July 30th, 2012

Hi all!

I'm Ingeborg, and I've just joined your community :) I saw a post I did on my journal that showed up here. I didn't know it would, I made it so that the admin would see that I'm comitted and not just a blank journal :) That post sounded like I was a familiar member with an anticipated update, which isn't the case yet, so I thought I'd introduce myself properly :D I have just started a little collection from scratch consisting mostly of eeveelutions. I’m crazy about them :) Vaporeon is my favourite Pokemon btw, closely followed by Vulpix :)

I've loved Pokémon from the very beginning <3 I collected cards and toys as a child, but at a point I gave everything away so it's now lost. When my friends grew too old for Pokémon I felt childish and ashamed playing by myself so I convinced myself I too had grown up. So I gave away my pokemon merch in my denial. I still bought Emerald and LeafGreen and played them for years without anybody knowing. I kept my gameboy hidden inside my pillow covers x) I have stopped denying what I like so I now play my DS -, and will soon display my Pokémon plushes and figures, like it was the most natural thing in the world :) haha, I just love it too much! ^^

And I also wanted to throw in a quick question while I'm browsing on eBay for cards. Are fake holofoil playing cards a problem, and how do I know if a card is fake? I don't know the new cards so I have no clue haha. The holofoils looks so fancy with the whole card being shiny and stuff, it makes me suspicious :P

I will update when more of my stuff gets here, I've only gotten a couple of plushes, two figures and some charms yet :) I'm really looking forward to getting to know you, I'll talk to you soon :D

Pokemon Sales Reduced

Hi Everyone :3! Well I now must get rid of all of the other pokemon that are not a main part so here's some old sales just cheaper prices :) Please take them away to a good home ;3;!  NOTE: THESE WILL BE UPDATED MORE THROUGHOUT THE DAYS!

Sales link on journal:http://legendaryluna.livejournal.com/1474.html
Massive sales: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12530124.html
Pikachus and more:http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12591667.html

Please take them away or they will have to go to goodwill. Thanks <3
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Quickie Sales - Charms, Pokedoll Pins + Funny Photo!

- All Pkmncollectors rules.

- I ship from CANADA and will ship internationally :)
- I accept paypal
-Buyer must pay all fees. (paypal and shipping!)
for this post...Shipping is INCLUDED in the price!
- Payment is expected within 24 hours, else a negative feedback will be left.
- Feel free to haggle, though these are already fair prices.
- Currently declining TRADES
- Holds available for 24 hours.
- I am NOT responsible for items being lost in the mail. IF THIS IS AN ISSUE, I WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO ADD TRACKING ($20)
- I refuse the right to sell to anyone I don't see fit.
- Any other questions? Please ask in the appropriate thread ^_^!

Onto the sales!

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Price information.



No,no I'm not trying to sell. I'm looking to buy. I've seen Pelipper sell within the $10-$13 mark. So that's what i'll offer. does anybody have any price infromation on the wingulls. I can't find anything on it anywhere, if anyone knows or has one, please let me know!



ASDFGHJKL, I want some. These things fascinate me! They're so cute.. <3 If anyone has any birdie ones let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Pika Plug?

Hey everyone! I don't usually do these kinds of posts, but I have a question about this fat little Pikachu my husband got from his parents the other day. They found it in an old box of stuff, and assumed it was his. Sadly, he has never seen it before and has no idea what it is supposed to do or where it is from! The bottom suggests it is an electronic device or some sort. Any insights would be appreciated!


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Pokemon amigurumi commissions update: I only have three more to make, and I should be able to get them done this week! Check here to see if yours has been completed. If your name is crossed off but you didn't get an email notification from PayPal then let me know and I can give you the tracking number(US only). Kittay752, yours will be mailed later today!

Here is a little teaser of some of the ones I completed this past round of commissions

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Just thought I'd share this, since it came out pretty well. I haven't posted anything here in ages, I've been doing a lot of ponies, so Pokemon haven't really been on my mind. :)

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Also, I am open for custom pokemon plush commissions. However just as an FYI my project list is very full, so they'll take a long time to get finished. (But my project list is always full, so now is as good a time to order one as any.) You can find info about my commissions here: http://www.sparkcostumes.com/comission.html and a gallery of my work here: http://bladespark.deviantart.com/gallery/

Nintendo World Pickups Reminder + Payment Date Changes

To everyone who has already reserved a spot:

It turns out I will be going to NY this week as planned!~ The only problem is that the trip has been shortened by a day. Instead of going Wednesday-Friday, I will be going Wednesday-Thursday. That means I will need payment from everyone by WEDNESDAY 11 PM EST so that I can pick everything up on Thursday before I leave. I will be replying to everyone who has confirmed a spot within the next few hours about how much their first payment is and where to send payment to. I will start accepting payment now until the deadline.
If there are any issues with the payment date being moved up by 24 hours, please contact me ASAP so we can work something out. I'm very sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused!

