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Dana [AKA Juuchan]
02 August 2012 @ 12:32 am
Hey-hey, all! I've missed you all over the past couple of weeks!

Sorry I have been so hard to get lately - a second vacation with family and dealing computer battery issues back at home, it's been difficult. I apologize for my slowness on the big finale for this pick-up, but I'm pleased to say that everything's ready to be shipped out!

> Shipping Info & Payment SpreadsheetCollapse )


Also, I have gotten some new gets lately, so I am slow on returning feedback - again, I apologize!

Coming soon, I have to show those gets off... and also a couple pokedolls of mine have their first photoshoot while I was on vacation last week! I can't wait to show everything to you!

Thanks for reading... and for being patient with me! Happy August, everyone!

- Juuchan [bandanna_boy_17]
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02 August 2012 @ 01:40 am

Todays Bird of the day Is Swanna, she doesn't have much merch. But she doesn't need to know that. This'll be short considering there's only a few things! <3 She's still adorable anyway. c: I'm looking for the kid the most, it's too cute!

#1 MPC plush,


#2 Stamp .(One of each color)

#3 Swanna kid.

#4 Charm set.

Thanks for reading, have a great day! <3

02 August 2012 @ 03:30 am
Or rather, collection beginnings?

I did an intro post a few days ago, and awesomely enough, because of that post, I now have a bunch more Kabutops thingies! Enough to fill up that box, anywho ^_^  

The current collection!

From the top left clockwise is a chibi stamp, courtesy of happyjolteon, a pair of blue and metallic marbles from gengareric, my original tomy figure that started the collection, and an ebay-purchased battle museum figure, I think? In any case, it's a budding collection, and I'm excited for the next addition, which is my attempt at a handmade Kabutops plushie! :D haha If anyone out there knows of any more Kabutops items for sale out there, you should totally tell me ^_^

Edit: plush progress picture! Tomy figure for size comparison ^_^

Homemade Kabutops plushie!

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02 August 2012 @ 03:41 am
ahhh glorious sales...So many things to sell. 
Please be aware that I ship from the UK and all non flat items shipping STARTS from $6.10 for most international countries.
Feel free to ask for a quote but you have been warned -___-

Sales permission given by Denkimouse last year
Feedback is here - http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/myvampirelust19/

cliiiiiiick meeeeeeeeeeeeCollapse )

02 August 2012 @ 10:32 am
I received sales permission from denkimouse around two years ago!


MIP Darkrai zukan (w/ Clear Ash... thing) - $5.50

I was hoping to get Entei, but nope :( I like Darkrai, but dudes, he ain't fire type! I don't have room for him, haha.


Also... I found this Dialga at this little comic shop in Germany. Anyone have any info on it? It looks similar to the Dialga Pokedoll but idk. I may sell it... may not. He's pretty cute ;_;

aaand that's it! thanks all.
02 August 2012 @ 11:42 am
Starting off with a little collection update :)

A few more things under the cut!Collapse )

And second: A commissions reminder~

I've finished all of the commissions taken on since I first posted and I'm still not quite at my goal for Vancouver in three weeks so commissions are definitely still open~ :D

There's no limit, people can get more than one if they'd like.

I can do non-Pokemon minipillows as well, feel free to ask~

All the Pokepillows from batch one are in my DA gallery if anyone wants to have a look, I won't post them here, that way the commissioners can share them instead. :)
02 August 2012 @ 12:39 pm
I'm looking for a couple of t-shirts! One official, one unofficial.

The official shirt is, I believe, from Pokemon Center New York and features Suicune, Raikou & Entei in sumi-e style with the script "The Legendary 3". Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it.

The other shirt was previously issued from RIPT Apparel in March 2011, and being a daily shirt site, it was only issued once! So I certainly understand its rarity but it's worth a shot:

I prefer Men's XL size but can easily squeeze in to a L, and I know that most of the surplus Legendary 3 shirts (including mine) floating around a few years ago were XXL so I'm certainly a-ok with that as well. I can trade anything in my sales or buy at a reasonable price (I really can't afford the prices on RedBubble to just buy a new Pokemon shirt there, if that gives a general idea).
These were my only Pokemon shirts but I lost them (among others) on my trip to Japan, so I'm seeking to replace them just in case I'm never reunited with my lost laundry. ;~; Please let me know if you've got either of these shirts in good condition and are willing to part with them!

