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01 August 2012 @ 01:17 am

New thing my lovelies, BOTD. No, Oh sweet Princess Celestia forbid that it's Blood on the dance floor. It's really Bird Of The Day. (Or every two days because I'm lazy.) Instead of one HUGE post about all the birds I would like to obtain that would take you DAYS to read. I will post a different evolution line and things of it that I don't yet have. I'm going to start with the smaller ones that don't have much merchandise. and work my way up. Todays bird is Delibird! The obvious items will not have pictures, the uncommon ones will! <3

1. Delibird pokedoll. 2. Tomy delibird plush 3. Any Delibird charm! 4. Delibird Tomy figure. 5. Delibird zukan.





8. "Attack" kid. c:

9. ANY flats, pan stickers, cards, anything! c:

Thank you for reading, hope this wasnt TOO long and boring! And now I leave you with this babe. ;D


01 August 2012 @ 03:59 am

I just have a few sales for you guys right now. I could do with some extra cash as I've decided to chase down some Eeveelution items that have been eluding me! (Tomy and Bandai keychains, I'm looking at you! D=<)

ALSO! If you are asking for a quote, please, please, please realise that shipping from Australia is pretty high and even one plush/figure will cost a minimum of $11 to the US. Please don't waste my time by asking for a quote without understanding this. =/ I spend a lot of time answering with this amount and it's astounding how many people pass despite the notice I put up in all of my sales. Please don't make me leave negatives @_@;

Behind the cut, I have an Anniversary MWT Chikorita Pokedoll, Anniversary Treeko Pokedoll, Plusle and Minun Collection Weeding, Gen1-3 Banpresto Plushies, DX Tomy Figures, Jakks Plushies, Jakks Figures, Pokedolls, Bootlegs (including cheap Umbreon canvas bootie) an Entei Bottlecap figure, stickers, books, misc plushies and much more =D

Sales This Way!Collapse )


... some wants =D

Can't afford them all, but if you have one, we can work out a trade, maybe? <3 I can buy *some* of them now, I think. Desperate wants are in bold! If you have other eeveelution stuff you think I don't have yet, feel free to offer. I promise you that there is a LOT I am missing!

• Johto Dex Charm - Vaporeon
• Pokemon Center Single Charms - Glaceon & Leafeon (NOT Dex Charms)
• Tomy Keychains - Umbreon, Flareon, Espeon
• Bandai Evolution Keychains - Flareon, Sitting Eevee, Tail-Up Eevee & Vaporeon
• Leafeon & Glaceon Keshipoke + Chupa Figures (depends on price, I'm not sure what these are going for =X)
Leafeon Palace Figure
Espeon Halloween Plush
• Espeon Canvas (Tush tag only at a cheaper price maybe?)
Eevee Pokebox Charm

The Pokemon Center today had a poster with the new Okada Momo designed Pokemon goods reveiled. I thought it would just be some random notebooks and stuff. NO! It's way better! Not that there is anything wrong with notebooks...

Check out the stuff! Click to enlarge!

After what happened the last time a giant cushion got announced, this time I am ready.


(click for alternate view)

Just comment to this post (just regularly - the special thread i made got screwed up ;_;) with your request to get your name on this list. Each doll will be 110$ shipped. Exact size dimensions are currently unavailable.

Payment will be due anytime after August 11th. I will continue to pick up pillows each week and try to satisfy the entire list, even if it gets long. At the end of the day, I picked up and sent out over SIXTY WAILORD CUSHIONS. Let's DO THIS!

List so far!
01. darkangellilith
02. chespin
03. nagaineko
04. xreni
05. kingwillko
06. dinosaurgomeow
07. tsuiling
08. silverhawk33
09. starscream8
10. amandajo567
11. hamburger
12. encas
13. silvercelebi

In the event the doll is filled with bricks or some extremely heavy material, some additional cost may be added. THIS WILL PROBABLY NOT HAPPEN. But I need to put a warning here anyway just to be sure.


The rest of the goods from this promotion, including new talky plushies and tomy figures and plush, are being added to Sunyshore regularly over the next few hours. Thanks folks!

EDIT: All are added :) I will do a proper sale in the next few days, including rare old zukan auctions?! But don't miss the new tomy figures, the new tomy plush, or these new tomy plush also. Booya!
01 August 2012 @ 01:37 pm
Good afternoon! I'll be heading to Europe next week, so I thought I would clean up a bit to have some extra spending money!

