August 4th, 2012

pokemon center pins for sale

I want to sell my MIP 151 pokemon center pins but I have no idea of their value,
I'm aware price checks aren't allowed so I'm just going to go ahead and sell them right here, but I'd appreciate some input on the prices so I can adapt them if neccesary :) I saw a Golduck like mine up for sale some days ago but I can't remember the asking price..

I was thinking $5 each

and for these $6,50 each?
(because I still kinda like them x3)

Or $32 if you'd like all of them?

Also, sales permission granted by Dakajojo on 21/07/2011
(bed time now, checking back tomorrow morning!)
Togetic, GIF

auction reminder!

Hi everyone :D, just a reminder that my auction for the rare Tomy keychains & the Pika figure is ending tomorrow, Sunday at 8 PM PDT! They current have no bids yet so get them in before it ends. :)

Click on any of the photos to be transported!

P.S. Don't forget I'm doing pickups for Tomy figures & Zukans for $6.50 & $7.50 each respectively! ^^

Lastly, would anyone be interested in buying any RSE7 Zukans? (This isn't a price check but please let me know if this isn't allowed)
That would include:
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VS Card Sales!

Hi everybody! I know I just posted sales last week, but I've got all new stuff this time: hundreds of VS cards! They vary from very old (Gen 1?) to late Gen 4 cards, though I have the most of the gen 3 cards. (Sadly, I haven't gotten any Gen 5 cards if there are any, but you can find a lot of other Pokemon here!)

If you're not familiar with VS cards, they typically feature two Pokemon battling, with one of them featured. (If you've seen attack Amada stickers, they're a little similar.) Most are about the size of a TCG card, but some are a bit larger. One big draw for them is that they usually feature unique art, not found anywhere else!

I don't have a lot of feedback on the current system, but I do have quite a few older ones. My official feedback page can be found here.

I've been selling on the community for years, and received grandfathered sales permission from denkimouse in 2007.

You can combine with items from my past sales, but adding non-flats to your order may up the shipping cost.

Click the teaser pic or link below to see the cards!

Pokemon DP VS Cards

Starter Backpacks

I know most of you know about the Pikachu back pack, as they released it a year ago, but I don't remember seeing these with it.

B&W starter plush back packs, they are available at Spencer gifts' website.

All 3 are available. Oshwott / Snivy / Tepig (Pikachu is still there too)

Just thought I'd let everyone know. =]

Also, reminder for the B&W GA, we have less than 24 hours until the bidding ends! Click HERE to go to the GA.
Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

(no subject)

In favor of being able to afford something that just popped up and might not be available in a few weeks after I return from Vancouver, I decided to weed out some of my larger plush. DX Reshiram and Zekrom UFO Catchers, a Pokecen Zekrom, a couple of custom Plush including a Swadloon, and finally a Movie 11 Lottery Giratina plush

Banner art by meuniere

As always: anything from my sales post can be combined with commissions if anyone is still interested in Pokepillows. :)

and sorry if i'm posting too much aksdjfhsdf i'll probably stop pretty soon until i have collection updates worth posting again

Legitimacy Question, and Price Check

Hello community! I recently was browsing ebay and came upoun an Umbreon Canvas Plush. I come today with a legitimacy question, since there have been allot of booty Umbreon Canvases on ebay lately. I also wanted to know how much these puppies go for. I've seen some on the community for about $80, and 2 recent auctions on Y!J that ended at about $100.



whats this...?

I found this card while browsing through Ebay and I'm 99.999% sure its bootlegged.$(KGrHqN,!qME+n(9!cdiBP58+SZFTg~~60_12.JPG
Its the 'Power: 20000' that makes me wonder, and its just strikes me as odd in general. There was more with different pictures of Mewtwo from the first movie. Does anyone have it/know what it its or what its suppost to be? Thanks. ^^
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Wanted: Cilan/Dent merch

I have to admit...
I have a big 'ol crush on Dent/Cilan! He is so cute and faaaaaabulous! So I want to collect some merch of him. Kids, stickers, and especially that new figure that's come out with him and Yanappu.
I know that the humans got released with their Pokemon, but I don't really like Yanappu enough to have a kid figure of I'm looking for the Cilan kid separately, along with any other Cilan merch you may have. Thanks!

(Isn't he adorable?)

Also, don't forget about my Wailord plush auction! It's still at its starting bid of $50!
Click the picture to be transported!


SMJ gets! (Grail included!)

Hey guys! 
I got a box with some exciting things in it recently…

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I also got a grail of mine! I never EVER thought I would EVER be able to own this item… 
I dared not even include it on my grails list, and I still can't believe I have it…
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I seriously love SMJ right now.

I also went to Target today and bought a few booster packs… 
Got some good cards… A psychic plate Arceus, a Metagross… But the best one was this:
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Btw, does anyone use those online TCG codes or whatever they are? 
Got two of them today and wouldn't mind giving them to someone who wants them. 

Sorry for the image heavy post!!
One final thing, a question…
What are the chances of finding this card, and what does it usually go for?

Forina's Flygon from the Movie Commemoration VS Pack of the Jirachi movie.

Thanks for putting up with my rambling!

I think next time I post I'll show you my Zukan collection. (Then eventually move onto my other main collections.)
But that'll be after a few things arrive in the mail.

We All Love Them but Why?

The other day I won an auction for a bulba plush so I'm super happy! But this got me to thinking about why I fell for the Pokemon I love so much in the first place? For me my two most favorite are Bulbasaur and Raichu. When I think about it I was heavily influenced  by the original show and the movies, Particularly a few key moments that made my small child heart do back-flips.
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Looking For: Vulpix Items

Hey guys~! I haven't posted to the community in months... I tend to avoid coming here as much as I can because, I usually have no money and, see too many nice things I want, which I cannot afford Dx I currently though, have a bit of left over cash and so, thought I would post my wants, as haven't in a long time ^_^

So umm yeah, I am desperately seeking these items, not looking to spend too much, and mainly looking for the figures, more so than the 'random items' ^^ 

Hope someone can help me out n_n 
PKMN: Sailingtoed

takin' hawaii by storm


I had to get that out, I am so terribly sorry. No I'm not.


Just a short photo entry today! I got a couple new things but I'm only showing the larger thing, though the main purpose of this entry is the photos which also include my contest entry. c:

Something is using DragonBreath?!

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The second set of photos are of some Meloetta sculptures I made the other day. All the Meloetta merch made me want to make the two formes. XD

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Thank you for looking! I hope everyone's weekend is great ♥
hikari kotone

Canvas plush questions!

2012-08-01 09.18.09
Ok ok so about a week ago my Vulpix canvas plush from cyritic arrived. You guys can't imagine my surprise when I went down to pick up my package at the post office.(or office and office, in sweden these days we pick up our packages at our local grocery stores...) I had expected or something. Why?

Because I had no idea how tiny she actually was! Seriously. NOT. AT. ALL. I at least thought she'd be the size of a....a......let's say slightly bigger than a foot ball or something? But no. She's this tiny little precious thing and I couldn't be happier. ; w ; I think someone actually told me that she would be smaller than I thought, but I couldn't imagine this tiny. I mean she fits in my hand......

OK OK enough fangirling and let's cut to the case. I'm obviously very new to everything that is pokémon merch. And the canvas vulpix has devoured my heart. Are all the canvas plush about this size? It's just lovely! Ikindofwantmoreofthemahahaouchmywallet. 8D; I am probably gonna continue to be quite the casual collector but if the canvas plushies are usually like this I might save up for another one that ain't too expensive. I really want the umbreon one but it's...pretty much way out of my league right now.