I also still have plenty of items directly from Japan up for sale- everything below except for the can badge! I've lowered some prices and offers for the cup will officially end on Saturday at 6:00 PM CST and I intend to have all pending orders shipped by Monday/Tuesday. I'm also officially re-opening my regular sales post so you're certainly welcome to look at and buy from that as well. :D Click the image below for my post-Japan sales (including a link to my regular sales)!

02 August 2012 @ 12:47 pm
Ok, so this is a busy post. First off. New gets! Woot! I just got a package from sunyshore and I LOVE everything I ordered!

I got:
-Pika Tail pillow (it's huge!)
-The new fluffy pika plush (same material as the I<3Pika plushes! So soft!)
-Pika tokyo charm


Click the cut for more picsCollapse )

Next is sales, I've updated my personal sales with a few new things. You can check it out HERE or click the link below.


Lastly, a reminder for the B&W GA I am hosting, we have 3 more days to get those bids in. Most starting at only $2-$5! Lots of Pokedolls and other goodies.


Check it out HERE.

Or click the link to be transported ---> http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12839137.html
02 August 2012 @ 01:28 pm
Just a quick wants post. I really want a few items I haven't seen for sale here in ages or at all. As always, I might not buy all of them right now, but if the price is right, I hope to get at least most of them :)

Giratina Origin forme clear chou get
Giratina Origin forme normal chou get
Giratina Altered forme normal chou get

Rayquaza EX from Dragon Blade (Japanese)
Rayquaza EX Full Art from Dragon Blade (Japanese)
Giratina EX Full Art from Dragon Blast (Japanese)

Only if I can get them at a fairly low price

Terrakion EX from Dragon Blast (Japanese)
Terrakion EX Full Art from Dragon Blast (Japanese)

(I will update this list when I get back in a few hours)

I have a Japanese Mew EX for trade and I am also willing to trade anything from my previous TCG Pokedex sales. I am now also taking offers on individual cards, but please read the rules before you attempt to trade or offer for them. I can also trade TCG cards from my regular sales that can be found here.

I am not home at the moment. I can pay for my purchases, but I cannot check for my own item conditions and availability until next sunday.
02 August 2012 @ 01:58 pm
it would seem that I'll soon be moving to NY come October or so, its a long distance move and I would like to save as much money as possible on shipping stuff to myself... so I'm wondering if anyone has experience with putting their pokemon pluses into a space bag? will it mess up the plush, or just need to fluff them later? any advise would be lovely.

second- if you live in colorado or midwest NDK in denver colorado will be coming up, its a good sized con so I'm wondering if any other collectors have plans on attending. if there is enough I would love to see a meet-up! 

I have a small want. (putting off plush wants..) I'm looking for a makuhita bell keychain like these ones-

(image borrowed from ritzyfox's sale)
I have a corsola and a ivysaur bell I would trade if anyone was interested, otherwise name a price.
02 August 2012 @ 03:30 pm
I found my old Meowth jumbo plush in my grandmother's house some days ago and recently I've made a sleeping plush of quilava, so I want to share them with you! ;)
Here it goes!

