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Guys, the new art was released yesterday for Worlds 2012, so here, have a picture (I'm sure some of you have already seen this though). :D
This logo looks SICK, I can't wait to see the kinds of merch they will have this year - I'm totally picking up a t-shirt for myself for sure and will hopefully be updating everyone (assuming I have a connection) throughout the weekend. <3

Lastly, an update on my metal figs GA! Yay it's finally in. However, unfortunately we got charged by customs so the final payment will be a bit higher than expected. :(

Third payments will be requested shortly - I'll be shipping in 2 weeks when I'm back from vacation. Please click the picture to get to the original page for totals if you've missed my reminder! Thanks for everyone's patience. <3
03 August 2012 @ 09:21 am
First of all:

★What: AEON limited can badges of EVERY B/W Pokemon WITH AR cards! No Genosect or Therian forms.
★Cost: 5$ each
★How: Comment to this post with your list. I'll make a payment post early next week! Request as many as you like. Shipping begins at 4$ and increases by 1$ per additional badge.
★Keep in mind: Some may be sold out. I will let you know after I make my trip if anything was gone. Sorry in advance!

EDIT: TOTALS ARE IN! pay anytime!

totals below!Collapse )

Now! Next!

Sunyshore has Many new Items!

Besides the POKEMONO GOODS advertised a few days back (with Snorlax Pillow Reservations still going strong!) there are many other goodies.

Now onto some smaller, straight sales.

McDonalds things, PokeFan things...Collapse )

Now, finally, some auctions.

Rare zukans! Meloetta Plushies! N Poster!Collapse )

Thanks all! Enjoy!
03 August 2012 @ 11:09 am
just 3 hours left on my auction!

char line sample


please come take a look!
03 August 2012 @ 12:08 pm
a lot of picssss so beware!
cut cut cutCollapse )
Benny Woolley
03 August 2012 @ 12:30 pm
Happy Friday, Pokemon collectors!

Beastly Legendary GA: myvampirelust19 says the box is being picked up today by the courier. It's being delivered to my parents house, who are not home until Wednesday, so we'll have to wait a few days to find out how that goes. :) If all goes well, your items should be ready to start leaving on Thursday.

Any Pokebox or Eevee lovers out there will be thrilled to know I've spoken to the Pokebox English distributor to get you guys a group buy for the out of production Eevee charms and Umbreon charms!
The artist has agreed to allocate some of each charm to you guys! If all goes well I should have a post about that early next week.
The Eeveelution and Pony charms Pokebox make retail at under $10 each before postage, but I do not yet have a price for these remakes. I imagine they will cost similarly.
I'll be handling the payment collection, and my extremely efficient parents will be helping me organise and mail them to you.

Lately I realised I've not shown my bunnies for a while, and I have some fairly strange bunny merch. That just won't do!
So without further walls of text, here are my bunnies (and what they are for any seekers of the lagomorph).

BTW: Some kind of Pokedoll is on the Oshawott cloth. It says 2003, is velboa and Japanese. I don't know if it's legit as it came from a GA and I know nothing about Pokedolls. Anyone?
Cut for blue and red bunny fun!Collapse )
03 August 2012 @ 01:29 pm
I'm sorry to all of the many participants, but the lot was BIN'd on us. =(
So sorry to let this happen, as we were pretty excited to make this a success. I mean, really, that Dragonite and Charizard looked pretty awesome. =D

Again, we apologize for letting this happen. I'm sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.
03 August 2012 @ 02:04 pm
Still looking for Budew.

Picture from toysnjoys
I also added a few things to my sales :D Marked stuff OBO as well. I especially want to get rid of bulkier things because I'm moving soon and only get two bags on the plane... XD
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Hi everyone! For starters, I did the pickup today (not yesterday as planned, because a family emergency came up..). Here's the results:
zakiax1 Both were picked up!

