two, but I also have the contents of a small YJ deputy box in here, as well as a few items I found from DP.

I haven't been selling much lately due to health issues so I don't have a lot of feedback on the current system, but I do have quite a few older ones. My official feedback page can be found here.

I've been selling on the community for years, and received grandfathered sales permission from denkimouse in 2007.

Click here or the link below to see the goods!


big SALES update!

I've been putting this off but now it's here, finally another sales update! In my sales post you will find figures, trading cards, chinese bootleg cards remember these, pokedolls, MIP bouncers and charms Most of this stuff features eevee and it's evolutions!

On stuff I have offered previously discounts have been made, there are also some LOT DEALS!


I also have some rare TCG that I'm going to auction off in this post:


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Plushes Auction Reminder

Hey guys! Just about one day left (and some odd hours).

The auction ends on Sunday July 29 at 7 PM U.S. EST time zone. Follow the picture to go to the original post if you are interested in a big amount of pokedoll and banpresto plushes!

Getting in the mood to sell got me in the mood to finally pop open my collection boxes and get something nice on my desk. So I figured I would post a collection post

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Hope you enjoy it if you decide to click through!

Pokedoll Tags Database? Pikachu Gets/Wants!

Hello community!
So I have been all over google, photobucket, LJ, deviantart (ect. ect.) looking for scans of the 2010-2012 US release pokedoll tags. I have had absolutely no luck... the internet has never failed me like this before. So I was wondering if anybody decided to go through with the "tag database" because if not I think we should really make one. I have a few tags to contribute myself, and if nobody is working on this then lets start!

If you have any scans that I can use, or know a link, please let me know! .... Any help is very much appreciated! I found the eeveelu ones, so I am going to use those. But if you want to help creat a tag database, or have any progress on one plase comment below and maybe we can get something together or something.

To make this post less boring I have a few new gets! 
Pikachu Pokedoll US, Surfing Pikachu Tomy, and Rainbow Series balloon pika! I love, love, love them all so much! Thanks to the people that helped me obtain these!
Also, here is my wants list. Please check it out (especially if you have some rainbow series pikachus)

Ditto GA -Payment 2 (Shipping)

Sorry for the long wait I had some internet issues. But anyways here is the payment for shipping.
Ditto GA
Ditto GA Payment 1

Payment Instructions:
  1. View the spreadsheet and locate your username
  2. Check to see if your location is right in the spreadsheet.
  3. Send payment to p3nguina@yahoo.com
  4. Include your username and Ditto GA Shipping in title along with your username!
  5. Leave a comment letting me know that you have paid and I will mark you off.

Wants post

Hey guys, just a quick wants post. I'm currently in a search for this Hoothoot lock. Has to be working condition with key though. c= I don't plan on spending a fortune on it, but I'm looking for a fair price. Please and thank you~

(Image from google images)

PKMN: Sailingtoed

wanting a bootie glaceon 'doll

Me again with a quick post. <3

One of my nieces has a birthday coming up and she's really in awe of my Pokemon collection so I thought I'd try and get her something. I asked her which Eeveelution she liked the best (since she loves my 12" Vappy, haha) and she picked Glaceon. Since she's still young I don't want to spend $20+ on a legitimate Pokedoll that's gonna have the stuffing beat out of it and/or get lost one day, so I'm seeking a cheaper bootleg.

Image ganked from eBay XD

I know they're all over eBay, but I'm asking here for a few reasons:
   - I checked eBay already and most of the listings have high shipping costs.
   - I want to see the 'doll before I buy it. I don't want a super ugly one missing its hair. XD
   - I'm going to double check myself, but I want to know beforehand that it's not harmful.
   - I'd prefer not to directly support a bootleg seller.

I'm in Canada and from my experience shipping is roughly $3, give or take. My ideal price is around $5 shipped (excluding fees), so approximately $2 for the plush. I'm willing to pay a little more though, especially if shipping is higher than a flat $3, so just shoot me a price and we'll talk!

