August 5th, 2012

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Plush question + Nostalgia.

Hey guys, I've had this Squirtle plush for a little while, and I have no idea of what brand he is. I don't even know how I got him.
I really love this plush, but I've seen a Bubasaur version of it, and Bulbasaur was my starter, I would much rather have him. I know it exists because I've seen this Squirtle in a picture with one! ( ALSO: Sorry about the cheesy border, XD )
photo (1)

In other news, I had a family reunion today. I uncovered this FREAKING AWESOME picture of me when I was around 5. I got this Raichu plush for my birthday. I LOVED this thing. I took him with me EVERYWHERE. I cannot go on enough about our years of adventures. Last year, I had him just sitting around, and I felt bad. He deserved someone that would play with him. So, I gave him to a kid I know that loved Raichu for his 7th birthday. It was hard giving him up, but I know I did a good thing for both Raichu, and that kid. c':


I want to replace him, because I want to take another picture with one, and Put them two side by side and all that jazz. (and also because MY HEART LONGS FOR IT.)

Looking for chou gets!~

I got a Staravia chou get and realized. These things are so awesome.. .-. I'd really like to collect them all. But I have a few questions: Does every chou get have a silver and gold version? and what ones are the expensive ones? I have moltres, silver staravia, and regular staravia. None of them have cost me over $1  And last, how many colored bases do they come on? like my silver stars base is orange, my regular is blue, and ones I've seen are green? wut.

Here's a list of ones I know about. I would like to find one of each variation. (base color, and gold and silver.)

Starly, Staraptor, Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon, running piplup, Ho-oh, Any moltres without a red base, chatot, running empoleon, running prinplup, HONCHKROW, Wingull, Pelipper, Articuno, Zapdos, Skarmory.

I'm not sure if there's any different poses like the running piplup.

Thank you for reading!~

SUPER big gets post once all my crap comes in!<3

Yet another question.

Sorry for the frequent posts, but this one I'm really curious about and then I'll shut up for a while. xD
Again, I was stalking browsing Ebay and found this awesome shirt (Of course, the Mewtwo one.)

Sadly its waaaaay too small. I was wondering if anyone had it bigger? The one displayed is a XS for little kids.
Another question, am I doing something wrong with the pictures? I can;t get them to show up.

Metal Figure Auction ends in a few hours+ lots of leftover sales!

Hi! Just posting a reminder that my metal figure auctions are going to be ending in a few hours~
There are dozens of super rare figures up for grabs including ones from the elusive AG set and some rare gen 1 figures as well. <3


There are still a lot of them up for grabs and auctions with no bids yet. Click the banner or any of the pictures to get to the sales/auction page!

It will be over at 10pm PST tonight (August 5th) and a countdown timer is at the bottom of the sales/auction page, so make sure to get bids in before then if you're still looking to claim things~

Next, the location of the Worlds 2012 meetup in Hawaii has been finalized - I just learned that the merchandise room should be open on Friday according to the schedule that was posted, so we will be meeting in front of there on 4pm on Friday, August 10th (or just look for a group of people holding various plush). <3

There were big lineups last year and a one-item policy on some things, which I suspect they will do again this year; hopefully everyone will still get a chance to grab what they need from the merchandise room.

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Prerelease TCG Event Fun again+ *Secret RARE* Rayquaza TCG Auction!

Hi everyone! I hope you guys are doing well. I went to another TCG prerelease event again with danielsard2 and his friends at Port St. Lucie, FL, and had a BLAST. I was very tired by the end of the day though. XD

And lol, I PULLED A *SECRET RARE* (that's what they call it) CARD!!! 8D

But first, a funny typo at the place where the prerelease was held at. I took a pic. XD

Collapse )

And here's a sneak peek at what I got! =D

Collapse )

And here are the auction rules! ***PLEASE READ CAREFULLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO BID!!!***

Collapse )

And that's it! Thanks for looking and good luck to the bidders! =3



just a small post because time is short here..
also, let me know if this is illegal or something ;p

i found a auction on noppin for pokemon kids but i have no idea how noppin works..
could anybody buy the item so i can pay you back with paypal?
the auction is almost over ):

secondly, i found some kaiyodo figures on internet, but with the wrong base and all. 
why do they still look so good? ;o 

Find pokemon systems and pokémon fan of this

hi everyone !

i come back to you to invite you on my "pokemaniak collection" group of facebook , don t hesitate and add me , you will see all my new items

pokemon rarest systems, pokemon cards , plush, and many others systems nintendo !

i am looking for theses systems :


i would like to find them but the daisuki club pikachu i will like to find the real system and not the fake ;)

thanks !
new eeveelutions

Hi everyone!