If you don't have a spot reserved and you would like one, please check out the pickup post here!~

new collector and new to journals!

hi, my name is Abbey and I'm new to live journal and thought i should introduce myself. I've never done anything like this before so please bear with me :P. I'm from the UK and mostly collect pokemon plushes however I am completely seduced by all things related to Mew! I also love all fire types and Lucario merch. 
most of my small collection has been acquired in the last year and I received another 7 for my birthday in july. However the large Charizard has been in my life since I was 8!  

my little collection

There are a couple of items I am looking for as well if anyone has any or knows where I can get them would be a great help! :). Firstly is this 2007 Mew by Tomy. It's just so fuzzy and adorable I have to find one :3. If anyone has one available please let me know the price and shipping to UK and i will get back to you :)

1320211478 (1)

1/1 TOMY talking mew
secondly is the 1/1 talking mew. I narrowly missed getting one of these on eBay a while back and have been struggling to find another since! again if anyone has one please let me know. 

Really looking forward to getting to see other people's collections on livejournal, there seems to be so much variety here :D

giant update of pokegreatultramasterball proportions!

Hey guys! As the title states, we have a HUGE update here! I've received soooo much stuff over the last couple of weeks and it feels amazing to be collecting (and having fun doing it) again! So, as a result, here we have a big update...
Get ready for action!

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Phew that took forever. I like LJ's new photo-uploading interface, but the pictures come out WAY too big and aren't easily edited. ._. Oh well.

Oh! ALSO! Is anyone else doing pickups at the kiosk in Washington? I am interested in an Eevee if you are picking up in the next couple of weeks. I did post a comment to ladylale, but I'm posting this just in case something happens with her.

Looking for umbreon/espeon decal!

Chibi Stampers GA: Still on the way over here, after setting off a bit back. I think the Olympics security check stuff might be playing merry Hell with the speed of parcels. :( I've had two things take over 35 days to reach me lately.
I am not accountable for things taking a long time to reach me, so please don't start paypal disputes for your shipping cost.

Beastly Legendary myvampirelust19 GA: I paid last week, we just need to wait for myvampirelust to have time to post the big box! Stuff will be ready to post as soon as it gets here. :) Still waiting on two payments, so I'll combine those with payment 2 for you miscreants!

I am looking for this small glittery phone decal:
Pokevault has (them for a ridiculous price). please let me know what you'd take for yours with shipping.
I got my original one for about $5 last year, and used it on my 3DS. I thought it would peel off when I needed to trade in the 3DS for an XL this week, but it was permanent! Ohnoes! :'( I had to destroy the decal to clean the 3DS up.

If nobody has one, I will probably just vectorise the logo and make a custom vinyl decal myself, but as these have to be cut and printed in a sheet of 6 or 8, it's pretty wasteful. Not sure if I could even offer those on the comm. :s
~my pokemonz~

Dragons Exalted ~ Gets, Wants, and Mini-Sales

Hello everyone, yesterday I went to another TCG Pre-Release event. The newest English set is called Black&White Dragons Exalted, and it introduces a brand-new type (for the TCG game), the Dragon type! :O (It was introduced about 6 months ago for the Japanese)

I didn't get any super-rare dragons, but you can see the beautiful promo Altaria, along with my other gets and a wishlist under this cut. :]
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As usual I also have a few spares from this set for sale, which I added to my permanent sales post:

Most notably there is a full-art Registeel EX, and I have also decided to part with my Legendary beast trio sleeves (they're from the HG/SS era).

BTW, here is a video completely related to my Registeel.
Feebas Pokedoll

Feebas Get c:

Hi community!
Just a regular gets post.

Today I got another Feebas item, but hes special because he is my first paid for custom 

Hes so freaking cute!
I love the way hes made! Especially his base x3
(Lol, hes just like those new Pokedoll Figures)

Hes such a great addition to my Feebas Collection (Which might be the biggest Feebas Collection :3)

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Thanks for looking c:


Your MPCs, show them to me!

Hey everyone! :D I keep promising that my next post is going to be my grail post, but unfortunately, I haven't had the time lately to devote to taking the quality pictures for it that it deserves (partly out of laziness, partly due to one nasty sinus infection ;__;). SO. Instead, I come with a wants post! :D

I don't have any MPC plush yet, and I'd really love to start a small collection of the ones I really like! I'm also looking for some notebooks and clearfiles for my Fall semester of school, to help make studying and taking notes a bit more bearable :'D

Currently, these are the MPC I'm mostly looking for, but if you have any for sale, point me in your direction! :D
❥ Alolololololololomomola
❥ Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, and the Simis!
❥ Emolga
❥ Sawk & Throh
❥ Deerling(s) & Sawsies
❥ Lillpup, Herdier, Stoutland

I'd prefer them with their tags, but it's not necessary :3 Also, if you have a collection of MPC plush and you have pictures, I'd love to see them! :D

I'm also looking for notebooks, clearfiles (big enough to fit a size of 8.5x11" paper), and other miscellaneous school/stationary goodies! I'd prefer the notebooks to not have been used, but the clearfiles and binders don't have to be mint because obviously, I'm going to be using them! :D

Annnnd of course if you have any Bidoof/Bibarel merch for sale, I'm always looking for anything from my wants list :3

Thanks everyone!
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TCG Gold star set finally complete! & TCG and plush sales

Hey guys! Just got a few updates for you! <3

Firstly, I have a massive collection update to show you guys! I've split it into two parts, the first being TCG! 
I completed one of my main collections today...the gold star set!