Somewhere in a calm and peaceful house...
M: Ehy! Ehy! Come on Quilava! I wanna play!! Come on, get up from there, little fat doggy/mouse or whatever kind of animal you are!
Q: Zzz...Zzz...Eh? What? What's going on?
M: It's me! The amazing and fantastic Meowth! Come on, get up! I wanna play with you!!
Q: Er, no, I don't want to play with you this time, you always want to win, and I don't like it. Let me sleep...
M: But no, no, NO! This time is different! We are gonna play a new great game! Come on quilava, get up now!!
Q: Oh, ok, I'll play, but give me just five more minutes...
M: No! We can't wait! Justice can't wait! I'm a super hero, and I'll save you quilava, you bet!!
Q: Oh, fantastic... So, am I supposed to act as a kind of damsel in danger?!
M: Yes, but, don't worry, I wont kiss you...
M: Ok! So, now you are attacked by some evil people, you are completely helpless when... THE AMAZING SUPER MEOWTH APPEARS ON THE HORIZON!
Q: Wow, you saved me...
M: Not yet!!! WAIT a minute stupid quilava! I'm fighting!
Q: Ok, ok, sorry, I didn't get it...
Q: Now?
M: Yes, it's your turn...
Q: WOW, you saved me!!! My hero!!! My HERO!!!
M: Yeah, that wasn't easy, but for such a girl like you I could have killed a entire army!
Q: Ok, that's enough. I'm going to sleep again...
Q: Oh, come on! I played with you, you are the winner, do not bore me again...
M: So, Is Super Meowth supposed to end up like this? What an unfair world...
    Oh well, I'm gonna have some milk.

Hope you liked it! Byebye guys!! Have a nice day! ;)
02 August 2012 @ 04:14 pm
so i came home today and found my cats (BAH) had somehow gotten up onto the third shelf (over 5 feet off the ground) and had been playing with my zukan collection. needless to say i was not happy. (luckily i had all my super expensive vee's and pidgy's locked up in a glass display box) anyways after cleaning everything up and redisplaying them in a different room on an even higher shelf. i noticed a few chew marks, which needless to say need to be replaced. as they are no longer acceptable.

onto my question: does anyone have the following they would be willing to sell
                                                        gallade (without peg),
                                                        kricitote (with pegs) 
                                                        entire solosis set

i'll probably have to just buy those set again, but i figured it'd be better to ask here first
02 August 2012 @ 06:10 pm
Hi guys. just wanted to do a quick collection update/gets post~!

Like a lot of you, i had decided to collect Meloetta. I absolutely love the psychic ladies, and specifically, the Pirouette form (even though i absolutely hate orange...but i tend to collect Pokemon that have colours i don't like xD)
anyway, the items from my GB's arrived today, so i thought i'd do a quick update of what i've got so far~!

i feel bad for poor Aria, all by her lonesome with my Pirouettes. xD But I wanted atleast one aria plush, so i went for her pokedoll. <3
thank you to those i have bought from! Denkimouse, placetohide, killmeneko, and happyjolteon <3

finally, a special custom get. ever since i started collecting Groudon, i've always imagined have a pinky one. I am not terribly girly most of the time, but after gaining so many grumpy ferocious groudy's, i decided it was time to finally bring Pinky to life! I found a custom artist on dA who does some wonderful work and for quite cheap! He gladly accepted to make me a pink Groudon, and I ended up recieving her today. :3

girlydon!Collapse )

i hope to get more Pinkys in the future (for sure getting one made by the wonderful Sorjei<3) but once i have the funds i'll be commissioning more artists. ^w^

finally, a reminded for my custom plush and hat commissions~!
i have lots of premade hats and plush still for sale, as well as taking custom slots. :)

Premade Items

custom examples!

click the pictures or click here to see customs post
02 August 2012 @ 06:11 pm

These chibi Team Rocket figures are being released by Banpresto in an ichiban kuji (lottery) later this month!

Other prizes include chibi Pikachu figures (no pictures yet), with special prizes being a pearly colored version of one of the chibi Pikachu figures I presume, and a pearly colored set of these same Team Rocket figures.

Source is here!

These figures are really cute, and I am really happy Banpresto and other companies are finally making merch of people again!
02 August 2012 @ 06:39 pm

RULESCollapse )

Just a reminder for this little auction with some movie 15 stuff (tote bag, poster and stickers) is still with no bids and starts at
$8 so anyone who is interested then please come see

Link to auction
Also I have some extra stickers from the 7/11 stamp rally that I would like to sell individually (all brand new w/package)


(2 sticker sheets per pack)
One sheet would be $7.50 (this price INCLUDES PP fees and shipping) $9.00 for Canada and International

I have 5 4 of these available at the moment

**Also right now till the 20th of this month anyone who buys from me $20 or more would the shipping be on me (ONLY in the states)

and that's it, I'll finish off this post with all the medal charms I got the pkmn centers ^^
From Left to Right
Shaymins, Chikorita family, Deino family, Oshawott and evos., Keldeo both formes, Mienfoo+Mienshao,
Limited Edition pika charm from lunch box and each pika from the 3 pkmn centers I visited: Sapporo, Yokohama and Tokyo

Thank you ^^
02 August 2012 @ 08:44 pm
I haven't posted in a while, so sorry that this is just a sales post. I'm waiting on a couple more things before I do a collection update!