I have some gorgeous, impeccably cropped cell phone photos with some items that are looking for new homes!
Please help me give them better owners!

 emominser kids
giza giza2

- Sales permission granted by lineaalba during the summer of 2009. Re-granted by denkimouse 26 June 2012.
- I ship from Massachusetts, USA. I will ship internationally.
- Please, no trades.
- I can hold for 24 hours. If no further contact is received after the time has passed, the item(s) will go back up for sale/offered to the next person interested.
- No haggling is allowed.
- Please pay immediately since I am a bit pressed for time.

  >> My feedback is here! <<  

Goodies!Collapse )

Thanks, everyone!

Also! To those who participated in my clear Muskedeers GB: I have not yet received a shipping notice from the seller, but I am anticipating that the figures will be sent within the next few days. Your packages are already prepared; I just need to wait for the figures to come in! I will PM you when I need the shipping payments and will have them sent out as soon as possible. 
I leave next Monday, so if the figures arrive later next week, I will have a relative send the packages out to you, as I will be out for two weeks. Thank you, guys! 
I've lowered almost all the prices in my sales post and added a few new things. Cards as low as $.05 each! Please check out my permanent sales post and comment there if you want anything. Oh and best of all, FREE SHIPPING on all US orders totaling over $1.00!!!!! Sorry international friends, but shipping is too expensive to offer it free worldwide. I still love you all! :3

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 10/29/11
Here is my feedback.

I have plush, figures, erasers, stickers, and tons of cards! Here is a preview:
01 August 2012 @ 02:44 pm
Last night I realized that a holo Vulpix Topps card I kept seeing for sale was different than the one I already had! Apparently there are a bunch of variations - who knew?

These ones were found on eBay but were priced a bit higher than I'd like to pay - does anyone have either of these variations for sale, or any others? I already have two, one where the lines on the card are raised and one where a few sparkles in the center are. Looking to pay $3-4 shipped per card, or I'd be happy to trade!

I'm also after an Emolga zukan, complete with the base and other Pokemon or just the Emolga piece. Thanks! :D
01 August 2012 @ 03:04 pm
So I've decided that each pokemon in my collection is going to get a name, shiny and non shiny alike. I was also wondering if others do this as well. That and I need help naming quite a few of them. Just starting out with pokemon that I have for my collection or will have in the near future (Aka they are coming in boxes <3)

Names I'm pretty sure ofCollapse )
Should I change some of them or do they seem good? Suggestions?

Read more...Collapse )
Most of these I'm unsure of what to name them. I fail at coming up with unique names. Suggestions?

I also plan to post a collection update soon, as soon as some of my packages come in though. Got quite a few new things at the Con I was at this past weekend. My pokeys need their own shelf they are invading my books XD
01 August 2012 @ 03:06 pm

Hey there everyone~ <3 I have a new want and it's the clear Keldeo kid from the magazine....

I was able to get the clear zukans but just missed the chance to get the kid... so I'd love it if anyone could help!

also, I might as well mention that I still need some more kids to complete my pokepony kids
-blitzle (non-error)
-clear ponyta
-2006 ponyta
-1997 rapidash
-2002 rapidash
-2005 rapidash

Thank you~ <3

To everyone who has reserved kids from my July Kids pick up, I am really sorry about this, but when I went to the local shop last weekend, they said there's a delay in the July Kids stock >_> I have, however, asked them to phone me when they get the kids stocked, and they will be reserving 2 boxes for me. So don't worry, if you are on the list, you will get your kids, it's just being delayed x_x I am really sorry about this.


Anyway, I was arranging my zukan collection the other day quickly, and noticed something is not quite right about my Mightlyena zukan.


Do you see what's wrong?Collapse )

01 August 2012 @ 04:41 pm
Hey everyone! Today I come bearing news (hopefully it's news, unless I'm behind and someone already posted this... ^^;;) of new Bandai PLAMO kits being released! The footage is from Atamaii.com from the Tokyo Toy Fair where there was a huge display of all the new Plamo kits behind glass with the new movie playing! :D

Looks like we're getting lots of starters from many gens, the Legendary Dogs, Zekrom/Reshiram, SEVERAL White/Black Kyurems, Keldeo, Zorua/Zoroark, the Deino line, the Axew line, Pikas galore and more!

I don't collect Plamos but I gotta say... these look freaking awesome @___@

Video under the cut!Collapse )
Hi, I'm rebekahraichu, but you can call me Becky. I'm new to LJ, and I'd just like to ask that if I make any mistakes here,
please let me know. Anyway, as you can probably tell by my icon, I like Eevee X3. The Pokemon I focus on collecting are
Pikachu, Vulpix, Eevee, and Mew. They are my four fav Pokemon. <3 So, you know, if you have any items of these Pokemon, don't be afraid to tell me, (I may not be able to accept the offers right away lol) I have a random assortment of Pokemon stuff, plush, blanket, figures, cards, games, etc. When I get the time, I'll make a collection post.
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Tommy Pappas
01 August 2012 @ 05:30 pm
I was at Target today looking at the Pokemon stuff, and saw the same old Munna/Pidove/Woobat plushies, but next to them I saw these plush clip things. They had Pikachu & the Unova starters. I of course bought the Oshawott one. What you do is you pull the Pokemon down from the clip and it vibrates back up to the clip. I also saw the reversible Munna & Woobat plushies too.