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Secondly, I have some sales!

Got some pretty high ticket plush available, as well as some meta TCG cards!

Need some cards for your worlds trip? Look no further! Have some pretty good prices for y'all! Includes a mewtwo ex, playset of terrakion, trainers/supporters and more!

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to finish off, still looking for this!

If you ever find it and wish to sell...You will be presented with many many cash monies! ;A;

Thanks for reading guys <3

Looking for better scans of this...

Hey everyone!
So I have like the coolest english teacher ever and he is allowing me to write my "Journey to the West Visual Analysis" Report on Infernape/Chimchar/Monferno being used to advertize Pokemon Conquest. Why? Becayse Infernape isl like pokemon's rendition of Sun Wukong (the monkey king). I am way to lazy to explain my thesis but I am using this image and the corocoro scans containing monferno.
But anyways! Does anybody have any scans of the Corcoro advertizing Infernape/Monferno for pokemon Conquest. I have a scan but its very blurry and Id like a cleaner magazine. Any poke magazine article collectors out there?

Any other pokemon advertizements using Infernape help too. Hope you are all having a wonderful day!


Hello community!!
I'm excited to post a MASSIVE shop overhaul! 90% of my sales post has been redone, offering new items and new prices! Almost everything is $10 or under, and there is tons under $5. I'm even offering some specials for the grand re-opening:



Click the banner to be transported, and, as always, thanks for looking!

Wants ~ Any Tepig Merch? [EDITED]

Okay So I Can't actually buy anything at this moment in time, as i've Just had to foot an expensive vet fee for my Dog, and I've had to buy an Expensive gift for my Nephew's Birthday, As it's his first birthday this year.

But I'd Really Appreciate it if you guys could List as much Tepig Merchandise as you can, so i can list it down, as I'm hoping to become a Tepig Collector.

It'd Help me Out a Ton, Thanks Guys :D

So Far I Know Of -
TY Tepig Plush
Tepig Pokedoll
Tepig McDonalds Toy
Tepig Sleeping Plush
Tepig Backpack
Giant "Toy Factory" Fairground Tepig
Pokemon Center 1:1 Tepig
Talking Tepig
Tepig Pokemon Card

Okay So Now Looking at some collections that this may take some time and money, So I Might just complete it One Item at a time. I'll Start With Plushies.
So Heres The List, Tell me If I've Missed Anything C: -

Ty Plush
DX Chibi Banpresto Plush
Large 'Toy Factory' Fairground Prize
TOMY Plush
Pokedoll Plush
Talking Tepig Japanese + English
Pokemon Center 1:1 Tepig
Sleeping Tepig Large + Small
Backpack Buddy Tepig
Best Wishes Ichiban Kuji
Tepig Head Pillow
TOMY plush puppet
Jakks Tepig
Pokemon Center 2010 Tepig Plush
2011 Banpresto UFO Game Catcher Prize Large Size Tepig
2011 Banpresto UFO Game Catcher My Pokemon Collection Tepig
7-11 Exclusive Store Tepig Mini Plush
2011 Canvas Series Tepig
2011 Tepig Children's Hat
2011 Tepig Mini Pokedoll + Ball Point Pen
2012 Type Focus Campaign Tepig Mini Mascot Plush

this is gonna take awhile

Also Guys It'd Be a Huge Help if you Tried to Not post the same item twice ^^"[


Metal Figure GB Payment 1

Attention participants of this group buy:

I went ahead and bought this lot even though we were a bit low on claims. Leftover figures will be up for grabs to GB participants and the community to make up the money later.

Go here for the spreadsheet and payment instructions. Please pay within 48 hours. Reply here when you have sent payment so I can confirm. If you do not pay within 48 hours you will receive negative feedback from me.

This lot is coming from Japan so it might take 2-3 weeks for it to get to my house.

Thank you so much for your participation and cooperation <3

Edit: Lot is officially purchased! It should get here soon.

Awesome New Get + Other Gets!

Hello Community! I hope everyone's having a good day =D

Today I bring you a little update; one of my most desired plushes came today in the mail (a few others came as well, though =P). But she kinda took the spotlight today xD

Can you guess who it is...?


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Thanks for reading everyone! I hope I haven't been too boring! =P
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