Clair2522  Bowser was out of stock, so you got a partial refund.
danielsard2 They either didn't restock on Kyurem or ran out of stock again, so I issued a full refund.
nigelpkmn Picked up!
zombiecarousel Eevee wasn't there, issued a full refund.
pokabubu I have to PM you with all of the ones I got. XD
shinysuicune Again, no Eevee, issued a full refund.
noraluvr58 Picked up!

Expect shipping quotes sometime around Monday-Tuesday. Thanks so much to everyone for paying on time as well! You guys made my first pickup very easy!~ ^^

Ebay question was answered, thanks!~
S e y h i s a n ★ B l o o d l i n e
03 August 2012 @ 02:24 pm
I'm going to leave offers open for another 24 hours starting from this post's time stamp.

Click here or the picture below to be transported to my permanent sales post!

I was granted sales permission on 8/4/11 by denkimouse. Feedback old | new.

Reason for selling: Decided to focus my Snorlax collection on plush only. Hopefully these find a good home ^^ Includes a sticker off-right of the pic, click the picture to see the full lot on my permanent sales post.
03 August 2012 @ 03:04 pm
I am pretty happy right now, I got the first, and second, of three packages in the mail today! They are the beginning of my new collection I'll be starting.

Let's see what's behind the <strike>paper</strike> cut shall we?Collapse )
03 August 2012 @ 03:37 pm
Hey, everyone! I'm coming to you with some sales today! I'm realizing that Dragon*con and Anime Weekend Atlanta are right around the corner and I haven't got much money for it, so I'm kicking my sales into high gear! I've got a lot of Pokedolls (including Wailord!) and other plush, so please come and take a look!

EDIT: herpa derp, forgot to add an end time for the auction. It's up now, though. So bid away! :D

Prices and pictures under the cut!Collapse )

But wait, that's not all! Have a look at my main sales post! I've slashed most of my prices!

Hi community! :) I have a few questions I would love to have answered if some of you would be so kind to help me.

1. I'm about to make an order at trollandtoad.com. I was told that was a good place to by legitimate cards :) The problem is that I can't make the order because I don't type the correct APO FPO adress. Would someone please tell me how to do this correctly? :) Is this something I'll need to buy from the community as well? I'm only used to the four digit zip code that we use in Norway :P

2. I'm looking for an Eevee clipping figure and the bootleg seller Sunnymew listing this lot for sale on eBay:
( scroll down for large pics)

Might any of them be legitimate? Some look so similar to the original clipping figures (eevee, gengar, rampardos, shieldon, ambipom), while others resemble the original, but still looks a little off. Like mesprit - it has no eyes :O And it's tails are positioned differently :/
Is fake clipping figures a common problem? And what do you think about the eevee? Or maybe bootleg sellers should never be trusted.

3. I've seen people have nice plastic pocket protectors for their plushes' tags. I would really like to protect my eeveelution canvases' tags, so if anyone would tip me about a good place to find them I'd be very happy.

Thank you ^^
03 August 2012 @ 05:29 pm
Reminder about the B&W GA.

We don't have much time left, a little under 2 days to get those bids in, and so far at my totals, we still don't have enough, so bid bid bid, you know you want those discounts! XP

Again, most things started from $2-$5! Pokedolls included!


Click HERE, the pic, or the link below to be transported. =]

03 August 2012 @ 05:51 pm
I've been back from Japan for about a week now, but I'm finally getting around to posting my collection update! I've got mostly items I bought in Japan, some items from my deputy box, and then some from you fine people on the community!