Oshawott used SurfCollapse )
01 August 2012 @ 06:10 pm
I have a fairly big collection update AND I reorganized my room so now I have a nice display to show off as well!! So follow behind the cut for lots of pictures~ uwu

Sweetie_bel used Organize! It was super effective!Collapse )
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01 August 2012 @ 06:35 pm
Hello my name is Avery, I am new to Live Journal and I'm here because I love Pokemon. My favorite Pokemon is Raichu and I came across this community while looking for a specific Raichu Plush, the Super DX Raichu plush from Banpresto. If you have this plush and are interested in selling it to me please feel free to contact me. I'm also interested in various other Raichu goods you may have come across. Thank you.
Hajime Sano
01 August 2012 @ 07:00 pm
Hello, everyone. I am japanese.
I … I mean I should say the most of Japanese people are not good at English. I read the rule here, but I might misunderstand it. 
I would like to sell pokemon items here as other members. However, I have a problem. There is someone whom I can ask interpreting, but other members use many abbreviations or unknown words on different categories. In that case, it is hard for me to reply in a timely manner. I have a favor in order to feel safe and sell and buy smoothly and simply. I will introduce items that I would like to sell and prices at this category, but I would like people to purchase my items from my Facebook shop link after I place the link here.
 I list cheep price items on facebook. 
They are free shipping.
Please take a look when you get a chance.

Thank you for reading!


01 August 2012 @ 07:12 pm
Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well! Just making a quick sales post here. =P


Click for sales!Collapse )
In other news, I made Bob a hat! =3

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01 August 2012 @ 07:35 pm
Sorry for the corny joke. P:

Hello, I'm MewtwoXWolf, the latest Mewtwo collector to join PKMNCollectors. Please, call me Wolfy. If I'm doing something wrong, please alert me so! I can be pretty forgetful.
I have been stalking following the website for a while and have finally mustered the courage to join. xD
I am a newer Pokemon fan, I started actually paying attention in the DPP area. The first movie I saw was the first one (I watch them in order when possible, lol.) and I fell in love with Mewtwo, so I decided to accept the challenge of collecting 'em all! Only of Mewtwo, of course. I'd also like to start a few side collections, but I'll get to that later. Without further ado, my pitiful collection!
The picture is crud, I'm aware. Thats what I get for using my webcam camera.
You can't see them but I also have the Next Destinies booster package and the gold plated card.
I have other Pokemon stuff somewhere, but I'm not about to dig it out.
Also, I'd love to get my paws on a cheap Mewtwo plush, preferably under 10 dollars shipped, and in okay condition, nothing pristine or anything. ^^
♡ Kami ♡
01 August 2012 @ 08:53 pm
EDIT: GA host found! :)

I'm looking for;
this Mew charm, (I'd DIE to have it NIP but I'll take anything xD)
and this Entei charm NIP,

Thank you guys! <3 

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01 August 2012 @ 09:00 pm
Hey everyone.
Last night I was bored, so I decided to give my base less Zukans, homes :D

I made a base for my Solrock, Lunatone and my Altaria :D

(Open images in new tabs to see them bigger!)

Heres a "close up" of Altaria.
Her base is basically her flying through the clouds, and the blue part is the sky.
Her pose fits in perfectly with the scene.

Solrock and Lunatone's is pretty awesome!
Alright, since I ordered two bases on ebay (without any Pokemon) I decided I should buy some base less Pokemon, and put them on there.
Well, for this one, Solrock's side is a desert with two stones. 
And Lunatone's is the surface of the moon, and it has small craters here and there.
But I really love how this one came out :D

I'm planning on making more if I get more baseless Zuakns :D

Thanks for looking : )

01 August 2012 @ 09:20 pm
Hey there people,

Sorry I haven't been on the comm as much recently, although I don't know if anybody really even remembers me due to my lack of conversation or activity (I usually just lurk around despite being a member for three years now), plus there's so many new people here. So anyways, I've been collecting Reshiram & Zekrom (as well as Kyurem, but it's collection is not the problem) lately, and I've been thinking about evening out their collections as much as possible, since the uneveness of it is bothering me (since I started collecting Zekrom first out of the three, so he has the most merch in my collection). So now I'm trying to catch up Reshi's collection to Zekky's.