I finally ended up selling most of my eeveelution collection :'( But, I have decided I'm going to keep my cards, and just end up continuing to collect TCG. Here are a few wants from the vulpix/ninetales collection I started awhile ago, and was wondering if anyone had any for sale.

mortys_ninetalesNinetales Dragn BladeNinetales Dragon Blast CardNinetales ENinetales EXNinetales HGSS 2Ninetales HGSS
Ninetales HoloBrock's NinetalesVulpix Card BW5 New

Thanks for looking!!!

Well I was suppose to be doing my summer reading...

So I got on the computer to work on my summer reading... But I ended up looking at pokedolls on eBay and now I have a want so here i am...

Does anyone have a 2004 Velboa Charmander Pokedoll they are willing to sell me? I don't care what condition it's in or if it has a tag. it doesnt even have to be the 2004 for release as long as its Velboa (not a huge fan of minky). I don't want to pay for than $30ish for him, seeing from older post he has sold for around $20 used. I have the 2004 Velboa Bulbasaur and I think he needs a buddy from his Gen.

Thanks guysss! <3

Recent gets. Yay!

I dont know if these are bootleg or not but they are still pretty awesome because they are puffy. Plus I have a small addiction to sticker collecting.  XD
I can't wait to use them. I actually gave some to my sister which she put onto her 3ds.


Thanks for reading/looking.

Question on merch guides

Hello! Just posting to see if there's somewhere that lists all the different merch that's ever been made for a particular Pokemon? I'm setting myself the lofty goal of getting all the Jirachi merch that ever existed and I thought a list would be easier. ^^

Also about the movie 14 (I think?) magazine my little bro had that I posted about a couple of days ago, I managed to swap some mario stickers for it! xD

Dragons Exalted Pre-Release Results, Story,and Tough Decision

Greetings again! I had a very busy week, and it was amazing Pokemon wise. Before I get onto my report, I wanted to share some of my exciting things from this week.  First off my Blaziken Pokedoll arrived in the mail, and second I payed for the Swampert Pokedoll in Willfungi's auction; and it shipped! So I am now almost complete with my Final Stage Hoenn Starter Pokedoll Set! I have Sceptile, and Blaziken in hand, and Swampert is coming! Naturally I'm going to take pics of my set once it's finished. Other then that I had to come to a tough decision today when it came to what I wanted to buy.  It was between an Umbreon Canvas which I had wanted for years, or the Secret Rare Shiny Rayquaza card from the latest set. At first I was very tempted to complete a transaction for Rayquaza on the community, when I saw that someone was auctioning it off. It was tough but I made the choice of Umbreon. Which leads me to the question. Did I do the right choice? I have heard conflicting reports of Rayquaza either dropping in the $45-$50 range, or rising to $100-$120. But I knew that Umbreon's price was pretty much set.

As for the pre=release I went 3-2, and pulled a Registeel EX, Aggron, Ampharos, and a Reverse Holo Sigilyph which I sold for $5. I also saw 1 Full Art Terrakion EX , 1 Full Art Registeel EX, 1 Shiny Rayquaza, and a Shiny Krokorok, along with a ton of other EX's . I did miss out on the chance to trade for Rayquaza, as someone already bought it for $75. Saddest part was when a young kid lost his Terrakion EX Full Art, and another kid snatched it from the ground. When asked were he got Terrakion, the kid told people he traded for it; when infact he technically stole it.


MEGA SALES - Not even joking... great for resellers....

NON FLAT SALES POST - Charms for $3 EACH, 4 Plush for $50 + Shipping!, Pokedoll Pins for $5 AND MORE!

FLAT SALES POST - Card lots for cheap, might even haggle, McD Promos for $1.50 EACH (2011 and 2012!!)


Remember if I quote you wrong for shipping, if it was more, I refund the difference, if it was less, it comes out of my pocket!


sales post

Seriously!! :D:D:D
I will try to keep you all updated...

Next time: Settei sheets for $1, Kids - a TON for a flat rate, and more!!

I just have to sketch something tonight otherwise I'd spend another few hours uploading...

Metal Figures Colors

Hey everyone! Just a quick question (yeah yeah, another boring post) what colors are available for the Gen1 metal figures? For one Pokemon I collect I have Gold, Silver, and Gunmetal but recently I've seen this bronzy silvery figure. Does anyone know what colors the metal figures come in specifically? Are there 3 or 4?

Thanks guys <3
Happy Klyde

Japan update #3 and question with a zukan

Hi again (sorry for posting so much these last couple of days)

Today, I would like to share some of the flats that I got while my visit

Collapse )
Alright and here's my question, does zukans w/o pegs can still be worth something?

I have the horsea line (w/ original base) but missing the pegs for seadra and kingdra to make them stand, would it be worth something and would anyone be interested in it?
The pokemons alone is in great condition (for something so old)


I won't take the offer lower than $20
(I'll keep the offer list open till the 9th @ 9:00 a.m. PST)

Also I do have sales permission from
 on March 02 2012 by [info]entirelycliched
- Feedback here

Thank you ^^