Thanks guys ♥


Hi, folks! After lurking around here for a few weeks, I've finally decided to join pkmncollectors! So it's, y'know, exciting. Anywho, I guess this'll be my intro post!

I've been a fan of the franchise since the days of Red and Blue, and subsequently played all the handheld until Black and White. Throughout my years, I've acquired a somewhat decent assortment of plushes and merchandise, from an Elekid plush to random Pikachu figures and from a Mewtwo tin box to a recently acquired Lugia pokedoll and many more thingies, though most have been misplaced and/or lost when I moved across the country a few years ago. So I'm rebuilding my collection from the ground up!

As you can probably tell from my profile picture, I really rather like Kabutops. The Kabutops tomy figure was the first Pokemon toy I ever had, and also one of the first that I lost back many years ago. I was lucky enough to find and buy an ebay buy-it-now of that same figure about a month ago, and random browsing for more Kabutops led me to this wonderful community! ^_^

And that about wraps it up! I'm currently on the lookout for any small figures of Kabutops, particularly a Metal Collection or a Mini Model, since I got a nifty display box from Home Depot (above) that needs filling. Anyone have any ideas as to who might have any for sale? 
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clear muskedeers group buy?

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far!
I just got back from a vacation and came home to many surprises! I am hoping to do an update very soon, though I do have a small grail coming in the mail soon, as well as some other things, so I shall wait until then!

Now, for an inquiry!

I was curious to know if anyone would be interested in a group buy for the clear Muskedeers set. I want only Terrakion, so if anyone would like Cobalion or Virizion, you can claim them! They will be $13.60 each. Once I receive them, I will post again with shipping charges. I will be shipping from the US!

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I have sales permission from lineaalba (Summer 2009) /denkimouse (26 June 2012.)
My feedback is here.

Please comment away!


Hi all~ I have been lurking around for a while now, should probably do a re-intro soon. Though, today I have just a quick want! Does anyone happen to have a MPC Scolipede (with tag) plush for sale? I'm looking for one!


Factory Reject Minky Vaporeon?

I was browsing ebay, and I came across a listing of a Factory Reject Minky Vaporeon Pokedoll. Has this plush been mass produced in the black market as a minky version, or does this seller have no idea what they are selling? I'm assuming it might be a Japanese Minky Pokedoll, and that the seller does not know what he/she are selling.

giratina, origin

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Hiiii !

Here UmbreoNoctie, it's 22h00 at Paris Time, It's sunday and I'm tired x_x I played the Digimon World Re: Digitize all day. XD

I add a new Pokemon search ! You know it : it's exeggutor !

So now, I search Giratina O', for me ; Mareep's line for my boyfriend ; Skitty for a very good friend ; Exeggutor for a... friend. :D

Here the famous Want List !

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And NOW !
The work I did all this week !

Capture d’écran 2012-07-28 à 22.07.42Capture d’écran 2012-07-28 à 22.09.54Capture d’écran 2012-07-28 à 22.06.39
Capture d’écran 2012-07-28 à 22.13.31Capture d’écran 2012-07-28 à 22.14.10Capture d’écran 2012-07-28 à 22.14.59
Capture d’écran 2012-07-28 à 22.10.47Capture d’écran 2012-07-28 à 22.11.36
Capture d’écran 2012-07-28 à 22.12.40

Click on Image to be transported !

Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles

sales post reminder!

Hi guys!

Just a quick reminder that my sales and offers are still going on. (: A lot of rare things are at low/have no bids, take a look!

Includes shiny Entei Pokedoll, unofficial DX Lapras Pokedoll, Vaporeons (including canvas plush, kids and Jakks figures!), Cobalions, Blaziken Pokedoll, Eevee canvas and Pokecen Arceus plush! I've also got a couple other canvas and pokedolls up for straight sale too! :3