Pokemon Kyurem (and Black Kyurem and White Kyurem) collection

Click to see!Collapse )
Heyall! Sorry it took me a while to get ths shipping totals up, I haven't been home much sine i got the package. but eerything is sorted and packagedup, and alls thats left is to ship them! please pay ASAP so i can get these guys on their ways! you can send paymetns to airinkitty @yahoo.com

thegt550  $2.70
xxkarachan   $2.70
munchcollector  $9.30
couchpotatonet   $4.35
ivanrathe  $2.70
milechansey   $2.70
yellowmudkip  $2.70
irethsune  $2.70
luxray83  $ 2.70
kaityakramer  $2.70
noraluvr  $2.70
naisja  $3.80
night requiem  $4.60
rhys107  $3.80
andredebrito  $3.95
cyborgsushi  $3.80
oxymoronictonic  $4.60
clair522  $3.30
lulupin  $9.30
eldareth  $3.45
03 August 2012 @ 06:16 pm
Hello community! I'm posting to offer my help for anyone hosting GAs or GBs. I would really like to gain some experience doing them, so then hopefully I can move on to do my own safely and comfortably. Participating in GAs have been one of my favorite aspects of being in this community, and I'd love to give back by helping out making more of them happen! Currently I am waiting on sales permission, so I can only take on the role of making threads, spreadsheets, and the like. I know that you really shouldn't partner up with someone you don't know, so please feel free to talk to me through the comments or PM. I'd be more than happy to talk to you though something else like IM, if you're interested! :D

Also! I'm curious about this bootie.

Has anyone bought it, and maybe have pictures? I don't particularly want to buy it, but I'm really curious about what it actually looks like.
03 August 2012 @ 07:09 pm
Hello Pknmcollectors! You can just call me Kalyst, Kal/Kayst/Kay (since Japanese Pokemon games only give you five characters for the name boo) or Cat-any are acceptable.

I would just like to start out by saying I am honored and excited that I can join a vibrant, passionate group of collectors and Pokemon fans. I hope I can meet all of you, chat it up, and buy some awesome merch! Haha, just kidding about the last part-or am I? *wink*

A little about me before moving on to the awesome cut-
I've been a Pokemon fan since the days of R/B/Y in America-it's been nearly 15 years and I've grown up with Pokemon pretty much all my life. (I'm a 20 year old fart haha) I had a forced hiatus during the third gen due to middle school bullies and beat ups, but I lived somehow "in hiding" and reemerged under the DPP era, where the posers started saying "they liked Pokemons too". My dad bought me my old cards, Gameboy, link cables, the works- and to this day I still have that green Gameboy Color. I also picked up the TCG for a bit then had to stop due to financial reasons.

Now, lets fast forward to the present away from the nostalgia, and let's take a look at what the mascot of the fifth gen game covers is up to.

Reshiram learned HM 01!Collapse )

Anyways enough about my ramblings, for the TL:DR. I want Reshiram merch as well as Kleado/Meloetta and Absol (Absol happens to be my absol[ute] fav, but merch for her is painfully expensive, so I'll hold off for now.). I've been a fan since I was 5, played the games, the TCG, and am getting back into the TCG in the present. I have a small-ish want list that I'm more than welcome to start checking off, and I'm in no rush to start chasing down people for stuff.

Once again, thank you all for allowing me to join this wonderful community and hope to hear from you all later-

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03 August 2012 @ 07:53 pm
Hello comm! Since my intro post a few days ago I've found a few things, organised my Topps cards and got a new gachapon strap! Pictures and info under the cut! ^^

Collection update!Collapse )

Lastly I'd just like to say how awesome this community is. I've only been here a few days but plenty of people were helpful with my wants in my first post, and I've already bought stuff from three people- I eagerly await their arrival! c:
03 August 2012 @ 08:50 pm
So, I FINALLY found an Original Red Version. FOR FREE. Along with a free gamecube with a gameboy player (So guess what Ill be doing?) c;
My friend gave me all of this and he, is the most awesome friend ever.
(I am missing Silver Version, I can't buy one now, but when I can, I will.)

photo (1)
03 August 2012 @ 09:29 pm

Good evening! I have a small inquiry for any fellow sellers.
I was curious to know if anybody has a Glaceon Kid for sale. I haven't the slightest idea how, but mine somehow got a green stain on her face, almost like bleaching. It's driving me crazy, as I am ridiculously picky about the condition of my items.