Here's what the collection looks like (minusing flats, charms, and the Banpresto 6" & Super DX Zekrom plushies because there's no more room up on my shelf for them):
Reshi/Zekky Collection
(Don't mind the junkiness/unorganization of the dragons... I am to be reorganizing them a third time.)

So, recently I've made the decision about letting go of two of Zekrom's plushies (since I'll more than likely not get them for Reshiram too). They are the Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Zekrom plush & the Namco-Exclusive Chotto Ookii Zekrom plush. This was a really tough decision to make since I really do love them (especially the Ichiban kuji one), but I just don't see myself hunting down matching ones for Reshi too (I already need to find the lotto figure for him, as well as some other small things). So these two will be in my sales post along with a few other non-Zekrom things today.


Small sales under the cutCollapse )

Black Kyurem & Black 2
(Also, been playing Black 2 recently.)

And that's about it for today (Maybe one day I can finally do a full collection update, but I still don't know exactly when). Gotta get prepped for a dental appointment tomorrow morning. Thanks for viewing guys. :)
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M R ☭ R I O T
01 August 2012 @ 10:30 pm
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to remind you that my auctions will be ending tomorrow! Click any of the images below to be transported!

Also, Friday is your last chance to get FREE cards!
I am giving away all my spare:
Base, Jungle, Team Rocket, Fossil and Base 2
Giveaway ends August 3rd @ 11pm EST
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01 August 2012 @ 10:48 pm
I added new items to my sales page.
poke shop
Click the pic or here to get transported.

Also I have some things up for auction.
A poke box wallet, notebook, pokemon center wallet, an stationary set from the pokedoll stamp campaign.
Auctions...Collapse )
01 August 2012 @ 10:49 pm

Ok as I was telling everyone yesterday I wanted to get kids figures for these boxes I want to make! I cant find good lots on ebay or even y!J for cheap or having a lot! I need figures badly! I need em cheap if possible and a lot of them with combined shipping! I dont even care if they are in horrible shape since I have paint here!

I mainly want kids, but im open to see what other people might have figure wise that are cheap.

I need a good list of pokemon, so i need eevees, legendaries, you know popular ones too!

I need raichu too since I started a box for him already!

If you could send me links for ebay, amazon, or whatever I would appreciate it too! But I rather buy from here! I rather not shop Y1J since I dont have an account yet and it will take me forever to get that done and I want these soon! Thanks so much guys!
Youngster Joseph

Hey everyone! Youngster Joseph here again. I FINALLY got those pictures taken of my current collection, and WOW. I had no idea how big it was until I really spread it all out. XD I've only been a member here for a short time, and already my collection has grown immensely. <3

Now, here's my before shot of my Rattata collection...

...yeah. A single TOMY. XD Now, here's my AFTER!!

Pretty crazy, right? I've got detail shots under the cut, if I can figure out how... the heck... cuts work. o.O

(Rattata used CUT!)Collapse )
Okay, so there's that... now. I also have the Zukan, but I have a few concerns. It's probably me just being paranoid, but - should the Rattata line have pegs?? Neither of the figures I have have the holes for them. IF not, does the base still have peg holes? Mine does... I don't know if I have the right figures OR base. I assume I do, since the user I got them from seemed to know her stuff, but. Hell if I know. o_o

Also, in the same line of legitimacy, I have these two Raticate figures - chibi stamper figures. One came with the base from a GA, the other from the same lot as a lot of my items. The one from the GA seems to have no issues, but.. this... other one.. help me out guys. Is this a bootleg of the stamper figure, or just a botched repaint job?

(Bootie or Repaint?? I don't even know!)Collapse )
ALSO the collection update continues! Later tonight I'm going to take photos of my Vaporeon and Charmander collections, and I'll add the link here to a separate post. They're small, but I have some interesting items! You'll have to take a look and tell me what I've got.

Now, one last thing for you all before I depart - I've compiled a short wants list!! Imma post my immediate wants here, and eventually compile a larger one. [NOTE - if you have any of these for sale, I'd LOVE them... but I can't afford anything else until the 10th due to a tiny paycheck this past week. xC]

(Gimme gimme!)Collapse )

Okay, that's it! ...Hopefully those cuts worked okay... Or else I'm going to have to mess with it for awhile... T-T Stoopid cuts... How do I use them... oh well. G'night everyone!

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01 August 2012 @ 11:33 pm
Hello all! So I went to the Joker's Child today and snagged their pretty little pokemon kid figures. I got this (shiny?) clear slowbro and this Shiny hypno... but I have no idea what it is!!

Hypno used... um... something.Collapse )

Next week or so, I will have a huge collection update =D