For now, here's some Carddass sales! We got a large lot of crimp-damaged cards and just kept one of each, and I thought I'd see if anyone would be interested in the leftovers. Click the cut for pictures!

Click for cards!Collapse )
I also updated my regular sales recently, and can combine shipping! Click the banner to see!

Well, I think that's it for now. Expect lots of awesome new fiery chickens in my next post! :D
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02 August 2012 @ 08:57 pm
Hi community.
Just some sales to make some money to start saving up because I'm the worst at saving money >.<
(Preview Picture)

(There are more things that aren't in the preview picture)

And for auction, a Shiny Painted Beldum Kid :D

Starts at $1!

RULES/INFOCollapse )



Thanks for looking :D 

02 August 2012 @ 09:07 pm
this is a bit of an odd question but does anyone have one of these tomy 1998 talking mew figure's shown below? because i recently got one and it um...glows in the dark. not sure if its supposed to but its a little strange. I've tried taking a picture of it doing it but it cant be picked up by my camera!

also I'm looking for all kinds of Mew merch at the moment nothing too specific so figures, flats and plush, I want it all :P So if anyone has some for sale please let me know :) 
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02 August 2012 @ 09:51 pm
* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site
* Permanent Plush/Figure/Etc Sales & Permanent TCG Sales


A good amount of the figures have been cleared out but there's still about 33 plush and atleast 30 figures left, plus tons of flats and few misc things! Up for haggling and possibly trades!

Most games still at starting bids and Red and Gold have not yet been started!
Auctions end Saturday afternoon, get those bids in now and dont miss out on a chance to own the games that started it all :)
There's also a DX Lugia plush at starting bid, be sure to check it out~

Since my Birthday post on July 9th, I've gotten a few more things! Some of which were awesome birthday gifts from the friends I've made on the comm :3

Late Birthday Gets!Collapse )

ONE MORE GET .. kinda & A WANT

This isnt in my possession yet, BUT I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT I'M INCLUDING IT NOW 8D
I randomly found the Lotad pin in a google image search when I was trying to find Lotad figures. Not too long after I happened upon it on y!j 8D I couldn't resist it, too cute!
I am looking to buy the Munchlax! With or without everything though the little background would be nice! I swear I saw one for sale not too long ago for like $2 but by the time I decided to buy it I couldn't find the post D:

More wants under here!Collapse )

Thanks everyone! Almost the weekend hooray!
02 August 2012 @ 10:17 pm
Hey all! I've been resisting the urge but I can't help it! With the new Cute Pikachu plush on Gin's site I've decided that I must find a good-sized Pikachu plush >o< Now I know there are a lot of derpy looking chus out there so... he must be a GOOD LOOKING plush :) I know a lot of the chus are pretty low priced since there are so many of them. It'd be nice to find a good price ;D If I can't find one I may just have to get the cute little guy on Gin's site, although it'd be veeerry nice to find a less pricey one on here :)
So offer up if you can! And thank you <3
02 August 2012 @ 11:07 pm
just a quick remind of my sale post. lot of new charms and plushes i have update for it =D

           please click the picture =D
02 August 2012 @ 11:31 pm
Hi comm, 

Here I bring some new sales. Please click the pic to be transported. Also, please feel free to comment here or at the sales post itself, it makes no difference n__n

In advance, sorry about the bad camera quality. Its an ipod, and the only camera I had handy at the time =/

Thanks =]

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02 August 2012 @ 11:41 pm
Howdy everyone, here with another sales post. Also for those who bought from my last sales post, everything has been sent out. Sorry about the wait, you should all be receiving this weekend or so. Sorry about that.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sales under the cutCollapse )
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