(This is not my image; it was taken from Google since I am currently away from my home. Please let me know if it's yours and you want it taken down!)
I really want one only in mint condition. I'm happy to pay any amount, though preferably nothing over $10. Thanks!

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03 August 2012 @ 10:22 pm
So I was browsing Craigslist and found an interesting lot for $10. To my suprise the lot was located in the town I live in. Does anyone know anyything about the items in this lot? Not really sure what kinds of plush these are, and if they are worth anything.

Okaaay the title might be juuuust a little over the top, but I've rediscovered something I've wanted before and now that I finally have room for it, I want it reeeeeeeeeeeaally bad :X Here goes!

2005(I think) Monthly Pikachu from November!

Seriously look at it *-* This has to be one of the cutest Pikachus ever! I think he was way cuter back when he was a little chubbier :3 Plus he kinda matches me being from my birth month and I love snoozing off on big pillows (on second thought that could be interpreted in a way it wasn't supposed to be x.x) as well XD Aaaand the pillow features silouettes of some of my favorites, namely the Hoenn starters and Chikorita! I fear he will be pretty rare though D: If you find one up for sale/auction or if you are thinking of selling/auctioning one yourself, please let me know :D I'd pay very well. One more thing: I'd prefer him with both tags, although I don't mind if the hang-tag is detached :3

Also shop reminder!
(click picture to be teleported back to the nearest Pokemon Center!... I mean my shop :O)

Lastly I'd like to do another meme, since I haven't done this for quite a while.^^ Not a very creative one this time though:
What Pokemon-Team did you plan on using in Black2/White2? I plan on using Ampharos, Sunflora, Delcatty, quite possibly Banette, Corsola or Lapras and Musharna. Looking forward to your team plans. :) 
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Psychic MoonShadow
03 August 2012 @ 11:07 pm

If any pkmncollectors are attending Otakuthon, let's please meet up! There will be a Pokemon Tropes panel at 10am Saturday the 4th, and a Pokemon cosplay photoshoot that day at 2:30. If you're only around on Sunday and I will be hosting a two-hour Pokemon panel from 10-12am. My name is Psychic, I will be in a redhead yellow outfit on Saturday and I'll be a blond Blitzle on Sunday, so please feel free to come over and say hi if you ever see me!

Reporting on the merch, HOLY CRAP BOOTIES.

I noticed a bunch of Pokedoll booties at my local Chinatown last month, and it's totally spread to the convention. D: It was awful seeing so many obviously fake Pokemon plush, and knowing that so many people would buy them. I already saw someone carrying around a booty Eevee. I also saw the infamous Vapoeron bootie plush! Honestly, it's so pretty I was tempted to buy it. ^^;

BUT! There is one guy who sells legit Poke-plushies! I bought a Purrloin and Serperior from his last year, and my friend has gotten some great Touhou figures from him as well. He actually went to Japan and brought back stuff! His name is Andrew and everyone needs to find him and hug him!

Not only did he have many Banrprestos, but he also has MPCs and Pokemon Center promotion clearfiles! I was freaking out so much! I've never seen an MPC irl (they're so nice!) and the clearfiles are from promos I had my eye on, but I hate paying for shipping so never got anything from em. XD I do have a clearfile from the Heroes promo, but that was also from someone I met irl from this comm!

Otakuthon 2012 gets photo Otakuthon12.jpg
My haul! Piloswine is for my friend who couldn't make the con this year, and Blitzle is mostly a companion for my Bitzle cosplay! I had wanted to get a Blitzle plush when I made the outfit but didn't feel right paying so much, so I'm super happy to have gotten an affordable one here! The clearfiles are from the Canvas and Dragon promotions! I asked if he had any Canvas plush and YES BUT THEY'RE IN ONTARIO. SOB. I was also very happy to see a booth with zukan! I SEARCHED SO HARD OMG. I had to get one since I loooove zukan.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you're attending Otakuthon and/or cosplaying! :D

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